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Spain concedes to full EU/IMF bailout

Spain concedes to full EU/IMF bailout | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Spain has admitted for the first time it might need a full EU/IMF bailout worth 300 billion euro after its borrowing costs soared to a record 7. 6 percent.


The money would come on top of the 100 billion euros Spain has already received to prop up its banking sector.
The issue was brought up by Economy Minister Luis de Guindos during a meeting with his German counterpart Wolfgang Schaeuble in Berlin last Tuesday.
“De Guindos was talking about 300 billion euros for a full program, but Germany was not comfortable with the idea of a bailout now," a Eurozone official told Reuters."Nothing will happen until the ESM is online. Once it is operational we will see what the borrowing costs for Spain are and maybe we will return to the question," the official said.
The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) will have a total capacity of 500 billion euros, although initially it was supposed to build this amount over a few years.
This means that a full bailout could exhaust the eurozone's rescue capacity and prompt fresh discussions on the idea of granting the ESM a banking license, the official said.
Such a license would give the ESM an almost unlimited capacity to intervene as it will be able to fund itself.
This is strongly opposed by the ECB, Germany, Finland and the Netherlands but supported by France.
Spain has repeatedly said it would not need to seek a full bailout like Portugal, Ireland and Greece..
"We strongly deny any such plan. This possibility (of a 300-billion-euro rescue for Spain) has not been looked at and has not been discussed,” a government spokeswoman said on Friday:
Spain’s borrowing costs reached their highest level since the country adopted the euro, hitting 7.64 percent for 10-year bonds. This is a level at which Spain cannot borrow from the markets.
But on Thursday they fell to 6.88 per cent .That’s after the ECB Bank President Mario Draghi said the central bank was ready to act to bring down Spanish yields.
Meanwhile Spanish unemployment rose to the highest level since the mid-1970s. The number of people out of job hit 5.7 million or 24.6 percent of the workforce, according to the National Statistics Institute.
It’s the highest proportion of people out of work in the European Union.
According to EU statistics agency Eurostat, half of the country's people aged under 26 who are able to work are unemployed.

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Circulation of national newspapers declines again in June

Circulation of national newspapers declines again in June | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
By Giuseppe De Santis - Good news for nationalists as the circulation of anti-BNP newspapers (apart from a few exceptions) declined again in June.

Overall, according to the ABC (Audit Bureau of Circulations) the daily newspaper market has contracted by 7.79% in the past year.


Below it's possible to see how much the circulation changed compared with June 2011.

Daily Mirror 1,081,330 (-7.62%)
Daily Record 279,324 (-8.67%)
Daily Star 602,296 (-14.95%)
The Sun 2,583,552 (-7.95%)
Daily Express 602,482 (-3.12%)
Daily Mail 1,939,635 (-5.25%)
The Daily Telegraph 573,674 (-7.88%)
Financial Times 297,225 (-16.56%)
The Herald 44,445 (-8.29%)
The Guardian 211,511 (-17.47%)
i 272,597 (+57.42%)
The Independent 90,001 (-49.06%)
The Scotsman 35,523 (-12.05%)
The Times 400,120 (-9.18%)
Racing Post 52,919 (-6.35%)

Daily Star Sunday 473,352 (+54.70%)
The Sun (Sunday) 2,189,924 (N/A)
Sunday Mail 313,698 (-12.98%)
Sunday Mirror 1,088,499 (+0.06%)
The People 450,097 (-5.15%)
Sunday Express 512,843 (-4.94%)
Sunday Post 279,120 (-7.70%)
The Mail on Sunday 1,824,393 (-5.36%)
Independent on Sunday 122,588 (-18.94%)
The Observer 243,946 (-15.57%)
Scotland on Sunday 44,041 (-13.73%)
Sunday Herald 26,187 (-10.42%)
The Sunday Telegraph 450,276 (-5.15%)
The Sunday Times 915,969 (-8.48%)

Again it's possible to see how both The Guardian and The Observer are still losing readers and therefore with a little effort is possible to bankrupt the two titles.

Also it's time to start to boycott The Independent and the Independent on Sunday as they are also losing readers fast and it's possible to bankrupt them easily as well.

Very few people would miss them.

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The first of many?

The first of many? | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
An African Olympic competitor has become the first; amongst no doubt many others, to claim political asylum in Britain. The man walked into a police station in Leeds last night and is now being held by the UK Borders Agency.


Warnings have already been issued by immigration officials who fear some 2% of athletes, team officials and supporters could claim refuge in the UK during and after the Games or even attempt to stay in the country after their visas expire.

The athlete is thought to have disappeared from a training camp in order to claim asylum as his team was getting ready to move to the athletes’ village in Stratford, East London.

He claimed he was a victim of persecution in his homeland and is to be quizzed before the weekend and it has also been revealed one East African team member said he believed another man was also preparing to claim asylum.

A police spokesman said: ‘We did detain a man, but we didn’t arrest him.

He was handed over to the UK Border Agency who are now dealing with it.’

The spokesman was unable to confirm the man’s nationality and could not clarify any further details on the asylum situation.

Immigration officials were said to be checking the man’s travel documents as well as his movements since entering the country and they are investigating whether he has relatives already living in the UK.

It seems a strange sort of persecution in his homeland when he made the Olympic team and no doubt he will be representing Great Britain at the 2016 games in Rio!

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Weighty sentences for drug brothers who duped an elderly woman

Weighty sentences for drug brothers who duped an elderly woman | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Weighty sentences for drug brothers who duped an elderly woman

Two Birmingham brothers who tricked an elderly woman into receiving heroin concealed within packages of weightlifting belts have been jailed.

Mohammed Javaid, aged 44, and Mohammed Nadeem, aged 29, from the Cape Hill area, were targeted by the Serious Organised Crime Agency after a package containing three kilos of heroin was intercepted at Heathrow Airport in June 2011.

Javaid, who was found guilty of conspiracy to import and supply heroin, was sentenced to 12 years at Birmingham Crown Court today (Thursday), and Nadeem, who pleaded guilty to the same offence and an additional one of cannabis cultivation, was jailed for nine years four months.

The investigation revealed the duo went to considerable lengths to obscure their activity by arranging for the packages to be delivered to the 60-year-old woman at her home in West Bromwich.

Javaid, who was the former partner of the woman’s daughter, persuaded her to take delivery of the package intercepted at the airport, plus an additional one a few months earlier which contained a similar amount of heroin.

The brothers, who made arrangements for the packages to be sent from Pakistan to fictitious people in the UK, made all the arrangements using unregistered prepay mobile phones to further distance themselves from the heroin.

Sarah Goodall, Regional Head of Investigations for SOCA, said: “The behaviour of these two men was despicable. They preyed on a vulnerable elderly woman and duped her into receiving packages of heroin.

“They probably believed that using unregistered phones would protect them, but they were wrong. Expert analysis of the telephone data enabled us to link the mobiles to the brothers. This, coupled with the bravery of the woman and her family members who gave evidence, ultimately led to their downfall.

“We are determined to protect our communities by using our expertise to stamp down hard on organised criminals. These two are now in jail where they belong and have been denied substantial profits.”

