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Warped and short-sighted attitude of Government on defence

Warped and short-sighted attitude of Government on defence | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

News from this morning’s Telegraph confirms the warped and short-sighted attitude of this government on the issue of defence:


At 9am this morning thousands of soldiers, sailors and airmen from across the country will be ordered to appear before their commanding officers and handed their redundancy letters.

The biggest redundancy of service personnel for two decades will see a cull of mid-ranking officers who have gained the most operational experience in a generation with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Officers starting their advanced course at the Joint Services Command and Staff College in Shrivenham said they were waiting the news with “great trepidation” last night.

“We have all been on near constant operations for almost a decade but some of us know it’s going to be good bye tomorrow without much gratitude or respect for all we and our families have gone through,” said one officer. “You can imagine the state of morale.”

The axing of 4,100 troops from all three Services comes as the Armed Forces reduces from 180,000 to 150,000 over the next five years as part of cost-saving defence cuts…


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Religion of Peace: Family members face jail over 'dishonour' kidnap | Granada - ITV News

Religion of Peace: Family members face jail over 'dishonour' kidnap | Granada - ITV News | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Three members of a family from Lancashire have been warned they face jail for kidnapping a young woman who refused to go through with an arranged marriage.

Preston Crown Court heard 23-year-old Naila Afsar was drugged and held captive after being told she'd dishonoured her family.

Her mother Shamim Akhtar, 56, was found guilty of false imprisonment, kidnap and two counts of administering a drug with intent to commit an indictable offence.

Naila's brother Shamrez Khan, 32, and brother-in-law Zahid Mahmood, 34, pleaded guilty to false imprisonment, kidnap and two counts of administering a drug with intent to commit an indictable offence.

Speaking after the case, Detective Inspector Mark Vaughton from Lancashire Constabulary said: “This has been a long and complicated enquiry which has involved a number of members of the same family.

"It has been particularly traumatic for the victim who has been forced into hiding to escape abuse from her family.

“It has been a horrendous ordeal for the young woman who has been treated in the most dreadful way by the people who were supposed to protect and care for her.

She has shown immense courage in coming forward and officers have been supporting her throughout the investigation.”

DI Vaughton urged victims to come forward and contact the police in confidence.

He added: “Although this is a very rare and unusual case, we urge anyone that is suffering in similar circumstances to come forward and contact the police.

“Lancashire Constabulary will not tolerate any acts of honour based abuse in our communities and will treat offences very seriously.

“We work very closely with professionals such as healthcare staff, the Lancashire Domestic Violence Partnership, Social Services and teachers to ensure victims of forced marriage receive the best possible help from all agencies.

“We have specialist teams dealing with the issue of honour based abuse, which are based in every division across the county as well as outreach workers out in the community.

“We understand the complex cultural issues around victims coming forward but as this case demonstrates we are committed to investigating any reports of this nature thoroughly and will do everything within our powers to bring offenders before the courts.”

All three have been remanded in custody and will be sentenced at Burnley Crown Court on 10 July.

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Man, 21, charged and teenage boy, 17, bailed over gang attack on trainee baker Daniel Stringer-Prince in Hyde

Man, 21, charged and teenage boy, 17, bailed over gang attack on trainee baker Daniel Stringer-Prince in Hyde | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A man has been charged following an attack on a Stockport teenager. Ali Haydor, 21, of Croft Street, Hyde, has been charged with causing grevious bodily harm with intent. Meanwhile, a 17-year-old boy arrested on suspicion of causing grevious bodily harm with intent has been bailed until April 23, pending further enquiries. Daniel Stringer-Prince, 17, was left with a fractured skull and two fractured eye sockets after the incident in Hyde

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Relatives of immigrants banned from claiming benefits for 5 years

Relatives of immigrants banned from claiming benefits for 5 years | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Immigrants who want elderly relatives to join them in Britain must swear they will not claim benefits for five years, under the Government’s latest attempt to limit the number of overseas arrivals.


Anyone who wants to settle in the country will also have to prove they can speak English and pass a new test showing they understand its history and culture, the Home Office said.
Migrants who want their spouses to join them will face tougher investigations of to see if their relationships are genuine, to reduce the number of sham marriages, as well as a new requirement that they must earn at least £18,600.
Meanwhile foreign nationals jailed for at least 12 months are likely to be deported at the end of their sentences while those sentenced to more than four years behind bars face being kicked out even if they claim they have a “human right” to stay living with their family.
But people who live in the country illegally for more than 20 years will still be allowed to apply to settle in the country.


