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Shock and ore: Mine shaft collapse leaves 75ft-wide crater in back gardens forcing families to flee their homes

Shock and ore: Mine shaft collapse leaves 75ft-wide crater in back gardens forcing families to flee their homes | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A mine shaft has collapsed leaving a 75ft-wide crater in back gardens forcing families to flee their homes.
Eight houses had to be evacuated after the hole opened up while a drilling rig was being used to cap the former iron ore mine with concrete.
A worker had to be rescued as he was harnessed to the machine and became trapped in the shaft.

Police were called out to Egremont in West Cumbria at 1.30pm yesterday after reports of the collapse.
It is believed the drilling rig fell around 50ft into the shaft which caused a huge hole to open up about 75ft wide.
The site was being monitored after reports of some land slippage over the past few months.
Inspector Phil Davidson, of Cumbria police, said the houses had been evacuated by Copeland council for health and safety reasons.

The area has been been cordoned off and security provided by a private contractor.
Drivers have been urged by police to avoid the area. There are no reports of anyone being hurt.
Ryan Rickerby saved the worker who was trapped in the 80ft-deep hole after the machinery he was in plunged into the ground.
He witnessed the incident from his kitchen window, as the area being worked on lies at the bottom of his garden on Howbank Road in the town.
Mr Rickerby , 25, said: 'I was washing up in the kitchen and my window looks right on to my garden, and the garden is happening behind. All of a sudden, the garden literally just fell into the ground.
'There was a huge cloud of dust and a loud rumble and when I could see what happened, I realised the floor had literally just fallen through.
'There were lots of workmen around at the time, and I heard one of them shouting, so I went outside to see what was going on.

'The drilling rig they had been using had fallen into the mine shaft. It wasn’t on at the time.
'A worker was harnessed to the machine and he was stuck in the mine shaft.
'I managed to climb down and unclip him and pull him out.
'It’s really scary thinking back on what happened. It’s a miracle no-one was hurt.'
Mr Rickerby, a pipe fitter at Sellafield Nuclear Plant in Cumbria, is not able to get back into his house after he and his father were evacuated yesterday afternoon when the ground collapsed.
Linda Clarke, 58, who also lives on Howbank Road, said: 'There’s a lot of speculation as to why the ground collapsed - people are saying it’s due to the amount of rain we have had, leaving the ground really soft, but we’re not sure.

'I hear the garden just gave way, it’s scary to think that can just happen right in front of your eyes.'
A spokesperson for Copeland Borough Council, who own the land, said: 'We have been working intensively for some months to monitor movement related to an historic mineshaft in Egremont and yesterday we began work to fill and cap the shaft.
'During the works yesterday there was a slump in the land around the top of the shaft. Thankfully nobody was injured but some equipment fell into the hole. We ceased work and closed off the area for safety reasons.
'Eight households have been evacuated as a precaution whilst the immediate investigation continues.'
In August this year residents of Egremont faced further misery after the entire side of a house fell into the flooded River Ehen.

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Cumbrians told "Take down those England flags"

Cumbrians told "Take down those England flags" | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
We ran this report just under a month ago: For those who are unaware, Whitehaven is a small town and port on the coast of Cumbria. A company called HOMEGROUP own the council houses where British National Party Councillor Malcolm Southward lives.


Malcolm reports “They are employing Eastern European workers to do the houses up on Fell View Avenue etc, on the estate where I live, plastering the outside of the houses etc.

I have asked HOMEGROUP what their policy is on employing local firms, as yet I have had no reply!

And now today my friend who lives on Fell View Avenue has had the council taking photos of his England flags on display and they have asked him to take them down in case they upset the foreign workers.
He has politely told the council that he will not take them down.

And in true Cumbrian resolve, we have the following update.
As soon as this issue was brought to our attention Nick Griffin MEP and a team of local volunteers and BNP councillors sprang into action producing and distributing this "straight to point" local newsletter"

As soon as the leaflets hit the doors, the residents of Whitehaven were up in arms and Cllr Southward and his local activist team leafleted the full area and have had a tremendous response from the residents ringing in to get their free St Georges flags and bunting from Cllr Southward and displaying them with pride.

We will continue to defy political correctness and to support and fight for British Jobs for British Workers" Cllr Southward told BNP news.

The pictures show the level of support for this initiative on the Woodhouse estate, an area were we came within 16 votes of winning a county council seat last time around and it is local issues like this one that will turn that close call into a great victory next year, if the support of the residents is any indicator Malcolm will soon be moving up from BNP Town Councillor to BNP County Councillor!

See more pictures here:


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