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NI dissident groups plan to unite

NI dissident groups plan to unite | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Some of Northern Ireland's dissident groups are to come together under the banner of the IRA, a statement claims.


The statement "signed army council IRA", said a number of organisations were unifying under one leadership.

It said there had been a failure among Irish nationalist leaders and there was a "necessity for armed struggle."

The Guardian reported the new force would include three of the four main dissident republican terror groups.

The newspaper said the Real IRA had been joined by Republican Action Against Drugs (RAAD) and a coalition of independent armed republican groups - a grouping which would bring several hundred armed dissidents together.

It reported that the Continuity IRA remained independent.

RAAD operates in Londonderry in the nationalist areas of Creggan and Bogside, which during the Troubles were the centre of IRA activity in the old walled city.

Since 2008, the paramilitary group has murdered one man and shot more than 40 others. It has also warned dozens of young men to leave the city or face being shot.

In June, the armed group said it was behind a bomb attack on the PSNI.

According to the Guardian, RAAD and the Real IRA will now cease to exist.

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Muslim told he must follow 'the rule in this country'

Muslim told he must follow 'the rule in this country' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Muslim hospital consultant told to pay ex-wife maintenance despite claims he owes her nothing under Islamic rules

Dr Zaid Al-Saffar told he must follow 'the rule in this country'
Ordered to pay £60,000 to his former wife, academic Hanan Al-Saffar
He felt the payments were illegitimate according to Islamic culture
Claims: 'Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people’

A Muslim hospital consultant was told yesterday that he must pay his ex-wife maintenance even though under Islamic rules he believes he owes her nothing.

A judge told Dr Zaid Al-Saffar that he must follow ‘the rule in this country’ and share his money.

The Appeal Court decision means Dr Al-Saffar must pay £60,000 to his former wife, academic Hanan Al-Saffar.

The ruling sounded a warning to Muslim couples who believe their marriages are ordered according to sharia law and agree to be bound by Islamic courts.

Lord Justice Ward told Dr Al-Saffar: ‘The rule in this country is that you share and the starting point is equal division.
‘You came out of the marriage without having made your wife any substantial capital payment.’

He added: ‘Life is sometimes hard; do not be consumed with bitterness.’

But Dr Al-Saffar said after the case: ‘By playing the system and pretending to be a victim she got everything, which I think is totally unfair.

‘Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people.’

The consultant rheumatologist at Scarborough Hospital in North Yorkshire, who is also the head of the Islamic Society in the resort town, was married for eight years, and the couple had two children.

The marriage was formalised following the Islamic tradition of Mahr, under which the groom pays a gift to his bride.
Because of this, his wife had signed away her share of the couple’s home in Belvedere Road, in Scarborough.


Read more:



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Muslim Police officer caused terror alert after ringing colleagues with a coded ‘bomb threat’ for a joke

Muslim Police officer caused terror alert after ringing colleagues with a coded ‘bomb threat’ for a joke | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
PC Hatef Nezami (pictured), 48, rang colleagues at the police Special Branch office with a coded message that a bomb was on a Condor ferry based in Poole, Dorset.


A police officer caused a major terrorism alert after ringing a busy port with a hoax bomb threat.
PC Hatef Nezami, 48, rang colleagues at the police Special Branch office with a coded message that a device was placed in a busy port.
Specialist terrorism staff were so concerned by the call's authentic nature that they started preparing for a full terrorist attack.
The constable, who has completed a regional Special Branch terrorism course, said that a bomb was on a Condor ferry based in Poole, Dorset.
However at the time of his call, the ferry was actually sailing across the English Channel packed full of people travelling to the Channel Islands.
Mr Nezami is believed to have tried to call back to reveal his 'joke' call but was unable to do so for half an hour as staff were engaged on all the available phone lines alerting authorities.
Remarkably, the Daily Mail understands that Mr Nezami, who has worked as a detective, has not faced criminal or disciplinary proceedings and was simply placed on uniform patrol at another station.
The maximum penalty for making a hoax bomb threat is a prison sentence of seven years.
Mr Nezami was seen leaving his three-bedroom townhouse in Bournemouth in police uniform before travelling to a local police station on two days last week.
It is a major embarrassment for Dorset Police which is currently in a major security operation patrolling the upcoming Olympic sailing events in nearby Weymouth.
All officers have had leave cancelled and specialist firearms teams from forces across the country have been drafted in to patrol the stretch of water near where the bomb hoax was said to be.
Senior officers in the force are frustrated that the matter has not been taken further and believe a criminal investigation should be launched.

One said: 'It's an absolute disgrace that something like this can happen from one of our own officers and it's swept under the carpet.
'A lot of senior brass don't want anything to happen to embarrass the force so close to the Olympics.

'One officer even joked that he was "testing out the systems" and that has been given as the official line if anyone questions the incident.
'It would have been a totally different story if this was a member of the public doing this just weeks away from the biggest security operation in Dorset's history.'
Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Terrorism sub-committee, said: 'If these allegations prove to be true then it seems to me very odd that this officer has not been prosecuted.
'I feel that the Home Secretary should step in and look at this.'
Mr Nezami refused to deny the allegations when asked three times. He said: 'I'm not willing to speak to you on this or any other matter.'
Both the Independent Police Complaints Commission and Dorset Police Authority were unaware of the incident when contacted.
A Dorset Police spokesman said: 'We're going to say no comment to anything to do with this enquiry.'
Chief Inspector Steve White declined to give details on whether there was a criminal investigation into the bomb hoax or if disciplinary proceedings had taken place.
He said: 'Dorset Police does not comment on internal staff matters.'
This week the force referred itself to the police watchdog for failing to find a couple who had died after a landslip crushed their car in Beamister tunnel, Dorset, for nine days.

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Stockport BNP draws a red line against Islamic colonisation from South Manchester

Stockport BNP draws a red line against Islamic colonisation from South Manchester | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Report from Sheila Spink, Stockport Branch Organiser. The Metropolitan Borough of Stockport is a much maligned yet dignified suburb of Greater Manchester. We are the butt of many a joke which we take with good humour.


We have one of the oldest market places in the North West of England, on the old A6 route from Scotland, and our town played an important part in the English Civil War.

What most people don't realise is that we represent one of the last remaining indigenous strongholds in the North West and the LibLabCon Council are determined to rectify this disgrace to their diversity agenda.
They have already waived through the conversion of an industrial unit in Heaton Mersey into a mosque, despite opposition from local traders due to its inappropriate location and contravention of the Council's own planning laws, and now they planned to give the same treatment to a de-licenced pub, The Bull's Head, on Gorton Road, Reddish, which is right on the boundary with Marxist Manchester.

Fortunately, the residents of Reddish have more 'bottle' than their neighbours and swiftly swung into action.

At the beginning of the week, they heard about the planning application. Within hours, a few local women printed off multiple copies of a protest petition and collected 300 signatures. We got to hear of this and went over to help.

We talked to the owner of the building who was already backing off and looking at other possible tenants.

On Wednesday evening, the local Labour councillors held a surgery in the library. One tried to have me banned from this public event on the grounds that I do not live in this precise ward.