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Burnley Crown Court – Demo Update Monday 11th June

Burnley Crown Court – Demo Update Monday 11th June | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
The British National Party held another demo outside Burnley Crown Court where yet another Muslim group of alleged paedophiles are on trial. Today, Monday, was the first day of the trial, and it was centred around choosing the jury.

It is worth noting that Nick Griffin, MEP for the North West, put in an official request that Muslims not be allowed on this jury.

His objection was disallowed.
With our demo outside, some of our Sheffield and Barnsley members went into the public gallery of the court in order to observe.

Demo leader Mike Whitby also went inside for a period of time, he reported back to us about what happened.

At one point, Mike told BNP News, the female judge stated that the potential members of the jury must come back in and “assure us that they do not know any of those people over there” – pointing to Mike and our members in the public gallery.

Further to this, she also said that she would need assurances from each of them that no one in their family is connected in any way to the BNP.

Further to our members, there were two young local lads – in their twenties - who were also in the public gallery.

These local lads, angry at what is happening in their town, had earlier been chatting to our members outside of the court, but were not connected to the demo.

Mike reports that these two lads however, were removed from the gallery by police at the request of the judge, who said that she did not want them in “her court”.

It looks like the trial will last for about 4 weeks. There are 7 alleged paedophiles in this group currently in Court; 2 of the defendants were already remanded in custody, while the other 5 were all very cocky in their appearance and manner.

Our Truth Truck's cousin, the Truth Van, spent the day after Court driving around Burnley.

It was greeted with many cheers and countless thumbs up by the locals.

A BNPTV video of the day is online here: 


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Britain’s youngest teenage terrorist: ‘a wake-up call for parents’

Britain’s youngest teenage terrorist: ‘a wake-up call for parents’ | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A senior Muslim MP has warned parents they need to do more to protect their children against Islamic extremism.

Hammad Munshi: Britain’s youngest terrorist
Speaking after the sentencing of Britain’s youngest terrorist, Shahid Malik, the minister for International Development, said parents had to be vigilant against the threat of radicalisation.

He also called on mosques to do more to combat fundamentalism.
The MP spoke out after the sentencing of Hammad Munshi who was just 15 when he was recruited by a terror cell believed to have been plotting against the Royal Family.
The teenager, from Dewsbury in West Yorkshire, had downloaded information about bomb-making material from the internet and hidden notes about martyrdom under his bed.
The judge at the Old Bailey said the schoolboy’s head had been filled with “pernicious and warped ideas” which led to his involvement in a plan to kill kuffars or non-believers.


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Far left concedes defeat to Le Pen's National Front

Far left concedes defeat to Le Pen's National Front | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
France's far-left leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon conceded defeat to the far-right National Front's Marine Le Pen (pictured) following a first round of parliamentary elections on Sunday, saying he would not compete in the June 17 second round.


French far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon conceded defeat to anti-immigrant leader Marine Le Pen in Sunday's first-round parliamentary election, saying he would not stand in the second round.

Left Front leader Melenchon had taken Le Pen and her far-right National Front party head-on in a bitter battle in Henin-Beaumont, a rundown former mining constituency near the northern city of Lille.

"It's normal to be disappointed but we must not be defeated," Melenchon said.

Melenchon said he would not stand in next Sunday's second round after coming third, instead leaving his Socialist rival to battle Le Pen.

Le Pen claimed that the result meant her party, which wants to ditch the euro, was now France's third political power.

"Given the abstention rate and a profoundly anti-democratic electoral system that has for 25 years deprived millions of voters of MPs, we confirm our position tonight as France's third political force," Le Pen said.

Although the party has not won a seat in parliament since 1986, Le Pen is seeking to build on her strong showing in the presidential vote and cement her party's place in national politics.

Melenchon won 11 percent of votes in the April-May presidential vote that was won by Socialist Francois Hollande, while Le Pen won almost 18 percent of votes.

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How To Ruin A Country

How To Ruin A Country | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
It is imperative that you debase the countries indigenous stock by means of mass immigration coupled with an ideology that celebrates the other for its ‘richness and diversity’’.

By Imnokuffar-In actuality, this means rejecting the indigenous existing diversity within a nation and its regions as somehow inferior; that it is somehow less rich and diverse than the ‘exotic’ cultures that should replace them.

