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Help For Heroes donations attacked by Muslims

Help For Heroes donations attacked by Muslims | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Organisers of a village May Queen fete have come under attack for choosing to support a charity that helps wounded soldiers.


Woodmansterne May Queen Fete has been a tradition since 1966, but the decision this year to choose Help for Heroes as the main recipient of their fundraising on the village green on May 7 has prompted an angry protest.


Mohammad Siddique condemned the charity for helping soldiers get back to the front line and said he was contacting local MP Crispin Blunt to inform him a number of Muslim groups are now considering an online petition designed to force a Commons debate on withdrawing its charitable status.


He said: "My family and our local Muslim community were disappointed to see that the Woodmansterne May Queen committee have seen fit to publicise their Bank Holiday fete by adopting the Help for Heroes as their nominated charity.


"It is, of course, cynical and absurd to claim that Help for Heroes is 'non-political' and 'simply wants to help'."


"It is a straightforward fundraising device designed to rehabilitate injured British soldiers and, wherever possible, return them to the front line.


"It is equally misleading for Help for Heroes to describe these men and women as ‘volunteers’ - they are uniformed soldiers contracted for wages to do the bidding of their government...........Read more:



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Six people charged over trafficking of Indian woman

Six people charged over trafficking of Indian woman | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Suspects, all from London, face a number of counts including rape, sexual assault and making threats to kill the alleged victim.


Six people, including a butcher and an optician, have been charged in connection with trafficking an Indian woman.

The suspects, all from London, face a number of counts including rape, sexual assault and making threats to kill the alleged victim, who is 37 and from the southern city of Hyderabad.

They will appear at Westminster magistrates court on bail, on 7 June.


Enkarta Balapovi, 53, a butcher from St John's Wood, north London, faces one charge of trafficking within the UK and five counts of rape.


Shanaz Begum, 56, a shop worker, also from St John's Wood, is accused of two counts of trafficking – the first into the UK and the second within Britain.


Shashi Kala Obhrai, 53, an optician, of Northwood, north-west London, is charged with trafficking within the UK, ABH and making threats to kill.


Balram Kumar Obhrai, 58, a computer entrepreneur from the same area, is accused of trafficking into the UK and making threats to kill.


Aleemuddin Mohammed, 34, a supermarket manager from Harrow, also in north-west London, faces a similar count of trafficking into the UK and another of sexual assault on a female.


Shamina Yousuf, 32, a secretary, of nearby Edgware, is charged with trafficking into the country and ABH.

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Jury sworn in as parents go on trial accused of Shafilea Ahmed murder

Jury sworn in as parents go on trial accused of Shafilea Ahmed murder | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A jury has been sworn in in the trial of a man and wife accused of murdering their teenage daughter.


Iftikhar Ahmed, 52, and his partner Farzana Ahmed, 49, of Liverpool Road, Warrington, both deny murdering 17-year-old Shafilea Ahmed in 2003.


A jury of five women and seven men have been selected for the trial at Chester Crown Court. The panel was told a list of witnesses giving evidence in the murder case, including Mr and Mrs Ahmed's family, friends and neighbours, and Shafilea's college pals. Other witnesses include police officers, social workers, psychologists, forensic archaeologists, shop workers, and mobile phone and taxi experts, the court heard.


The jury were sent home until Monday morning, when prosecutors are expected to open their case.


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South West Nationalists: Enriched Into The Grave

South West Nationalists: Enriched Into The Grave | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

This is the face of 67 year old Victor Parsons.

He was savagely beaten with a lump of wood, punched, kicked, and left to die in London's Alexandra Park on the 5th of January last year. He died of his injuries seven weeks later.


Also killed by the same attacker was Keith Needell, 84, beaten to death. This attack took place at Queen's Wood, and Mr Needell was discovered with a fractured skull and severe facial fractures. He died from his injuries six months later.

Another five men - although police believe there may be more victims who have yet to come forward - survived savage attacks by the same individual.

There was no motive of robbery, it was "violence for violence sake, committed by the same man, in the same geographical area" to use the words of the prosecution.

Now facing life imprisonment after being convicted of both murders, and five other attacks in which the victims survived, is one Ali Koc.

"There can be no doubt that Koc is a highly dangerous and predatory individual who derived some warped sense of gratification from carrying out these abhorrent attacks" said Detective Chief Inspector Tim Duffield.

Koc, aged 30, is of Turkish origin, and came to the UK with his family when he was in his early teens.

Before these attacks he was well known to police. He'd been jailed for possessing a knife in 2008, and for burglary in 2007. His long criminal record also includes theft, possession of cannabis, ABH, assault.

Yet...he was still in the country after this huge catalogue of offences to go on and commit murder in 2011.

It gets worse. Koc survived off of benefits, and was known for being aggressive to Job Centre staff.

Not only did we import a violent Turkish psychopath who rewarded Britain by committing an array of crimes which finally culminated in the brutal murder of two defenceless pensioners, we were paying for him to be here.

From funding this wretched creatures existence via the benefits system, we'll now go on to fund another large amount of years in a five star prison - or, perhaps most likely, an even more costly and luxurious secure psychiatric unit.

Either way, Koc will get his 3 hot meals a day, a warm bed, TV, and ne'er a worry about doing a days work or having to make ends meet. He'll probably get a council flat and a giro on his doorstep every week if/when he's released.

Meanwhile, two pensioners have been enriched into the grave. Just another episode among many in the new, multicultural hellhole called Britain - it's enough to make anyone break down and cry.

*This article first appeared on the British Resistance earlier today.


Taken from: 


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NF/Infidels/CXF demo against paedo' supporting councillors in Rochdale - May 16th 2012 - 1

NF/Infidels/CXF demo against paedo' supporting councillors in Rochdale - May 16th 2012.
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Anger over 'Asian' grooming label

Anger over 'Asian' grooming label | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Groups representing Sikh and Hindu communities complain about the term "Asian" being used to describe the men involved in grooming trials.


