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Islam Bid To Rule Manchester

Islam Bid To Rule Manchester | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Mega Mosque Manchester 2012
Manchester will be home of the second biggest mega mosque in Europe, costing a staggering 1 million pound and set to house up to one thousand Muslim worshipers part of the Islam movement Ahmadiyya.
The brand new building development of mega mosque will be complete with domed roof and minaret, it is said the development was funded by worshipers and started around three years ago.
Situated on Greenhayes Lane, Moss Side, Manchester the mosque will dominate all aspects of life in the surrounding area, and will be a communications hub, Islamic education center as well as a place of worship.

Claiming to be the region of piece the mega mosque will soon to opening it doors to the many Sunni Muslim who populate Manchester and surrounding area’s.
Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party organiser, who has been along to see the mega mosque tells us “It's massive, its like some thing you see in the middle east, or the suburbs of Saudi Arabia.
“We spoke to some British members of the community near by who were Christians and totally offended by the monstrosity put before them, they said they told Labour controlled Manchester City Council not to give planning permission, but it fell on deaf ears.
“Stop the Islamification of the UK before its to late, the Muslim community is booming dramatically in the UK, its evident as we are now home of the second biggest mosque in Weston Europe, its a very scary thought.
“Islam want to rule with an iron fist, these people are prepared to kill for what they want in a total jihad on non believers, convert or die is their way. Very worrying and very scary.
“Join the fight to regain our country before its to late, do nothing and you will to be blamed, in this struggle we can not afford to just sit around. Contact me get involved” Concludes Gary

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Schoolgirl attacked by robber in Leigh

Schoolgirl attacked by robber in Leigh | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A SCHOOLGIRL was attacked by a robber who struck in Leigh in broad daylight.

The 12-year-old was outside Leigh Cemetery , in London Road, when a man grabbed her and spun her around.

He demanded she hand over her money and her phone but she refused.

He then punched her in the stomach.

A woman then walked around the corner, disturbing the robber, and he ran off empty-handed towards West Leigh schools.

Police want to speak to this woman as she could be a useful witness.

It happened just before 3:30pm on Thursday, May 31.

The robber was of mixed race, in his late 20s, approximately 5ft 10ins tall, and slim.

He had stubble and a short beard and spoke with a foreign accent.

He was wearing a blue hoodie with yellow lining, a black T-shirt, black jeans and black slip-on shoes. He also has a tattoo on his left wrist.

Anyone with information in connection with this attempted robbery is urged to contact detectives at Southend police station on 101.

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Argentina to ‘immediately launch’ criminal proceedings against UK oil firms operating off Falklands Islands

Argentina to ‘immediately launch’ criminal proceedings against UK oil firms operating off Falklands Islands | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The UK Government said it would support the country’s oil companies operating around the Falkland Islands after Argentina announced it is taking steps to sue five British firms.

Argentina president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said the companies were operating ‘in a sovereign area of the Argentine nation and as such fall within its specified laws and rules’

The Argentine foreign ministry on Monday declared “illegal and clandestine” the activities of Desire Petroleum, Falkland Oil and Gas, Rockhopper Exploration, Borders and Southern Petroleum, and Argos Resources on the grounds that they are drilling in Argentine waters.
President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner said the companies were operating “in a sovereign area of the Argentine nation and as such fall within its specified laws and rules”. The companies “are not authorised by the Argentine government under law 17.319 on hydrocarbons”, she added.

According to the Argentine foreign ministry, her declaration opened the way for the “immediate launch” of criminal proceedings.

However, the UK Government said the moves were the “latest attempts to damage the economic livelihoods” of the islands and said it would work with any company potentially affected to help them deal with the practical implications.
“Hydrocarbon exploration in the Falklands is a legitimate commercial venture,” a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.
“The British government supports the right of the Falkland Islanders to develop their own natural resources for their own economic benefit. This right is an integral part of their right of self-determination.

“We remain clear that domestic Argentine legislation does not apply to the Falkland Islands or South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.

“We are studying Argentina’s remarks carefully and will work closely with any company potentially affected to ensure that the practical implications for them are as few as possible.”

Britain has ruled the Falklands since 1833, successfully defending them in the 1982 war with Argentina. The small oil explorers moved into the area two years ago. To date, only Rockhopper has discovered a major field.

The escalation in tensions did not come as a complete surprise. Two months ago, Buenos Aires said it would seek civil and criminal legal action against the companies and the President has recently been stepping up her jingoist attacks over the Falklands.

Buenos Aires has been taking an increasingly combative approach to foreign interests in recent months. Earlier this year, the government seized control of domestic energy company YPF from Spain’s Repsol. It later ordered the Spanish telecoms giant to pay $43m for an interruption of just a few hours in the mobile phone service of its local subsidiary.

There is also speculation the government may default on dollar debt by converting the contracts into pesos.

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Anti-fascist march is re-routed

Anti-fascist march is re-routed | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Anti-fascist protesters marching in Brighton are stopped from entering an area where right-wing supporters had gathered.


The march was re-routed in North Street and St James street was also closed.

Sussex Police had warned of disruption in the city after nationalist-affiliated groups indicated their intention to meet up and socialise.

A separate street party-style gathering has also been held in Churchill Square by about 75 UK Uncut supporters.

More than 10 people have been arrested on suspicion of possessing drugs and public order offences.

Mounted police have been on the streets as part of Sussex Police's strategy to cope with an "exceptionally busy" four days in the city.

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Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy calls for eurozone 'centralised control' authority

Spanish premier Mariano Rajoy calls for eurozone 'centralised control' authority | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, has called for the eurozone to have a "centralised control" authority, which would be in charge of the budgets of all the nation states.