He is so ignorant of Council procedure that he does not realise that the decision on this application will be made by the whole area team for Heatons and Reddish, which includes both my home and the ward in which I stand as a candidate and that any resident of the whole borough can oppose any planning application.

The leader of the Labour group was backed up into a corner and can only parrot, "I am here to listen to what the people say" to any question put to him. Eventually, the librarian hit the fire alarm to clear the building as the hostility to this plan reaches danger level.

The scene was repeated in a nearby pub the next evening with shouts of "liar" to all the excuses put by the Labour councillors who now claim to oppose the application themselves.

Next day we heard that the application has been withdrawn, but we set up our stall anyway and collected signatures to oppose any mosque application in the future.

The owner, a genial family man, came out to tell us that he has refused this use of his building. He is a decent bloke who does not need this kind of aggro.

The pizza house next door gave us a piping hot pizza to sustain us. The support is overwhelming.

On Saturday, we went over with the Greater Manchester team to do some leafleting, and set up the stall again. The support is still positive.

On both occasions, the police dropped by but did not harass us, other than to warn against obstruction and public disorder. We don't allow any shouting on our stall, particularly from our own members.

Our efforts are rewarded by a visit from the Chairman who responded to our call for help given the importance of this location.
All is calm for now, but we have no doubt that a new application will be lodged in the future, probably when the current owner has retired and moved on. We will be there for as long as it takes.

We signed up new members and lots of supporters which we aim to turn into voters. The deceit and hypocrisy of Labour was all too clear to the local residents.

The lesson we learned is that we can protest and win, the enemy are afraid of us and we should never be afraid of them.

This is our country and we will maintain the dominant voice in the social and political agenda.

We are right, and they are wrong.

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Just another week of the failed and forced multicultural nightmare

Just another week of the failed and forced multicultural nightmare | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

On and On it goes

Just another week of the failed and forced multicultural nightmare we are experiencing in what was once a decent, law abiding country; A Third World culture will bring Third World practice with it, Here are just a few examples from the past week.



Abdul Marin, 41, a former imam of Wellingborough mosque has been found unanimously guilty of seven sexual assault charges at Northampton Crown Court after telling a jury that he was the victim of a conspiracy.

Marin, who left last year, was accused of sexually molesting two girls, who cannot be named, kissing them and placing his hands inside their clothing during religious lessons of the Koran.

Rebecca Herbert, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was a tutor in the Koran and from about 2007 to 2010, he visited child A’s home address several times a week to tutor her in the Koran.

“During these times and at various other times, both girls mentioned to one or other of their parents that the defendant was physically affectionate with them.

“They said they did not like it and did not really want to have their lessons with him.

“During the summer of 2010, the lessons came to an end by mutual agreement, but it would seem it was due to their ages, not for reasons concerning the defendant’s behaviour.

“The defendant, being an imam, was respected and highly regarded by all but you, the jury, may feel it would have been hard for these two young Muslim girls to have spelt out what was happening.

Sexual matters are simply not discussed.

“The lessons finished in 2010, but things came to light because during the autumn term at school, child A watched a video about bullying and as she watched, she saw a section which talked about sexual abuse, along the lines that people should not touch you in a certain way and if they did, you were to tell someone.

As a result, she spoke to one of her teachers on November 2, 2010.”

Mrs Herbert added: “Child A accused the defendant of frequently putting his hand down her top and squeezing her breast area. On one occasion, she remembered he forced her to sit on his lap.


“Child B remembered when she was about seven, he touched her by putting his hand down her Burka and ‘bits he should not supposed to touch’.

She recalled it happened twice and said she knew similar things had happened to child A. She said the defendant told them not to tell anyone.”

Matin, of Albert Road, Wellingborough said the allegations were all part of a conspiracy against him by the children’s families.

He said the two girls had stated they would make up concocted sexual allegations against him to stop him telling their parents they were not concentrating on their religious lessons.

He added: “One (of the children) said that if you tell my father then I will say that you did this and that, that you touched us. We will go to the police and to the school.

“Then they said sorry and I thought that was the end of it.

“I was upset I teach children who could say something like that.”

The jury took two-and-a-half hours’ deliberation to unanimously convict him of all charges.

Judge Michael Fowler said: “Given the breach of trust, the age of the children and the period over which it happened, there is the potential for a custodial sentence.

“Indeed, when coming back to court, he should prepare himself for custody.”



A sexual predator, who attacked two women in a nightclub and a young mother, is facing jail.

Rasul Abdullah (31) had sexually assaulted his first two victims on the same night, last November, in Pharaoh’s in Burnley.

He had been bailed and had then struck again, molesting his third target after locking her and her baby in his house in Brierfield, Burnley Crown Court was told.

The defendant, an Iraqi national, is said to have indefinite leave to remain in this country.

The menacing and dangerous sexual predator’ was accused of putting his hand up the skirts of two women in the Burnley nightclub, the court heard.

‘Out of control’ Abdullah then molested a mother only two months later, after locking the woman and her baby in his house.

After being arrested, Abdullah claimed he had done nothing in the club and said the women were lying.


Read more from Middlesbrough, Edinburgh, and the latest from Shropshire :



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Try not to laugh: News channel run by women who wear full veil

Try not to laugh: News channel run by women who wear full veil | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Stationed in a small apartment in the working class district of Abassiya, Maria TV is to be launched this weekend on the first day of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan.


A small apartment in a working class district of Abassiya is soon to be the hub of a newly-launched news channel run exclusively by women who wear the full full Islamic face veil, or niqab.
Maria TV is to be launched this weekend on the first day of the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan,
The channel will be broadcast for six hours a day on al-Ummah channel, a religious station run by ultra-orthodox Salafi Islamists, who have emerged as a potent political force since Hosni Mubarak was deposed.

It is named after a Coptic Christian woman who was married to the Prophet Mohammad,
Abeer Shahin graduated from the prestigious American University in Cairo but struggled to find a job because of employers' aversion to her full Islamic face veil, or niqab.

But now she has found a job she hopes will change how Egyptian society views niqab wearers once and for all: she is going to work as a TV anchor for a new channel being managed and run exclusively by women who wear the full veil.

'It's unfair to deal with veiled women as a standard religious housewife. No, she can be a doctor, a professor and an engineer,' said Shahin, wearing a loose black robe and a black head scarf that reveals only her eyes.
'I was told that it (TV anchorwoman wearing niqab) won't work because of the body language. Well, the tone of my voice can convey my emotions and reactions.'
In an age of new freedoms in the post-Hosni Mubarak Egypt, niqab-wearing women long oppressed socially and politically are hoping for a new place in society.


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2176519/Maria-TV-Egyptian-news-channel-run-women-wear-veil.html#ixzz21BFq4PUq

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The World at 8

The World at 8 | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The Reverend Robert West joins the World at 8 team with a monthly commentary on British society and culture. Tonight he provides a thought provoking comment on the recent decision by the General Synod of the Church of England to grant their bishops the authority to ban clergy from membership in the British National Party. The Reverend West questions the authority of the Synod and the Church to do so under British law and Christian doctrine.
Other Items:
• Labour Councillor stabbed by gang of four Asians in Redbridge
• The Olympic fiasco goes on and on!
• New mosque in Blackpool turned down on second appeal
• Greek Coalition seeking bridging loan
• Romania has problems at home and we have problems with Romania over here
• Thought for the Day – The Margaret Walker case
• Finally – don’t blame the dogs!