Earlier this month, nine men were jailed for being part of a sex ring in Rochdale which groomed girls for sex.

The groups said the men involved were "almost always of Pakistani origin" and the term "Asian" was inaccurate.

The Ramadan Foundation has said grooming is "a significant problem for the British Pakistani community".

The joint statement was released by the Network of Sikh Organisations UK, The Hindu Forum of Britain, and The Sikh Media Monitoring Group UK.

It says the reluctance of the media and the government to discuss the "disproportionate representation of Muslims in such cases" and the fact victims are "almost always non-Muslim girls" is adding to the cause of far-right groups such as the BNP.

It said blanket use of the word "Asian" was "unfair to other communities of Asian origin".

"We believe that in this case the government itself is sanctioning the use of term Asian as a way of clouding responsibility," the groups say.

Stifled debate
The groups say sex gangs have targeted Hindu and Sikh girls but the cases are rarely reported as they seldom reach the courts.

The statement says: "We believe that political correctness stifles debate and will not facilitate a frank and mature discussion or solutions to get to the root of why the above pattern is emerging in these crimes and how to help find a solution to the problem.

"We will not be able to do that if we mask the identity of those involved based on misguided views of 'protecting a vulnerable community' of the perpetrators and not looking at the vulnerable community of victims."

Last Week Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of The Ramadhan Foundation, said: "There is an over-representation [of Asian men] amongst recent convictions in the crime of on-street grooming [and] there should be no silence in addressing the issue of race as this is central to the actions of these criminals," he said.

He said community elders were "burying their heads" over the issue and police and local councils should not "be frightened" to address the problem, as there was "a strong lesson that you cannot ignore race or be over-sensitive".

On Monday, the chair of the Equalities and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, said the race of the men involved could not be ignored and it was "fatuous" to deny racial and cultural factors.

But assistant chief constable Steve Heywood, of Greater Manchester Police, said the case was not about race, but about "adults preying on vulnerable young children".

Liverpool Crown Court heard the nine men plied their victims, one as young as 13, with drink and drugs so they could "pass them around" and use them for sex.

The case sparked protests by far-right groups but police insisted the grooming was not "racially motivated".

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15-year-old Palestinian asylum seeker attacked foster mum with kitchen knife

15-year-old Palestinian asylum seeker attacked foster mum with kitchen knife | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A FOSTER mum was almost stabbed to death by an illegal immigrant teenager placed in her care by city social services.


The asylum seeker attacked Christine Mackay with a kitchen knife as she slept, cutting through her tendons and almost severing her thumb and causing her to lose four pints of blood.

Now, as the youth begins a 14-year jail sentence for attempted murder, Mrs Mackay has criticised government fostering policies for putting her at risk.

She said the law should have enable more vigorous checks to be carried out on youngsters needing foster care.

The youth was housed with her three days after he arrived in the UK with no identification.

He had been picked up in Milton Keynes by police and claimed to be a 15-year-old Palestinian called Aziz Achaheb-Cedar.

Mrs Mackay, 58, provided him with Sky TV in his room, a bicycle and a phone. But he responded by trying to steal her car and attempting to hang himself.

“I was frightened of him,” said the foster mum.“He was looking at me like he wanted to kill me. I rang up and said that I did not feel safe in my own home.”

Social workers agreed to rehouse the teenager but two days later he disappeared.

A fortnight later he returned to Mrs Mackay’s home, breaking in at 2am and taking a four-inch knife from the dishwasher.

Mrs Mackay woke to find the knife pointed at her.

She said: “I grabbed the blade and just refused to let go of it. He tried to pull it away from me and in doing so he cut through 40 per cent of the tendons in my hands and almost severed a thumb.”

Despite her ordeal Mrs Mackay is continuing to foster children.

“Most of them are lovely, lovely children. But in cases such as this the law should require more checks to be made to ensure the safety of foster parents.”

Social services said the boy had been “age assessed following established procedure”. He was deemed to be 15 years old and thus accepted as a child in care.

Social workers carried out a full risk assessment, they said.

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Crackdown on flying 'wrong kind of flag'

Crackdown on flying 'wrong kind of flag' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Olympic organisers have said flags which celebrate Armed Forces Day will interfere with the “look” of the Games during the torch relay.


Ex-servicemen in Cambridgeshire were outraged when told that rules imposed by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) prohibited their flags from being flown alongside Olympic banners during the military celebration on June 30.

This is despite the flame not passing through the region until a week after the Armed Forces’ special day.

The Olympic flame is due to arrive at Parker’s Piece in Cambridge on July 7 as part of the Big Weekend of Olympic celebrations before going to St Ives and Huntingdon the next day.

LOCOG has said it is happy for non-Olympic flags and banners to be flown, but only if they are not mixed with official Games banners on the same street.

Gill Dartford, a Poppy Appeal fundraiser in Cambridgeshire, whose son Matthew, 29, is serving as an air trooper in the Army Air Corps, thinks organisers have no right to ban the flags.

She said: “My personal view is I can see no reason why the Armed Forces flags or the cross of St George shouldn’t be flown at the same time as the Olympic flag.

“I feel that the Olympic committee are a bit cheeky for saying that they can’t be flown at the same time.”

Armed Forces Day falls within the two-week period when Olympic banners will be put up.

The news angered so many ex-military men in Huntingdonshire that Tom Mumford, president of the Royal Navy Association St Neots and District Branch, wrote to Prime Minister David Cameron in protest.

Mr Mumford, 72, of Falcon Close, St Neots, who served in the Royal Navy from 1957-64, said: “The Games are becoming completely authoritarian.

“I understand that they have an obligation to keep their sponsors happy but this event is for the people of the UK to enjoy.”

A letter of reply to the group from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport read: “In short, LOCOG say that they have not said that Armed Forces flags cannot be flown.

