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Commies Wasting Police time with Jackanory Plots Again !!

Commies Wasting Police time with Jackanory Plots Again !! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Police have confirmed that they have received notification that Commies and UAF smelly brigade are once again attempting to incite a riot by circulating unfounded rumours.  The latest attempt see's unfounded rumours of EDL’s intention to march in Bury Park.


I can confirm without doubt that EDL or any other patriotic group including Casuals United have no intention of going anywhere near Bury Park and this is simply another attempt by the lefty dhimmiwits to throw a vermin ridden, flea infested smelly cat amongst the pigeons !!.. Must try harder !!

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Married cab driver who raped drunken passengers is jailed for 12 years

Married cab driver who raped drunken passengers is jailed for 12 years | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Asif Iqbal, pictured, from Newport, South Wales, was convicted of raping two passengers - but police fear many more women may have been attacked on late-night rides home.


Preyed on woman outside pubs and nightclubs.
Jailed for raping two, but police fear there are more victims yet to come forward.
Wife jailed for six months after attempting to bribe one of the victim's for her silence.


A married taxi driver who raped two drunken passengers has been jailed for 12 years.
Asif Iqbal, from Newport, South Wales, was convicted of raping the passengers - but police fear many more women may have been attacked on late-night rides home.
And his wife was also jailed for six months after admitting to perverting the course of justice by offering one of the victim's money to withdraw her complaint.
Iqbal targeted women outside pubs and nightclubs, because he knew they would be drunk.
Prosecutor Caroline Rees said: 'His first victim remembered hearing the central locking system click.
'She then recalled the driver dropping her off but was immediately fearful she had been raped.
'She became distrusting of taxi drivers and said she feels dirty.'
The second victim was in Newport city centre when she got into Iqbal's taxi.
Miss Rees said: 'He started touching her thigh and drove her to a secluded lane.
'The woman was speechless with fear and sobbed throughout the ordeal.'

Sentencing him, Judge David Wynn Morgan sitting at Cardiff Crown Court old him: 'Dry your eyes Asif Iqbal. This court does not feel sorry for you.'
And Morgan told his wife 'Your misfortune was to be married to a very, very bad man.'
Police yesterday urged other women passengers who have been subjected to similar sexual abuse to come forward. 

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A Question of Sport for Sherwood Patriot

A Question of Sport for Sherwood Patriot | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The English will rarely win the World Cup. The (ethnic) English will never win another Olympic 100M gold. We will always win rowing events, rugby, field events, wrestling and swimming. We are better at some events and not others because of ethnic physiology. How can skin colour effect athletic prowess to such a degree? Well of course, aside from politically correct niceties, there is more to race than sun tans. Here is a breakdown of racial advantage in sport:

West Africans
At present, every men’s world record from 100m to 1 mile belongs to a West African. The last time a European white man held the 100m world record was 1960. Africans have lower body fat, longer legs, and narrow hips, greater muscle mass, more fast-twitch muscle fibres, higher testosterone and more anaerobic enzymes, which are advantageous to running.
East Africans (Kenyans)
The top 60 times for the 3000m Steeplechase are held by East Africans, particularly Kenyans, and they hold more than half of the top 100, 3000, and 5000 times. 70% of Kenyan medal winners come from one area of Kenya, a high altitude region with thin air. Subsequently they have more red blood cells, larger lung capacity and more slow-twitch fibres, which are advantageous to distance running.
White Athletes
White (European) atheletes tend to have more upper body strength, and relatively short arms and legs. As a result we dominate weight lifting and wrestling, and excel at field events. Whites hold 46 out of the top 50 throws for shot put and hammer. Whites also dominate swimming, very few Africans ever reach a swimming final, because they have heavier bones and smaller chest cavities.
Indian athletes
For the second consecutive Olympic games, India, with a population of 1 billion people, bought home only one bronze medal.
The Olympics is an international competition which pits sub-species against sub-species. This results in Africans winning the running events, and Whites for

example, winning the throwing and swimming events. There is no true competition as the competitors are so unevenly matched. The White 100m record was set as far back as in the seventies, by sprinter Marian Woronin at 10.00s.

What does this mean for ten year old English boys and girls who dream of running for their own nation in athletics? Athletics dreams are completely lost to them. Africans will always win the running events, and if they will always win the running events that means whites are not going to be able to compete in running at the elite level, and white people want to watch, participate in, and be entertained by white runners. We need a White Olympics, for Europeans, by Europeans, for the entertainment of Europeans !


Read more : http://sherwoodpatriot.wordpress.com/2012/03/14/a-question-of-sport/

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Missing sex offender

Missing sex offender | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Police are appealing for assistance in seeking the whereabouts of a missing sex offender in Hackney Andrzej Gluth, 27, has failed to comply with his notification requirements under the Sexual Offences Act 2003.


He is white with short brown hair, a Polish National and it is believed that he is in London.