Click The Pic To Listen

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LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Four men have been charged with a series of offences relating to the alleged abduction of a 13-year-old girl, Suffolk Police have said. Police have confirmed the arrests.


They said Surin Uddin, 28, of St Matthews Row in London, has been charged with two counts of rape against a girl under the age of 16 and one child abduction offence.

Mohamed Sheikh, 31, of Seaton Point in London, has been charged with a child abduction offence and with possession of a controlled drug.

Ali Hamza, 38 of Chingford Road in London, has been charged with sexual assault and a child abduction offence.

Abdul Hammed, 46 of Wellington Street in Ipswich, has also been charged with two counts of rape against a girl under the age of 16 and one child abduction offence.

The men are due to face Ipswich Magistrates' Court on Monday.
Meanwhile, ten men have been apprehended by police on suspicion of committing serious sexual offences after raids across Bradford and district.

The arrests were made as part of an inquiry by police in West Yorkshire, which is thought to be linked to sexual grooming.
The men, who were arrested when police acted on Wednesday, have incredibly, and not surprisingly, been released on bail pending further inquiries.

The investigation is thought to be associated to alleged offences against a 14-year old girl from nearby Keighley .
A spokesman for the police said: “There were ten arrests made across Bradford district on suspicion of serious sexual offences. All ten have been bailed.

Because it is an ongoing investigation the force cannot disclose further information at this time.”
Eight of those arrested are believed to be from Keighley and two from Bradford.
Abid Hussain, Keighley Central Labour Councillor, confirmed he had been told of the raids by the town’s police.

He said: “The police have done what they should be doing in arresting these people. It is disappointing. However, I fully support the police and will work with them.”
His associate Khadim Hussain said: “I have heard that the police are carrying out an operation.

I am aware there is an operation into sexual exploitation. The police have taken action but, at this stage, we need to wait and see what will happen.”

Keighley MP Kris Hopkins acknowledged he had been enlightened on the operation.

He said: “I was made aware that it was a serious operation and I was grateful for that information. I want the police to be able to carry out their investigation fully and to make sure that a fair process is put in place to let justice prevail.”

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Nick Griffin blackmailer jailed

Nick Griffin blackmailer jailed | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A printer who attempted to blackmail BNP leader Nick Griffin and threatened his family has been jailed. David Sloan, 33, threatened Nick Griffin’s parents and daughter in an attempt to try and re-coup a so called debt of £44,000.


Sloan’s firm, Romac Press, who were asked to produce election leaflets for the party, failed miserably and Mr Griffin refused to pay, saying there were too many errors.

The judge at Carlisle Crown Court sentenced Sloan, of Newtonards, County Down, to two-and-a-half years in jail.

He had refused to admit to the charges, but was convicted of two counts of blackmail.

Judge Peter Hughes, said Sloan was a man of previous good character, and under stress, but he had set about trying to enforce the debt using improper means.

He said: "Blackmail is a despicable offence, it is rightly regarded with loathing and contempt.

"You went to considerable lengths, travelling to England to target Mr Griffin's daughter.

"You tailgated her in your car from the BNP office in Wigton to Carlisle, it must have been terrifying.

"Your purpose was to scare.

"This has nothing to do with politics, or Mr Griffin's views, it is about the use of blackmail."

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Illegal immigrants had been drafted in to protect St James’ Park

Illegal immigrants had been drafted in to protect St James’ Park | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
OLYMPIC chiefs were today threatened by fresh scandal after it emerged suspected illegal immigrants had been drafted in to protect St James’ Park.


Three alleged bogus workers – employed as security guards – were arrested in a co-ordinated strike on the home ground of Newcastle United.

It came just 24 hours before Mexico and South Korea kicked off Tyneside’s Olympic celebrations.

UK Border Agency workers made the arrests alongside officers from Northumbria Police after acting on intelligence and carrying out routine checks.

The suspected illegal immigrants had been contracted in to provide security at the site and had already been installed at their posts, it is believed.

It comes just days after Tyneside doormen were drafted in from private security firms to protect the stadium.

The Chronicle understands those arrested were brought into the city by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) from a security company based in the south of the country.

LOCOG were unable to comment on the incident, but a spokesman from the Home Office confirmed they had staged the sting on Wednesday.

The spokesman said: “These arrests show that UK Border Agency security checks are working.

“The responsibility for ensuring employees have the right to work in the UK rests with the employer.

“The UK Border Agency is working closely with employers and contractors at Olympics venues to prevent illegal working.”

Security firm G4S have faced heavy criticism in the run-up to the Olympics in Newcastle, after they failed to live up to their promise of providing security staff on Tyneside.

Earlier this week more than 500 staff from security firms across the country were called in to patrol St James’ Park, check bags, marshal spectators and carry out routine public safety and security functions for the tournament, which runs to August 4.

It was the latest foul-up by the company after it emerged this month they had failed to ensure enough security staff turned up to provide protection for footballers staying at the Hilton Hotel in Gateshead.

On that occasion Northumbria Police were forced to step in.

But today Olympic chiefs were facing fresh criticism after police helped Border Agency officers carry out the arrests at St James’ Park.

Home Office officials were unable to release the nationalities or ages of those arrested, but confirmed they had carried out a raid.

Meanwhile, a Northumbria Police spokesman said: “On Wednesday, July 25, officers carried out a number of arrests in conjunction with the UK Border Agency in connection with suspected immigration offences.”

Last week two Olympic security guards were arrested on suspicion of being illegal immigrants at Coventry’s Ricoh Stadium. One was due to be a supervisor for G4S.

The Pakistani pair, aged 21 and 24, are believed to have been working for several weeks at the ground, which is one of the 2012 football venues.

LOCOG further came under fire after fans reported delays getting into St James’ Park prior to Mexico’s goalless draw with South Korea.

Today Newcastle City Council’s director of operations 2012, Stephen Savage, said: “LOCOG are responsible for ticketing, sales and collections, and as soon as the city council became aware of the delays we made the strongest representations to LOCOG to tackle this issue.

“I’m pleased they have now come up with a solution to reduce delays.

“The atmosphere at yesterday’s games was absolutely marvellous and the fans of Mexico, Korea, Gabon and Switzerland were a credit to their nations.”

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Halal or Not? Nobody knows!

Halal or Not? Nobody knows! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

London 2012 Olympics is leaving a bad taste in many athletes mouths since they found out the British assured food standard is 100% Halal !


This is the deceit and hypocrisy of UK supermarket chains and slaughter houses which, whilst trumpeting the ‘Britishness’ of their products, surreptitiously purvey Halal meat to the general public and the Olympic teams, Halal is the Islamic method of religious slaughter whereby a live animal has its throat slit whilst being blessed in the name of Allah. And it can take up to six minutes to die.

