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Names released in the latest Muslim rape/grooming gang arrests

Names released in the latest Muslim rape/grooming gang arrests | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Police moved in to make a series of arrests earlier this week
Seven men face a series of charges following an operation targeting alleged child sexual exploitation.

The men were detained in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, as part of Thames Valley Police’s Operation Ribbon.


Iblal Fiaz, 21, Khasim Fiaz, 22, Kasam Dadd, 23, Mohammed Adnan, 21, Janaid Sharif, 26, Mudasser Hussain, 28, and Mohammed Jubroin Khan, 21, have been charged with a total of 32 offences.


They will appear before Aylesbury Magistrates’ Court on Thursday.

Iblal Fiaz faces 16 charges, including rape, Khasim Fiaz six charges, including rape, and Mr Dadd two charges, including one of rape.

Mr Adnan faces two charges of rape, Mr Sharif one charge of rape, Mr Hussain three charges of rape, and Mr Khan two charges of conspiracy to rape.

A 20-year-old man, from High Wycombe, has been released on bail until 4 December.

Thames Valley Police said earlier this week that an investigation had been started in December last year, uncovering allegations dating back to 2007.


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Anger at ‘politically correct’ sex gangs report

Anger at ‘politically correct’ sex gangs report | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
EXCLUSIVE: REPORT will deny a problem of Pakistani men targeting white girls — for fear of being seen as RACIST...


A REPORT on Britain’s child abuse epidemic will deny a problem with Pakistani men targeting white girls — for fear of being seen as racist.
England’s deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz is to publish the bombshell report next week saying kids are facing abuse in every town and city.
But, in an explosive move, she will not state there is a specific problem with Pakistani men grooming and abusing vulnerable white girls.
Instead, Ms Berelowitz will argue that young girls are abused by men from all ethnic backgrounds.
Police and social services have already been accused of turning a blind eye to sexual abuse by Pakistani gangs in Rochdale, Lancs, and Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
One Whitehall source said: “It’s important we don’t take a politically-correct approach and pretend there is not a real problem here.
“Obviously abuse has been carried out by men from all sorts of ethnic background.
“But that doesn’t mean we cannot say there is an issue about groups of Pakistani men systematically targeting young white girls.”
Ms Berelowitz’s report is expected to paint a bleak picture of the scale of sex abuse across Britain.
Earlier this year she told a Commons committee how mobs of men and boys inflicted sickening attacks on young girls.
She revealed how one girl was repeatedly raped over several days by boys aged 14 and 15.
Her assailants used BlackBerry Messenger to tell pals to join in.
In many cases, the attackers bragged that they were trying to act out scenes they had watched in hardcore porn movies.
Girls as young as 11 were also forced to perform sex acts on large groups of boys for several hours.
And a group of men forced two boys to have sex and then used video footage to blackmail them into luring girls for them to rape.


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Nowhere to Hide!

Nowhere to Hide! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
An activist reports: After contacting several key activists, Steve, myself and John Phillips from London with Sam Mayhew from Thurrock travelled to rain-soaked Ipswich Magistrates Court, Suffolk in an attempt to highlight the case.


Our arrival there caused quite a stir amongst the Court staff. On leaving the building after using the toilet facilities I noticed that Court employees had gathered up around a window and one of the female staff was telling her colleague excitedly that ‘they’re outside now with a loud-speaker.’

I also noticed that the names of the men and their charges had been omitted from the Court time table.

Outside the colourful ‘Hope for England’ banners were sufficient and soon had motorists acknowledging our presence.

The press were on hand and we were happy to pose for a Daily Mail photographer and give a short interview but when approached by the BBC, we told them that we were not interested in talking to them and they left.

London Organiser, Steve Squire said ‘I called a flash demo because I was amazed that the case was being kept quiet. It was astonishing to learn that most of the people who came and asked us why we were there had no idea that Muslim paedophiles were appearing in Court on such charges and that’s why people must be made aware of crimes involving Muslim paedophile groomers at every opportunity.’


The four accused are Surrin Uddin, 28 of St. Matthews Row, London charged with two counts of raping a girl under 16 and one of child abduction. Mohamed Shiekh, 31, Seaton Place, London charged with child abduction offence and possessing a controlled drug. Ali Hamza, 38 Chingford Road, London charged with sexual assault and child abduction. Abdul Hammed, 46 of Wellington Street, Ipswich charged with raping a girl under 16 and one child abduction.


