The British National Party is pleased to announce its Justice Department.

For far too long Government Ministers, Judges, elected Councillors and other Government Officials have made decisions that are not in the best interest of the British people or national security.



We've seen Judges grant Taliban members, foreign paedophiles, foreign rapists, Islamic terrorists and foreign murderers permission to stay in Britain.

We've seen Councillors grant planning permission for Mosques to be built or established in buildings in their wards against the explicit wishes of the local non Muslim population.

The British National Party believes that public servants should not only be accountable to the people but have a duty to try and keep this country as relatively safe as humanely possible, this is non negotiable; to compromise our personal and national security is tantamount to treason. Unfortunately, they do need reminding of this now and again, and this is where the British National Party Justice Department comes in.

We need you to be our eyes and ears and if you read or hear about something that puts us in potential danger, we at the Justice Department want to hear about it, with the name of the person and as much information on them as possible, then we will assess the situation, and if possible we will mobilise a team of BNP activists to demonstrate outside their home address and enlighten their neighbours to their anti British behaviour with some very informative leaflets, all in keeping with the law as usual.

Please make a note of this email address and keep it for future reference.