In an investigation it was revealed that supermarkets, butchers and other retailers, restaurants, cafes, the food production and catering industry as a whole, all source from suppliers who serve Muslim as well as non-Muslim customers.

Some of these suppliers process all their meat to Halal standards. For example, all New Zealand lamb meets Halal standards.

And all British lamb and chicken is Halal, In these cases all of the processes still meet the same stringent animal welfare requirements, it is claimed some animals are stunned prior to slaughter whether the meat is sold as Halal or non-Halal, but all is Islamically blessed so it can be used for both the Muslim and non Muslim market.

The American Olympic national team are being fed this meat, which is blessed with the same words used by the 9/11 hijackers in the cockpit as they crashed into the World Trade Centre, French athletes, whose country has just suffered Islamic terrorists killing Jewish children outside a school are also being fed Halal meat by London 2012 officials.

The meat is not labelled in the UK, so shoppers and the catering industry do not know they are in fact eating Halal.
India, whose Olympic team might also object under religious grounds, being Hindus, and Spain, Denmark and Russia are just a few who could ask London 2012 organisers what are we eating, as British Red Tractor meat, according to all major supermarkets, is in fact now slaughtered Islamically to save packaging costs.

As the world looks at London, the British meat industry gets ready to show off some of its finest meat, forgetting to tell anyone that in fact there's not much that is British in the method it is slaughtered.

Christian athletes are being fed Islamic meat in the Olympic village.

Should they ask their team coaches for non Red Tractor meat or 100% guaranteed non Halal meat
which can be brought from farm shops and small butchers selling local meat, or just stick to Pork?

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Disgrace: Commonwealth soldier kicked in the teeth by Britain

Disgrace: Commonwealth soldier kicked in the teeth by Britain | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A Commonwealth soldier who served for 13 years in the Army has been refused British citizenship.


Lance Corporal Bale Baleiwai has spent his whole adult life in the British Army. He has a glowing service record, a row of medals and a starring role in Army recruitment advertising.
His reward is a deportation notice. After 13 years fighting for Britain, it has given him three weeks to leave the country. “When I had the uniform on, I was a British soldier,” he says.
“Now I have taken it off, I’m just a problem they want to get rid of.”
L/Cpl Baleiwai was British enough for two tours in Iraq, dodging the bullets on escort duty. He was British enough to patrol Belfast and Bosnia.
In Afghanistan, he was British enough to spend seven months as a gunner in a brigade recce force, under daily Taliban fire that killed three of his comrades.

But a few weeks ago, after leaving the Army, Bale Baleiwai found that he is not British enough to work as a railway track repairer, or a fibre-optic technician, or any of the other jobs he has been offered.
He was British enough to pay thousands in tax and National Insurance, but he is not British enough to claim benefits.
Now L/Cpl Balewai, his British wife Kim and their two British children are surviving on their savings as they fight deportation.
They are the latest victims of a scandal revealed by The Sunday Telegraph: the growing number of Commonwealth soldiers recruited, then discarded, by Britain.
Denied the right to work or welfare, they leave the Army and face ending up destitute. “They are non-people. They’re dispossessed,” says Hugh Milroy, the chief executive of Veterans Aid, the charity that helps them.
“Despite all the political rhetoric about veterans, the reality is they are treated worse than anyone else. This is one of the most shocking cases I’ve ever seen, and I’m ashamed we’re letting these people down.”
Early in the last decade, desperate for manpower, the Army made strenuous efforts to recruit foreign and Commonwealth citizens, notably Fijians and Caribbeans.
About 7,000, eight per cent of the Army’s total strength, currently serve. They are British soldiers just like the others, and after four years they are promised British citizenship.
But Bale Baleiwai, a Fijian, is one of a growing number of soldiers prevented from exercising that promise on what appear to be the flimsiest of grounds.
Wanting to see more of his family, traumatised by his Afghan service — “in the supermarket, a kid dropped a tin, and I was underneath the nearest trolley” — he decided to sign off.
A skilled mechanic, he had plenty of takers for his services in civilian life. There was even an offer from a Zambian copper mine. “We thought we were going to have the life, didn’t we?” remembers Mrs Baleiwai. “We were excited.”
Unknown to her husband, something he had rightly thought trivial was about to become, for him, a catastrophe. In September 2010, another soldier picked a fight. He fought back. It lasted about a minute.
Two days later, he was told he had broken the man’s jaw and sent to his commanding officer for summary punishment.
“I was gutted,” he says. “I was disappointed with myself for what I thought I’d done. I thought I’d just take whatever was coming.”
The hearing lasted 10 minutes. Conditioned to obey his commanding officer, he did not ask for legal advice, or even try to see the evidence.
If he had, he would have found that he did not break anyone’s jaw and that five witnesses said he had acted in self-defence. None of them was called to give evidence; he was convicted and fined.
“I thought it was just an internal thing,” he said. It normally would have been.
But for the UK Border Agency, when it came to assess Baleiwai’s application for citizenship, the Army’s summary justice counted the same as a criminal conviction in court.
And that alone was enough to deny him the chance to be British. In a brief letter three weeks ago, it said that his application had been refused on grounds of good character, and that he should leave by August 9 — for a country he had not lived in since he was a child.
In vain the couple produced other testimonies to his character. “He has immense pot-ential,” wrote the same CO who fined him, in his annual appraisal.
“He is a natural leader, trusted and thought very highly of. He gains my strongest recommendation for promotion.”
The report, the five operational tours, the four medals: none of it mattered because, since last year, the Border Agency has been obeying new rules.
As the MoD admits, it “previously had the ability to exercise discretion”. Now, refusal is “automatic”.
“I felt betrayed,” says L/Cpl Baleiwai. “I gave 13 years to this country. I swore the same oath to the Queen. It was a kick in the face.”
“I just felt scared,” says his wife. “We’ve got no money. When I married Bale, I married a British soldier. I’ve got mixed-race kids. I don’t want them growing up in a country where there is this sort of behaviour.”
The regiment, they say, does not want to know. The British Legion would not help because L/Cpl Baleiwai is not British. The MoD said it was not its problem.
Solicitors asked for £250 an hour. Not many people replied to their letters. Veterans Aid did. This small charity, based above a hairdresser’s shop in central London, calls itself “the A&E of the veterans’ world”.
It has already helped 100 Commonwealth ex-soldiers who have nowhere else to turn and no other means of support, and now sees five to six more every week. It is funding or supporting 15 of them and their families.
Some are caught out like L/Cpl Baleiwai, others by another new rule they have no idea about — that they must apply for citizenship within a month of leaving the military.
“They get a stamp in their passport saying they don’t need leave to remain,” says Mr Milroy. “They think they’re covered, but they don’t realise it only applies until they go out of the Forces. The Army says it tells them, but it doesn’t. They sometimes end up on the streets.”
Other soldiers do apply, but fill in the form wrongly. By the second time they send it, they have missed the deadline, and the bureaucrats are difficult to move.
“Each department is following its own rules, completely unconscious of the effect they have together,” says Mr Milroy. “It’s a system failure and it’s an iniquitous system.”
Because of their military service, soldiers might expect special treatment. But actually, with so many more offences to fall foul of and far lower standards of proof, they get treated worse than anyone else.
In the same week that the Baleiwais got their deportation letter, another would-be Briton won his appeal against deportation.
But while Bale Baleiwai had been fighting the Taliban, this man was the Taliban: Zareen Ahmadzai, who took part, by his own account, in “a lot” of battles, sometimes “two or three a night, as well as daylight fighting”.
What a surprising country this is, where the man who fought for Britain gets thrown out and the man who fought against us is allowed to stay.