Mr Rajoy has become the latest European politician to calling for countries to, in effect, abandon their sovereignty in a last ditch attempt to save the beleaguered currency
Mr Rajoy said a new central authority was the answer to the European debt crisis and would go a long way in alleviating Spain's woes as it would send a clear signal to investors that the single currency is an irreversible project.
Speaking at an event in Sitges, in the north-eastern province of Catalonia, he said: "The European Union needs to reinforce its architecture. This entails moving towards more integration, transferring more sovereignty, especially in the fiscal field.
"And this means a compromise to create a new European fiscal authority which would guide the fiscal policy in the euro zone, harmonise the fiscal policy of member states and enable a centralised control of (public) finances."
He also said the authority would be in charge of managing European debts and should be constituted by countries of the eurozone meeting strict conditions.

Mr Rajoy is not the first European leader to propose creating such an authority but the size of Spain – a country deemed too big to fail – may now accelerate talks.
Its set-up would require a change in the European Union treaties, a usually lengthy and politically painful process which requires ratification in the 27 member states of the bloc, including those such as the UK, which do not use the euro.
Germany, the de facto guarantor of the euro, has said further integration in Europe was required, including additional controls on national public finances. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, said there should be no taboos when discussing these questions.
With the debt crisis now centred on Spain's teetering banking sector, talks are also under way on creating a banking union in Europe based on a centralised supervision, a European deposit scheme and a central fund that would cope with failed lenders.
Mr Rajoy backed the idea on Saturday and said that the government would say before the end of June how it will recapitalise Spain's troubled banking sector, which is currently being reviewed by independent auditors.
Overspending in the regions and troubles with a banking sector badly hit by a property crash four years ago have sent Spain's borrowing costs to record highs and pushed the country closer to seeking an international bail-out.
The risk premium investors demand to hold Spanish 10-year debt rather than German bonds rose to its highest since the launch of the euro – 548 basis points – on Friday.
The Spanish authorities, which have increased taxes, slashed spending, cut social benefits and bailed out troubled banks, argue that there is little else they can do and the European Union should now act to ease the country's liquidity concerns.
In private, senior Spanish officials have said this could be done by using European money to recapitalise directly ailing banks or though a direct intervention of the European Central Bank on the bond market.

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BELGIUM: Muslim riots break out

BELGIUM: Muslim riots break out | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Two policemen were injured and eight people arrested in the riots recorded last night following the arrest of a woman who refused to remove the niqab during a control of identification in a suburb of Brussels, the French-speaking RTBF television reported. Burqas and niqabs (full face veils) have been banned in Belgium since 2011. But, as usual, Muslims think they are above the law.

In Moelenbeek, Brussels, police stopped a Muslim woman in a full-face covering veil for an ID check. She refused to show her face, so they escorted her to the police station, where she again refused to comply with their demand that she show her face. The woman, described as a 25-year-old convert to Islam who had already been booked many times for similar offences, was extremely aggressive. She struck several of the police officers, breaking the nose and knocking out 2 teeth of one policewoman, and injuring another, both of whom required hospital treatment.


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Croydon is only 4% Muslim but 90% Halal?

Croydon is only 4% Muslim but 90% Halal? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

In parts of Croydon, things all things English have been visibly relegated into obscurity. It’s all halal here, all halal there, halal pretty much everywhere. If you wish to enjoy an animal that has been spared the unstunned, prolonged, throat-slashing torture of Islamic slaughter, good luck.

There are “Halal Meat Sold Here” signs that inform the population of the ‘enrichment’ bequeathed to us via the odious triumvirate that is mass pandering, mass appeasing and mass immigration. On the stretch of London Road leading up to Croydon shopping centre the cultural prerequisites of Croydon’s Islamic population, which is said to account for 4% of the town’s total, are very prominent. The presence of the remaining 96% is stealth-like in comparison.


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Communist Party meeting in Liverpool

Communist Party meeting in Liverpool | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it



The Historical Need for Communism
At Casa Bar, 29 Hope Street, 2pm – Saturday 23rd June 2012






e-mail: icparty@international-communist-party.org

Homepage: http://www.international-communist-party.org/index.htm
Email: britishnationalistforum@gmail.com

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'I killed her in anger'

'I killed her in anger' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

"I KILLED her. . . I was just angry."


This is the chilling moment police claim a takeaway boss admitted to the murder of Blackpool schoolgirl Charlene Downes.


Iyad Bassar Albattikhi was heard making the admission after police bugged a work colleague's home, a murder trial was told.


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Prisoners under pressure to convert to Muslim ‘gang’

Prisoners under pressure to convert to Muslim ‘gang’ | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Inmates at HMP Whitemoor told researchers commissioned by the Ministry of Justice that they changed their faith for protection or because they were bullied into it.

Prison guards said they had a policy of “appeasement” towards the powerful and growing Islamic population, particularly convicted terrorists who were feared to be recruiting future extremists.

Non-believers avoided confrontation with any Muslim in case it led to retribution from the wider group, and said they even avoided cooking pork or bacon in communal kitchens or undressing in the showers in case it caused offence.

The report, written by researchers at the Cambridge Institute of Criminology, said: “Conflict and tension existed between and within faith groups.

“There were some intimidating ‘heavy players’ among the Muslim population, who appeared to be orchestrating prison power dynamics rather than propagating or following the faith. Many physically powerful prisoners ‘re-established their outside identities’ as leaders in the prison and used their (newly acquired) faith status as a tool for establishing influence.