This is obviously another racially motivated rape hate crime and we also noticed once again that the McPherson recommendations are being ignored when it involved a member of the indigenous community.

Since the impromptu demo, the case now appears to have become more of a public story.


See the video here:



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The BNP help protect our children

The BNP help protect our children | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Dear friend,

I’m sure that you like me are delighted to see justice finally being done as more and more Muslim paedophiles are brought to court to account for their vile crimes.

Isn’t it great to see the Powers That Be at long last taking action to protect vulnerable girls?

Of course, the shame of the police, courts, old party politicians and the media is that they didn’t take action years ago.

After all, we’ve been highlighting the problem for a full decade. In particular, if the BBC, West Yorkshire Police and the BBC had gone after the grooming gangs in 2004, instead of spending a fortune and vast amounts of time trying twice to send me to prison for speaking out about it, thousands of children and their families would have been spared their sex abuse nightmare.

Together, we can take pride in the fact that this appalling scandal is finally being addressed thanks to our efforts, including your loyal and generous support. That’s not supposition or vanity, it’s a straightforward fact!

We MADE them take action for justice!

It was confirmed earlier this month by Andrew Norfolk writing in The Times, where he made it very clear that a key reason why something is finally being done is because the lack of action was leading voters “to turn to far-right parties”.

You and I both know, of course, that the only “far-right party” that has campaigned and been elected on this issue has been, and remains, the British National Party. That little lie about “parties” is just another sign of how the Establishment is still refusing to deal with this issue honestly.

That’s why, although it’s good to see some action, the Powers That Be are still in complete denial about the scale and the true nature of the problem. They have arrested a few dozen groomers from a handful of gangs, spoken of them giving young girls cigarettes and vodka, and referred to them as ‘Asians’.

They should have arrested thousands of these perverts from the gangs operating in scores of our towns and cities. They should be highlighting the link to the heroin epidemic. And they should be pointing out that theirs is not an ‘Asian’ crime – Sikh and Hindu girls are targets too – it is a MUSLIM one. Only when these things are done can the problem really be dealt with for good.

Unfortunately, we know from bitter experience that this will not happen – unless we make it happen. The Powers That Be believe they can make a token effort and put a few groomers behind bars, and that the white majority will be lulled back to sleep and potential groomers will be frightened off.

We’re not fooled, we’re here for action!

Well, their trick may well fool some of the ‘sheeple’ some of the time, but it doesn’t fool us! And nor will it deter many Muslim men from preying on young girls from the community, because paedophilic sexual predation against Unbelievers is part and parcel of Islam. Only real, sustained British National Party action can end the scandal and the suffering!

Yes, of course men from other backgrounds commit such heinous crimes too, but when they do so, they do them despite the traditional religious beliefs of their communities, rather than because of them.

That’s why on-street grooming by paedophile gangs is so utterly dominated by Muslims.

Sadly, the Muslim block vote is now so big and powerful that all the other parties – from Labour right through the ConDems to UKIP – are too scared to mention this huge elephant in the living room. Which is why the only way the Powers That Be will carry on taking action to protect those poor young girls is if we keep up the pressure that has made them do something in the first place.

Imagine how you’d feel if a lack of further action led to your daughter, granddaughter, niece or sister being among the next victims. Lured at the age of eleven or twelve into a ‘relationship’ with a man in his twenties who, having plied her with alcohol and life-destroying drugs, dragged her into a squalid flat to be repeatedly gang-raped by dozens of his older uncles and cousins.

It’s a horrible, painful image, but it’s been reality for thousands of our girls, and it will be for more unless we step up our campaign for action and justice.

Which is why I’m writing this to ask, once again, for your help. Our recent demonstration in Blackpool drew in new activists from several patriotic street campaigning groups as well as our own people.

This welcome new unity of purpose has given us the capacity to take our warnings about the groomers and pressure for more police action into places we haven’t been able to reach before.

Because of this we are now in a position to launch a major, two-prong campaign this summer. We’re going to be campaigning for a Public Inquiry into the thirty-year failure of the Powers That Be to protect our young girls.

Properly-funded, this will bring hundreds of thousands of new people into contact with us, spread the word and help to recruit more new people.


Read more on how you can help:


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British National Party activists force MPs to examine Child Grooming

British National Party activists force MPs to examine Child Grooming | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

An prominent group of MPs have set in motion a new inquiry to scrutinise the full extent of localised grooming of children for sexual exploitation – and determine ways to stop it.