Gluth is a heavy drinker and is of no fixed abode. He is known to squat in vacant addresses.


Anyone with any information is asked to contact DC Maria Wynter, of Hackney’s Public Protection Unit on 020 7249 1525, or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


Andrzej Gluth was convicted in December 2007 of a sexual assault, intentionally touching a female contrary to section 3 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003.

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UK parliament to provide 650 iPads to MPs, costing £260,000

UK parliament to provide 650 iPads to MPs, costing £260,000 | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

As Britain's economy enters a 'double-dip' recession (much to the dismay of its citizens), the Palace of Westminster has agreed to provide 650 members of parliament with iPads, replacing their old laptops at a cost of at least £260,000 (around $420,000) to the taxpayer.


iPads will only be provided to MPs that agree to trade-in their old laptops or computers, which could then be distributed to other staff in the House.

The Register reports that the supervisory body that oversees administration in the House agreed to the plan yesterday, green-lighting a “rapid rollout” of iPads, allowing MPs expense their new Apple tablet purchases.

Apple’s iPad has been allowed in the House of Commons for over a year, helping politicians work on the move and reduce the amount of waste from printing. In March 2011, Labour MP Kerry McCarthy made the first speech from an iPad in the Commons, following the announcement of a tablet trial earlier in the year.

It is not known if MPs will be provided with 3G-enabled iPads in the UK and whether app downloads and associated costs will be charged to the House, and in-turn funded by the taxpayer.

The Commons Commission has however said that if a hundred policitians returned their old computer equipment, then it would be able to save £50,000 in costs.

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Reaction to Argentine Olympic Advert « Falkland Islands Government News

Reaction to Argentine Olympic Advert « Falkland Islands Government News | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Reaction to Argentine Olympic Advert.


We were very disappointed this morning to see the advert from the Argentine Presidential Office, attempting to politicise the Olympics in service of their territorial ambitions. This video was filmed without the knowledge of the Falkland Islands authorities.


It is deeply sad to see Mr Zylberberg clambering over a war memorial, especially in this anniversary year. Sadly, this illustrates the disrespect the Argentine authorities have for our home and our people. Unsurprisingly, at no stage does the video feature any Falkland Islanders – a clear reflection of Argentina’s policy, which is to pretend that the people of the Falkland Islands do not exist. It is time the world took note – we do exist, and as with all people we have rights, which the Argentine Government is trying to deny us. We are our own people, who through nine generations have lived and worked in these islands for nearly 200 years.


We determine our own future, and we will not be bullied by the Argentine Government, neither by their attempts to undermine our economy, nor by their constant misrepresentation of the truth, nor by pieces of cheap and disrespectful propaganda such as this. It is hugely disappointing to see sport abused in this way, when it is so often seen as a vehicle for unity. It seems an act of desperation to sink to this.


Hon. Ian Hansen

Member of the Legislative Assembly

Falkland Islands



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Illegal immigrants in voting scam

Illegal immigrants in voting scam | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
UK News :: Illegal immigrants in voting scam - Breaking news from around the UK...

FEARS of widespread vote rigging in today’s elections were raised after an MP discovered one in five migrants with no right to be here was on the electoral register.
Nick de Bois cross-checked the names of constituents seeking his help to stay in the UK and found 21 out of a sample 100 had signed up for voting rights.
The Tory backbencher is calling on ministers to tighten registration rules, claiming it is harder to get a library card than a ballot paper.
Police have already identified a black market for selling voting papers online, while postal ballots are also open to abuse.
Mr de Bois, member for Enfield North in London, said yesterday: “Maintaining the integrity of the voting register is crucial. In local elections particularly, when the difference between winning and losing for a candidate can be a handful of votes, it’s shocking that people who have no right to vote do vote.”
The MP said some people get on the electoral roll just to obtain credit cards or commit financial fraud.

In Enfield, anyone applying for a library card needs to show two forms of identity and address including a utility bill. Yet people registering to vote only have to fill in and return a form posted through their doors.
Mr de Bois wants the Government to “clean up” the register before the next elections. On Monday police began probing alleged voter registration fraud in Tower Hamlets, east London, which has a huge Bangladeshi community.
One-in-seven of the postal votes cast in a recent by-election in the borough was rejected because of irregularities. Last night a Cabinet Office spokesman said: “We are strengthening the electoral system. By December 2015 every individual’s entry on the register will have to be verified with information such as their National Insurance number.”

About 180 councils are holding elections today. The Tories are braced for setbacks after a plunge in ­their popularity, although Ed Miliband’s leadership of Labour will come under fresh pressure if his party fails to ­capitalise.
One Tory source said: “It is likely to be a very difficult night for us. Many of the seats that are up for grabs were won during an all-time high for us and will be difficult to hold. But Labour will be under pressure. Anything less than 700 new seats will be a disaster for them.”
Bookies Paddy Power stopped taking bets on Tory Boris Johnson staying as London Mayor after ­opinion polls put his lead over Ken Livingstone at up to 12 per cent.