This the essence of Multiculturalism or replacement theory.
Multiculturalism is an alternative to the homogeneous national state and seeks to replace it by overcoming and eventually destroying national cultures by means of unlimited
immigration, infiltration of its existing institutions by Marxists using the Frankfurt school techniques, the corruption of the media and most essentially the corruption of politics and it is this that is the lynchpin on which all the other methods mentioned succeed or fail.

To truly ruin a country it is necessary to infest the whole Educational/Judicial /Political systems with Frankfurt/Common Purpose school clones,Marxists and Liberals all the while explaining that this is in the interests of equality and fairness–after all,who could reasonably oppose equality and fairness without being called a “bigot”.

Thus,the terms “equality and fairness”are turned into weapons and their meanings debased and reversed as bigotry is the realm of those who object for whatever reason.Indeed guilt is the name of the game and something these creatures are quite adept at manipulating and managing.

Adroitly turning each against the other.Because these creatures have no decency, morals or inhibitions when confronted with those who are the class enemy.

All they are concerned with is replacing “false consciousness”with the intellectual and moral uplands that they inhabit, and that they know everybody else wants, even if they are not aware
of it due to false consciousness.That these uplands represent desolation for
millions or billions is not a factor;true disciples never falter and all losses,though regrettable are justified in the war against oppression,injustice and unfairness.

This Multicultural/PC approach is then adopted wholesale by every significant institution in society, and those opposing it are branded racists, bigots or more recently “Islamophobes” depending on which minority is being promoted as a revolutionary agent by these same Marxists whose whole modus operandi is to promote the “equality and fairness”previously alluded too.

The BBC is a case in point does not inform opinion,it seeks to change it and to manipulate it. In fact, its motto should be "It is not our job to explain the world,it is to transform it".Its present motto is " Nation shall speak unto nation" but what nation and on whose behalf?


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Nottingham raid led police to £22m international drugs ring

Nottingham raid led police to £22m international drugs ring | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A ROUTINE drugs raid in Nottingham led to the discovery of a £22.9 million international drugs ring.

Brothers Pritpal Ruprah and Satpal Ruprah were jailed for a total of 13 years at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday after admitting their part in 8,197kg of cannabis being trafficked into the UK since 2005.

The court heard their involvement in the operation unravelled after Notts Police raided a house in Tattershall Drive, The Park, on October 13, 2010, and found just over 1kg of skunk cannabis, and over 6kg of cannabis resin.

Michael Auty, prosecuting, said that Pritpal Ruprah had been friends with a woman at the house and supplied her with drugs. It included giving her a 1kg block of cannabis resin as a gift in October 2008, he told the court.

Mr Auty said: “It was after this that police were contacted by the Serious Organised Crime Agency and were alerted to other operations.”

Former Nottingham Trent University student Pritpal Ruprah, 33, who lived in Roden Street, Sneinton, at the time, pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy to supply cannabis and cannabis resin, two charges of supplying cannabis and cannabis resin, and one charge of supplying cocaine.

He was jailed for a total of seven-and-a-half years.

Sanjeev Sharma, mitigating for Pritpal Ruprah, said he has shown remorse. He said: “He was hitherto a man with no previous convictions, and he has lost that good character and has a black mark against his name. It is something that will hang over his head for the rest of his life.”

Mr Auty said Satpal Ruprah, 31, of Highfield Drive, Sutton Coldfield, had used two businesses he ran in Birmingham as cover for his involvement in the drugs smuggling.

Satpal Ruprah pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiracy to supply class B and C drugs, and a further charge of conspiracy to acquire criminal property.

He was jailed for a total of six-and-a-half years. Balraj Bhatia, mitigating for Satpal Ruprah, who also had no previous convictions, said: “He feels utterly ashamed that he has let down the good name of his family, and lost his own good name.”

Judge Jeremy Lea said: “Each of you played a leading role. You were both buying and supplying on a commercial scale. You did so with expectation of significant financial gain.”

After the case, DC Andrew Gerus, from Notts Police’s anti-drugs Operation Vanguard, said: “Pritpal Ruprah was essentially the regional distributor for a much larger operation that sourced and supplied drugs across the UK.

“He lavished his money around, buying expensive gifts, cars and holidays for people – all from the proceeds of this criminal enterprise.

“But despite this obvious wealth he left no financial footprint, the flat he lived in was in someone else’s name and other people’s bank accounts were used to transfer money.