“Non-Muslim prisoners described wearing underpants in the showers on some spurs (out of ‘respect’ and fear) and some Muslim prisoners described a form of intimidation exerted (‘they probably do feel shamed’) relating to cooking (especially frying bacon) in the kitchens.”

HMP Whitemoor is situated in a “remote Fenland town” far from most inmates’ families, and is home to 440 Category A and B prisoners, almost all of whom are serving more than 10 years behind bars and seven of home are convicted terrorists.

Opened in 1991, three years later it was the scene of an escape by six prisoners including some IRA members.

Following concerns over Islamic radicalisation in a 2008 report by inspectors, researchers visited Whitemoor between 2009 and 2010 to interview staff and inmates.

They found that more than a third (35 to 39 per cent) of prisoners are now Muslims, compared with 11 per cent across all jails.

Many of those they spoke to had converted while inside but they had mixed motivations for doing so, and not all had done so voluntarily.

Reasons included “seeking care and protection”, “gang membership” and “coercion” as well as “rebellion” since Islam was seen as the “underdog”.

Prisoners told the researchers that becoming Muslim was a “cover” for power and influence.

Loners including sex offenders gained safety from joining a large and dominant group, as fellow members would defend them.

Non-Muslims and prison officers claimed that it was an “organised gang” and a “protection racket” rather than a religion, which “glorified terrorist behaviour and exploited the fear related to it”.

Others said they had felt under pressure to convert, with people leaving Islamic literature in their cells and telling them to “read this”, or promising they would be safe from physical assault if they changed faith.

“The threat of assaults motivated by religious fanaticism or extremist ideology added weight to the atmosphere at Whitemoor.”

Guards said there were “proper Al-Qaeda” members in the jail, who were regarded with “awe” by younger inmates, but they avoided confrontation and had “runners” to do their bidding.

Some prisoners described the place as a “recruiting drive for the Taliban” and fertile ground for hatred and a new generation of extremists.

One inmate said he was targeted because he wore a Remembrance Day poppy and his brother served in the Army, with people shouting “your wife’s burning in hell because she’s not a Muslim” at him.

But it was also claimed that non-Muslims felt “envy” at the preferential treatment, including better food, given to Muslims.

The report concluded: “The new population mix, including younger, more black and minority ethnic and mixed race, and high numbers of Muslim prisoners, was disrupting established hierarchies in the prison. Social relations among prisoners had become complex and less visible. Too much power flowed among some groups of prisoners, with some real risks of serious violence. There were high levels of fear in the prison. In particular, there were tensions and fears relating to ‘extremism’ and ‘radicalisation’.

“More prominent, in practice, were pressures (and temptations) felt by some prisoners to convert to Islam. Conditions in the prison made participation in Islamic practices the most ‘available’ option for those looking for belonging, meaning, ‘brotherhood’, trust and friendship.”

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Muslim Farzan Ahmed - Calderdale council Nazi & EDL News

Muslim Farzan Ahmed - Calderdale council Nazi & EDL News | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

EDL News is on a server that belongs to a Muslim called Sohail Iqbal (also known as Sohail Choudhry) who is linked to several personalities including the nasty weasel Robin Tuddenham from Calderdale council.


The actual website EDL News belongs to a certain "Gary Moon" who also goes by the alias of Gary Fiennes Hastings, and Alan Moon. Gary Moon of Hill Road, Reading, in Berkshire is A true Jew hating and anti-Semitic scumbag who spends his time attacking and harassing people online on FB. His family owns a business called Blissett


Bookbinders - details below:
FJ Blissett and Co. Ltd

Trading as:
Blissett Bookbinders

Registrant type:
UK Limited Company, (Company number: 350921)


Registrant's address:
Roslin Road
W3 8DH
United Kingdom


The website for EDL News is registered by UK Cheapest Limited - one of the companies of Sohail Iqbal (Also called Sohail Choudhury)


Name & Registered Office:
Company No. 07501945

This office is a service office.


The Chair of the local BME (Black, Minority, Ethnic) Network in Calderdale - who also sits on the police race hate scrutiny panels and the Equality Forum in Calderdale (which Forum is administered by officers of the Council under Robin Tuddenham) - is a Muslim called Farzan Ahmed.

Mr Ahmed has an interesting profile which may be viewed at http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/farzan-ahmed/18/69b/973. You will see that he makes repeated issue of his having assisted the authorities in dealing with the "far right, extremist" EDL demo in Halifax.
Of course he is incapable of dealing with the EDL, but he still likes to make such comments to big himself up.

If you check his Facebook out - https://www.facebook.com/xcelgroup - you will see many activities and interests listed - not least amongst which are 'British Muslims Against Zionism' - 'Muslim Defence League' - 'Palestine Defence League' - 'Stop Killing Children of Palestine' and 'Free Palestine'. These are truly hate-mongering Facebook pages.

Now ...if you check 'Free Palestine' out on Facebook you will see not just the usual anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist crap expressed, but also blatantly anti-Jewish sentiment and if you click on the advertised web-site in the information section of 'Free Palestine' - http://www.palestine-info.co.uk/ this takes you to a hard-core rabidly anti-Jewish, openly Islamist and Hamas supporting web-site.

Mr Ahmed is a terrorist supporter and is a colleague of Sail Suleman's (Another terrorist supporter) on the Race/Faith Hate Scrutiny Panels and has other agencies networking links with him.

So there we have it:

Farzan Ahmed, the Racist, Jew hating Chair of the BME Network, sits on a policy Forum administered by Robin Tuddenham, has close links with Sail Suleman and Calderdale Muslim councillors and publicly expresses his like of anti-Zionist Facebook pages - at least one of which directly links to a hard-core Islamist and anti-Jewish Hamas supporting website.