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You must treat illegal immigrants or face legal action, GPs are warned

You must treat illegal immigrants or face legal action, GPs are warned | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

GPs are being warned that they face legal action if they refuse to accept illegal immigrants as patients.
Human rights lawyers have been threatening doctors who have removed failed asylum seekers from their surgery lists – even though they are not entitled to free NHS care.

Meanwhile, figures reveal that foreigners, including tourists and migrants, have been given an estimated £40million of free NHS treatment in the past three years.
Anyone who does normally live in the UK – including tourists – is meant to pay for any NHS treatment they receive. The only exceptions are urgent care received in A&E departments or treatment for certain infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.
Refugees and asylum seekers are given free NHS treatment, but if their application to remain in the UK is turned down by the Home Office they lose the entitlement.
But government guidelines on when to provide free healthcare are vague and simply advise GPs to ‘use their discretion’.
Figures obtained by Pulse magazine show that some hospitals are managing to claw back only a quarter of the costs owed to them by so-called health tourists.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2138657/You-treat-illegal-immigrants-face-legal-action-GPs-warned.html#ixzz1tnhmmXbM

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Terrorist Arrests Threaten Chances of Harmony in Luton

Terrorist Arrests Threaten Chances of Harmony in Luton | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Posted on May 2, 2012, in EDL News

The threat of Islamic terrorism remains the greatest challenge faced by our security services.

We know that there are Islamic extremists in Britain and abroad.

And we know that they are actively plotting to commit more terrorist atrocities.

We know that not all terrorists are Muslims, but we also know that attacks by Islamic militants far outnumber attacks by any other group, either religious or political.

We know that the Muslim community has specific a problem with so-called ‘honour-violence’, that British Muslim men account for the majority of child-grooming offences and that numerous British mosques teach separatism, supremacism or even outright hatred of non-Muslims.

From all of this we have come to one simple conclusion: Islam needs reform.

Not all British Muslims are extremists – far from it. But most extremists turn out to be Muslims, so clearly there is an underlying problem.

It’s not easy to determine exactly what is wrong and exactly what needs to change, but surely there shouldn’t be any stigma attached to simply recognising the need for reform?

But, sadly, there is. Often we find that even the slightest criticism of Islam is portrayed as if it were a vicious attack on all Muslims.

In the Channel 4 programme ‘Proud and Prejudiced’ the filmmakers followed EDL Leader Tommy Robinson around his home town of Luton.

Tommy was (and still is) concerned that Luton remains a breeding ground for terrorism. He said, quite simply, that there will be more terrorists from Luton:

For this he was portrayed by some commentators and politicians as a scaremonger, as someone out to divide communities or to wreck the harmony that Luton’s citizens usually enjoy.

Rarely was he portrayed honestly, as a decent person worried about the spread of extremism and not afraid to speak the truth as he sees it, however unfortunate or unpleasant it may be.

But, of course, he was right. Luton is not ‘in harmony’, as much as he wishes it were.

Earlier this week, exactly as Tommy predicted, four Luton men were charged with terrorism offences, including the collecting and supplying of funds for terrorist purposes overseas.

Is this really what we want our country to be known for exporting!?

The BBC didn’t think the men’s religion was worth mentioning in their article, but then no one was going to leap to the conclusion that these with Sikh or Buddhist extremists.

The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph all managed to use the word ‘Jihad’ when reporting about the case, but only because they were quoting the title of one of the pieces of extremist literature that the men are accused of possessing.

None of them actually mentioned the word ‘Islam’ or the word ‘Muslim’, even though it is abundantly clear that the perpetrators were Muslims, inspired by al-Qaeda and the Islamic concept of Jihad.

Perhaps this was simply too obvious to be worth mentioning. But compare how these major media outlets whitewashed all mention of religion from their articles with how Bedfordshire Police announced the arrests:

“In the planning of these search warrants, full consideration has been given to treating those arrested, and especially their families, with appropriate respect for cultural and religious identity as far as is possible.”

These are terrorist suspects, not petty thieves. Of course that doesn’t mean that the police should go around ram-raiding mosques and searching under burkhas (unless absolutely necessary!), but as far as we know, they don’t. Should they really need to announce to the Muslim community that in the process of arresting yet more Muslim extremists they’ve been sure not to upset anyone?

What does “appropriate respect for cultural and religious identity” even mean? We’d expect the police to always treat people with appropriate respect, so why do they appear so concerned with cultural and religious sensitivities?

Our guess is simple: they recognise just how sensitive the Muslim community in Britain is to the slightest criticism or imagined insult.

Why else would major newspapers avoid mentioning Muslims or Islam in connection to acts of terrorism, whilst the police make a point of ensuring that no one’s ‘sensitivities’ are provoked?