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Indian origin solicitor accused of UK tax fraud

Indian origin solicitor accused of UK tax fraud | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A London-based solicitor of Indian-origin, who was made a Queen's Counsel in March 2011, is facing criminal charges for failing to pay 600,000 pounds in VAT, the Crown Prosecution Service today said.


Rohan Anthony Pershad, QC, is to be prosecuted for not paying Value Added Tax between June 1999 and September 2011.

It is alleged he knowingly failed to declare VAT payments for which he charged on services he provided while working as a barrister.

Queen's Counsel is a status conferred by the Crown. Members have the privilege of sitting within the Bar of court.


Read more:


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Father and daughter plead guilty to legal fraud scam

Father and daughter plead guilty to legal fraud scam | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A FATHER and daughter from Brierfield, who ran a £250,000 legal fraud scam, have pleaded guilty at court.
Mohammed Arshid Khatana, 51 and his daughter Mahria Khatana, 24, both of Hawkswood Gardens, Brierfield, Nelson, appeared at Preston Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday 25 July). Mohammed Khatana pleaded guilty to 15 counts of fraud. Mahria Khatana pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud.
They were arrested after a three year investigation by the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit and the Legal Services Commission, during which it was discovered they had committed a large number of legal service frauds amounting to in excess of £250,000.
Enquiries into the Khatana’s two companies - POCA Consulting Ltd and Ultima Consulting - revealed that despite having no legal qualification or accreditation, they would offer legal representation to clients in proceeds of crime and other criminal matters. Mohammed Khatana would visit with the client and arrange to transfer their legal aid to a solicitors firm and would charge up to £500 for the referral.
They were also found guilty of defrauding a 74-year-old man, who was facing confiscation proceedings for money laundering. Mahria Khatana obtained quotes for legal representation from a barristers firm in London. She then doubled the quotes and sent a £43,000 bill to the man – a fee which should have cost less than £10,000.
Mohammed Khatana was found guilty of attempting to enter into a money laundering arrangement following a seven day trial in April. This came after an undercover officer posed as the girlfriend of a drug dealer and met with Khatana where he gave her advice on how to launder drugs money.
Detective Superintendent Jason Hudson from the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit said: “Khatana was a ruthless serial fraudster who was prepared to use his daughter to steal from a wide range of individuals for his own gain. We worked closely with the Legal Services Commission in identifying and stopping Khatana's abuse of the legal aid system."
Chief Executive of the Legal Services Commission Matthew Coats added: “The LSC worked closely with the police on this case and we are pleased that both accused has pleaded guilty. Legal aid funding is public money and we will not tolerate people trying to defraud the taxpayer.
"We are actively engaging with our partners across the public sector to rigorously pursue and combat fraud."
Both Khatana’s will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on 12 September.

“Khatana was a ruthless serial fraudster who was prepared to use his daughter to steal from a wide range of individuals for his own gain." Detective Superintendent Jason Hudson
North West Regional Organised Crime Unit

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Muslim murderers given microwaves to heat food up during Ramadan!

Muslim murderers given microwaves to heat food up during Ramadan! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Muslim murderers have demanded and been given microwaves to heat their food up during Ramadan, leaving other prisoners at Gartree jail in Leicestershire, furious and claiming Muslims are receiving preferential treatment.


Muslim prisoners complained that last year’s food – served was cold when they began to eat it during darkness, the end of the fasting period.
Caterers will now deliver their meals, which they will warm up in ¬the microwaves provided.

Fadi Nasri, 33, who organised the murder of his special constable wife, is just one of the Muslim prisoners at the jail serving life.

One man said: “The ¬Muslim lads kicked up a stink last year over the food they received for Ramadan.

“And guess what? The authorities gave in and gave the green light. It’s a f**king liberty.

“If the non-Muslims asked for this they’d be told where to go.”

He pointed out a severe security risk that prisoners could easily smash the microwaves and use sharp pieces as weapons.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “HMP Gartree is in the process of having its kitchen rebuilt.

“A number of microwaves have been purchased for the kitchen area and for some prisoners observing Ramadan so they can heat up food in their cells.”

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The UK has become a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ for immigrants

The UK has become a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ for immigrants | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A huge backlog of over a quarter of a million immigration cases has left UK border chiefs struggling to deal with not only deporting immigrants but even knowing where they are.


The enormous total is made up from asylum seekers, foreign criminals, and illegal immigrants.

Commons Home Affairs Committee MPs announced the country had become a ‘Bermuda Triangle’ for migrants, describing it as a country where it is ‘easy to get in, but impossible to keep track of anyone, let alone get them out’.

New asylum cases numbering more than 21,000 have increased because officials were only able to process 63% of applications made last year.

It was also revealed there are some 150,000 legal immigrants who arrived as students and workers but whose visas have since expired and that the figure is rising by 100 daily.

Shockingly, 40% of these people have never been sent any correspondence ordering them to leave the country and it was also disclosed there are 3,900 foreign born criminals at large and therefore free to commit more crimes, the outrageous figures include nearly 1000 who have been untraceable for five years or more.

Additional to this, another 101,000 asylum and immigration cases remain from the backlog of almost half a million that were found lying around in offices from 2006 and had Home Secretary John Reid describe his own department’s immigration system as ‘not fit for purpose’.

These cases have been put into, what is called a ‘controlled archive’, simply a slyly worded meaning for “delayed”, because these immigrants cannot be found anywhere and obviously the government cannot take any form of action against them until, or more likely, if, they are ever found.

Around 60% of the near half million gained the right to stay in the country, mostly because an eternity had passed since they first applied and now they have settled here, raised a family, and with every liberal politician and judge bending over to champion the asylum and immigration Human Right laws, and a stack of wealthy barristers climbing over each other to take these cases on, they won’t be going far, ever.

Reid’s took over from Charles Clarke who was forced to resign after it was reported more than 1,000 foreign criminals had been released from prison between 1999 and 2006 without even being contemplated for deportation.

It will come as no big surprise to readers that despite more than six years passing since that particular shambles emerged, 60 of those offenders have still not been traced and are still living freely in the UK.

The committee’s chairman, Keith Vaz, said the backlog was unacceptable, adding that the agency appears to have ‘acquired its own Bermuda Triangle’.

‘It’s easy to get in, but near impossible to keep track of anyone, let alone get them out,’ the Labour MP said. ‘This is the first time the committee has collated all the cases at the UK Border Agency that await resolution.

‘This backlog is now equivalent to the entire population of Newcastle upon Tyne.’

The committee condemned Article 8 of the Human Rights Act which it said ‘weighs too heavily on the side of offenders rather than the safety of the public’.