“They are happy for local authorities to hang Armed Forces flags at the same time as they are flying any other Games ‘look’ related flag – providing councils are not interspersing it with their Games ‘look’.”

Fortunately for flag-flyers in Cambridge the city council will not be using official Olympic flags so the problem will not arise in the city.

A spokesman said: "The council is not providing any official Olympic banners for its leg of the torch relay and therefore any associated Locog rules will not apply.

"Cambridge City Council does not therefore have any issue with local residents wishing to display flags such as the ones described."

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More bent coppers stitching people up for crimes they have not committed

More bent coppers stitching people up for crimes they have not committed | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Actor Ray Winstone criticises the police after a man who served seven years for a murder he always denied walked free from court.


Sam Hallam, 24, who was jailed in 2005 for the murder of Essayas Kassahun, was freed by the Court of Appeal earlier.

Mr Winstone, the uncle of Hallam's best friend, said there had been "an outrageous miscarriage of justice".

The Metropolitan Police said they could not comment on the case until the judgement had been delivered.


'Seven years lost'
Speaking after Hallam was released on bail at the Court of Appeal, the actor said: "So why did an innocent man serve seven years?


Someone must answer for this outrageous miscarriage of justice” - Ray Winstone


"For me it is the disgraceful, unprofessional action of the police involved in this case. Action that has caused a terrible stress within the family of the Hallams."

The Londoner said Hallam's family had been left "broken-hearted" by the "tragic suicide of Sam's father".

Terry Hallam was found hanged in October 2010.

He said: "Sam is free, but has lost seven years of his young life. The family can now hopefully rebuild their lives.

"But they can't bring Sam's dad back."


Ray Winstone blamed the "disgraceful, unprofessional action of the police"

In a statement Mr Winstone said Hallam was nowhere near the scene of the crime, people at the scene said he was not there, he was not captured on CCTV and there was no evidence linking him to the crime.

"Someone must answer for this outrageous miscarriage of justice," the actor said.

"A young man lost his life. His family will never get over that.

"The killer is out there because the police involved in this case did not do their job.

"Who will answer for this miscarriage of justice?"

Hallam was freed on bail after the prosecution said it would not oppose his appeal against the conviction for the murder of the 21-year-old chef in Clerkenwell, central London, in October 2004.

Lady Justice Hallett will deliver her judgement at the Court of Appeal on Thursday. 

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£40k arson scam lands Oswaldtwistle trader in jail

£40k arson scam lands Oswaldtwistle trader in jail | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

AN Oswaldtwistle shopkeeper who torched his store for an insurance payout of up to almost £40,000 has been jailed for four years.


Saddaqat Ali was found guilty of arson being reckless as to whether life was endangered on August 11, 2010 and fraud between August and December 2010, after a week long trial at Burnley Crown Court.

The 40-year-old married father of four, who had claimed the blaze had nothing to do with him and denied the allegations, was sentenced yesterday, after the court waited for pre-sentenced and psychiatric reports.

Recorder Mark Ainsworth told Ali at a previous hearing: “A prison sentence was inevitable.”

Sitting at Preston Crown Court Recorder Ainsworth sentenced Ali, who had no previous convictions. During his trial the jury were told, how Ali, started the fire at the West End Convenience Store, Blackburn Road, Oswaldtwistle after removing valuable stock from the shelves.

He had been seen leaving the premises at about 10.30pm, by a neighbour who was also a regular customer.

Shortly after, the customer heard a popping sound from the shop.

Worried neighbours risked their lives trying to smash their way in with a sledge hammer, fearing people might be trapped inside.

Firefighters tackled the blaze and their investigation proved the fire had been started deliberately.

The court also heard Ali made a claim to his insurance company for damage and business interruption, saying he had been burgled. No cash was ever paid out.

Ali, of Perry Street, Darwen, who had leased the premises for a year at the time, claimed the business had been going well and he had been making a profit.

He insisted the shop had not been in trouble and claimed the first thing he knew about the blaze was the next morning, when he listened to voice messages from loss adjustors on his mobile phone.

Giving evidence, the defendant had told the court that he had left the shop at 9.30pm and had gone to the house of a woman he was having an affair with before driving home.

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Deport Rochdale child rapists, demands Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff

Deport Rochdale child rapists, demands Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
AN INNER city Birmingham MP has made an outspoken call for nine men responsible for abusing girls as young as 13 to be deported after serving their sentences – even if they are now British citizens.


Hall Green Labour member Roger Godsiff has written to the Home Secretary demanding tougher action after a judge sentenced the men to a total of 77 years between them.

They targeted vulnerable girls, some of them in the care of social services. He said any of the Asian men who were born overseas should be deported, even if they were now British citizens.

On sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court, Judge Gerald Clifton said the convicted men treated the girls “as though they were worthless and beyond respect”.

Mr Godsiff’s plea goes far beyond existing government policy. Ministers say they support deporting foreign criminals, meaning those that are not UK citizens, although like the last Labour government they have found this is not always easy to do in practice.

The nine men convicted in Rochdale were Muslims of Pakistani ethnic origin. Mr Godsiff said Birmingham Muslims in his constituency had led condemnation of the men.

Mr Godsiff said: “I have received a number of representations from members of the Muslim community living in my constituency who are disgusted and appalled by what these men did to vulnerable young girls and a number of them are strongly of the view that these individuals have no right to be part of British society.

He went on to say: “While I understand that those individuals who were born in this country have a legal entitlement to remain here I note that the ring leader is 59 years old and may not have been born here”.

The MP concluded: “I have sort assurances that those members of the gang who were not born in the UK but who have been allowed to come here, settle, and may have become British citizens will have their entitlement to be here and any citizenship rights removed and that they will be deported at the end of their sentences.”

In other press coverage of the trial proceedings it has been suggested that at least two of the convicted will be deported at the conclusion of their sentences.

