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Saudi female athlete's father to sue those who denounced her on Twitter after Olympic debut

Saudi female athlete's father to sue those who denounced her on Twitter after Olympic debut | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The father of the first ever Saudi female to compete at the Olympic Games has vowed to sue those who insulted his daughter for challenging strict traditions that prevented women from participating.
The father of Wojdan Shaherkani, who stole the limelight at the London Olympics despite lasting only 82 seconds on the mat before being defeated, told Al-Sharq daily that he wrote to the interior minister with copies of insults made on Twitter.
'I have sent an urgent letter to the Minister of Interior Prince Ahmed bin Nayef bin Abdul Aziz with copies of all attacks made on Twitter,' said Ali Seraj Shaherkani.

A lawyer has been hired to sue those who attacked his daughter, he said.
The judo international referee said he had no problem with those who criticised the performance of his teenage daughter, who despite being swiftly beaten by Puerto Rico's Melissa Mojica left the stadium to a standing ovation.

It is the first time the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom has sent women to the Olympics, and Shaherkani was almost kept out after the international federation for judo said she could not wear the Islamic hijab head cover.
The 16-year-old judoist eventually took part wearing a swimming cap to cover her hair, but that still did not impress Saudi conservatives who oppose relaxing constraints on women.

'You do not represent the chaste Muslim woman,' wrote Mohammed al-Barrak, a lecturer at Umm Al-Qura University in Mecca, on his Twitter page.
But most tweeters hailed Shaherkani's courage. Others started a hashtag deploring racist comments on Twitter targeted at Shaherkani over her Asian origins.
'It was an honour for my daughter to participate in this competition and to have represented Saudi Arabia,' said Shaherkani's father, adding that she will start training for the 2016 Olympics.
Apart from Shaherkani, US-raised 800m runner Sarah Attar is representing Saudi Arabia in London.

Under the strict version of Islamic sharia law that is applied in Saudi Arabia, women have to cover from head to toe when in public. They are also not allowed to drive, and mixing between the sexes is banned.


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Nine due to appear at Old Bailey on child sex charges

Nine due to appear at Old Bailey on child sex charges | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Nine men accused of being involved in a child sex ring in Oxford are set to appear at London’s Old Bailey today.


The group, arrested as part of Operation Bullfinch which saw raids across the city in March, are expected to enter pleas. All the men are in custody. They are Kamar Jamil, 27, of Aldrich Road, Summertown; Mohammed Karrar, 38, of Cowley Road, East Oxford; Bassan Karrar, 33, of no fixed address; Akhtar Dogar, 31, of Tawney Street, East Oxford; Zeshan Ahmed, 27, of Palmer Road, Wood Farm; Bilal Ahmed, 25, of Maidenhead; Mohammed Hussain, 24, of Horspath Road, Cowley; Assad Hussain, 31, of Ashurst Way, Rose Hill, and Anjun Dogar, 30, of Tawney Street, East Oxford.

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Six Birmingham terror suspects in custody

Six Birmingham terror suspects in custody | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Six Birmingham men accused of plotting a terror attack have been remanded in custody.


Jewel Uddin, 26, Omar Mohammed Khan, 27, Mohammed Hasseen, 23, Anzal Hussain, 24, Mohammed Saud and Zohaib Ahmed, both 22, appeared via video link in a preliminary Old Bailey hearing.


The men are jointly accused of preparing an act or acts of terrorism between 1 May and 4 July this year.

They were arrested after police found weapons in a car on the M1.

Guns, knives, machetes and a home-made explosive device were allegedly discovered.

Mr Uddin, Mr Khan and Mr Hasseen were arrested after a routine stop of a Renault Laguna by police on the M1, near Sheffield, on 30 June.

The weapons are said to have been found in that vehicle along with a note addressed to the English Defence League, which was planning a rally in South Yorkshire that day.

Mr Hussain, Mr Saud and Mr Ahmed, who were arrested on 4 July, were allegedly travelling in a gold Rover which was in a convoy with the Laguna.

The men face an allegation that they took part in activities including the manufacture of an improvised explosive device, the acquisition of firearms and other weapons, and the purchase of motor vehicles connected with the charges.