“Despite appearing to be a legitimate businessman, Satpal Ruprah invested money into the illicit operation, documenting transactions and deals that took place.”

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BBC: Mosque terror links surprise apologists June 7 2012

BBC: Mosque terror links surprise apologists June 7 2012 | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Concerning Muslim charity contributions, or zakat, (something of which btw, Barack Obama wanted to make it easier for Muslims in the U.S. to contribute to) 1/5 is mandated to support the jihad, just in case you didn’t know.

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"Little more than slavery" - Forced marriage parents face jail

"Little more than slavery" - Forced marriage parents face jail | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Parents who force their children to marry will face jail under new laws, the Home Secretary will announce.

Theresa May will announce plans to make forced marriage a criminal offence in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

It comes after warnings that up to 8,000 young women a year are forced into marriages without their consent.

The Home Office consultation, which closed at the end of March, was launched at the request of Prime Minister David Cameron, who said last year that forced marriage was "little more than slavery" and "completely wrong".

The new law is expected to distinguish between arranged marriages and forced marriages where there is no consent.

Mrs May is also expected to announce a £500,000 fund to help schools and other agencies know how to spot early signs of a forced marriage.

A Government advertising campaign will also aim to highlight the right to choose who you marry.

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Religion of Peace? Killed for singing wedding songs while clapping their hands

Religion of Peace? Killed for singing wedding songs while clapping their hands | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Officials in Pakistan investigate whether four women who apparently sang and watched as two men danced have been murdered in a so-called 'honour' killing.


Video footage of the men and women, who gathered as part of a wedding celebration, has been widely seen.

Villagers say the women were later killed. Local officials deny this.

The men in the video appeared in court on Wednesday charged with creating conditions for tribal violence.

Local officials not only failed to produce the women in the court on Wednesday but were also unable to produce any proof they were still alive, as directed by the court earlier.


Tribal elders' decree?
The video, first circulated about two months ago, shows four women sitting on the floor of a room, chatting and singing wedding songs while clapping their hands. A fifth woman is said have been an accomplice.

A decree was allegedly issued by tribal elders for them to be killed because it was thought their actions brought dishonour to their community which frowns on men and women fraternising or dancing together.

Also seen in the video are two young brothers, one of whom dances to the sound of the women's song. The other films the video, at one point turning the camera to himself.

The BBC's M Ilyas Khan in Islamabad says that there is no shot of the men and women together, and it is unclear if they were in the same place at the same time.

On Wednesday, the Chief Secretary of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province - where the incident in Kohistan district is alleged to have happened - argued that local custom did not allow women to travel in male company or face questions from male members of a judicial bench.

He said this could lead to local legal complications.

He suggested that a commission be constituted, including officials and human rights activists, to conduct an inquiry in Kohistan and submit its report to the court.

But the court ordered that the women, if they were alive, should be brought to Islamabad.

It suggested that the authorities should take some women activists with them who could provide the Kohistani women with female company during their journey.

The village is at least two days' journey on foot from the nearest highway, and only helicopters can reach the area quickly.

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Anal Disease Made the Caliph Omar Addicted to Homosexuality

Anal Disease Made the Caliph Omar Addicted to Homosexuality | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

London-Based Shiite Cleric Yasser Al-Habib in Anti-Sunni Rhetoric: The Caliph Omar Had an Anal Disease that Made Him Addicted to Homosexuality
Fadak TV (U.K.) - May 24, 2012

“A worm grows inside someone who, God forbid, has been anally penetrated, and causes a disease which makes him addicted to anal sex. But, inshallah, Allah protects newborn Shiites from this ‘gay’ devil.”

Here’s how it works according to the ‘scholar’ – “If a newborn boy is not a Shiite, the devil inserts a finger into the anus of the baby, which turns him into a ‘passive’ homosexual when he grows up. If a newborn girl is not a Shiite, the devil inserts a finger into her vagina, which turns her into a whore when she grows up.”

He also outs the King of Morocco and Afghan Taliban leader, Mullah Omar, as ‘passive’ homosexuals.

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Girl, 14, 'groomed and raped at drugs den by gang of Pakistani men

Girl, 14, 'groomed and raped at drugs den by gang of Pakistani men | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped at a drug den by a gang of men who treated her with 'indignity and contempt', a jury has heard.
The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was taken to the house in Brierfield, Lancashire, and allegedly passed around for their sexual gratification.
The 'principal defendant', Mohammed Imran Amjad, 25, bore the 'greatest responsibility for the corruption and abuse of the victim in this case', said the Crown Prosecution Service.

