Veteran Gets Support From British Veterans' Group | Race & Crime UK |
The British Veterans' Group (BVG) has come to the aid of one of its disabled members after hearing he was having mobility difficulties, by providing him with a mobility scooter.

The BVG's Veterans Officer, Pete Molloy and his wife, Amanda, delivered the mobility scooter personally to Mr Steffan Mussett at his home in Norwich.

The journey was a 10 hour round trip for Mr and Mrs Molloy from their home in County Durham.

Mr Mussett spent 20 years in the British Army and became disabled after a motorcycle accident.

"I am very grateful to the British Veterans' Group for getting me the mobility scooter, which will be a huge help" said Mr Mussett.

The mobility scooter was donated by another BVG member who wishes to remain anonymous.

Mr Molloy said "I am very grateful to our fellow member for his generosity and just goes to show how the BVG looks after its members when it can."

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