He also runs quite a few web-sites himself including a religious web-site - http://www.dawah.org.uk/

As I see it, Calderdale Council and its agencies have become thoroughly infiltrated by anti-Zionist and Islamist elements and this is why anti-semitic films, child exploitation and fund-raising events of late have been allowed to be promoted and hosted using public monies.

Calderdale Council and other such local agencies are happy to facilitate anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish propaganda because it already engages with, respectabilises and allows itself to be advised by such people as openly flaunt - no doubt in mentoring to others - their interest in virulently Islamist and rabidly anti-Jewish websites.

These Muslim Nazis are linked to the EXPOSE group and Calderdale council and its employees have once again been exposed as the Jew hating vermin that they are.


And so that you know we are not making this up, here we have one of Farzan Ahmed's friends: Menhaj Afridi, a disgusting vermin and Jew hater who worships Anwar al Awlaki, the Al-Qaeda "spiritual leader".

Menhaj Afridi's profile name is 'Weapons of Mass Deception' - an interesting name for a man who, incidentally, also shares Mr Ahmed's interest in propagating religious 'dawah' websites. This proves that all "Dawah and anything to do with Religious Islam is in its core anti-Jew and anti-Zionist".

Mr Afridi is a man who clearly and publicly posts vile Jew-hatred on his Facebook profile - according to him Queen Elizabeth II is no more than a German Jewish bitch and he refers to supporters of Israel as "rats". See enclosed screen-shot attachments in this regard.
Now this is interesting - not only because of his vile anti-Jewish sentiments and not only because such vile comments are expressed in the context of a post denigrating the EDL for supporting Israel - but primarily because of the name of the poster himself - Menhaj Afridi.
A Menhaj Afridi has been lately exposed as a public "fan" of the notorious and now dead Yemeni-American al-Qaeda terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki on the JIDF website - please see http--www.thejidf.org-2010-05-who-will-be-the-next-times-square-bomber and the enclosed screen shot attachments. Menhaj Afridi is about half way down the JIDL list. As you know Awlaki was viewed by US government officials to be a senior talent recruiter, motivator and operational planner for al-Qaeda.
If this is indeed the same guy - Menhaj Afridi, a self-confessed Jew-hater exposed on Jewish websites as having had recent links with a senior al-Qaeda terrorist - then he's also linked as a FB friend, and has been for some time, with the Chair of Calderdale BME, Farzan Ahmed.


Below is a link to further information on Farzan Ahmed, who is a director of several companies - all information is public and was obtained from the public domain.



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Muslim rapes of children covered up by U.K. politicians

Muslim rapes of children covered up by U.K. politicians | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

In spite of British politicians’ and activists’ adherence to a politically-correct orthodoxy, police officers and citizens are well aware of a rampant crime problem in the United Kingdom — children being sexually abused by Muslim males – according to several British news organizations this week.

According to a Law Enforcement Examiner source within the British law enforcement community, Muslim gangs frequently rape women, especially young girls, but cops are told to overlook the ethnicity and religion of perpetrators especially when the victims are white British citizens.
As frequently happens in the United States, Muslim groups are continuously making claims that their rights are being violated by police officers and intelligence officers with the U.K.’s MI5 (Military Intelligence Section 5) who conduct surveillance of terrorist suspects and criminal activity within the Muslim community. The ”racial profiling” label is attached to any police or security activity that Muslims find uncomfortable, said the British source.
“What recently occurred in New York City when the police officers were condemned by Muslim groups and liberal-left politicians also occurs in London and other British cities. It’s difficult to combat terrorism in such an environment,” said the source, a member of the Metropolitan Police Service who requested anonymity.
“Just like in the States, in the U.K. obtaining victim status is important for receiving government considerations not given to the general population,” he said.
“Politicians and the news media are very careful about what is said publicly about practitioners of Islam, yet they will bash and harangue Catholic priests — the guilty and the innocent – for transgressions when it comes sex [crimes] involving children,” said attorney and political strategist Mike Baker.
On Thursday, London’s Daily Mail newspaper reported that 40 Pakistani men were sought by a police task force for a number of gang-rapes of young girls.
The newspaper quotes a Muslim leader who states that ”some British Pakistani men think that white teenage girls are worthless and can be abused without a second thought.”
For example, nine Muslim men belonging to a child-rape gang in northwestern England were imprisoned for human trafficking and raping young girls, according to the Law Enforcement Examiner source.
“Some of the girls were beaten and forced to have sex with ‘several men in a day, several times a week’, the jury was told,” according to BBC News.
The nine defendants — eight are from Pakistan and one is from Afghanistan — were sentenced to a total of 77 years in prison after being convicted of rape, aiding and abetting rape, conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child, sexual assault and trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, according to British reporters.

One of the suspects, a 43-year-old Muslim, a married man with children who was an Islamic studies teacher at a local mosque, according to court testimony, asked a 15-year-victim if she had any younger friends and he drove some of the girls to other men who would use them for sex, even though he knew the girls were minors. He was sentenced to mere six years in prison.

Another man, Adil Khan, 42, who is married with one child, fathered the child of a 13-year-old victim; he received an eight-year sentence. Hamid Safi, 22, an illegal immigrant with no fixed address, will be deported to Afghanistan at the end of his four-year sentence, according to the BBC.

Mohammed Sajid, 35, was sentenced to 12 years for rape, six years for conspiracy, one year for trafficking and six years for sexual activity with a child. Known as “Saj,” he would regularly ply victims with alcohol before having sex with them at his apartment, where groups of men would gather and “pass around” the girls.