Following the convictions, Det Chf Supt Mary Doyle of Greater Manchester Police described the defendants as “pure evil”.


SOURCE: http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2012/05/15/deport-rochdale-child-rapists-demands-hall-green-mp-roger-godsiff-97319-30968810/#ixzz1v3ECWin5

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We must answer 'troubling questions' about sex-grooming gangs who target white girls

We must answer 'troubling questions' about sex-grooming gangs who target white girls | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

There is nothing to be gained by 'shying away' from the issue, Tim Loughton said.

Comments come a week after nine men were jailed for grooming and sexually abusing girls in Rochdale
Councils urged to take immediate action to stop children being abused while in their care

Britain needs an open debate about 'issues around culture' that may explain why men from Pakistani backgrounds are over-represented among offenders prosecuted for grooming white girls for sex, a Government minister has said.

Children's Minister Tim Loughton was speaking a week after nine members of a grooming network in Rochdale were jailed for offences against vulnerable girls aged between 12 and 16.

The men, all but one of whom are of Pakistani heritage, lured their victims off the streets with free food and alcohol before sexually abusing them over a two-year period in flats and houses across northern England.

The trial was the latest in a series of court cases in which men from the Pakistani community have been prosecuted for sex offences against teenagers.

Mr Loughton told a conference on child sexual exploitation, reported by The Times, that the Rochdale case raised 'troubling questions' about the attitude of the men towards white girls.


Read more: 


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Just how dumb is Unite Against Fascism ?

Just how dumb is Unite Against Fascism ? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Just how dumb is Unite Against Fascism ? Having lobbied the government many times in recent months to ban marches by the English Defence League, it is now outraged that the Government has not only taken up this offer to squish the EDL but has pushed it further, by banning all public protests in five London boroughs for the next 30 days. That means both the Right-wing EDL and the lefties at UAF – and anyone else with a political gripe – are forbidden from marching in Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney, Islington and Waltham Forest any time in September. “This is a huge attack on everyone’s civil liberties”, bleats UAF, which is weird, considering that they’re the ones who invited the Government to undermine people’s civil liberties in the first place.
Theresa May’s blanket ban on all protests, following a request from the Metropolitan Police, is certainly outrageous, not to mention ironic, coming as it does just days after her boss David Cameron talked about his role in introducing political freedom to Libya. But UAF has no one but itself to blame for this extraordinary clampdown on the right to protest. For an apparently radical leftist campaign group, UAF is awfully fond of asking the Tory government to ban things – it has frequently demanded the outlawing of EDL marches, on the basis that they “spread fear” and might brainwash stupid working-class white people into turning racist. And when you cravenly invite the Government to play the role of in loco parentis in community life, to squish heated marches or protests on the basis that they might warp people’s minds and hearts, you really shouldn’t be surprised when it jumps at the opportunity. If you spend your every waking hour going cap-in-hand to the powers-that-be, demanding “No Platform!” for people you don’t like, you’re not in a very good position to complain when the authorities decide to deny you a platform too.
Now, UAF has issued what must rank as one of the silliest political statements of the year so far. “We the undersigned welcome the banning of the racist English Defence League’s march through Tower Hamlets,” it says. “But we are appalled to discover that the Metropolitan Police are applying for a blanket ban on ALL marches across five London boroughs… It is our human right to peacefully march in Tower Hamlets.” Wait – how come UAF has a “human right” to march, but the EDL does not? Are EDL members not human? Moreover, it really is spectacularly daft to talk about the importance of the right to march in the same breath as you welcome a government decision to ban a march. What UAF is effectively saying is: “We should have the freedom to march, but they shouldn’t.”
Which rather confirms that the anti-fascist Left doesn’t know the meaning of the word freedom. Freedom of speech only exists if everyone has it. The freedom to protest must mean that everyone, from worthy Left-wingers to cranky EDL types, should be at liberty to gather where and when they please and to demand whatever they want. What UAF is fighting for is not freedom but privilege. If a thing is denied to some people but granted to others, then it’s a privilege rather than a right – and UAF wants the “privilege to protest” in certain London boroughs where it expects other, less privileged, possibly non-human political activists to be silenced and curfewed on its behalf by the government. That is, UAF only really believes in Government-approved, Tory-approved, forms of public agitation. Maybe now, having fallen victim to its own boneheaded illiberalism and censorious stupidity, UAF will recognise that privileges can quite easily be taken away.

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A speeding driver who ignored screams from his passengers as he mowed down and killed a pedestrian was jailed for three years.


Hasnam Iqbal, 22, was hurtling along at more than 50mph in a 30mph zone when he struck Pelistan David, killing him instantly.

Iqbal swerved onto the wrong side of the road as he approached a zebra crossing in High Street North, East Ham, east London, forcing oncoming vehicles to take evasive action.

Dazzled by the headlights of another vehicle, he ploughed into Mr David before his uninsured Volkswagen Golf collided head-on with another car.

The driver, 90-year-old Reginald Charles, suffered broken ribs, a broken collar bone and damage to his kidneys, following the smash on January 29 last year, which sent his vehicle careering into another BMW.

Sentencing Iqbal at Inner London Crown Court, Judge Ian Darling said: 'This is a tragic case in every sense of that word, and for many, many people.'

He added: 'It was a dreadful piece of driving that had devastating consequences to many people, including leaving behind a 24-year-old widow in Sri Lanka and a grieving brother and sister-in-law. No amount of imprisonment could ever console them.'

Iqbal had borrowed the car from a friend and picked up three passengers just before 11pm to visit a takeaway, said prosecutor Lee Ingham.

'The passengers described his driving a relatively normal until they reached High Street North,' he said.

'Then he started revving the engine and speeding up to the point that the passengers began to be worried. The passenger in the front screamed to him to slow down.'