This sensitivity is not something that we should be encouraging, because it prevents the Muslim community from being receptive to criticism. And without accepting fair-minded criticism, how can the Muslim community ever support the reforms necessary to defeat extremism?

We don’t want to insult Muslims, to divide communities, to spread hatred, or whatever else we are sometimes accused of. We simply want Islamic extremism to stop. We want an end to terrorist attacks, an end to honour-violence and an end to all other forms of extremism that are in some way connected with Islam.

It might not be an easy task, but it’s an important one.

Surely we should expect the Muslim community, the government and the media to be doing all they can to educate the next generation of British Muslims so that they may avoid the appeal of extremism?

Unfortunately, we don’t believe they’re doing anything like enough. Further arrests in places like Luton make this abundantly clear.

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Police hunt Burnley schoolboy knife robbers

Police hunt Burnley schoolboy knife robbers | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
TWO teenagers suspected of robbing a Burnley schoolboy at knifepoint are being hunted by police.


The 15-year-old victim was threatened and attacked by the youths for his mobile phone as he walked home from school.

Detectives have now released an Evofit image of one of the teens believed to be behind the terrifying street robbery.

The incident happened as the pupil walked from the bus station along Todmorden Road towards Towneley on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 13th.

At approximately 4-20 p.m. the boy walked past the Flower Bowl store and the Post Office when he has been approached by two teenage boys who launched an unprovoked attack on him demanding his iPhone.

During the attack the teenagers were disturbed by a man parking in a red car and left the area towards Turf Moor.

Ten minutes later the victim had just walked past the Spar shop in Todmorden Road when he was approached by the same two teenagers who ran up behind him and threatened him with a knife – telling him to hand over his phone.

The boy was punched in the head but the offenders were again disturbed by a member of the public driving a blue vehicle. This man stopped and spoke to the victim to ensure he was okay.

The offenders then ran off into the Burnley Wood area.

The two offenders are both described as Asian and aged around 16 or 17.

The first boy is around 6ft tall, medium build and was wearing a black hooded top. The second boy is shorter at 5ft 9in tall, slimmer build, and was wearing a grey hooded top.

DC Ashley Johnston, from Pennine CID said: “Fortunately the victim was not seriously hurt and the offenders escaped empty handed but I’d ask people to take a close look at the Evofit and if anyone thinks they recognise the teenager please come forward and speak with police.

“This incident happened in peak traffic time on a very busy main road out of Burnley. I would reassure people that an investigation is continuing but I’d urge any witnesses to come forward, in particular the two members of the public who stopped in their vehicles to help the victim as they have yet to be traced.”


Anyone with any information should call Lancashire Police on 101 or Pennine CID Office direct on 01282 472149.


People with information can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or on-line at Crimestoppers-uk.org.

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UAF attacked the English Democrats North West chairman Mr Morris - British Patriots Society

UAF attacked the English Democrats North West chairman Mr Morris - British Patriots Society | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it


I've just found out from a good friend who is an English Democrat himself that earlier on today in Whitefield near Bury, 5 members of the UAF attacked the English Democrats North West chairman Mr Morris, he was out delivering leaflets alone for the elections tomorrow.

He and his wife are 2 of the nicest people you would want to meet , their details were passed like many others to the UAF and Hope not Hate by a man called Johnathan Snelling who lives in Doncaster and is a failed Lib Dem councillor - by doing this he has put them and their children at risk and all the others he has given info on.

Standing up for yourself is dangerous nowadays.
This is disgusting, the UAF use violence and intimidation to advance their political, religious, racial and ideological causes. Making them a terrorist organisation as stated in section 1 of the Terrorism Act 2000.


Everyone needs to report them!

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Two in court over plot to burn down Nelson butcher's shop

TWO men from Nelson have appeared before Burnley magistrates over an alleged plot to burn down a butcher’s shop in Pendle.


Mohammed Nawaz, 30, and Sheraz Mohammed Zaman, 22, are accused of conspiring to commit arson at Melllings Butchers in Every Street, Nelson, on April 21.


Nawaz, of Reedyford Road, Nelson, is also charged with threatening George Melling that the shop would be damaged, and possession of cannabis.


Zaman, of Manchester Road, Nelson, is accused of assaulting George McFadyen and Nicholas Mellins.


The pair have been sent on bail for trial to the town’s crown court, where they will appear on August 6.

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Illegal workers arrested at Rochester chip shop

Illegal workers arrested at Rochester chip shop | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Two chip shop workers have been arrested after a tip off they were working illegally.

Officers from the UK Border Agency carried out a operation at the Borstal Fish Bar, in Borstal Street, Rochester, on Saturday, April 28.

They checked the immigration status of staff and found two men both from India working illegally.

A 26 year-old had failed to leave the UK when his visa expired, while a 21-year-old was working in breach of the conditions of his visa.

The men were arrested and are currently in an immigration detention centre while the UK Border Agency takes steps to remove them from Britain.