Judge Gerald Clifton told the suspects and their attormeys: “One of the factors leading to that [rape] was the fact that they [the victims] were not part of your community [Pakistani] or religion [Muslim]. Some of you, when arrested, said it [theprosecution] was triggered by race. That is nonsense. What triggered this prosecution was your lust and greed.”

Proponents of British multiculturalism argue that it’s just coincidental that the rapists in the case are Muslims and that sex abuse also occurs in white gangs. Some in Britain have also sought to portray the Muslims as the true victims in this case.

According to experts interviewed by The Telegraph while white pedophiles generally operate in isolation, the Muslim-led grooming is being done mostly by large numbers of men acting as a group. Several of the men on trial in Liverpool apparently told their victims that it was all right for them to be passed around for sex with dozens of men “because it’s what we do in our country.”

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, Britain’s most senior Muslim politician, told the London Evening Standard that there are “Pakistani men who believe that white girls are fair game. And we have to be prepared to say that. You can only start solving a problem if you acknowledge it first.”

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Boycott 'Ma Kellys' - Pub ban on hero soldiers

Boycott 'Ma Kellys' - Pub ban on hero soldiers | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

THREE hero soldiers were turned away from a pub when a bouncer told them: “No Army in here.”

The teenage squaddies were with 15 members of a group called Army Mums and Dads.

The soldiers — all aged 18 — were barred when they produced military IDs at Ma Kellys pub in Blackpool, Lancs.

The mum of one soldier said: “A bouncer said ‘Army! No Army in here’ and wouldn’t let them in.

“We tried to reason but the bouncers would only accept a driving licence or passport. They were quite aggressive.”

The mum — whose son was on weekend leave from the Royal Corps of Signals — added: “It’s disgusting. The boys should be bought a pint, not barred from having one.

“My son and his friends showed their military IDs at other pubs and staff said they were proud to have soldiers in the pub.”

Ma Kelly’s Facebook page has since been swamped with furious comments — with some people calling for a boycott.

Bill McDowall wrote: “As a former soldier I find this deeply offensive and insulting.”

Ell Mackay posted: “I am outraged.”

Ma Kellys defended its actions, saying it does not recognise forces ID as proof of age.

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Police re-appeal for information following indecent assault

Police re-appeal for information following indecent assault | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

POLICE are re-appealing for witnesses following an indecent assault in Lancaster in April.

The incident happened at around 7:15pm on Monday 16th April on the Millennium Bridge in the city centre.

A man has approached two 13 year old girls on the bridge and has put his arm around them both before sexually touching them and laughing. The girls managed to push the man off and ran towards Skerton.

The offender is described as being Asian, aged around 25 years, of average height and a slim to skinny build. He had dark wavy hair and dark eyes and a gap to the side in his upper row of teeth. He was wearing a cream coloured cardigan type top over a blue undershirt and blue jeans.

This is a serious offence and the person responsible needs to be caught and brought to justice.

Detective Constable Brian Shepherd said, “I would appeal to anyone who recognises the man in this picture to come forward and contact the police.

This is a serious offence and the person responsible needs to be caught and brought to justice. Although not physically hurt, the two girls have been left shaken following a terrifying ordeal.

Anyone with any information is asked to call Lancaster CID on 101.

People with information can also contact the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or on-line at Crimestoppers-uk.org. No personal details are taken, information is not traced or recorded and you will not go to court.

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Walsall mayor’s chauffeur is found guilty of assault

Walsall mayor’s chauffeur is found guilty of assault | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The mayor of Walsall’s chauffeur has been found guilty of assault and intimidating a witness in a money dispute.

In a police interview Jaswinder Jassal said he ‘vaguely’ remembered an argument after asking the victim for money to help towards his mortgage, as he could not cover it himself. He was denied and twice struck his victim’s head.

Mr Geoffrey Meeson, prosecuting, then said that Jassal, aged 43, of Lime Grove, Rushall, dragged his victim by the arm, and pushed them to the floor and kicked them twice in the back.

The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was left with bruises to their arms, legs, hand and knee.

Birmingham Magistrates Court heard that when he was arrested by police, Jassal told them: “I’m hardly going to punch them, because I’m special in Walsall.”

He was found guilty of assault after a trial yesterday.

His victim told the court: “I was really scared. I thought he could kill me and I was crying as well. I went to a friend’s house and asked please help me; call the police.”

Jassal also admitted sending intimidating text messages to a witness which he suspected would be passed on his victim, between February 2 and 10. Those messages said the victim should drop charges and apologise to police.

Mr John Harmshaw, defending, said victim the exaggerated their injuries.

District Judge Lesley Mottram said: “I reject your account in its entirety. I am satisfied beyond any doubt you assaulted the complainant.”

The case was adjourned for reports and Jassal was given conditional bail until June 26 when he will be sentenced. Walsall Council said it was unable to comment.

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Woman comes face-to-face with leering Bulgarian who confronted her in the SHOWER

Woman comes face-to-face with leering Bulgarian who confronted her in the SHOWER | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Pervert: Radostin Chernev, 27, broke into a woman’s home and leered at her while she was showering

A student who broke into a woman’s home and leered at her while she was in the shower has been jailed for two years.

Bulgarian Radostin Chernev, 27, walked into the bathroom, pulled back the shower curtain and stood staring at the woman.

He had walked into the property through an unlocked back door while his victim was washing.

The woman, who is aged in her 20s and cannot be named, screamed and Chernev fled to the garden, in Southsea, Hampshire.