It follows a series of arrests by the West Midlands Counter Terrorism Unit, assisted by the North East Counter Terrorism Unit.

On Tuesday, the men spoke only to confirm their identities.

They were remanded in custody ahead of a hearing in January next year.

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Muslim told he must follow 'the rule in this country'

Muslim told he must follow 'the rule in this country' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Muslim hospital consultant told to pay ex-wife maintenance despite claims he owes her nothing under Islamic rules

Dr Zaid Al-Saffar told he must follow 'the rule in this country'
Ordered to pay £60,000 to his former wife, academic Hanan Al-Saffar
He felt the payments were illegitimate according to Islamic culture
Claims: 'Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people’

A Muslim hospital consultant was told yesterday that he must pay his ex-wife maintenance even though under Islamic rules he believes he owes her nothing.

A judge told Dr Zaid Al-Saffar that he must follow ‘the rule in this country’ and share his money.

The Appeal Court decision means Dr Al-Saffar must pay £60,000 to his former wife, academic Hanan Al-Saffar.

The ruling sounded a warning to Muslim couples who believe their marriages are ordered according to sharia law and agree to be bound by Islamic courts.

Lord Justice Ward told Dr Al-Saffar: ‘The rule in this country is that you share and the starting point is equal division.
‘You came out of the marriage without having made your wife any substantial capital payment.’

He added: ‘Life is sometimes hard; do not be consumed with bitterness.’

But Dr Al-Saffar said after the case: ‘By playing the system and pretending to be a victim she got everything, which I think is totally unfair.

‘Family law in this country is biased against Muslim people.’

The consultant rheumatologist at Scarborough Hospital in North Yorkshire, who is also the head of the Islamic Society in the resort town, was married for eight years, and the couple had two children.

The marriage was formalised following the Islamic tradition of Mahr, under which the groom pays a gift to his bride.
Because of this, his wife had signed away her share of the couple’s home in Belvedere Road, in Scarborough.


Read more:



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Muslim Police officer caused terror alert after ringing colleagues with a coded ‘bomb threat’ for a joke

Muslim Police officer caused terror alert after ringing colleagues with a coded ‘bomb threat’ for a joke | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
PC Hatef Nezami (pictured), 48, rang colleagues at the police Special Branch office with a coded message that a bomb was on a Condor ferry based in Poole, Dorset.


A police officer caused a major terrorism alert after ringing a busy port with a hoax bomb threat.
PC Hatef Nezami, 48, rang colleagues at the police Special Branch office with a coded message that a device was placed in a busy port.
Specialist terrorism staff were so concerned by the call's authentic nature that they started preparing for a full terrorist attack.
The constable, who has completed a regional Special Branch terrorism course, said that a bomb was on a Condor ferry based in Poole, Dorset.
However at the time of his call, the ferry was actually sailing across the English Channel packed full of people travelling to the Channel Islands.
Mr Nezami is believed to have tried to call back to reveal his 'joke' call but was unable to do so for half an hour as staff were engaged on all the available phone lines alerting authorities.
Remarkably, the Daily Mail understands that Mr Nezami, who has worked as a detective, has not faced criminal or disciplinary proceedings and was simply placed on uniform patrol at another station.
The maximum penalty for making a hoax bomb threat is a prison sentence of seven years.
Mr Nezami was seen leaving his three-bedroom townhouse in Bournemouth in police uniform before travelling to a local police station on two days last week.
It is a major embarrassment for Dorset Police which is currently in a major security operation patrolling the upcoming Olympic sailing events in nearby Weymouth.
All officers have had leave cancelled and specialist firearms teams from forces across the country have been drafted in to patrol the stretch of water near where the bomb hoax was said to be.
Senior officers in the force are frustrated that the matter has not been taken further and believe a criminal investigation should be launched.

One said: 'It's an absolute disgrace that something like this can happen from one of our own officers and it's swept under the carpet.
'A lot of senior brass don't want anything to happen to embarrass the force so close to the Olympics.