Karyn Dunning, who heads the UK Border Agency team for Kent, said: "Illegal working has a serious impact on communities, taking jobs from those who are genuinely allowed to work and undercutting law-abiding businesses.

"We are cracking down on businesses which employ illegal staff as well as well as arresting and removing anyone who has no right to be in the UK."

Borstal Fish Bar has been handed a penalty notice for employing illegal workers.

To avoid a fine of up to £20,000 the employers must provide evidence that the correct pre-employment checks were made - such as seeing a passport or Home Office document.


If you suspect someone of working illegally, call Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 anonymously or visit www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/report-immigration-crime.

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Border farce as immigration computer system fails and new figures show passport targets missed on 23 days in April

Border farce as immigration computer system fails and new figures show passport targets missed on 23 days in April | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
The collapse of a computer system at Lunar House, the Border Agency headquarters has created more problems for under fire immigration bosses after lengthy border delays last month.


Border chiefs were plunged into a further crisis last night after an immigration computer system collapsed – leading to lengthy delays in issuing visas.
The meltdown will severely damage Britain’s reputation among business executives and investors, experts warned.
In a further blow, figures exposed the true delays endured by passengers coming into Heathrow last month.

The airport’s operator, BAA, said there were waits of up to three hours simply to clear passport control in April.
The figures appeared to fly in the face of immigration minister Damian Green’s dismissal of reports of long queues as ‘wild suggestions’.

Targets for checking the passports of non-EU nationals were missed on 23 out of 30 days in April, they showed.
The breakdown in the IT system at Lunar House in Croydon could affect tens of thousands working in Britain.
Yesterday it emerged that the UK Border Agency has cancelled dozens of ‘fast-track’ appointments for visa renewals in recent weeks.
Applicants now face at least an eight week-wait for renewals which should take 24 hours. These cost £1,300 and are used mainly by investors and executives doing business in Britain.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2139341/Border-farce-immigration-fails-new-figures-passport-targets-missed-23-days-April.html#ixzz1tu2AjSIP

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May to ease airport passport controls - Telegraph

May to ease airport passport controls - Telegraph | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Theresa May is considering relaxing passport controls to ease serious queues at Britain’s borders in an embarrassing about-turn.


The Home Secretary signalled the move during crisis talks with airlines as figures showed that passengers faced queues of up to three hours at Heathrow.
Mrs May said she was ready to consider introducing “risk-based” controls as part of a long-term solution to delays at airports, despite having forced Brodie Clark, the former head of the UK Border Force, out of his job in November after she claimed he had relaxed immigration checks without her authorisation.
More than 500,000 people were allowed into Britain unchecked last year in a breach of defences against terrorists and criminals.
Following the scandal, border controls were more robustly enforced and have been blamed for long delays to get into the country. Cuts to border staff have also made the problem worse.
Airlines met Mrs May yesterday to discuss their concerns over the queues at Heathrow and to address how the immigration system will cope during the Olympics and beyond.

Controls will come under even greater strain next Thursday when Border Agency unions take part in a one-day strike.
Simon Buck, the chief executive of the British Air Transport Association, met Mrs May on behalf of airlines including British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and easyJet. “We were told that for the longer term the Government will be looking at taking a balanced approach using technology and assessing risk as a factor in clearing passengers,” he said.
“This is something we would welcome and want to engage with the Government to be part of developing this. We have invested in technology which allows you to take a risk-based approach.”
Such an approach would allow officials to adopt a lighter touch for some passengers, such as parties of schoolchildren from members of the European Economic Area — the EU plus Liechtenstein, Iceland and Norway — and Switzerland. This would mean that they would not be checked against a terrorist warning list.
Immigration officers could be given discretion over whether to subject EEA passports to a full electronic scan. They estimate that the requirement to scan every passport adds up to 15 seconds to the time needed to clear each passenger.
The Home Office declined to comment on a “private meeting”.
Patrick Mercer, the Tory MP for Newark, criticised the move. “If this is accurate this is extraordinary. We are now back to where we were under the Labour government. What we need is more equipment and more staff,” he said.
BAA, Heathrow’s operator, piled further embarrassment on Damian Green, the immigration minister, yesterday with figures that showed that delays were far worse than he had claimed in Parliament. On April 30, when Mr Green told MPs the longest waiting time at Heathrow was 90 minutes, the immigration queue at Terminal 4 reached three hours.
The figures showed the Border Force at Heathrow failed to meet its own performance targets nearly every day last month. Non-EEA passengers, who should have spent no longer than 45 minutes waiting to clear immigration formalities, faced bigger queues on 21 days out of the 30.
The Border Agency’s IT system has collapsed under the volume of use. Andrew Tingley, an immigration lawyer at Kingsley Napley, said it was “beyond farcical” that rules requiring non-EEA nationals to have a biometric residence permit had left it unable to cope.

