Race & Crime UK
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Race & Crime UK
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Scooped by Nationalist Media Network

Nationalist Media Network

Nationalist Media Network | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Please Donate for Radio Studio Equipment    Coming Soon – Our very own Nationalist Radio Station !!!!
In association with Nationalist Media Network we present to you our forthcoming online Nationalist radio station based in Britain called – ‘Radio Spitfire’

Our main aim is to provide you with a real credible Nationalist alternative to mainstream media, including music, latest news, and phone-in discussions which YOU can contribute.
We aim to challenge and engage thought and interaction…
Our plan and promise is to bring you REAL programmes made by REAL people and offer YOU aNationalist Radio Station to rival and challenge the corrupt mainstream broadcasters !

Please help us buy radio studio equipment for our forthcoming 'Radio Spitfire'. 

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Scooped by Nationalist Media Network

Please Donate for Radio Studio Equipment

Please Donate for Radio Studio Equipment | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Why Donate ?
It is not only the scourge of Islam which is forcing us to defend our culture and way of life. It is not only the lack of action from our Politically Correct ‘Elites’ in our Government.

It is mainstream media who hide the truth and deflects us away from the real issues.

It is the media who propagate lies about Islam and about us !

Therefore we must, in these times of national struggle, introduce a credible alternative to challenge the cowards of the Press.

We present to you that alternative.

An opportunity to bring together Nationalists young and old from ALL parties, affiliations and Nations, using a communications network available for our people to listen to, and be involved in telling the truth, the whole truth. An opportunity to come together and make new friendships, partnerships and contacts.

Unlimited and uncensored

As it grows it will be a platform for all nationalists to share information, experiences, views and current news, without the shackles of Political Correctness.

We believe only coordinated action and mutual co-operation by Nationalists using a network as ours, can and will rival the politically correct media, in all of our countries.

We MUST come together in our common cause to relay the truth to our people. We can, and will help save our great Nation by having an organised media platform to rival that of our enemies.

We MUST create and build our own media outlet to guarantee the freedom of our children and the countless generations of children who may never exist if we dont!

Their future is in your hands today.


If you would like any information on this exciting project, and would like to get involved then please do not hesitate to contact us at:


Thank you.

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