'One officer even joked that he was "testing out the systems" and that has been given as the official line if anyone questions the incident.
'It would have been a totally different story if this was a member of the public doing this just weeks away from the biggest security operation in Dorset's history.'
Patrick Mercer, chairman of the Terrorism sub-committee, said: 'If these allegations prove to be true then it seems to me very odd that this officer has not been prosecuted.
'I feel that the Home Secretary should step in and look at this.'
Mr Nezami refused to deny the allegations when asked three times. He said: 'I'm not willing to speak to you on this or any other matter.'
Both the Independent Police Complaints Commission and Dorset Police Authority were unaware of the incident when contacted.
A Dorset Police spokesman said: 'We're going to say no comment to anything to do with this enquiry.'
Chief Inspector Steve White declined to give details on whether there was a criminal investigation into the bomb hoax or if disciplinary proceedings had taken place.
He said: 'Dorset Police does not comment on internal staff matters.'
This week the force referred itself to the police watchdog for failing to find a couple who had died after a landslip crushed their car in Beamister tunnel, Dorset, for nine days.

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Just another week of the failed and forced multicultural nightmare

Just another week of the failed and forced multicultural nightmare | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

On and On it goes

Just another week of the failed and forced multicultural nightmare we are experiencing in what was once a decent, law abiding country; A Third World culture will bring Third World practice with it, Here are just a few examples from the past week.



Abdul Marin, 41, a former imam of Wellingborough mosque has been found unanimously guilty of seven sexual assault charges at Northampton Crown Court after telling a jury that he was the victim of a conspiracy.

Marin, who left last year, was accused of sexually molesting two girls, who cannot be named, kissing them and placing his hands inside their clothing during religious lessons of the Koran.

Rebecca Herbert, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was a tutor in the Koran and from about 2007 to 2010, he visited child A’s home address several times a week to tutor her in the Koran.

“During these times and at various other times, both girls mentioned to one or other of their parents that the defendant was physically affectionate with them.

“They said they did not like it and did not really want to have their lessons with him.

“During the summer of 2010, the lessons came to an end by mutual agreement, but it would seem it was due to their ages, not for reasons concerning the defendant’s behaviour.

“The defendant, being an imam, was respected and highly regarded by all but you, the jury, may feel it would have been hard for these two young Muslim girls to have spelt out what was happening.

Sexual matters are simply not discussed.

“The lessons finished in 2010, but things came to light because during the autumn term at school, child A watched a video about bullying and as she watched, she saw a section which talked about sexual abuse, along the lines that people should not touch you in a certain way and if they did, you were to tell someone.

As a result, she spoke to one of her teachers on November 2, 2010.”

Mrs Herbert added: “Child A accused the defendant of frequently putting his hand down her top and squeezing her breast area. On one occasion, she remembered he forced her to sit on his lap.


“Child B remembered when she was about seven, he touched her by putting his hand down her Burka and ‘bits he should not supposed to touch’.

She recalled it happened twice and said she knew similar things had happened to child A. She said the defendant told them not to tell anyone.”

Matin, of Albert Road, Wellingborough said the allegations were all part of a conspiracy against him by the children’s families.

He said the two girls had stated they would make up concocted sexual allegations against him to stop him telling their parents they were not concentrating on their religious lessons.

He added: “One (of the children) said that if you tell my father then I will say that you did this and that, that you touched us. We will go to the police and to the school.

“Then they said sorry and I thought that was the end of it.

“I was upset I teach children who could say something like that.”

The jury took two-and-a-half hours’ deliberation to unanimously convict him of all charges.

Judge Michael Fowler said: “Given the breach of trust, the age of the children and the period over which it happened, there is the potential for a custodial sentence.

“Indeed, when coming back to court, he should prepare himself for custody.”



A sexual predator, who attacked two women in a nightclub and a young mother, is facing jail.

Rasul Abdullah (31) had sexually assaulted his first two victims on the same night, last November, in Pharaoh’s in Burnley.

He had been bailed and had then struck again, molesting his third target after locking her and her baby in his house in Brierfield, Burnley Crown Court was told.

The defendant, an Iraqi national, is said to have indefinite leave to remain in this country.

The menacing and dangerous sexual predator’ was accused of putting his hand up the skirts of two women in the Burnley nightclub, the court heard.