As Iqbal sped along on the wrong side of the road, the driver of an oncoming Ford Galaxy had to swerve to avoid a head-on collision.

It was at this point that Mr David and a friend left a take away shop and started to cross the road

'Iqbal was possibly distracted or panicked by having seen the oncoming head lights of the Galaxy,' said Mr Ingham.

'He continued on the road primarily on the wrong side of the carriageway, and as he did so, he struck Mr David.

'It is likely that he died more or less instantly fortunately.'

Iqbal broke his own leg in the smash, and one of his passengers had to have the top of his middle finger amputated after his hand was badly injured.

Ronald Jaffa, defending, said Iqbal had deep remorse for what had happened.

Reading a letter to the court from Iqbal he said: 'I feel immeasurable sorrow for the family of the deceased.

'I was in bed injured for a long time in hospital and had time to reflect on my stupidity and the heartbreak the family must be feeling.

'I have nightmares and flashbacks.

'I am a close-knit and family oriented person. I understand the meaning and feelings of deep loss and profound sadness. I feel deeply sorry that I have been the cause of such distress.'

Iqbal, who had no previous convictions believed the car to be insured when he borrowed it, added Mr Jaffa.

Iqbal of Meanley Road, Manor Park, east London, had previously pleaded guilty to causing death by dangerous driving and driving without insurance.

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Sorry to break the bad news, but 'anti-racism' is actually racist

Sorry to break the bad news, but 'anti-racism' is actually racist | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

by ED West

Yesterday, after I wrote that “the EU, multiculturalism, the Equalities Act, anti-racism, hate crimes, bastardised human rights, Marx, Marxist feminism, Marcuse and Gramsci” all belong in history’s dustbin, lots of people screamed: “If you’re anti-anti-racism that means you’re pro-racism!”


So I thought I’d help your deprogramming with a little explanation.
“Anti-racism” is not the same as being opposed to racism; rather it is the name sometimes given to a particular authoritarian view of what racism is, and how it can be combated.
The conventional definition of racism is the belief that “race” (however one defines that) is a primary or significant cause of differences between men; that some of these races are superior to others; and that it is acceptable to discriminate on grounds of race, or to behave unpleasantly to someone because of their race. The term dates to the 1930s, although “racialist” and “racialism” go back to the Edwardian period.
“Anti-racism” means something altogether different, and is best explained by the Civitas book Racist Murder and Pressure Group Politics, an account of the Salem-like events that gripped Britain in the 1990s. The authors cite the example of the Central Council for Education and Training in Social Work (CCETSW), which in 1991 set out the implementation of its new Diploma in Social Work.
The first tenet was "the self-evident truth" that "racism is endemic in the values, attitudes and structures of British society".
The training manual then stated "steps need to be taken to promote permeation of all aspects of the curriculum by an anti-racist analysis". All "racist materials" had to be withdrawn from the syllabus and CCETSW would decide what was racist.
In the rules there would be no freedom of speech for opinions that can be constructed as "racist" or favourable to "racism", and "anti-racist practice requires the adoption of explicit values". The first value is that individual problems have roots in "political structures" and "not in individual or cultural pathology". (In other words, if different groups have different outcomes in terms of education or crime levels, it is all the fault of British racism, not of individuals).
A second value is that racial oppression and discrimination are everywhere to be found in British society, even when invisible. In other words, impossible to disprove!
This is “anti-racism”, and it is heavily influenced by a Marxist interpretation of race. Oliver Cox's 1948 work Class, Caste and Race presents the idea that race originates in "a practical exploitative relationship" used to justify the exploitation of one group by another as part of capitalism.
Racism is created to justify imperialism, exploitation, and scapegoating when things go wrong, and to divide the population to prevent class consciousness from forming.
Racism, therefore, is a product of western, European society, which is why those schooled in British academia are so bad at seeing racism when it is committed by non-whites, because only whites can really be racist.
This, itself, is a racist idea, because it views only whites as being fully sentient actors capable of committing right and wrong, when of course racism, like all human feelings and failings, is universal.
So if you consider yourself an "anti-racist", you are, in fact, a racist.

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Rapist taxi driver deported to Pakistan

Rapist taxi driver deported to Pakistan | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A FORMER taxi driver jailed for raping a young woman in a gym car park has been deported back to Pakistan.


A FORMER taxi driver jailed for raping a young woman in a gym car park has been deported back to Pakistan.

Abid Mehmood, 30, formerly of Elmhurst Road, Quarrendon, was put behind bars in 2009 after attacking the woman in the back of his taxi on the car park of Nuffield Health Centre in Fairford Leys.

He was jailed for seven and a half years, and having served less than three years, has been sent back to Pakistan by the UK Border Agency, as is normal for any foreign national sentenced to more than 12 months in prison.

Mehmood has left behind a wife and two young children in Aylesbury, one of whom was born on the day he was convicted.

Former equalities officer at the Aylesbury Equality and Human Rights Council, Ranjula Takodra MBE, has been working with Mehmood’s wife throughout the case in an attempt to support her through this difficult time.

“Mehmood’s wife is just devastated,” said Mrs Takodra.

“It has been an incredibly difficult time for her, and her children will now have to be without a father.

“I believe that while the couple remain together, Mehmood’s wife will stay here, as she and the children were born and brought up in this country.

“Since the incident, the wife has been left to pick up the pieces – and I respect her a great deal for doing everything she could in these awful circumstances.”

Meanwhile, the Aylesbury Vale Rape Crisis group has praised the judicial system for convicting, jailing and deporting Mehmood for his crime.

A spokesman for the organisation said: “This has been a great result – the people involved in the organisation of his conviction and deportation have done very well indeed.

“It must be such a relief to the person which it happened to, as well as to her family and friends.

“It may also be a relief for the people of Aylesbury, knowing that he is no longer around.

“The results of this case send out signals that rape is taken very seriously, which is a big result.