They said it, ‘allows criminals facing deportation to live freely in our communities and to endlessly prevent their removal through spurious claims about their right to a private and family life under Article 8’.

However, the MPs approved Government changes to make it simpler to remove foreign criminals, saying: ‘The rights of offenders must be balanced against the rights of law-abiding citizens to live their lives in peace, free from the threat of crime.’

Despite what you have just read, The Home Office said: ‘This report highlights improvements we have made to tackle the huge backlog of cases we inherited.

‘Over 2,000 overstayers have recently been removed following targeted enforcement activity, foreign offenders are being removed more quickly and we are performing well against visa processing targets.

‘Talented students are welcome, but we have introduced new powers to toughen up the system, keeping out the fraudulent and unqualified.

‘The report has raised some legitimate concerns about issues that we are already tackling.’

Could you imagine driving up the M6 with your car tax or insurance a day late, maybe going at 75mph, it wouldn’t take too long until you were sitting in the back of a car with an over zealous, politically correct police officer, dreaming of his stripes and writing your ticket out.

Spare a thought for the hundreds of British pensioners choosing whether to heat their homes or eat, hauled before courts for not being able to pay their council tax or other bills, they can’t simply disappear.

It is absolutely disgusting and a national disgrace that these parasites can continuously invade our shores and end up living a life of luxury, at our expense, and can then just “get lost” within the system, there are Islamic terrorists out there in our cities and towns, planning the demise and obliteration of our land, yet we don’t know where they are!

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Nowhere to Hide!

Nowhere to Hide! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
An activist reports: After contacting several key activists, Steve, myself and John Phillips from London with Sam Mayhew from Thurrock travelled to rain-soaked Ipswich Magistrates Court, Suffolk in an attempt to highlight the case.


Our arrival there caused quite a stir amongst the Court staff. On leaving the building after using the toilet facilities I noticed that Court employees had gathered up around a window and one of the female staff was telling her colleague excitedly that ‘they’re outside now with a loud-speaker.’

I also noticed that the names of the men and their charges had been omitted from the Court time table.

Outside the colourful ‘Hope for England’ banners were sufficient and soon had motorists acknowledging our presence.

The press were on hand and we were happy to pose for a Daily Mail photographer and give a short interview but when approached by the BBC, we told them that we were not interested in talking to them and they left.

London Organiser, Steve Squire said ‘I called a flash demo because I was amazed that the case was being kept quiet. It was astonishing to learn that most of the people who came and asked us why we were there had no idea that Muslim paedophiles were appearing in Court on such charges and that’s why people must be made aware of crimes involving Muslim paedophile groomers at every opportunity.’


The four accused are Surrin Uddin, 28 of St. Matthews Row, London charged with two counts of raping a girl under 16 and one of child abduction. Mohamed Shiekh, 31, Seaton Place, London charged with child abduction offence and possessing a controlled drug. Ali Hamza, 38 Chingford Road, London charged with sexual assault and child abduction. Abdul Hammed, 46 of Wellington Street, Ipswich charged with raping a girl under 16 and one child abduction.


This is obviously another racially motivated rape hate crime and we also noticed once again that the McPherson recommendations are being ignored when it involved a member of the indigenous community.

Since the impromptu demo, the case now appears to have become more of a public story.


See the video here:



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UAF and RSPCA, plus so called animal welfare groups humiliated in Sunderland

UAF and RSPCA, plus so called animal welfare groups humiliated in Sunderland | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Chris Thornton South Tyneside Organiser - After our huge success in reversing the decision by Subway in South Shields selling halal meat, myself and South Tyneside fund holder Martin Vaughan decided to organise a similar demo outside the Subway in Sunderland.


We informed the Sunderland Echo, who then wrote an article covering four pages.

Although they quoted Martin Vaughan's statement correctly, that we are demonstrating about the unnecessary pain and suffering of animals that are killed barbarically in halal ritual slaughter and that it was not an attack on Muslims, but to bring awareness to the public what halal is about.

It was also to shame the RSPCA and so called animal welfare groups who will not act because of fear of upsetting the Muslims.

However, they still tried to put their on twist on the matter suggesting it was a racist attack on Muslims but judging by the support we received from the public they saw through it and the article helped our cause no end.

We would have been more than happy to have around 20 activists but we were both pleasantly overjoyed by the massive turnout of over a hundred people who were very vocal, especially when the Truth Truck went past continuously throughout the demo.

The huge support we had was made up of local members, David Orr and fellow Scottish members, ex-members, the general public, and members of the farming community shocked at what they had read in the Sunderland Echo.

One Northumberland farmer Mr Henderson voiced his concerns that the RSPCA bombarded farmers, and rightly so with legislation rules and regulations on animal welfare from when the live stock is born until it is taken to auction.

His concern is that he and the farming community have seen a massive increase in Asian buyers at these auctions and through our Stop Halal Campaign he is disgusted with the RSPCA and government for then abandoning these animals and letting them endure and painful, frightening death.

I then repeated Mr Henderson's concerns in an interview with Sky News but the chance of any positive interviews by the British National Party being shown on National TV is very remote.

I understand why the Muslims want to support the selling of ritually slaughtered halal meat, however misguided I believe they are, but what I fail to understand is the two dozen UAF who turned up on a counter-demo and came to support ritual slaughter, they have travelled miles to support Muslim paedophiles in the past.

I put it to the UAF and the Muslim’s to please explain why they think animals should be slaughtered barbarically in this way and although many of them had travelled far and wide to be there, none would or could answer my question.
I would like to thank everyone who came and those that went on to help us with a table top paper sale in Jarrow later that day. We always receive a warm welcome in Jarrow and yesterday was no exception.

The day was rounded off with around 60 members attending The South Tyneside BNP meeting in Hebburn with the main guest speaker our Chairman Nick Griffin and the introduction of our new Regional Organiser Peter Molloy.

Peter has agreed to take over my old role, and I am looking forward to working alongside him to continue to help the North East British National Party grow.

This is not the end of the matter.

We will continue to protest at this shop until Subway change its policies on this sickening practice.

Martin Vaughan then continues; where do I start?
The media spin and lies never cease to amaze.I will start with what I think the vital points are.


1. We knew our leader and MEP Nick Griffin, which the Sunderland Echo failed to print, was not attending this demo, but that was for us to know and them to find out.


2. The 200 people The Echo stated were on the street was about right, but it failed to say that at least 150 of those were on our side.


3. None of the left wing comments in the paper even attempted to address the issue of Halal meat.


4. The Echo stated the day before the protest, that no one from Subway was available for comment, well at the protest I myself invited them to address the crowd, but still no comment.


Dare I say this was because, what can they say, you cannot justify this barbaric practice.
I have today called The Echo to tell them that it does not matter how much spin they put on it, the public can see right through it.

I also told them the BNP will not stop until this shop withdraws the sale of Halal meat, I went on to say that this protest was the tip of the iceberg, and there will be many more protests.

The day could not have started better. We turned up at our RV point to be met by at least 5 police vans, taxpayer’s money no object.
We handed out hundreds of leaflets and we had 100% support from the public.