‘Out of control’ Abdullah then molested a mother only two months later, after locking the woman and her baby in his house.

After being arrested, Abdullah claimed he had done nothing in the club and said the women were lying.


Read more from Middlesbrough, Edinburgh, and the latest from Shropshire :



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Beaten, forced to marry, drugged, murdered, all in a days work for Muslims in Britain

Beaten, forced to marry, drugged, murdered, all in a days work for Muslims in Britain | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A murder victim had applied to social services to move home because she was scared of her family, a court hears.


By Nick Martin, North of England correspondent
Shafilea Ahmed, the teenager whose dismembered body was found on a river bank nearly seven years ago, appealed to be moved out of the family home because she was "scared going back to my parents," a court has heard.

The A-level student made the emergency housing application to social services on February 5, 2003 - seven months before her disappearance - saying she was being beaten at home by her parents, jurors were told.

The contents of the form were revealed for the first time in public by prosecuting barrister Mr Andrew Edis QC, as he cross-examined Shafilea's father Iftikhar Ahmed for the second day at Chester Crown Court.

The 52-year-old taxi driver and his wife Farzana are accused of murdering their daughter at the family home in Warrington, Cheshire, on September 11 2003.

They both deny the charges.

At the time of the application, the teenager said she was being "forced into arranged marriage in Pakistan". Shafilea said she was suffering "violence and threats of violence" adding that "since I was 15 or 16 years old, one parent would hold me down while the other hits me."

Shafilea wrote that she was "scared of going back to my parents".

Ahmed said he was not aware of her application at the time and knew no reason for it.

Last week, Mrs Ahmed dramatically changed her defence case claiming her husband began "hitting and slapping" Shafilea on the night she disappeared.

The court heard that Shafilea had run away to Blackburn, Lancashire, for 10 days in January 2003 and, when she came back to Warrington, asked a teacher at school to help her with a rehoming application.

She also tried to apply for income support, the court heard.

She wrote that there had been "a build-up of violence towards me. My mother told me I was about to go to Pakistan for an arranged marriage. Teachers were told I would be absent from school. I would prefer to stay in Warrington", the jury heard.

The court heard that, during the time she had run away, her parents were contacting her friends and ringing her mobile phone in an attempt to find her.

Shafilea sent two texts to her mother, the first read: "I'm safe. I'm okay. Stop ringing people up about me. I'll contact you soon. Bye."

And then she later sent a second which said: "Don't you get it. Stop ringing me. I'll talk when it want," the court heard.

Ahmed denied the reason why his daughter was running away was because he was entering her into a forced marriage in Pakistan.

"You are a liar," said Mr Edis QC. "I am not a liar," he replied.

"You were clipping her wings, weren't you?'" said Mr Edis. "She was complaining of violence, of money begin taken from her, her phone being taken away, and kept at home."

The court heard how, days before the trip to Pakistan, Ahmed asked the doctor for a prescription after suffering headaches, being given prescription drugs that could have side effects of dizziness and disorientation.

Mr Edis said: "The next morning your wife gave Shafilea drugs to make her compliant. She gave her orange juice and drugs."

"It was just a soft drink," Mr Ahmed replied. "She was not drugged and taken to Pakistan."

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Sodomy "For the Sake of Islam"

Sodomy "For the Sake of Islam" | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Not only did the original "underwear bomber" Abdullah Hassan al-Asiri hide explosives in his rectum to assassinate Saudi Prince Muhammad bin Nayef—they met in 2009 after the 22-year-old holy warrior "feigned repentance for his jihadi views"—but al-Asiri apparently had fellow jihadis repeatedly sodomize him to "widen" his anus in order to accommodate the explosives— all in accordance with the fatwas [religious edicts] of Islamic clerics.


A 2010 Arabic news video that is making the rounds on the Internet gives the details. Apparently a cleric, one Abu al-Dema al-Qasab, informed jihadis of an "innovative and unprecedented way to execute martyrdom operations: place explosive capsules in your anus. However, to undertake this jihadi approach you must agree to be sodomized for a while to widen your anus so it can hold the explosives."