“Rape can have effects that last for many, many years; such as flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts and difficulties in relationships.”

The police officer who dealt with the case at the time, Det Sgt Bob Ducker, has described the incident as having had a ‘deep effect on the victim’.

“This was a horrific attack on a vulnerable woman who had caught a taxi with the hope of getting home.

“The offender used his position to take advantage of this woman and raped her in a car park.

“The incident had a deep effect on the victim and she was offered the support of specially trained officers.

“While Mehmood was responsible for this attack there was no evidence to suggest that he was a predatory sex offender.”

If you have been affected by a sexual attack or have been a victim of rape, the Aylesbury Vale Rape Crisis group may be able to offer support.

Contact the organisation on 01296 392468.

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All is not well in the wonderful fairy tale multicultural urban oasis of Tower Hamlets....

All is not well in the wonderful fairy tale multicultural urban oasis of Tower Hamlets.... | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A London councillor has been arrested for allegedly threatening to kill a rival in a packed town hall chamber.


The Labour politician was seized following the extraordinary confrontation last night with a woman councillor in the Olympic borough of Tower Hamlets.

Screams were heard coming from the town hall as the midnight debate descended into a “violent fracas”.

Kosru Uddin, 45, is said to have made death threats to Rania Khan, a supporter of Independent mayor Lutfur Rahman. Mr Uddin was still in custody today. One source, who was present at the meeting, said: “There was violence. It was just chaos.”

The clash is the latest political crisis to hit Tower Hamlets — dogged by allegations of voter fraud and claims that Mr Rahman is linked to groups supporting extremism.

It erupted at about 11.35pm after the chamber had been cleared of the public and press. One eyewitness said today it started when Ms Khan referred to Mr Uddin as a “chamcha” — a Bengali word which translates as spoon but is used to mean lackey or lickspittle.

Mr Uddin is then said to have had an angry confrontation in the council chamber with Ms Khan’s mother, Independent Limehouse councillor Lutfa Begum, over the use of the word. He is alleged to have threatened Ms Khan before the police were called.

Mr Rahman had been present earlier but is not thought to have been in the chamber at the time of the altercation. Independent councillor Ms Khan today said she was “on the verge of mentally and physically collapsing” following the clash. Sources today told the Evening Standard the mayhem unfolded after a disagreement about the appointment of a new chief executive.

Labour and Tory group members were arguing that the recruitment process had been “flawed” and refused to reach an agreement over the appointment of Aman Dalvi.

The borough has been dogged by political controversy in recent years. Mr Rahman was ousted from the Labour Party over alleged links to Islamic extremists before successfully fighting the mayoral election as an Independent candidate. He has denied all the allegations about his links to extremism.

It also emerged this month that the council was facing a police investigation into allegations of voter fraud during a by-election.

Ms Khan, who is the cabinet member for culture on the council, said she was “a bit shaken up” as a result of the confrontation.

She added: “I don’t want to say anything more than that at the moment because I don’t know how far it will go. I am on the verge of mentally and physically collapsing. It is just not right for me to be talking about it. I can’t deal with it at the moment.”

Councillor Peter Golds, the leader of the Conservative group on the council, said: “The meeting was extremely acrimonious and unpleasant. My group were out of the way when this incident happened.”

One source, who was present at the meeting, said: “There was a violent fracas. It was chaos. But frankly, we’ve seen worse in Tower Hamlets before. People have asked for the police to be called during meetings in the past.”

The Met said: “Tower Hamlets police arrested a 45-year-old man on suspicion of making threats to kill. It was in relation to an incident that occurred during a meeting at the town hall at about 11.35pm. The man is still in custody at an east London police station.”

A council spokesman said: “Following an alleged incident in the council chamber last night, we can confirm that the police were called. We understand they interviewed members of the council. We will be helping the police with their inquiries as required.”

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NF/Infidels/CXF demo against paedo' supporting councillors in Rochdale - May 16th 2012 - 2

NF/Infidels/CXF demo against paedo' supporting councillors in Rochdale - May 16th 2012

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100 languages spoken in Crawley primary schools

100 languages spoken in Crawley primary schools | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
ONE hundred different languages are spoken by children at Crawley primary schools.


Some 27 per cent of primary school pupils in Crawley speak English as an additional language.

Figures obtained under the Freedom of Information Act showed 100 different mother tongues were represented in Crawley primary schools including Zulu, Icelandic and Krio (West Africa).

Results from the Department of Education school census taken this year showed Urdu as the most spoken dialect with 312 pupils, followed Tamil with 196 and Gujarati with 151.

There has been a steady increase in number of additional languages spoken at primary school from 86 in 2010, 99 in 2011 and now 100 in 2012.

The largest increase in an additional language at Crawley primary school’s is Mauritian/Seychelles Creole which has increased from 10 pupils in 2010 to 72 in 2012.

West Sussex County Council said an additional language was recorded where a child was exposed to a different language during early development and in the home or community.

It said information about a child’s language skills and knowledge helped to build a more complete picture of each individual and enabled schools to make better links between home, school and community.

Four Crawley primary schools had more than 50 per cent of pupils speaking an additional language.

Langley Green Primary School came top out of the 26 primary schools for the highest proportion of pupils speaking an additional language, with 224 pupils out of 355 equating to 63 per cent.

This was followed by Bewbush Community Primary (52 per cent), Northgate Primary (51 per cent) and Seymour (51 per cent).

A statement from Langley Green Primary School said: “Based on our records we actually have 73% of our children speak a different language in the home and 89 per cent are classed as EAL (English as an Additional Language) pupils.

“We have a dedicated EAL teacher who oversees the support required for children speaking English as an Additional Language. She works with small groups of children herself and also co-ordinates groups to work with support staff.