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Seven arrested on suspicion of terrorist fundraising

Seven arrested on suspicion of terrorist fundraising | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Warrants for further detention were granted by Westminster Magistrates Court last night, Wednesday 2 May, for the seven people arrested by the Counter Terrorism Command on suspicion of terrorist fundraising.

The warrants are due to expire on Tuesday 8 May, seven days after the arrests.

The remaining five searches in connection with the investigation have now been completed.

The seven people were arrested at four separate residential addresses in London, Cardiff and Coventry on suspicion of being concerned in the funding of a terrorist organisation, and laundering the proceeds of crime for that purpose, contrary to s40(1)(a) of the Terrorism Act 2000.

They are:

[A] 45-year-old woman arrested in Croydon.
[B] 49-year-old man arrested in Croydon.
[C] 47-year-old man arrested in Brent.
[D] 30-year-old man arrested in Brent.
[E] 45-year-old man arrested in Coventry.
[F] 40-year-old man arrested in Cardiff.
[G] 42 year-old man arrested in Coventry.

They were taken to a central London police station where they remain in custody.

The co-ordinated operation is led by the Met's Counter Terrorism Command, with assistance from the Counter Terrorism network, the UK Border Agency and local forces.

The arrests were a part of a pre-planned, intelligence-led operation, into suspected fundraising for terrorism overseas.

The MPS operation, which also involves Homeland Security Investigations in America, is investigating a network suspected of illegally exporting the stimulant khat, which is legal in the UK, to the USA and Canada where it is a controlled substance.

Search warrants were also executed under the Terrorism Act 2000 at the four residential addresses in London (Croydon and Brent), Cardiff and Coventry in connection with this inquiry.

Further search warrants were executed at five residential addresses in London (Croydon, Kensington and Chelsea, Harrow, Ealing and Enfield), one in Worthing, and one in Coventry, plus a business premises in Coventry. There were no arrests at these premises.

All searches have now been completed.

Inquiries continue.

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The Perverse Sexual Habits of the Prophet

The Perverse Sexual Habits of the Prophet | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Part 1 Father Zakaria Botros recently ran a show dedicated to discussing the question of morality and how it is—or should be—one of the hallmarks of "prophethood." At the start, he posed the focal question of the show: "Was Muhammad the prophet a moral man—the most upright man, worthy of being emulated by the world?"
He opened the show by relying on an Ibn Taymiyya quote, which evaluated the signs of prophethood. Taymiyya asserted that there are many false-prophets, such as Musailima "the Liar," a contemporary of Muhammad. Taymiyya concluded that many of these so-called prophets are, in fact, "possessed," and that the only way to determine the authenticity of any prophet is by examining his biography (sira) and deeds, and see if he be found worthy of the title.

Being that this is the first of several episodes devoted to examining the concepts of morality and prophethood (with the notion that the former reinforces the latter), the theme for this particular episode was "purity" (tahara): "Was Muhammad a 'pure' man?"—in this context, a question concerning his sexual mores (or lack thereof).

After the preliminaries, Botros looked at the camera and gave a stern warning: "This episode is for adults only! I am going to discuss many things that make me blush for shame, so please: have the women and children leave the room."

He then asked Muslims watching to keep in mind the question "Is this the prophet I follow?" as he delineated some of Muhammad's sexual habits.

First, from the Koran, Botros read verses unequivocally stating that Muhammad is the paragon of all virtue and morality, such as "And most surely you [Muhammad] conform (yourself) to sublime morality [68: 4]." He further quoted the ulema, such as Ibn Kathir, all insisting that Muhammad was the "Noblest of all humanity, and the greatest of prophets."

Botros and his ex-Muslim cohost—the priest had insisted that it be a man for this particular show, lest he be too ashamed to delineate Muhammad's sexual habits—discussed Koran 4:3, which "limits" a Muslim's wives to four, plus "what your right hands possess," that is, slave-girls.

That was apparently not good enough for Muhammad, asserted Botros; an entire verse had to be "revealed" justifying more women for him (Koran 33:50). In fact, Father Botros has carefully compiled a list of all the women—66 are known—to have had sexual relations with Muhammad.

Botros said that was only normal: according to Sirat Al-Halabi, Muhammad can have a woman no matter what, even against her will; and if Muhammad desired a married woman, her husband would have had to divorce her. According to Ibn Sa'ad, who wrote another authoritative biographical account of Muhammad, "The prophet did not die till all women were permitted him" (see Kitab Al Tabaqat Al Kubra, v.8, 194).

The co-host, rather abruptly, interjected – "What of all those rumors that Muhammad exhibited homosexual tendencies?"

Botros dropped his face in his hands and mumbled, "So you still insist we discuss that?" The co-host was adamant, saying it was for Muslims' own good to know everything.

Thus Botros, after profusely apologizing to his Muslim viewers, saying how embarrassing this was for him, declared: "Look! We're merely readers here, bringing up what we have read in Islam's own books! If Muslims don't like it, they should go and burn these books."