He pleaded guilty to trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence, following the incident in February.

Chernev, who was studying at the University of Portsmouth and living in the city, will be sent back to Bulgaria once he has served his sentence.

After the sentencing, his victim said: ‘I’m happy with the sentence.

‘I’m relieved there’s not going to be a trial because I didn’t want to see him again.

‘Even seeing his photo brought back a load of horrible memories.

‘It was scary. Everybody says be careful at night but this happened in the middle of the afternoon so it makes you think you’re not safe in the day either.

’I want to move but I don’t know what to do yet. Knowing he is not coming back to Portsmouth is reassuring.

Jailed: Radostin Chernev, 27, was sentenced to two years behind bars by Judge Richard Price at Portsmouth Crown Court

‘I’m a bit more wary around men now because of what he has done but I can’t keep thinking about what could have happened.’

Judge Richard Price sentenced him to two years’ jail at Portsmouth Crown Court.

Detective Constable Stephen Ryan, who investigated the case, said: ‘It was a traumatic experience for her and it’s a serious incident.

‘It’s had a big impact upon her life. The back door was insecure.

‘I understand when it’s warm people want doors open but this sort of incident is rare in Portsmouth and it’s one where just simple precautions would make it preventable.’

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Happy to be Muslim when its a position of honour

In the London Borough of Redbridge on the Essex side of east London

The new Mayor of Redbridge will begin his first full day in office today after he was officially elected during the council’s annual meeting last night. Cllr Muhammed Javed, who has become the first Muslim borough mayor, donned his robes and chain at the meeting in the council chamber at Redbridge Town Hall, High Road, Ilford.

Today in the London Borough of Ealing, in west London

ONE of the first Pakistanis to set up shop in Southall became Ealing’s first Muslim mayor this week.

Councillor Mohammad Aslam was hailed by colleagues across the political spectrum in a rare show of unity at Ealing Town Hall on Tuesday night.

In Leicester, Cathedral city in the Midlands.......


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Viva Palestina Convoy Ends In Farce, Fanaticism and Failure

Viva Palestina Convoy Ends In Farce, Fanaticism and Failure | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Having travelled through Syria – completely unnecessarily – as guests of the Assad regime and having lost the support of a number of their supporters, the Viva Palestina caravan has ground to a permanent halt.

After spending two weeks in the Jordanian port city of Aqaba The Times reports:

This week they decided to cut their losses and abandon their mission.

According to the Jordanian newspaper al-Dustour, Kevin Ovenden, the convoy’s leader, said that the group appeared to have secured permission from the Egyptian authorities, but that this was rescinded at the last minute for no apparent reason.

But others blamed poor leadership and organisation.

Timur Khan, one of those who abandoned the convoy in Turkey, told The Times: “I left in Istanbul after a series of increasingly bizarre and dangerous decisions, including a vociferous insistence on going into Syria.


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Danai Muhammadi convicted of killing wife and son in Chatham arson

Danai Muhammadi convicted of killing wife and son in Chatham arson | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Jealous husband Danai Muhammadi has been convicted of murdering his estranged wife, son and father-in-law in a 'wicked' arson attack on their home in Chatham.

Melissa Crook, 20, and 15-month-old Noah were killed by the blaze in the early hours of September 10th last year. Her father Mark Crook, 48, died a week later from his injuries.

Second-hand car salesman Muhammadi, 24, and his friend Farhad Mahmud, 35, were found guilty of three counts of murder and two of attempted murder at Maidstone Crown Court today.

Muhammadi's girlfriend, 21-year-old Emma Smith, was acquitted of those charges, but convicted of three counts of manslaughter.

Judge Mr Justice Sweeney warned Muhammadi and Mahmud they faced the prospect of being told they will spend the rest of their lives behind bars when they are sentenced.

Prosecutors told the court Muhammadi planned the 'wicked attack' in meticulous detail following the breakdown of his marriage to Ms Crook.


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Record high of 4m homes where no one goes to work blamed on recession and benefits

Record high of 4m homes where no one goes to work blamed on recession and benefits | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
More than 3.9m homes had no one with a job in last three months of 2011

Total of workless families has gone up by almost half a million since 2004 

The number of households in which nobody has a job reached a record total of nearly four million last year.

Rising numbers of workless homes – where no one between the ages of 16 and 64 is employed – have been blamed on the recession and families on benefits unwilling to earn a living.

Figures published yesterday reveal that during the last three months of 2011 there were more than 3.9million homes in which no one had a job.

Almost one in five of the country’s households are now workless.

The results brought new pledges from ministers to try to persuade those dependent on benefits to go out and look for jobs.

Employment minister Chris Grayling said: ‘These figures confirm the challenge we face to get people into employment.

‘We have already taken urgent steps to reform the welfare system by introducing Universal Credit to make work pay, and our Work Programme which gives people the skills they need so that they can re-engage with the labour market.’

The figures revealed that 18.9 per cent of all homes have no adult of working age holding down a job, but in some parts of the country the number is even higher – more than a quarter of the homes in the North East with at least one adult of below retirement age had no one in work.

The total of workless families has gone up by almost half a million since 2004.

There are also 291,000 homes – not including those occupied by students – where no one has ever had a job, a figure that has doubled in the past 15 years. And among families in social housing, nearly 46 per cent have no adult in work.

Ministers are trying to encourage more of those on disability benefits who are capable of work to try to find jobs. And lone parents are being pressed into jobs by new benefit rules that mean their entitlement to claim income support stops when the child is five, as opposed to ten as in the past.

However unions said that the workless numbers were a result of a shortage of jobs.

TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: ‘The record number of workless households reflect the lengthening dole queues across the country.

‘Joblessness on this scale is a tragedy for those struggling for work, and hits entire communities when so few are working and earning.

‘People are desperate for work and millions are taking any job they can, even if it’s part-time or well below their level of experience, to keep working.

Union bosses said the worrying figures were the result of lack of jobs, rather than welfare problems
‘Investing and encouraging decent, well-paid jobs is the only way to get the economy growing.’

The rising numbers of homes where people cannot or will not find work provoked a sharp exchange between Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and his Labour shadow, Liam Byrne.

Mr Byrne said: ‘The figures are fresh proof that the Government’s welfare to work reforms are now in chaos.’

Mr Duncan Smith, however, hit back at Labour and defended the Government’s record.

He said: ‘The Work Programme is now well on the way to getting 100,000 people into work, and we are tackling the entrenched benefit dependency and unemployment that Labour left us.’

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‘Minorities’ responsible for majority of all violent crimes in London

‘Minorities’ responsible for majority of all violent crimes in London | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
By Stephen Palmer - London’s non-white minority populations were responsible for the majority of all recorded violent crime in the capital last year, the British National Party can reveal.


The shocking information was disclosed by the Metropolitan Police Service, following a Freedom of Information request by a BNP activist.

The data shows that racial foreigners committed the most rapes, sexual offences, gun crimes, knife crimes, personal robberies, ‘snatches’ and attempted personal robberies in 2011.

This is despite the fact that, according to the most recent demographic data available (ONS:2006), 69.4 percent of London’s population is white.

For some crimes, such as personal robbery, the non-white offender rate was as high as 71 percent, and 74 percent for snatch crimes.
Racial foreigners also carried out 51 percent of rapes and attempted rapes, just over 50 percent of other sexual offences, 67 percent of gun crime and 65 percent of knife crime.

The statistics show that blacks single-handedly committed the majority of gun crime (58 percent), knife crime (51 percent), personal robberies (56 percent) and snatch crimes (54 percent).

This is despite the fact that the same ONS data states that blacks make up just 10.7 percent of London’s population.
The message is clear: non-white immigrants DO commit more violent crimes than indigenous white Britons. The British National Party’s policy of halting immigration is therefore an imperative measure to keep our land and people safe from the increased crime rates brought here by racial foreigners.

It’s not ‘racist’ to protect your people from rape, murder and robbery, it’s common sense.
The same FOI request also shows that non-whites were responsible for two-thirds of crimes related to last year’s London riots.

Please see this report for details.

You can see the full FOI response here.

You can see the data for each crime broken down by ethnicity below.


*Note: I requested the data for murders as well but was not provided with it


People Charged for Various Offences by Ethnicity. 2011

Rape and attempted rape

Asian - 56
Black - 267
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 8
Middle Eastern - 12
Unknown - 1
White - North European - 277
White - South European - 39
Total - 660
Non-white total – 51.9%

Other sexual

Asian - 257
Black - 373
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 16
Middle Eastern - 46
Unknown - 2
White - North European - 581
White - South European - 105
Total - 1380
Non-white total – 50.1%

Gun crime

Asian - 46
Black - 464
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 2
Middle Eastern - 21
Unknown - 1
White - North European - 219
White - South European - 38
Total - 791
Non-white total – 67%

Knife crime

Asian - 347
Black - 1756
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 24
Middle Eastern - 101
Unknown - 3
White - North European - 1031
White - South European - 168
Total - 3430
Non-white total – 65%

Personal robbery

Asian - 696
Black - 3612
Chinese, Japanese or South East Asian - 17
Middle Eastern - 226
Unknown - 9
White - North European - 1568
White - South European - 250
Total - 6378
Non-white total – 71%


White European - 104
Dark European - 20
Afro-Caribbean - 220
Asian - 47
Oriental - 1
Arabian/Egyptian - 9
Total - 401
Non-white total – 74%

Attempted personal robbery

White European - 20
Dark European - 2
Afro-Caribbean - 20
Asian - 13
Oriental - 0
Arabian/Egyptian - 3
Total - 58
Non-white total – 65%

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Major TB scare for Scotland

News that a Romanian immigrant worker has been diagnosed after being rushed to hospital for treatment of the deadly tuberculosis disease has caused great concern amongst the workforce and the local population.

All staff at the large meat processing factory has been tested and injections by doctors have been started.

Members of Scottish BNP in February picketed the factory for employing many staff from abroad. The factory used to be called Marshalls and was a major employer of local people It was purchased by a Dutch company called Vion.

The factory is believed to supply major supermarket chain stores with chicken products.

Local people have described the present situation as shocking and terrifying. A local woman in Broxburn reported today “I used to work at that factory for 5 years. Then most of us local workers lost our jobs, when an agency started employing immigrants from Eastern Europe. These immigrants are not only stealing our jobs but are bringing deadly diseases like TB into our Country”

It would also appear that news of this deadly disease found in the factory, has failed to be considered newsworthy to the British public at the time the report came to us.

Readers may be aware that in the British Isles TB had been eradicated amongst British people. Today in our country British children are no longer vaccinated for T.B. It now seems to be back on the increase with the flood of Eastern Europeans coming to Britain.

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Luton: local Sikh community protesting over ‘sex attack police failures’

Luton: local Sikh community protesting over ‘sex attack police failures’ | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Hundreds of members of the local Sikh community protesting outside a Luton police station.
Police said they were negotiating with the protesters staging the “sit down” protest outside the Buxton Road police station.
It comes after a young Sikh woman, who has not been identified, was reportedly beaten and sexually assaulted in the Bedfordshire town by a “Muslim man”.