“Many of our support staff speak other languages including Urdu, Gujarati and Tamil and we have access to suitable adults who speak other languages. We also have ‘Language Experts’ who are older children who can help the younger ones within the school. We have produced booklets in eight different languages with lots of pictures to help children understand what they need to do in school. We are very proud of our school being so ethnically diverse and believe it will help our children thrive in an increasingly diverse World. We recognise, respect and celebrate the many different religions followed by children within our school. Our school vision statement is ‘Working Together, Learning Together’ and all adults within the school share and uphold this vision.”

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Arrests in beaten pensioner case

Arrests in beaten pensioner case | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Two arrests are made after an attack that left a 93-year-old woman in a critical condition in hospital.


Emma Winnall suffered a fractured skull, a broken arm and wrist and a partially severed finger at her home overnight on 30 April.

A woman, 56, and 28-year-old man from the Hall Green area of the city are in police custody after being arrested at about 06:30 BST on Thursday.

A £5,000 reward has been offered for information about the attack.

A spokesman for West Midlands Police said: "The dawn arrests were made following routine police enquiries and were not a result of information from the public."

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Ali Koc, who came to Britain from Turkey and lived off benefits

Ali Koc, who came to Britain from Turkey and lived off benefits | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Sadistic park killer bludgeoned pensioners to death in random attacks in Alexandra Park and Queen's Wood.

Killer wore scull and crossbones gloves and beat elderly men to death in month of violence.


A sadistic double murderer who wore skull and crossbones gloves in a month of random violence faces a life sentence today.

Ali Koc, 30, beat his victims with lumps of wood, before head butting, punching and kicking them in a series of motiveless attacks in parks across north London.

Koc stalked the parks and woodland near his home in Hornsey to batter two pensioners to death and attack five other strangers.

Victor Parsons, 67, died seven weeks after he was battered with a branch shaped like a “caveman's club” in Alexandra Park.

Keith Needell, 84, died six months after being beaten in Queen's Wood.

Koc, who came to Britain from Turkey and lived off benefits, was convicted today of both murders as well as five assaults on other men who were either jogging or dog walking.

None of the victims – aged from 29 to 85 - were robbed, or threatened and there was no sexual motive for the attack.

He will be sentenced later by Mr Justice Calvert-Smith.

Brian Altman, QC, prosecuting, had described the random attacks as “violence for violence sake.”

He told Woolwich Crown Court: “Over the course of four weeks in January last year, men were violently and indiscriminately attacked.

“All of these attacks took place within 2.5km of this defendant's address, in parks and woods that we say were very familiar to him.

“This allowed him to flee the scene of the crime undetected and find his way home. This was violence for violence sake.”

The court had heard that Koc was identified on CCTV near the attacks wearing a distinctive top, skull and crossbones gloves and white trainers.

His shoes were found to bear traces of his victims’ blood and DNA and he was also identified in ID parades by his surviving victims.

Mr Parsons lived on his own and regularly walked to Alexandra Park. He was known locally as a bit of an eccentric and a recluse.

Mr Altman showed the jury a four foot branch recovered from the crime scene covered with Mr Parsons' blood.

A police forensic scientist described the weapon as “thin at one end and thicker at the other, similar to a cave man's club.”

Mr Parsons was carrying £750 in cash in his pocket, but not a penny was taken by his attacker.

Mr Needell was attacked on his way home from researching his family tree at the Islington Family Records Centre.

He was discovered by dog walkers in the woods lying on his side, with blood streaming from his head.

Mr Needell had suffered severe facial fractures and a fractured skull.

The other victims were James Holding, Rashmid Meizongo, Norman Carey, and Kriangsakdi Chinhirun.

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Bradford woman 'drugged and kidnapped by family after refusing arranged marriage'

Bradford woman 'drugged and kidnapped by family after refusing arranged marriage' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A Bradford woman was drugged and kidnapped by her family after refusing an arranged marriage, Preston Crown Court is told.


The court heard Naila Afsar's parents, Mohammed Khan, 55, and Shamim Akhtar, 56, and brother Shamrez Khan, 32, fell out with her after she wed in secret.

It is alleged she was taken at the Accrington home of her sister Saima Mahmood, 29, and Zahid Mahmood, 34.

All five deny charges of kidnap, false imprisonment and administering a drug.

The prosecution said the family fell out with Ms Afsar, 23, after she refused to go ahead with an arranged marriage to her cousin and moved to Newcastle, marrying another man in secret.

She told the court when her family found out they did all they could to split up the couple, but Ms Afsar eventually agreed to attend a reconciliation meeting at her sister and brother-in-law's home in Accrington in January 2010.

The prosecution said it was there that she was drugged and bundled into a car, to be taken back to the family home in Bradford.


The trial continues.

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Loving Muslim family jailed for cruelty and violence towards relative with disability

Loving Muslim family jailed for cruelty and violence towards relative with disability | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
FOUR family members have been jailed for their ‘inhuman’ treatment of a relative who was subjected to a three-year campaign of cruelty and violence.


Nek Alam, 72, and sons Zahir, 33, Zahoor, 32, and Janghir, 29, repeatedly abused Ghalib Hussain, 27, a court heard.

The ordeal for Mr Hussain, an epileptic with learning difficulties, began after he came to Accrington from Pakistan in 2006 as a result of an arranged marriage to Nek Alam's daughter, Sofia.

She had rejected him and he was said to have been left ‘stranded and alone’ in the Alam household.

Burnley Crown Court was told that ‘child-like’ Mr Hussain was nicknamed ‘The Clown’ by his family and was subjected to cruelty by his relatives who regarded him as a financial burden.

A jury heard that Mr Hussain was said to have been beaten as ‘punishment’, had a jump lead clamped on his nose and was hit with the other end, was headbutted, kicked, punched and hit with a bat, a stick and a belt.

Nek Alam was said to have locked the victim in a room overnight and kicked and struck him.

On other occasions Mr Hussain was warned he would be buried alive in a cemetery and have his tongue ripped out.