He befriended the girl when she was 12 or 13 and frequently took her for drives in his cars, it is alleged.
Prosecutor Alaric Bassano told Burnley Crown Court: 'It was him who took her on many occasions to the house and him who assisted, encouraged and incited others to rape and sexually assault this girl.
'On one occasion, he raped the girl himself. Over a period of time he subdued her will and coerced her into submission.'

He said three other men raped her and one man subjected her to a sexual assault.
The alleged victim was about 12, the prosecutor said, when her general behaviour deteriorated.
She could be aggressive, disobedient towards her mother, refusing to go to school and staying out late at night, he added.
The girl told police that her mobile telephone number was given to Imran Amjad, known to her as 'Immy', by another, and he called to ask to meet up.

She first met up with him when she was aged 13 and was driven around the streets of Burnley in his car every few days, she said.
Her mother became concerned she spent so much time in his company and confronted him.
Mr Bassano said the defendant’s response typified his 'arrogance', which he said would emerge in the trial.

He said: 'When she told him about her age, and when she advanced her accusation that he was involved in an inappropriate relationship with her, he simply shrugged his shoulders and walked away.
'It is to be noted that he did not deny the allegation.'
Her mother contacted the police in December 2009 to report her concerns about her daughter’s welfare at the hands of 'Immy', he said.
Mr Bassano said the girl made no complaint at the time and continued to mix with Immy who, undeterred, went on to commit the numerous offences against her in 2010.
All six defendants are from Brierfield.
Imran Amjad denies abducting a child, rape, engaging in sexual activity with a child, aiding and abetting rape, and witness intimidation.
He is also accused of intentionally encouraging or assisting the rape of the girl by a man known as 'Saj'.

Haroon Mahmood, 22, denies rape and engaging in sexual activity with a child.
Mohammed Zishan Amjad, 24, also denies rape and engaging in sexual activity with a child.
Mohammed Suleman Farooq, 22, denies sexual assault, engaging in sexual activity with a child and witness intimidation.
Shiraz Afzal, 25, and Omar Mazafar, 21, both deny aiding and abetting rape.
All the sexual offences are said to have been committed between April and October 2010.
In summary, Mr Bassano said: 'This case concerns the sexual exploitation and abuse of a 14-year-old girl. A number of men were involved in this abuse which involved planning and, on occasions, offenders acting together.
'The girl was groomed over a period of time and on many occasions she was taken to a house in Brierfield.
'That house was used as a den at which young men attended and brought or invited girls and young women in order to drink alcohol, take drugs and engage in sex.
'It was to this house that the girl was taken and at this house where she was sexually assaulted and raped by several adult males.
'During these times the girl was being passed between the men to be used for their own sexual gratification. The Crown contends that this girl was treated with indignity and contempt by them.
'All six defendants were involved, to a greater or lesser extent, in this sexual abuse.'
The trial, expected to last six weeks, continues.

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Jailed: Violent sex attacker who tried to rape three women in Manchester city centre

Jailed: Violent sex attacker who tried to rape three women in Manchester city centre | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A sex attacker who assaulted three women in Manchester city centre as he tried to rape them has been jailed. Abdoulaye Diallo, 28, of Upper Brook Street, Manchester, was sent to jail indefinitely at Manchester Crown Court today after admitting three counts of attempted rape. Today's sentence means Diallo will serve a minimum of four years in prison - after the court handed him a so-called 'indeterminate sentence for public protection' meaning he will not be released until he is no longer considered to be a danger to the public. The three attempted rapes happened in November and December last year and January this year. The first - at the junction of Postal Street and Newton Street in the early hours of November 12, 2011 - was against a 25-year-old woman, whose head was repeatedly smashed against the pavement, leaving her needing hospital treatment. After the attack, police released CCTV of Diallo walking away while buttoning up his jacket, and also a harrowing recording of a 999 call in which the sobbing victim described how he smashed her head against a wall.