Others inquired further by asking for formal fatwas. Citing his desire for "martyrdom and the virgins of paradise," one jihadi, (possibly al-Asiri himself) asked another sheikh, "Is it permissible for me to let one of the jihadi brothers sodomize me to widen my anus if the intention is good?"


Read more:


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Remembering 7/7 – The Bombers - Rot In Hell !

Remembering 7/7 – The Bombers - Rot In Hell ! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The four men who carried out the 7 July bombings were young Muslim Britons who had led apparently ordinary lives. Their profiles are below.


Mohammad Sidique Khan, 30, Edgware Road bomber
A married father-of-one and teaching assistant, Mohammad Sidique Khan was the oldest of the bombers and is thought to have taken the lead role.
Raised in Beeston, Leeds, he was the youngest of six children born to Pakistani immigrants who had taken British citizenship.

Friends from his teenage years recall a highly Westernised young man who insisted on being called “Sid”.

Khan was known to the MI5, but officers assigned to investigate him were diverted to another operation.

Following the attacks a video message recorded by Khan emerged in which he said he was a “soldier” at “war”.

His bomb, detonated on a westbound Circle Line train, killed seven people.


Shehzad Tanweer, 22, Aldgate bomber
Shehzad Tanweer was born in Bradford but lived most of his life in the Beeston area of Leeds.
Neighbours described the sports science graduate as a “nice lad” who could “get on with anyone”. Friends said he was very religious, but did not express an interest in politics.

In 2004 he travelled to the Pakistani city of Karachi along with Khan.

The two became known to the security services, but were on the periphery of other surveillance operations.

Tanweer detonated his bomb on the eastbound Circle line, killing seven others.


Jamaican-born British resident Germaine Lindsay spent his childhood in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, not far from the other bombers’ homes.
He converted to Islam in 2000, took the name Jamal and, at around the same time, started to associate with troublemakers.

At school he was disciplined for handing out leaflets in support of al-Qaeda.

In many ways Lindsay’s life was unsettled, but in 2002 he married a white convert to Islam, with whom he had a young boy. A daughter was born after his death.

Lindsay carried out the most deadly of the bombings, killing 26 on the Piccadilly line train.


Hasib Mir Hussain, 18, Tavistock Square bomber
Teenager Hasib Hussain was known as a quiet student with few friends whose life attracted little outside attention during his early teens.
Hussain was a second generation British citizen whose parents were of Pakistani origin. He grew up in Holbeck, on the outskirts of Leeds, and was the youngest of four children. He was still living with his parents when he died.

While still at school, he went on the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca.

His family said they were “devastated” to learn he was the bus bomber who claimed 13 lives on 7 July.


Rot In Hell !

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Local Houses? Only if you're not local!

Local Houses? Only if you're not local! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Adverts like this have been popping up increasingly all over our major cities, none more so than in our capital.


In years gone by it was well recognised that signs would appear saying “No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs”.

Those days are long gone and any such sign showing in today’s Britain would see the owner of the establishment hauled before a court and sentenced to custody immediately.

A quick internet search found these advertisements that are currently online at http://www.gumtree.com




Along with others such as

"Double bedroom available… Asian only"

"Double room to let Gujarati (Indian) only"

Close to the station and bus stops (Filipino only)

"Professional single lady or Sri Lanka professional couple"

"House for rent… only Asian families"

There have been so many of these adverts being placed across London now that even the anti British BBC have dedicated a story to it on the national news website!
Of course the establishment will take no notice of this anti white racism, but can you imagine the consequences of a “White British Family Only Please” advert !

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Two Muslim men were sentenced to the most weakest sentence for the rape of a 13 year old child at Swansea crown court

Two Muslim men were sentenced to the most weakest sentence for the rape of a 13 year old child at Swansea crown court | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Nationalists can confirm today the most weakest , most inconsiderate sentence for two Muslim men that together attacked and raped a young 13 year old child ( the young girl can’t be named for legal reasons and to protect her identity ).


Both Muslims were in this country illegally and have been living here for the last 12 years or so. The vicious attack took place in Llanelli in December 2011.

Today at Swansea crown court Hassim Saadi age 21 and Abraheim Khudur age 26 , were both sentenced for this horrific crime against a young and innocent child.