The first anecdote discussed by the priest revolved around a hadith that, while some ulema say is "weak," is, nonetheless according to Botros, present in 44 Islamic books—including some highly respected collections, such as Sunan Bayhaqi and Al Halabi.

According to this hadith, a man named Zahir, who used to declare that "the prophet loves me," said that one day Muhammad crept unawares behind him and put him in a bear-hug. Zahir, alarmed, yelled, "Get off me!" After turning his head and discovering that it was Muhammad, he stopped struggling and proceeded to "push his back into the prophet's chest—prayers and blessings upon him."

Another curious hadith contained in Sunan Bayhaqi and which traces to Sunan Abu Dawud (one of the six canonical hadith collections), has Muhammad lifting up his shirt for a man who proceeded to kiss his entire torso, "from his bellybutton to his armpits."

Botros looked casually at the camera and said, "Imagine if the sheikh of Al Azhar [nearest Muslim equivalent to the pope] went around lifting his shirt for men to kiss his torso" (he proceeded to make smacking kissing noises, for effect).

Said the co-host: "Surely there's more?"

Botros: "Indeed there is. No less than 20 Islamic sources—such as the hadiths of Ahmad bin Hanbal—relay that Muhammad used to suck on the tongues of boys and girls"...


For parts 2-5 here: http://w11.zetaboards.com/British_Nationalist/topic/7794381/1/


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UK Muslim Rapes 13-Year-Old, Threatens to Petrol-Bomb Her Home

UK Muslim Rapes 13-Year-Old, Threatens to Petrol-Bomb Her Home | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A 39-year-old man groomed a 13-year-old girl for sex then threatened to petrol bomb her house and put explicit film of on the internet if anyone found out, a jury was told Shabir Ahmed began a sexual relationship with the orthodox Muslim schoolgirl...


Read more: http://vinienco.com/2012/05/03/uk-muslim-rapes-13-year-old-threatens-petrol-bomb-home/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

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Police call for reinforcements at polling station fracas

Police call for reinforcements at polling station fracas | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Police outside a Tower Hamlets polling station called reinforcements today after a candidate alleged  that he had been threatened by activists from rival parties.


Chris Smith, standing for the Greens in the London Assembly elections, claimed that one activist threatened to “punch his lights out” when he complained about the crowd handing out Respect and Labour leaflets outside St Matthias Primary, off Brick Lane.

Officers were today guarding polling stations across Tower Hamlets after the Met launched a formal investigation into allegations of electoral fraud in the borough. Police were called in after reports of voter intimidation outside polling stations at previous elections.

It was feared today that activists were “harassing” potential voters. Mr Smith said: “I came down here at about 10am and there were at least 20 Labour and Respect activists handing out leaflets just outside. Election rules state very clearly that each party is only allowed one teller outside each polling station, the rest must be a safe distance away.

“I complained to the official inside and when I came back out the Respect guy started mouthing off to me. When I told him what they were doing is not allowed, he threatened to punch my lights out.

“It’s amazing that this is still going on around here. The groups that gather outside are very intimidating. With all the problems we’ve had in Tower Hamlets this is the last thing we need.”

Mr Smith said he was too frightened to stay at the polling station. “It’s not right that people are being harassed,” he added.

Caroline Kerswell, the Tory candidate in the Weaver ward’s by-election, witnessed the altercation. She said: “We were standing here discussing electoral rules with them, then one guy threatened to punch his lights out.

“They’ve been here since early in the morning and they’re very intimidating. People coming to vote are nervous. We want a clean election in Tower Hamlets because of the reports of corruption.”

A Tower Hamlets spokesman said: “We understand that the police have dealt with an issue outside a polling station in Brick Lane this morning. The police deal with public order offences, including issues outside polling stations, and we are pleased that this incident has been resolved quickly and peacefully.”

It came as the chair of the Electoral Commission today called for photo ID to be demanded at all polling stations in a bid to stop voter fraud. Jenny Watson urged the Government to change the law to “help us all be sure our voting system is safe”.

She said: “There is more the Government can do to help us all be sure our voting system is safe. The Electoral Commission wants to see our registration system tightened up and it’s good that the Government plans to introduce new laws to do this which will apply to any of us who want to vote by post before the 2015 General Election.

We think it is also time to have a proper debate about whether we all need to show photo ID at polling stations.”

There were fears that voter fraud in Tower Hamlets could influence the result of today’s mayoral election. The Met is investigating claims that a by-election earlier this month in the Banglatown and Spitalfields ward was rigged — giving victory to Gulam Robbani, an independent candidate backed by the borough’s mayor Lutfur Rahman. Turnout in the by-election was nearly double that of the previous election in the ward — 31 per cent to 17 per cent.

Residents said campaigners had been knocking on doors and collecting ballot papers, offering to post the vote. Mr Robbani won the election by just 43 votes. There is no suggestion he was involved in fraud.