The other two attempted rapes - on Fountain Street on Christmas Eve and Medlock Street on January 14 - were both against 21-year-old women, both of whom Diallo punched. Diallo was arrested on the same day as the third attempted rape after he was spotted going up to women in Longsight. Officers followed him into town where they arrested him on suspicion of immigration offences, and his DNA matched blood found on clothes discarded following the Postal Street attack in November. He was caught on CCTV buttoning up his shirt having removed and thrown away other blood stained clothes. Detective Inspector Andy Naismith, who led the investigation, said: "Diallo violently attacked and tried to rape three women and to say he is a danger to women would be grossly understated. "The three incidents caused considerable and understandable concern in the community and we committed a vast amount of resources into the operation to find him. "I hope his victims and the wider public find comfort in knowing he has been jailed indefinitely. "As part of our investigation we thoroughly briefed officers across Manchester and I must praise the alertness of those who spotted him and whose subsequent actions ultimately led to him being detained."


Read more at: http://menmedia.co.uk/manchestereveningnews/news/s/1581109_jailed-violent-sex-attacker-who-tried-to-rape-three-women-in-manchester-city-centre

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Radio Spitfire

Radio Spitfire | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Music and political debate from a Nationalist perspective.


"The Olympic opening ceremony wants to paint a picture of Britain as it was before it was ruined by mass immigration and multiculturalism." - Discuss !

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Secret leaked memo revealed 200 bail hostels for dangerous criminals are being opened in residential streets across UK

Secret leaked memo revealed 200 bail hostels for dangerous criminals are being opened in residential streets across UK | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A secret leaked memo revealed 200 bail hostels for dangerous criminals are being opened in residential streets across Britain without any consultation with the public. The Government has signed a multi-million pound contract with a private firm to house a mixture of convicts on early release and suspects who are awaiting trial in a desperate bid to ease prison overcrowding.

They are being placed in homes in residential streets, rather than being held in jail. They are free to come and go, and have only limited supervision. Now leaked papers have revealed the full detail of how they are being forced on local communities without any warning. Shockingly, neighbours are only informed about the plans by letter once the hostels have been given the go-ahead.

Terrorists freed to live in bail hostels - Up to 20 convicted terrorists have been freed from prison to live in bail hostels normally used to house burglars, robbers and sex offenders. The men are living freely in towns and cities across Britain with only limited supervision by probation officers.

They were convicted of Islamist extremist activities including helping bombers, raising funds for terrorism and recruiting young men to fight a holy war, but were freed when they reached their release date – usually half way through the judge’s sentence, with deductions for time served on remand.

Ministers today released the postcodes of residential streets where thousands of criminals are being held in bail hostels.


Read more here:


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The British school with 31 different languages !

The British school with 31 different languages ! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Supervising a primary school class can be stressful time for teachers at the best of times but imagine the difficulties and pressures for those at the Birmingham based English Martyrs’ Catholic School where the 414 pupils speak a mind blowing 31 languages between them.

The children at the school who speak English as their mother language are in a minute minority.

Other languages spoken include Lingala and Yoruba, spoken in parts of Niger and Congo in Western Africa, Mirpuri and Hindko, both from Kashmiri regions in Pakistan, Eastern Europe is well represented along with Sudanese and forms of Bengali.

Most of the children come from a Pakistani background and the most frequent languages spoken are Urdu and Mirpuri.

In order to deal with the range of languages spoken, teachers are all trained to teach English as an additional language.

The school sometimes uses translators, as well as a ‘buddy’ system where new students are paired with one already at the school who has the same mother tongue and can help them to start picking up English words.


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Radio Spitfire: Turning our backs on Britain's fallen

Radio Spitfire: Turning our backs on Britain's fallen | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

How a new generation believes it was just U.S. troops that won World War Two thanks to Hollywood

PUBLISHED: 8 June 2012

How ironic. Modern Europe totters on the brink of a historic political bust-up, and Britain seems more remote from our partners than ever since the Common Market was created. Yet on Wednesday, Francois Hollande made a gesture of reconciliation with ‘Perfidious Albion’.
He became the first ever French president to visit a British cemetery in Normandy. In torrential rain, he shook hands with Parachute Regiment veterans at Ranville, where the 6th Airborne Division landed on June 6, 1944.
If that does not sound significant, remember that throughout the intervening 68 years, French governments have tried not to notice that the British were there on D-Day.

Most French museums, not to mention school history books, make it sound like the Americans and the Resistance did it all. Millions of French people have seen Hollywood’s D-Day epics; only about six recognise our part.
But I fear the same is becoming true among our own people. A few weeks ago, I visited the Normandy battlefields in the company of Paul Woodadge, a splendid tour guide who is himself British, but lives near Caen with his French wife. He told me sadly: ‘Most British visitors nowadays know what Steven Spielberg has told them in Saving Private Ryan and Band Of Brothers, so they all want to go to the American sector. Some hardly get to our beaches at all.’