On Wednesday night, Bedfordshire Police confirmed they were “in talks” with the protesters to try and “resolve the situation” amid fears of rising tensions.

Reports suggested that more than 300 locals were involved in the protest because of “lack of action” from police over Monday’s attack.

There were reports that members of the English Defence League were also among the crowd.

Locals reported that the “community … feels the police could do more with regards to the investigation and current situation”.
Concerns were also raised that police were set to release the accused sex attacker amid fears it fuel rising tensions.

Detectives have arrested a man, who has not been identified, in connection with the attack.

On Tuesday night a Bedfordshire police spokesman said: “Police in Luton are currently in talks with members of the Sikh community who are holding a sit down protest outside the Buxton Road police station this evening (Tues May 29).

“Their concerns follow a report that a young woman from their community was sexually assaulted yesterday (Mon May 28).

“The allegation is currently subject of an investigation and all parties involved are being spoken with to establish the facts.”

She added: “One man has been arrested in connection with the allegation and enquiries continue.

“Police are working to resolve the situation this evening with the community leaders.”

Police declined to comment further or disclose the nationality of the arrested man.

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‘No major incidents’ as SDL and fascist UAF campaigners march in capital

‘No major incidents’ as SDL and fascist UAF campaigners march in capital | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Two opposing marches passed without incident in Edinburgh, police said.

The Scottish Defence League (SDL) and United Against Fascism (UAF) both held marches in the city on Saturday.

Both organisations marched towards St Andrews House, where they held rallies.

An “extensive” police operation was put in place around the event, involving officers from Lothian and Borders Police with support from British Transport Police, Strathclyde Police, Fife Constabulary, and Tayside Police.

No arrests were made, police said, and the event passed off without major incident.

Superintendent David Carradice, from Lothian and Borders Police, said: “Today’s police operation centred around minimising the risk of disorder and maintaining public safety, and I am pleased that both marches and rallies passed off without major incident.

“At this time I would like to thank those police forces who provided support to the operation, as well as City of Edinburgh Council and our other key partners who provided assistance, both in the planning stages and today.

“Lastly, I would also like to thank members of the public for their patience and co-operation, particularly with regard to the temporary traffic restrictions that were put in place as a result of today’s activity.”

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Teen gang jailed for Leicester cab driver robberies

Teen gang jailed for Leicester cab driver robberies | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

From left, Tanyaraezwa Marocha, Levi Kemp, and Cloudio Monteiro.


Three teenagers have been jailed after two “frightening” armed robberies on city taxi drivers.

A gang robbed one cabbie at gun-point and then, the following day, two youths threatened another taxi driver with knives before taking his cash, phone and car. Yesterday, Levi Kemp (17) was jailed for three years, while 16-year-olds Claudio Monteiro and Tanyaradzwa Marocha were sentenced to 18 months in prison.

It was Kemp’s father who reported his son to police and handed in the BB gun his son had used during one of the robberies. Judge Michael Pert said: “These were planned armed robberies of taxi drivers by youths with the use of guns and knives. If you had been older they would have merited substantial prison sentences.”

Prosecutor John Hallissey said four youths, including Kemp and Monteiro, called a private hire driver from Beaumont Taxis and asked him to stop in Thurcaston Road, Belgrave, Leicester, at 8.30pm on Sunday January 15.

Mr Hallissey told Leicester Crown Court: “At first, he thought it was a joke. But when he saw the gun it turned into a frightening ordeal.

“The driver felt what was like a gun in his back. One of the youths got out and pointed another gun at his waist.

“He was ordered to hand over the money bag and his mobile phone. He was told he would be shot if he did not obey.

“He was ordered out the car and he obeyed as his legs were shaking. They then drove off in his vehicle, which was later recovered.”

Mr Hallissey said Kemp and Marocha were involved in a similar robbery the next day at 6.30pm, where a driver was threatened at knifepoint in Trent Avenue, Beaumont Leys.

He said: “Two knives were pulled and the driver handed over his cash and mobile phone and they took the car.”

He said the youths were arrested after they were spotted driving the second taxi by a police officer. He said the two firearms, one a BB gun and the other a metal replica, were recovered by the police.

Kemp, of Chadwick Walk, Beaumont Leys, admitted robbery and possessing a firearm at an earlier hearing.

Monteiro, of New Parks Boulevard, New Parks, admitted robbery on January 15 at an earlier hearing. Marocha, of Jean Drive, Abbey Park, admitted the robbery on January 16 at the same hearing.

A 17-year-old arrested in connection with the first robbery has since absconded.

Sarah Porter, for Kemp, said: “His parents are hardworking and respectable and are at a loss as to why he has suddenly gone off the rails. It was his father who shopped him by handing the firearm to police.

“He is very immature and does not realise the seriousness of the offences. He said it was down to boredom.”

Sally Bamford, for Monteiro, said her client went along with the crowd.

“He comes from a good background and is bright and articulate. His family are also at a loss at why he has done this.”

Matthew Smith, for Marocha, said: “He had a very bright future. But he has buried his head in the sand and has stopped going to school.”

After the hearing, Arif Karim, the boss of Beaumont Taxis, said: “We are pleased the gang that robbed our driver has been jailed. That sends out the right message to anyone who is thinking about robbing a taxi.

“The driver they held up was badly shaken but has now returned to work.”

The sentence was also welcomed by taxi drivers union representative Gurpal Singh Atwal, who said: “I am pleased firm action has been taken. All taxi and private hire drivers are public servants and have the right to be protected.”

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