Voters today expressed shock at the presence of police outside stations. Jason Caffrey, 41, said: “I was surprised when I came out to see a van full of officers outside. Corrupt practice in elections damages trust and while there’s no smoke without fire it’s hard to know exactly how high the flames are.”

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Military police 'to stop border delays' British Forces News

Military police 'to stop border delays'  British Forces News | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

It is reported that Military Police officers and civil servants could be drafted in to man immigration desks to avoid delays during a one-day strike by border guards.


The Daily Telegraph says the Home Office is drawing up contingency plans as hundreds of thousands of passengers face disruption at airports and ports on May 10.


Immigration Minister Damian Green has criticised the strike, which is a dispute over pensions, while unions warns queues and delays would increase if drafted-in staff are used.

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Thief targets female student in city park snatch-and-run

Thief targets female student in city park snatch-and-run | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A female student was left shaken after being targeted by a snatch-and-run thief who stole her phone as she sat in a Cambridge park.


The 20-year-old woman was sitting under a tree next to the footpath at Pikes Walk across Christ's Pieces on Monday (April 30) at 2pm using her iPhone when a man ran past and grabbed the phone from her hand.
The offender continued to run along Pikes Walk towards King Street.
The man is described as Asian, aged between 30 and 40 years old and 5ft 10in tall. He was wearing a red zip-up jacket, blue jeans and black Converse trainers and carrying a medium sized black rucksack.
Det Con Andy Day, investigating, said: “I would like to hear from anyone who may have been in the area at the time and saw the person responsible for this theft.
“It has left the student shaken and we're keen to trace the person who committed this offence.”


Anyone with information should contact Det Con Day on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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664 killed and 1,235 injured by the Religion of Peace in April

664 killed and 1,235 injured by the Religion of Peace in April | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Another peaceful month in the world of Islam: 664 people killed and 1,235 injured.


This month’s religiously motivated killings include: bomb and grenade attacks on churches, the bombing of schools, the beheading of a British humanitarian worker, and the gunning down and bombing of children as young as three.


Homosexuals might want to take note of the young male who was hanged in Iran for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with another man, and the 16-year-old boy beaten and strangled to death in Iraq on suspicion of being homosexual.


More here : http://bnpcountydurham.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/664-killed-and-1235-injured-by-religion.html

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Woman sexually assaulted on towpath

Woman sexually assaulted on towpath | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A victim of a sexual assault punched her attacker and ran off uninjured.


The 18-year-old woman was assaulted on a towpath near Caversham Lock, off Napier Road, at about 1am on Sunday.

A man grabbed the teenager and touched her inappropriately but she managed to escape after hitting him.

The attacker is described as Asian, in his 20s or early 30s, 5ft 7ins, of large build with short dark hair. He had no facial hair and was wearing a dark coloured jacket.

Detective Sergeant Ashley Hannibal, investigating the incident, said: "We would like to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time or saw anyone matching the man's description.

"At this stage we are treating this as an isolated incident."


Anyone with information should call Det Sgt Hannibal on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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Police closing in on Burnley fugitive rape suspect

Police closing in on Burnley fugitive rape suspect | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A RAPE suspect who has been on the run for more than two years should be facing justice in Lancashire within weeks.


Fakhar Zaman, 39, wanted for questioning over a November 2009 sex attack at a house in Burnley, is currently believed to be in Barcelona.

Zaman, also known as Cheema Nalaz and Shah Nawaz-Cheema, failed to answer police bail in February 2010 over the alleged rape.

It was initially thought that he might be working in a restaurant or takeaway within this country and Lancashire Police made him the subject of an appeal on BBC’s Crimewatch programme in July last year.

But he is now understood to have fled to the continent via the Channel Tunnel but has reportedly said he is unable to return as he does not hold a valid passport.

Detectives have been seeking a European arrest warrant to secure the return of Zaman, who has been in contact with police, who said they are close to securing his extradition.

A Lancashire Police spokesman said: “We are hopeful that this will be resolved within the next couple of weeks.”

Zaman, who also has links to the Manchester area, had offered to return voluntarily for questioning, as he no longer wants to remain a fugitive, it has been reported.

He has claimed he had made attempts to return to the UK but was arrested by French police when he attempted to smuggle himself back into the country in the back of a lorry.

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Court hears former restaurant owner could have made £1m by employing illegal immigrants

The former owner of two Indian restaurants in the Lake District could have made more than £1 million by employing illegal immigrants, a court has heard.

Shafiqul Haque – a 62-year-old Manchester businessman who owned the Tagore Restaurant in Ambleside and The Emperor of India in Windermere - was jailed for six months last September after admitting breaking immigration laws.

He has now completed that sentence but could still be made to pay back any profits he made from the offences he committed.


Read more: http://www.asianimage.co.uk/news/9677971.Court_hears_former_restaurant_owner_could_have_made___1m_by_employing__illegal_immigrants/?ref=mr

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