No one went into the shop when we were there, but Greggs next door was packed out.
We spent about an hour there and then as a climax to our day, our Truth Truck turned up all sounds blaring, it was a proud moment for all of us.

We should warn the local rag (Echo) that it won’t win the public over on this one and that it should never underestimate its buyers.

We should also warn Subway that this problem will never go away until all Halal outlets stop serving the terrible food.

Today I am writing to Subway CEO to get his response to this, I will keep you posted. I also warned him we will be having lots more flash protests at this store, and when we are done there we will move to the next store.

I would especially like to thank David Orr and his team from Scotland for travelling down to support us. We will return the favour by supporting his team in Glasgow very soon.

We still have car space if anyone wishes to travel to Glasgow with us they can contact myself on 07944841659.

After the protest we all moved on to Jarrow shopping centre and held a table top, the public response was tremendous, they were so glad to see us back.
The evening function went very well, we were very organised throughout the whole day, we had members out doing the business and members in doing the catering for the evening buffet.

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Mad Muslim tries to grab Olympic flame from torch bearer's hands

Mad Muslim tries to grab Olympic flame from torch bearer's hands | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A 17-year-old shouted 'Allahu Akbar' - Arabic for 'God is Great' - as he unsuccessfully tried to grab the Olympic torch during a stretch of the flame's route through Maidstone towards Redhill.


Broadcast live on the BBC, the youth lunged from the crowd to try to take the torch from the hands of its bearer Anna Skora, but was swiftly bundled away by officers.
In one video posted to YouTube he can be seen waiting behind a car and as Ms Skora gets closer he lunges towards the torch.

Ms Skora was about to hand over the torch to Graham White, a Surrey charity worker, when the teenager burst out of the crowd and tried to grab it.
He managed to get through the line of police officers escorting the torch as it headed through the town.
One of the officers at the back of the group swiftly grabbed hold of Ms Skora and the torch, guiding them to the opposite side of the road.

Four or five of the other torch guards then bundled the man to the side of the road where he was then arrested.
Ms Skora managed to keep the torch upright throughout the ordeal and she continued to smile as she completed her stretch of the Olympic flame relay.

The incident happened as the torch was being taken into Gravesend on Friday morning.
Ms Skora was able to keep hold of the torch as the youth tried to wrestle it from her grasp, and security and police officers stepped in to protect the torch bearer and bundle away the youth.
The youth, from Gravesend, is currently being held in custody and the torch continued on its way without disruption, Kent Police said.
A Kent Police spokesman said: 'At around 9.55am a man apparently attempted to take the Olympic Flame from a Torchbearer in Rochester Road.
'The man, who is from Gravesend, was arrested within seconds and is now in the custody of Kent Police.
'No one was injured in the incident and the Torch continued on its way without disruption.'


VIDEO: Watch as the man attempts to grab the torch, but is quickly stopped...



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Manchester Al Qaida Terrorist Recalled To Prison

Manchester Al Qaida Terrorist Recalled To Prison | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A Muslim extremist fanatic who was convicted of terrorism charges back in 2008 and sentenced to 10 years in prison was released on licence after serving just less than 3 years of his sentence, has been now recalled for breaching his early release conditions.


Ex taxi driver Habib Ahmed 32 of Cheetham Hill Manchester, was serving the sentence for being an active member of the terror group Al Qaida, and the possession of documentation of terror related purposes, Habib was also found attempting to smuggle coded secret books to the UK, which held contacts, and phone numbers to key figures of the terrorist underworld, and was a key to any potential UK terrorist massacre.

Greater Manchester Police and Special Branch officers, from the UK secret services intercepted Habib’s plans to attempt to bring the two secret books heading from Pakistan via Dubai with plans.

Habid was discovered with diaries written in invisible ink, containing details of senior Al Qaida terrorists, and was described at Manchester Crown Court as a ‘Terrorist contact booklet.’

It is also believed Habib downloaded a document called “a study of assassination”; he also looked up bomb-making techniques and checked the addresses of ex-Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, military bases, and senior policemen.

Habib was also jailed with his assailant from Rochdale, Rangzieb Ahmed, who was the first ever terrorist to be jailed in the UK, Ahmed was also handed a jail sentence for the minimum of 10 years for directing terrorist activity within the mainland.

Part of Habib’s early release licence were strict conditions and observations from Greater Manchester Police, the licence was quickly breached, it has been established that Habib was held after he began worshipping at an unauthorised mosque and bought an unauthorised mobile phone.

Mr Mercer, an ex-Army colonel, said: “We have a terrorist released unusually early from prison and what does he do? He says ‘Thank you’.
“It’s a blunder by the licensing board and questions must be asked why they deemed him fit to be free after three tenths of his sentence” Mr Mercer concluded.

Gary Tumulty Salford British National Party Organiser also said “The first question I would like to an answer to is what an unauthorised mosque is?
“It is total madness to let a known terrorist be let out of prison; we have the biggest single event to hit the UK shortly, The Olympics, which some of the events happen to take place in Manchester, The authorities have breached the public’s safety by allowing such a person to walk the streets, who would be only to happy to cause a massive atrocity to this country.

“There is no real deterrent in this legal system, he should be deported or hung, I just hope the people who have dumbed down the legal system in this country get their comeuppance, because when the British National Party take control of this country we will hold every single one of them accountable for their actions, that have destroyed this country” Gary Concluded.

It is believed Habib was arrested at the home of wife Mehreen Haji, 31, where he was staying, who coincidently was arrested back in September 2006 and charged with supplying £4,000 to Habib Ahmed "knowing or having reasonable suspicion that it would, or might be used for the purposes of terrorism".

Police also claimed the pair were members of Al-Muhajiroun, the Islamic militant group founded by radical Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed who was then serving a jail sentence for inciting terrorism.

Mehreen Haji was cleared of two counts of arranging funding for the purposes of terrorism; there was not enough evidence to support the police claims which allowed her to walk free from the court.

Habib Ahmed will now face a hearing to see whether he must serve the rest of his licence behind bars. No date has been announced, but rest assured the British National Party will be following this case very closely.

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Burnley Hit and Run Racist Attack

Burnley Hit and Run Racist Attack | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A hit-and-run which left a white teenager with a broken leg is being treated as a serious racist assault, police have confirmed today.


The 17-year-old was hit by a vehicle carrying Asian youths as he walked from Burnley town centre towards the predominantly Asian areas of Stoneyholme and Daneshouse, where sporadic violence flared over the weekend.

His 38-year-old friend managed to avoid the car and was not seriously injured.
The assault took place as the two were walking along Colne Road last night.

The blue saloon car drove up alongside them and an exchange of "racist" words with four Asian youths in the vehicle occurred.

The car then raced away along Colne Road before turning round and hurtling back towards them.

The car mounted the pavement and the teenager was struck and suffered a broken lower left leg.

Police said the incident is being treated as a racist attack and are considering bringing charges of attempted murder against the perpetrators.

Superintendent John Knowles said the assault was the only serious incident after five nights of violence in the town.
The hit-and-run is being examined by 30 detectives, who are also looking into the serious incidents of the weekend.

In June 2001, Burnley saw a series of violent disturbances arising from racial tension between elements of its white and Asian communities.

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