Hassim was already in Stoke prison for affray for fighting Kurds on another sentence , he received 1 year and 3 months to run concurrent with his previous sentence , basically he got off with it as no extra punishment was put upon him.

The 26 year old Abraheim got 1 year and 4 months . During the hearing both were giggling and joking in the court room and were even told to “shut up” .They will both be let out with “good behaviour” when they have completed half of the sentence !

Is this the best protection our legal system has for our children? A young child has had her life ruined , her innocence has been taken from her , not to mention the injuries and the mental scars this will leave on her for the rest of her life, the stress the family has been put through i cant bare to imagine how sickened they must be at this sentence.

The case will be reported in tomorrow’s evening post ,and will probably be such a small write up you may even miss it if you don’t look hard enough for it (if its even posted at all )

So lets look at this and see it for what it really is , these two animals obviously with violent history , are here in our country , living here illegally have ruined a young British child’s life and are now sitting in a warm cosy prison cell , with 3 meals a day , visits , free healthcare (doctor /dentist), security from anyone else harming them (rule 43) , television , and endless other comforts.

This child could be your child , a family member or a friend , its really about time people started to see the reality of immigration and opened your eyes to it , its real and its happening right here on our doorstep !

Say NO to immigration and say YES to protecting your loved ones. Please share this article to make others aware of the dangers of immigration , thank you .

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SingleMuslim.com | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

If you're young, single and Muslim, finding love is getting increasingly difficult. Qualifications, height, job prospects and even complexion are high on the list of demands.

Then there's the question of nationality.

Will your husband or wife come from Britain or from abroad?

For professional women, educated Muslim men are in short supply.

Muslim men tend to marry at a younger age, not good news when you're pushing 30.

At the Birmingham Central Mosque, they think they have the answer.

As well as ministering to its congregation, it also offers the services of one of the largest Muslim marriage bureaus.

The Bureau has over a thousand people on its books and Mr Haq and Mr Razzaq are the masterminds behind the scheme.

For them, the Bureau offers a third way, a space between the traditional arranged marriage and the Western dating scene.

For those that can’t find the love of a Muslim women there is always the other alternative.......read more 



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The Pro-Nazi Muslims

The Pro-Nazi Muslims | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

During World War II, hundreds of thousands of foreign peoples joined with Hitler's legions to bring theirs people into special status in Hitler's New Order. Tens of thousands among them were Muslims, where the majority of them came from Soviet Union. Under the banner of the crescent and the swastika, these Soviet Muslims believe to become holy warriors to liberated theirs land. But the end of this unholy alliance was a disaster for them.

The Pro-Nazi Soviet Muslims

When the German Army invaded Soviet Russia on June 22, 1941 they saw many of their opponent inhabitants welcomed them as liberators. One of the group of Soviet citizens that felt had reason to rejoiced the coming of the Teutonic legion invaders were Soviet Muslims.

Many of Soviet Muslims hates domination of Russians upon them. They still remembered theirs golden age under the Muslim khans, emirs, and sultans before they fall into Russian Czardom between 17th and 19th centuries. Actually, when the Czardom liquidated during Bolshevik Revolution, the Muslim Soviet got a chances to liberated themselves from theirs Russian masters and formed some independent states with help from theirs Turkish brothers and her German allied. Even for a while they thought to build a Greater Turkey Sultanate like Pan-Turanian longing.

In Caucasus, an all-Islam army, composed of Azeris, Ajars, and other Caucasian Muslims, assist the Turkish army under Nuri Pasha, who was known for his Pan-Turanian ideas. They besieged many non-Muslims towns in Caucasus that refused surrender to them and starved it into submissions. Some of them implicated with the massacres of Armenians.

The same thing developed in Central Asia. In Kokand, a free government of Turkestan was proclaimed, while the emirs of Khiva and Bukhara asserted their independence. The Turkish-Tartar peoples in Crimea and Volga also arise against the Russians.