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Two more Muslims found guilty of grooming and raping young white victims

Two more Muslims found guilty of grooming and raping young white victims | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Two Muslim men - Mahfuzur Rahman and Abdul Hannan - have been found guilty of raping or sexually assaulting four young white women after they picked them up and plied them with alcohol.


The trial of Rahman, 25, and Hannan, 36, has raised concerns after two of their victims gave videotaped interviews in 2009 and 2010, in which they described being raped by Rahman but criminal investigations were abandoned, leaving the rapist free to strike again.

The girls, all from Rochdale, were said to be failed by police and prosecutors when they first reported they had been attacked.

Bolton Crown Court heard that Rahman went on to assault an innocent 17-year-old girl living in a children’s home and sexually assaulted her in a flat after giving her vodka.

In June 2010 a 19-year-old woman was taken to a flat in Rochdale where she was also supplied with vodka before Rahman raped her while she begged for him to stop.
In September 2011, a 20-year-old woman was driven around Rochdale by Rahman and two other men, who got her drunk before she was raped at a flat by Hannan.

When police from Greater Manchester arrested and cautioned Rahman on question of rape last September, he replied: “Rape? Which one?”
Rahman was found guilty on two counts of rape and one of sexual assault while Hannan was convicted of rape.

Both men will be sentenced on 13 July.
Greater Manchester Police stated “the decisions made in the earlier investigations” to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.
Nazir Afzal, Chief Crown Prosecutor for the North West, said the status of women among some Asian men led to cases of white girls being sexually abused.

Afzal said it should not pass unnoticed "that the perpetrators were Asian and the victims were not".
"Cultural baggage and the status of women among some men in these communities contributes to their disrespect for the rights of women,"

The Telegraph quoted Afzal, as saying:"Exploitation happens in every community but these cases demonstrate that group grooming is a particular problem in Asian communities. I will not turn a blind eye to crimes in any community," he added.

It certainly seems to be the case that Nazir Afzal will continue to use the term ‘Asian’ when the term Muslim paedophiles would be far more accurate, as shown in Blackpool yesterday, the British National Party and other nationalist groups will continue to raise awareness that the sexual grooming of young white girls by Muslim perverts is a cancer in our society that must be eradicated.

We will continue to demonstrate and make a whole lot more noise until we find some justice and every last one of these evil monsters is languishing in a prison cell facing deportation when their sentence is finished. 

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Who you trying to kid Mo ?

Who you trying to kid Mo ? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A 21-year-old man on trial accused of deliberately stabbing his mother in the face told the jury he loved her and it was an accident.

Mohammed Zanul Islam Hussain denies wounding Hafsa Begum with intent to cause her grievous bodily harm on August 13 last year.

Mrs Begum suffered a life-threatening injury when the knife narrowly missed the main blood vessel to her brain.

Today Hussain, of Water Lily Road, Heaton, Bradford, told Bradford Crown Court he was shocked when he realised what he had done.


Read more: http://w11.zetaboards.com/TheBNF/topic/7876504/1/

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Heart surgeon lay on floor at Tesco so he could look up woman's skirt

Heart surgeon lay on floor at Tesco so he could look up woman's skirt | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A heart surgeon lay on a supermarket floor so he could look up a woman shopper’s skirt, a court heard yesterday.
Ahmed Abdelgawad, 35, deliberately positioned himself on the ground in an aisle at Tesco so he could peer at her underwear.
It is alleged that he was touching his groin during the incident, which was caught on CCTV.
Witnesses called police and Abdelgawad was arrested as he sidled up to other unsuspecting women in the shop, the court was told.
Prosecutor Nicola Powell said: ‘It’s a fleeting incident.
‘Abdelgawad gets up afterwards and is in the store for some time afterwards and appears to be following several young females.
‘At one point, he is crouching next to a young girl in the fruit and vegetable aisle and appears to be about to do the same again.’
Magistrates heard Abdelgawad also had his hand in his trouser pocket and was touching himself during the incident on May 21.
Abdelgawad, who works at two hospitals in Swansea, South Wales, admitted outraging public decency but denies touching himself.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2156025/Heart-surgeon-lay-floor-Tesco-look-woman-s-skirt.html#ixzz1xDPOGFJZ

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That's the way to do it !