The House of Commons Home Affairs Select Committee said it would examine the demands of bringing successful pursuits– and whether existent arrangements set up to prevent and detect grooming are fit for purpose.

The committee indicated that its analysis would inspect the numbers of victims in local authority care – and whether the current measures for activating involvement by social services takes sufficient account of the signs of localised grooming.

The inquiry will also investigate the help provided to victims and witnesses by a range of institutions such as the Crown Prosecution Service, police and voluntary departments and whether they are able to step in at an early stage.

It will also explore whether Local Safeguarding Children Boards have enforced vital aspects of national guidance on child sexual exploitation and the standard of data collection, sharing and research relating to child victims of localised grooming.

Committee members heard verification on this subject earlier in the month from organisations including Greater Manchester Police and the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre as well as the Deputy Children’s Commissioner for England.

Committee Chairman Keith Vaz said: “The committee were shocked to hear that the number of victims of child sexual exploitation runs into the thousands. Child grooming is a national issue that requires thorough investigation.

“We have decided to launch an inquiry so that we can deal with the causes and find solutions to prevent this kind of outrage from happening and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

British National Party activists can hold their heads up high, without them this sordid practice would still be hushed up and ignored by the Powers that Be.

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Nick Griffin speaks at Blackpool rally

The 'Justice 4 Charlene' demonstration in Blackpool ended with a rally at a local venue where several speakers addressed a packed out room. Nick Griffin, Chairman and Northwest MEP features in this first video.

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We must answer 'troubling questions' about sex-grooming gangs who target white girls

We must answer 'troubling questions' about sex-grooming gangs who target white girls | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

There is nothing to be gained by 'shying away' from the issue, Tim Loughton said.

Comments come a week after nine men were jailed for grooming and sexually abusing girls in Rochdale
Councils urged to take immediate action to stop children being abused while in their care

Britain needs an open debate about 'issues around culture' that may explain why men from Pakistani backgrounds are over-represented among offenders prosecuted for grooming white girls for sex, a Government minister has said.

Children's Minister Tim Loughton was speaking a week after nine members of a grooming network in Rochdale were jailed for offences against vulnerable girls aged between 12 and 16.

The men, all but one of whom are of Pakistani heritage, lured their victims off the streets with free food and alcohol before sexually abusing them over a two-year period in flats and houses across northern England.

The trial was the latest in a series of court cases in which men from the Pakistani community have been prosecuted for sex offences against teenagers.

Mr Loughton told a conference on child sexual exploitation, reported by The Times, that the Rochdale case raised 'troubling questions' about the attitude of the men towards white girls.


Read more: 


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Gang of eight 'Asian' men held after dawn raid on suspected Home Counties paedophile ring

Gang of eight 'Asian' men held after dawn raid on suspected Home Counties paedophile ring | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Eight men held after dawn raid on suspected Home Counties paedophile ring
* Eight men arrested between age of 20 and 28 in High Wycombe, Bucks
* Teenage girl told police she'd been raped and abused for five years from 12
* Detectives believe ring could be responsible for abusing several other girls

A gang of Asian men were arrested during pre-dawn raids yesterday on suspicion of being part of a Home Counties paedophile ring.
The eight suspects were hauled from their homes at around 5am by 100 officers after a three-month investigation into child exploitation.
Police carried out the raids after a teenage girl told them how she had been raped and abused for five years from the age of 12.

Although only one victim has come forward so far, detectives believe the paedophile ring could be responsible for abusing several other girls.
Officers are understood to be investigating claims that one of the 10 homes in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, which were raided was used to host parties where girls were abused.
The victim who has come forward is understood to have told a social worker how she was ‘handed around among the men’ for five years.

Three months ago the girl, now 16, felt confident enough to give police an official statement revealing the extent of the abuse she suffered.
She told how she was groomed by a man who she believed to be her boyfriend before he callously passed her to other men in the paedophile ring.
Detective Superintendent Rob Mason, of Thames Valley Police, said the nature of the allegations were ‘at the most serious end of the sexual abuse scale’.

‘She was sexually abused by that male but he also subsequently introduced her to a number of his associates and the sexual abuse continued,’ he said.