Unfortunately, after succeeded consolidated their power in Russia, the Bolshevist penetrated these areas. One by one centers of Muslim resistance to communism fell. The attempt to free these Muslim areas from Russian rule had failed, and the Soviet government succeeded in reestablishing its authority over the whole Caucasus and Turkestan. But the native peoples rejected this Russian-Communist authority. Some of them rise against the Moscow rule when the communist forced collectivized farms and atheistic attitudes upon them. One of the uprisings erupted in Chechnya, where the Cechens under an ex-communist named Hasan Israilov rise against the Soviet regime.

The unrest of these Muslim peoples didn't escape from Hitler intention. When many of Muslim Soviet POWs enthusiastic wished to join with the victorious Wehrmacht against theirs ruler, theirs aspirations get a green light from the German dictator. On December, 1941 a top secret memorandum ordered that the OKW was to create two Muslim units: the Turkestanisch Legion, consisted Muslim volunteers from Central Asia, like Turkomans, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Kirghizs, Karakalpaks, and Tadjiks; and Kaukasisch-Mohammedan Legion from Caucasian Muslims volunteers, like Azeris, Daghestans, Chechens, Ingushes, and Lezghins. Beside a separated unit consisted Muslim Tartars, Wolgatatarische Legion, was formed in Poland on January 1942.


Read more:


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Killer parents who tried to impose sick cultural values by intimidation, bullying and physical violence

Killer parents who tried to impose sick cultural values by intimidation, bullying and physical violence | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Farzana and Iftikhar Ahmed murdered 17-year-old daughter Shafilea because she simply wouldn't conform to the values of 'rural Pakistan' – and then terrorised the rest of their family into a sickening nine-year cover-up.


For nearly a decade, they kept up the sham that they were grieving parents whose beautiful daughter had been kidnapped

Last night, as the pair were jailed for life, social services were accused of missing several key warning signs in the run-up to Shafilea's death.
Indeed, the killers were exposed only after Shafilea's younger sister plucked up the courage to tell how she and her siblings watched them suffocate her in 2003.
Mr Justice Roderick Evans said 'Westernised' Shafilea simply wanted a normal life but found herself 'squeezed between two cultures'. He then made a thunderous attack on the morals of the parents standing in front of him at Chester Crown Court.
'What was it that brought you two, her parents, the people who had given her life, to the point of killing her?' he asked them.
'You chose to bring up your family in Warrington but your social and cultural attitudes were those of rural Pakistan.
'Shafilea was a determined, able and ambitious girl who wanted to live a life which was normal in the country in which you had chosen to live and bring up your children. However, you could not tolerate the life that Shafilea wanted to live.

'You wanted your family to live in Pakistan in Warrington.
'Although she went to local schools, you objected to her socialising with girls from what has been referred to as the white community. You objected to her wearing Western clothes and you objected to her having contact with boys.

'She was being squeezed between two cultures, the culture and way of life that she saw around her and wanted to embrace, and the culture and way of life you wanted to impose on her.'
He said the fact her siblings witnessed the murder was 'a truly horrifying feature' of the case which had 'blighted' their lives too.
He ordered both Iftikhar Ahmed, 52, and his 49-year-old wife to serve a minimum of 25 years in prison.
Shafilea's efforts to escape her parents' iron grip were thwarted by what criminologist Dr Aisha Gill called a 'catastrophic' communication breakdown as social workers took her reluctance to make allegations of abuse at face value.
Dr Gill, an expert in 'honour killings' who appeared for the prosecution, said that but for that Shafilea may still have been alive today.
Born and raised in Britain, Shafilea's aspirations forced her to lead a 'secret life', spending money from her evening job on buying 'Western' clothes and a mobile phone and enjoying flirtatious chats with young Muslim men.
Those aspirations clashed with her parents, who expected a compliant, demure future bride fit to marry a cousin she had never met in Pakistan. Shafilea was subjected to regular beatings. In her own words, found in an application for housing help, she wrote: 'Regular incidents since I was 15-16 years. One parent would hold me while the other hit me.'

As the eldest daughter, her fate had already been determined 4,000 miles away in the village of Uttam in Pakistan's north-eastern frontier. Suspected family figurehead Abdul Razaq had proposed marriage on behalf of his son, whom Shafilea had never met.