That's the way to do it ! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

On his first morning in South Yorkshire, Peter Davies cut his salary from £73,000 to £30,000, then closed the council's newspaper for "peddling politics on the rates".

Just three weeks into his job, Mr Davies pressed ahead with plans he hopes will see the numbers of town councillors cut from 63 to just 21, saving taxpayers £800,000.

Mr Davies said "If 100 senators can run the United States of America, I can't see how 63 councillors are needed to run Doncaster."

He has withdrawn Doncaster from the Local Government Association and the Local Government Information Unit, saving another £200,000. He said "They are just talking shops."

Doncaster is in for some serious un-twinning. "We are twinned with probably nine other cities around the world and they are just for councillors to fly off and have a binge at the taxpayers expense."

The mayor's chauffeur-driven car has also been axed by Mr Davies and the driver given another job.

Mr Davies, born and bred in Doncaster, swept to power in the May 2009 election with 24,244 votes as a candidate for the English Democrats, a party that wants tight immigration curbs, an English Parliament and a law enforcing every public building to fly the flag of St. George.

He has promised to end council funding for Doncaster's International Women's Day, Black History Month and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History month. He said "Politicians have got completely out of touch with what people want. We need to cut costs.

"I want to pass on some savings I make in reduced taxes and use the rest for things we really need, like improved children's services."

Mr Davies has received messages from well wishers across the country and abroad as news of his no-nonsense approach spreads.

Now it is your chance to spread this most sensible way to run a town council.

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Black Crime: Birmingham riots gang jailed for up to 30 years

Black Crime: Birmingham riots gang jailed for up to 30 years | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Six members of a gang who shot at police officers during riots in Birmingham last August were jailed today for up to 30 years.


Birmingham Crown Court had heard how the men lured police to a blaze at a pub before opening fire, with West Midlands Police's helicopter also targeted.
Among the offences the five men and one teenager were convicted of were rioting, reckless arson and firearms possession.
Nicholas Francis, 26, was jailed for 30 years; Jermaine Lewis, 27, received a 23-year sentence, as did 20-year-old Tyrone Laidley; while Renardo Farrell, 20, and Wayne Collins, 25, were both handed jail terms of 18 years.
The 17-year-old also convicted, who can now be named as Amirul Rehman, was jailed for 12 years.

During a six-week trial jurors had been shown CCTV footage of a group of more than 40 people rioting outside the Bartons Arms in Aston on August 9.
Judge William Davis described their offences as a 'concerted attack on the police'.
'Members of the group attacked the building. They smashed windows, they went inside and ransacked the premises. They threw chairs and tables out on to the pavement,' he said.
'Other members of the group stayed on the pavement outside the building. Some threw missiles, bottles and the like, at a passing police car.
'Others lit petrol bombs that had been brought to the scene.
'The purpose of all this was not to loot or to steal. Nor was it mindless vandalism.
'The purpose, the common purpose, was to behave in such a way that the police would come to the scene and then to attack the police.'

The judge, who said 12 shots were fired at police and four handguns recovered, added: 'The intention was to endanger life. Although no physical injury was suffered, that was wholly a matter of luck.
'Had the police helicopter been struck, the consequences could have been catastrophic.
'There may have been no physical injury to a police officer, but the damage to the well-being of the city of Birmingham caused by an armed gang prepared to act in this way was grave.
'It is very difficult to conceive a case of this type more serious than this one.'

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Man jailed after Burnley sex assault

Man jailed after Burnley sex assault | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A MAN, who sexually assaulted a woman on her way home on New Years Eve 2010, has been sentenced to 32 months imprisonment.
Tahmoor Abid Hussain, of Princess Street, Nelson, who was 19 at the time of the offence, appeared at Burnley Crown Court today (Wednesday 6 June) after pleading guilty to sexual assault by penetration at an earlier hearing.
Hussain approached the 28-year-old victim who was walking home alone around 8pm on Friday 31 December 2010 near to Gannow Top, Burnley.
He started speaking to her before pushing her to the ground and subjecting her to a 20 minute attack before she managed to escape.
PC Jane Gregson said: “This was a nasty, unprovoked attack on a young lady who was simply walking home.
“Hussain maintained his innocence throughout the case, insisting he was the victim of mistaken identity. However, following lengthy investigations and extensive evidence gathering, he finally admitted his involvement in this violent crime and will now have to face the consequences of his actions.
“Fortunately his guilty plea meant that his victim did not have to endure giving evidence in court.”

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