‘We are anxious to identify the full scale of the abuse that has occurred.’
Last night neighbours living next to one of the homes that was raided claimed it was often used for wild late-night parties by Asian men.
The modest terrace home in a quiet cul-de-sac was broken into using a police battering ram at 5am yesterday.
Forensic experts spent most of the day collecting evidence from the house while a van of uniformed officers remained nearby.
One neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous, said: ‘There were groups of them, Asian men, who would drive up in nice cars - BMWs and Mercedes - and have parties there.

‘They didn’t live there. I don’t think anyone was living there. They just used the house for parties. The men looked well off. I feel sick thinking about it.’
All 10 men, aged between 20 and 28, were arrested on suspicion of committing various sexual offences against the girl.

The investigation, codenamed Operation Ribbon, was led by Detective Chief Inspector Vince Grey who made an appeal for other victims of abuse to come forward.
He said: ‘With this particular victim, she’s mainly discussed actions involving herself, not going into any great details in terms of other persons, but we believe in terms of what she told us that there will be other victims.
‘She’s been extremely brave and courageous in coming forward in the first place. Obviously we can’t imagine what she and other victims have gone through.
‘She’s come forward and she’s indicated what offending has happened to her, who’s been involved in that, and over what time period.’
The officer added: ‘We will not tolerate child exploitation in Thames Valley and today’s warrants are part of a lengthy investigation spanning many months.

‘We believe that it is likely that there are more victims who have not yet spoken to the police and would like to encourage anyone who is a victim to come forward and speak to us.
‘Our number one priority is to protect the victims, both their identities and wellbeing in such cases.’ The teenage girl at the centre of the alleged paedophile ring has now been taken into care.

Steve Baker, Tory MP for High Wycombe, said: ‘The alleged offences are utterly vile and I’m sure everyone will join me in condemning them.
‘The whole of Wycombe will stand against these despicable crimes irrespective of the ethnicity of the offenders.
‘But we must remember that people are innocent until proven guilty.
‘And it must not be forgotten that we have learnt from bitter experience in the past weeks, months and years that paedophilia is not confined to one segment of society.’
The arrests are the second high profile investigation into suspected child sex gangs which Thames Valley Police has conducted.
In March officers from the force made a string of similar arrests in Oxford during an investigation called Operation Bullfinch. Nine men are expected to face trial next year.


'She was sexually abused by that male but he also subsequently introduced her to a number of his associates and the sexual abuse continued. We are anxious to identify the full scale of the abuse that has occurred' - Detective Superintendent Rob Mason, Thames Valley Police

'There were groups of them, Asian men, who would drive up in nice cars - BMWs and Mercedes - and have parties there. They didn’t live there. I don’t think anyone was living there. They just used the house for parties. The men looked well off. I feel sick thinking about it' - Neighbour




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Muslim Grooming - The Truth is Here

Muslim Grooming - The Truth is Here | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

As we step up our campaign to raise awareness of the problem of on-street grooming of vulnerable young girls, some of our activists have reported that they still sometimes come across out-of-touch liberal-leftists who still deny that this is happening.


To help you counter this, both out meeting the public and in discussions online, here is the newly updated list of court cases involving Muslim men convicted of sex crimes against non-Muslim girls in the UK over the last few years.

And remember, this is only the tip of the iceberg, because we are still only beginning to see the end of a thirty year policy by the Powers That Be of turning blind eyes to this scandal.

The fact that they are at last taking action is a testament to the impact of our efforts to raise awareness of this issue, but there's still a lot more to do, so please do everything you can to pass on this list.

Thank you, on behalf of the victims, and those still at risk.


List here:


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Brothers 'groomed two teenage girls and pimped them out to curry house workers for £150 a time'

Brothers 'groomed two teenage girls and pimped them out to curry house workers for £150 a time' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Mubarek Ali, 29, and younger brother Ahdel Ali, 24, were paid for ferrying the girls, aged 15 and 16, to a restaurant, Stafford Crown Court heard.


Two brothers groomed a pair of teenage girls before pimping them out to workers at a curry house for £150 a time after hours sex sessions, a court heard.

The siblings face a total of 26 charges including controlling child prostitution, people trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Ahdel Ali, known as Eddie, is also accused of rape and sexual activity with a child.
The offences are alleged to have taken place between March 2008 and December 2009.
Stafford Crown Court heard the pair groomed two teenage girls for sex before persuading them to work as prostitutes for them four years ago.