The jury was told he also had to kiss the feet of his uncle and was not allowed to eat until he was told to.

Finally he was rescued after police found him.

He was wearing traditional Asian dress walking the streets.

A passer-by helped translate and he was asked if the officers could take him home.

But he became visibly distressed and was seen to cling to a lamp-post.

Nek Alam, Zahir Alam and Zahoor Alam, all of Richmond Hill Street, Accrington, were jailed for 15 months yesterday and Zahir Alam, of Willows Lane, Accrington, was sentenced to 10 months behind bars.

They admitted putting Mr Hussain, in fear of violence by harassment, between January 2007 and July 2010.

DS Julie Cross said: “The victim was subjected to years of harassment and emotional abuse and has been treated in the most dreadful manner.

"To treat a family member in this way is appalling and inhumane. I am satisfied with the sentences.

“I would like to reassure people that these despicable crimes will absolutely not be tolerated and all reports are investigated thoroughly and we will do all we can to bring the people responsible to justice.”

Mr Hussain, who could not read or write and did not speak English, had been unable to work because of his problems.

Prosecutor Jeremy Lasker had told the jury that certain members of the victim's family had described him as ‘slow in the head’. He said: “It's pretty clear that he was not regarded with much affection by his relatives.”

The court heard that Mr Hussain was no longer living with the Alams and was in the care of local authorities outside of the town.

Stuart Mills, for Zahir Alam, said Mr Hussain's behaviour could be very challenging and the family couldn't get the help they needed to cope.

He said ‘inappropriate excessive chastisement’ was used, in the manner that someone might deal with a naughty child.

Sentencing, Judge Jonathan Gibson said: “I am satisfied that this is a case where your frustrated reactions to Mr Hussain's poor behaviour, as you saw it, overflowed.

“And the poor behaviour was clearly, it seems to me, as a result of Ghalib Hussain's disability.”

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Mosques' advice: 'don't report abusive husbands'

Mosques' advice: 'don't report abusive husbands' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Six out of ten mosques in Sweden gave women advice about how to deal with spousal abuse and polygamy that contradicted Swedish law, a new investigation has revealed.


Using hidden cameras and telephone recording equipment, two women posing as abused spouses visited ten of Sweden's largest mosques as part of a report put together by Sveriges Television (SVT) investigative news programme "Uppdrag granskning".

The women then asked leaders at the mosques for advice about how to address issues such as polygamy, assault and non-consensual sex.

Six out of the ten mosques visited by the women, who had also claimed that their husbands had multiple wives, told them that they should nevertheless agree to have sex with their husbands even if they didn't want to.

Six of the mosques also advised the women against reporting spousal abuse to the police. Leaders at another mosque were divided on the issue, while women received vague advice from yet another mosque.

Only two of the mosques gave the women clear advice directing them to report their abusive husbands to police.

The women were also told by nine of the ten mosques that men had the right – under certain circumstances – to have more than one wife.

Only one mosque told the women that men didn't have the right to be married to several women at the same time and that their husbands needed to follow Swedish law.

The advice, which in many cases advocated violating Swedish laws, came from imams or family counselors at the mosques.

When "Uppdrag granskning" host Janne Josefsson approached two of the largest mosques featured in the programme to inquire about their official position on matters discussed by the women, the answers he received were totally different than what the women heard.

The chair of the Islamic Association in Uppsala claimed in the story that people should follow Swedish law.

When confronted by what the imam at the Uppsala mosque told the women, the Islamic leader explained that the imam had expressed his personal opinion in urging the women to forgive their abusive husbands rather than report them to police.

The imam with whom the woman met at the mosque in Stockholm defended polygamy and also advised against filing a police report about husbands who beat them.

He suggested instead that the women try to show their husbands more love.

"Don't refuse to give him love, because then he might change," said the imam.

Upon seeing the SVT report, however, the board of the Islamic Association in Stockholm (Islamiska förbundet Stockholm) decided to suspend the imam immediately and launch an internal investigation.

"This is a clear breach of Swedish law and they commit professional misconduct in their capacities as imams and associations," Mohammad Fazlhashemi, a professor and author of books on Muslim intellectual history, told the TT news agency.

Fazlhashemi, who also appears in the SVT report, has reviewed a written transcript of the advice given to the women.

"What these men are saying to the woman violates their human rights. The men demean and insult the women when they say 'you need to tolerate that these men hit you'," said Fazlhashemi.

He is highly critical of the imams featured in the SVT report for not following Swedish law.

"Considering the fact that the mosques have received state funding, they have also committed to following Swedish law and the basic principles of democracy," he said.

Fazlhashemi describes the Muslim leaders featured in the piece as "conservative, letter of the law traditionalists".

"Now it's time for some housecleaning. They need to weed out the bad seeds," he said.

Fazlhashemi, who is also a Muslim, expressed concerns that such outdated mosque representatives benefit Muslim-haters and the far-right Sweden Democrats.

"They confirm the negative picture of Muslims. It's a real shame that they confirm of the prejudices that Islamophobes have," he said. 

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Britain First: Deport Nazir Afzal

Britain First: Deport Nazir Afzal | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Britain First say: Sack the man who allowed sexual grooming of white children to continue.


In towns and cities all over Britain, there is a hidden problem of Muslim paedophile gangs targeting under-age non-Muslim girls for sexual exploitation...this problem is called 'grooming'.

We have all been disgusted by the recent media coverage of the nine Muslim paedophiles convicted at Liverpool Crown Court...but would it surprise you to know that the police and the Crown Prosecution Service could have acted earlier to stop the abuse of our young girls?

Several years ago, Nazir Afzal, chief CPS prosecutor for the North West, actually dropped a case against those now convicted for grooming young English girls.

Support Britain First in their campaign to get this protector of paedophiles sacked (Deported would be even better).

Please leave a comment if you can find the time to send a complaint.

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