VIDEO: Campaigners hail anti-immigration protest a success | Race & Crime UK |
Campaigners said today’s anti-immigration demonstration in Boston was a big success.


Protestors believe they may have attracted about 300 people to the Market Place - and say they sent out a strong message.

Many people chose to display anti-European Union placards and called for strong action from the Government to cap immigration and deal with the issues in Boston.

Bob MacAuley, who addressed the crowds, told The Standard: “People realised what we are about. It is a good message that should go across the nation. Hopefully it will get through to the Government.”

Dean Everitt said he wants Boston Borough Council to go back to the drawing board with its public inquiry into the impact of immigration and says they should apologise for not taking the matter seriously.

When asked how MP Mark Simmonds could help he replied: “Resign.”

Chief Insp Paul Timmins said there were ‘no arrests and no problems’ at the demonstration.

He told The Standard: “People have gone away thinking they have achieved what they wanted to achieve and had their voice heard.”