One of the victims, now aged 19, told the court she and her friend were driven to the Dhaka Tandoori restaurant in Wellington, Telford, Shropshire, after hours.
The woman, giving evidence behind a screen, told the court: 'Two of the men took my friend into a bedroom.
'It was after the restaurant was closed and there were three men in rooms upstairs.'
She said she went into one room where she found her friend having sex with one of the men. Another man asked her to have sex, she said, but she refused and instead performed a sex act on him.
She told the court: 'I felt I had to do it. I didn’t want to do it.'
When the girls left the restaurant they found the Ali brothers taking drugs and drinking in their car, the jury heard.
The girl told the court: 'They were just laughing. They thought it was funny because we had to do it and they got money for it.'

Earlier the court heard the girl met the brothers when she was 15.
She said that the brothers befriended her but when she turned 16 she was forced to have sex with men up to four times a week.
Mubarek Ali, from Wellington, Shropshie, denies four charges of controlling child prostitution, two of trafficking for sexual exploitation and a charge of causing child prostitution.
Ahdel Ali, 24, denies rape, 11 allegations of sexual activity with a child, three charges of controlling child prostitution, two of inciting child prostitution, an allegation of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and meeting a child after grooming.
The trial continues.

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Two Muslim men were sentenced to the most weakest sentence for the rape of a 13 year old child at Swansea crown court

Two Muslim men were sentenced to the most weakest sentence for the rape of a 13 year old child at Swansea crown court | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Nationalists can confirm today the most weakest , most inconsiderate sentence for two Muslim men that together attacked and raped a young 13 year old child ( the young girl can’t be named for legal reasons and to protect her identity ).


Both Muslims were in this country illegally and have been living here for the last 12 years or so. The vicious attack took place in Llanelli in December 2011.

Today at Swansea crown court Hassim Saadi age 21 and Abraheim Khudur age 26 , were both sentenced for this horrific crime against a young and innocent child.


Hassim was already in Stoke prison for affray for fighting Kurds on another sentence , he received 1 year and 3 months to run concurrent with his previous sentence , basically he got off with it as no extra punishment was put upon him.

The 26 year old Abraheim got 1 year and 4 months . During the hearing both were giggling and joking in the court room and were even told to “shut up” .They will both be let out with “good behaviour” when they have completed half of the sentence !

Is this the best protection our legal system has for our children? A young child has had her life ruined , her innocence has been taken from her , not to mention the injuries and the mental scars this will leave on her for the rest of her life, the stress the family has been put through i cant bare to imagine how sickened they must be at this sentence.

The case will be reported in tomorrow’s evening post ,and will probably be such a small write up you may even miss it if you don’t look hard enough for it (if its even posted at all )

So lets look at this and see it for what it really is , these two animals obviously with violent history , are here in our country , living here illegally have ruined a young British child’s life and are now sitting in a warm cosy prison cell , with 3 meals a day , visits , free healthcare (doctor /dentist), security from anyone else harming them (rule 43) , television , and endless other comforts.

This child could be your child , a family member or a friend , its really about time people started to see the reality of immigration and opened your eyes to it , its real and its happening right here on our doorstep !

Say NO to immigration and say YES to protecting your loved ones. Please share this article to make others aware of the dangers of immigration , thank you .

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Exposed - Groomed For Sex

For well over a decade the Government, the media and top police officials hid a sickening trend happening in our country!
For whatever reason they failed to tell us about it or take decisive action on Muslim sex grooming gangs of mainly Pakistani descent. And let them openly operate their disgusting and sickening crimes in our towns and cities. Girls as young as 11 have and are still being groomed and then sexually abused by these gangs.

Is political correctness and the fear of upsetting the Muslim population worth more than the safety of our children?

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Happy to be Muslim when its a position of honour

In the London Borough of Redbridge on the Essex side of east London

The new Mayor of Redbridge will begin his first full day in office today after he was officially elected during the council’s annual meeting last night. Cllr Muhammed Javed, who has become the first Muslim borough mayor, donned his robes and chain at the meeting in the council chamber at Redbridge Town Hall, High Road, Ilford.

Today in the London Borough of Ealing, in west London

ONE of the first Pakistanis to set up shop in Southall became Ealing’s first Muslim mayor this week.

Councillor Mohammad Aslam was hailed by colleagues across the political spectrum in a rare show of unity at Ealing Town Hall on Tuesday night.

In Leicester, Cathedral city in the Midlands.......


Read more:


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