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Weighty sentences for drug brothers who duped an elderly woman

Weighty sentences for drug brothers who duped an elderly woman | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Weighty sentences for drug brothers who duped an elderly woman

Two Birmingham brothers who tricked an elderly woman into receiving heroin concealed within packages of weightlifting belts have been jailed.

Mohammed Javaid, aged 44, and Mohammed Nadeem, aged 29, from the Cape Hill area, were targeted by the Serious Organised Crime Agency after a package containing three kilos of heroin was intercepted at Heathrow Airport in June 2011.

Javaid, who was found guilty of conspiracy to import and supply heroin, was sentenced to 12 years at Birmingham Crown Court today (Thursday), and Nadeem, who pleaded guilty to the same offence and an additional one of cannabis cultivation, was jailed for nine years four months.

The investigation revealed the duo went to considerable lengths to obscure their activity by arranging for the packages to be delivered to the 60-year-old woman at her home in West Bromwich.

Javaid, who was the former partner of the woman’s daughter, persuaded her to take delivery of the package intercepted at the airport, plus an additional one a few months earlier which contained a similar amount of heroin.

The brothers, who made arrangements for the packages to be sent from Pakistan to fictitious people in the UK, made all the arrangements using unregistered prepay mobile phones to further distance themselves from the heroin.

Sarah Goodall, Regional Head of Investigations for SOCA, said: “The behaviour of these two men was despicable. They preyed on a vulnerable elderly woman and duped her into receiving packages of heroin.

“They probably believed that using unregistered phones would protect them, but they were wrong. Expert analysis of the telephone data enabled us to link the mobiles to the brothers. This, coupled with the bravery of the woman and her family members who gave evidence, ultimately led to their downfall.

“We are determined to protect our communities by using our expertise to stamp down hard on organised criminals. These two are now in jail where they belong and have been denied substantial profits.”

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‘Minorities’ responsible for majority of all violent crimes in London

‘Minorities’ responsible for majority of all violent crimes in London | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
By Stephen Palmer - London’s non-white minority populations were responsible for the majority of all recorded violent crime in the capital last year, the British National Party can reveal.


The shocking information was disclosed by the Metropolitan Police Service, following a Freedom of Information request by a BNP activist.

The data shows that racial foreigners committed the most rapes, sexual offences, gun crimes, knife crimes, personal robberies, ‘snatches’ and attempted personal robberies in 2011.

This is despite the fact that, according to the most recent demographic data available (ONS:2006), 69.4 percent of London’s population is white.

For some crimes, such as personal robbery, the non-white offender rate was as high as 71 percent, and 74 percent for snatch crimes.
Racial foreigners also carried out 51 percent of rapes and attempted rapes, just over 50 percent of other sexual offences, 67 percent of gun crime and 65 percent of knife crime.

The statistics show that blacks single-handedly committed the majority of gun crime (58 percent), knife crime (51 percent), personal robberies (56 percent) and snatch crimes (54 percent).

This is despite the fact that the same ONS data states that blacks make up just 10.7 percent of London’s population.
The message is clear: non-white immigrants DO commit more violent crimes than indigenous white Britons. The British National Party’s policy of halting immigration is therefore an imperative measure to keep our land and people safe from the increased crime rates brought here by racial foreigners.

It’s not ‘racist’ to protect your people from rape, murder and robbery, it’s common sense.
The same FOI request also shows that non-whites were responsible for two-thirds of crimes related to last year’s London riots.

Please see this report for details.

You can see the full FOI response here.

You can see the data for each crime broken down by ethnicity below.


*Note: I requested the data for murders as well but was not provided with it


People Charged for Various Offences by Ethnicity. 2011

Rape and attempted rape

Asian - 56
Black - 267
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 8
Middle Eastern - 12
Unknown - 1
White - North European - 277
White - South European - 39
Total - 660
Non-white total – 51.9%

Other sexual

Asian - 257
Black - 373
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 16
Middle Eastern - 46
Unknown - 2
White - North European - 581
White - South European - 105
Total - 1380
Non-white total – 50.1%

Gun crime

Asian - 46
Black - 464
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 2
Middle Eastern - 21
Unknown - 1
White - North European - 219
White - South European - 38
Total - 791
Non-white total – 67%

Knife crime

Asian - 347
Black - 1756
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 24
Middle Eastern - 101
Unknown - 3
White - North European - 1031
White - South European - 168
Total - 3430
Non-white total – 65%

Personal robbery

Asian - 696
Black - 3612
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 17
Middle Eastern - 226
Unknown - 9
White - North European - 1568
White - South European - 250
Total - 6378
Non-white total – 71%


White European - 104
Dark European - 20
Afro-Caribbean - 220
Asian - 47
Oriental - 1
Arabian/Egyptian - 9
Total - 401
Non-white total – 74%

Attempted personal robbery

White European - 20
Dark European - 2
Afro-Caribbean - 20
Asian - 13
Oriental - 0
Arabian/Egyptian - 3
Total - 58
Non-white total – 65%

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Burnley Hit and Run Racist Attack

Burnley Hit and Run Racist Attack | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A hit-and-run which left a white teenager with a broken leg is being treated as a serious racist assault, police have confirmed today.


The 17-year-old was hit by a vehicle carrying Asian youths as he walked from Burnley town centre towards the predominantly Asian areas of Stoneyholme and Daneshouse, where sporadic violence flared over the weekend.

His 38-year-old friend managed to avoid the car and was not seriously injured.
The assault took place as the two were walking along Colne Road last night.

The blue saloon car drove up alongside them and an exchange of "racist" words with four Asian youths in the vehicle occurred.

The car then raced away along Colne Road before turning round and hurtling back towards them.

The car mounted the pavement and the teenager was struck and suffered a broken lower left leg.

Police said the incident is being treated as a racist attack and are considering bringing charges of attempted murder against the perpetrators.

Superintendent John Knowles said the assault was the only serious incident after five nights of violence in the town.
The hit-and-run is being examined by 30 detectives, who are also looking into the serious incidents of the weekend.

In June 2001, Burnley saw a series of violent disturbances arising from racial tension between elements of its white and Asian communities.

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