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Suspect Olympic terrorist is devout follower of Anjem Choudhary

Suspect Olympic terrorist is devout follower of Anjem Choudhary | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The ginger headed tosser in is one of Anjem Choudhary's devout followers, this hasn't been mentioned in the media. Take time to watch Choudhary's videos on YouTube and you'll see this slimeball.


18-year-old as Jamal ud-Din is understood to be one of the arrested men. (They are all so devilishly handsome, ever notice that?)
Sources told The Daily Telegraph that the arrests were based on a tip-off after men were seen behaving suspiciously close to the venue in Waltham Abbey, Hertfordshire on Monday.
Hertfordshire police officers began combing the banks after three men were seen in a dinghy on the River Lea.
The two men, aged 18 and 32, were arrested at separate residential addresses in east London, by officers from the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism Command, at 7am on Thursday.
They were detained under the Terrorism Act 2000 on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism and held at a central London police station. Officers were last night searching two addresses in East London.
A friend of the arrested men named the 18-year-old as Jamal ud-Din and said the older man was someone he knew only as “Zakariya.”
Mizanur Rahman, 29, said the arrests “might have had something to do with the fact that they recently went canoeing” on the River Lea, a branch of which runs through the Olympic site in east London.
“It’s just people trying to get into the Olympic spirit,” he told the Associated Press but added he believed the authorities would try “painting it as jihad training.”
Must be a new Olympic sport, jihadis bombing.

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7/7 'white widow' is hunted for grenade attack on Kenyan resort bar that killed three, including young boy

7/7 'white widow' is hunted for grenade attack on Kenyan resort bar that killed three, including young boy | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Samantha Lewthwaite, pictured, the ‘white widow’ of a 7/7 bomber, is the prime suspect for a deadly terror attack on a Kenyan resort bar on Sunday night as it was packed with fans watching England v Italy.

The ‘white widow’ of a 7/7 London bomber is the prime suspect for a deadly terror attack in Kenya.
Samantha Lewthwaite, whose husband Jermaine Lindsay blew up a Piccadilly Line train, has been on the run since December when police foiled a plot to blow up Western hotels in Mombasa.
And officers say the Home Counties mother of three was spotted near the nightclub targeted in the Indian Ocean resort on Sunday night.

A grenade was thrown into the Jericho Beer Garden – packed with tourists watching England play Italy – killing three, including a young boy.
It is not known whether Britons are among the 25 injured.

Shortly before the attack, a white woman fitting Lewthwaite’s description was seen acting suspiciously and asking questions about the bar. She was with two Asian-looking men.
‘We suspect Samantha Lewthwaite was actively involved in the terrorist attack on the club,’ a Kenyan police official said last night.

The 28-year-old soldier’s daughter from Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire was charged in December with plotting to kill hundreds of British tourists in Mombasa.
Police found weapons and a bomb-making factory in her safe house, which was also apparently used as a make-shift bank for Somali terror group Al Shabaab.
Lewthwaite was released for unknown reasons and is thought to have taken refuge in Somalia before her return to Kenya.
‘Police believe Samantha is back in Mombasa and is playing an active role in hand grenade attacks,’ said a Kenyan security source.

‘A white woman, fitting Samantha’s description, was seen with two middle-aged Arab men asking questions about the bar before the attack.
'She really stands out as it is very unusual for a white woman to be here and dressed in Muslim clothes.’
The suspicious trio had also been spotted near Catholic churches in Mombasa.
University dropout Lewthwaite is being hunted by the CIA, Kenyan police and Scotland Yard, which has sent a large team to Nairobi to assist with the investigation.
Before her arrest in December, she had been travelling in Kenya on a false passport belonging to Natalie Faye Webb, an Essex nurse who has no links to terrorism and has never been to the East African country.
Lewthwaite was born in Northern Ireland, where her father Andrew, who was serving in the army, had met her mother Christine.

They separated when she was 11 – an event friends suggest was key in her seeking solace in Islam, and converting to the faith at the age of 15.
She met King’s Cross bomber Lindsay in an Islamic chatroom when she was studying religion and politics at the School Of Oriental And African Studies in central London.
She married the Jamaican-born carpet fitter in an Islamic ceremony in Aylesbury in 2004.
When her 19-year-old husband blew himself up in 2005, claiming 26 lives, she was eight months pregnant with their second child, a daughter. She had a second son by an unknown father in 2009.
Lewthwaite’s family in Aylesbury – she is the youngest of three children – say they have not seen her for years.
Her alleged accomplice in December’s bomb plot, 29-year-old Londoner Jermaine Grant, is on trial in Mombasa.
The port city and Nairobi have suffered a series of bomb attacks since Kenyan troops entered Somalia in October to crush Islamist militants.
Hours before Sunday’s bombing the US embassy issued a warning of an imminent terrorist attack in or around Mombasa.
Police chief Aggrey Adoli said: ‘The attack occurred at about 10pm, the grenade was hurled inside a pub, but many of those wounded were just outside the bar at the entrance.
‘One of those wounded people is assisting us with investigations because he is providing contradictory statements. He is being held as a suspect.’

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