Several times she fled the family home, but aged 16 she was packed off to Pakistan. In desperation she drank bleach, known locally as 'scrub', causing horrific injuries.
Her aunt Rukhsana Imtiaz said: 'I still believe it was a mistake she took scrub and did not intend to kill herself, but what happened was very bad…
'She was in great, great pain and we rushed her to hospital where they washed her stomach and saved her. She was kept under treatment for three days but her throat was badly damaged – she struggled to swallow even liquid.'
Astonishingly, the family recalls, the incident merely served to fuel Mrs Ahmed's anger because Shafilea had 'made a scene'. After months in hospital back home in Britain, Shafilea set about resuming a Westernised lifestyle.
Crucially, however, she had now lost her 'value' as a potential bride, her body ravaged by the effects of poor medical treatment in Pakistan.
On September 11, 2003, another – fatal – row began after Shafilea was picked up from her evening job wearing a short-sleeved top and white stiletto boots.
Her body was found beside a river in Cumbria in February 2004 but the breakthrough in the case did not come until 2010 when Shafilea's sister Alesha – only 15 at the time of the murder – was arrested over a mysterious robbery at the family home and finally told police she had witnessed the killing.
Now 24, she said their mother began the attack with the words 'Just finish it here', before her father stuffed a plastic bag in Shafilea's mouth, holding it there until she stopped breathing.
Their brother Junyad, then 13, later told his sisters 'She deserved it', Alesha said, telling of watching her parents wrap Shafilea's body in bin bags before her father carried it to a car.
Yesterday, at the end of the ten-week trial, Mrs Ahmed wept as she was found guilty, while her taxi driver husband grimaced then uttered an obscenity at detectives.
Police suspect someone helped dispose of Shafilea's body, and further prosecutions could follow.


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Ukrainian feminists stage topless protest near Tower Bridge over Olympic body’s ‘support for bloody Islamist regimes’

Ukrainian feminists stage topless protest near Tower Bridge over Olympic body’s ‘support for bloody Islamist regimes’ | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Police broke up the demonstration by members of the protest group Femen, who accused the Olympics' governing body of having supported 'bloody' Islamist regimes.


Four topless activists from a women's rights group were arrested today after they carried out a protest in central London.
Police were called to City Hall to deal with the protesters, who had accused the Olympics' governing body of having supported 'bloody' Islamist regimes.
Pictures showed officers holding women on the ground and covering their chests.

One woman screamed as officers held her.
The demonstration near Tower Bridge, described as an 'Islamic marathon' by the protesters, was organised by the Ukrainian feminist group Femen.
Protesters said the demonstration was against 'bloody' Islamist regimes which they said had been supported by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Some of the women had slogans marked on their bare chests. At least one carried the message: 'No Sharia'.
Femen, a group based in Kiev, was founded in 2008.
The organisation has become internationally known for organizing topless protests against sex tourists, international marriage agencies, sexism and other social, national and international ills.

Its stated goals include developing 'leadership, intellectual and moral qualities of the young women in Ukraine' and to 'build up the image of Ukraine, the country with great opportunities for women'.
In a statement published on its Facebook page, the protest group said a number of its French members had been arrested.
It called on the IOC to 'condemn violence towards women from Islamist states'.
It said: 'Femen requires the states that apply the laws of sharia be shut out of the Olympic games, because of the inhumanity of these laws, which are in total contradiction with Olympic principles that are peace and philanthropy.
'Femen accuses these states of simulating democratic changes regarding the position of women.

'With the support of the IOC, these Islamist governments use the participation of women in the Olympic games to hide thousands of victims and dead.
'If the IOC keeps flirting with radical Islam, new Olympic disciplines, such as stoning or speed raping will be added to the competition.'
A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said: 'At approximately 11.30am today police attended the site of a demonstration outside City Hall.
'Four topless female protesters were arrested under section five of the Public Order Act for disorderly behaviour.
'They are currently in custody.'
The protest was staged less than three months after Femen activists snatched football's European Championship trophy on two occasions.
They grabbed the cup in May while it was on display in a central square in Dnipropetrovsk, south-east Ukraine.

One activist took off her top to reveal an offensive slogan before picking up the trophy.
As security guards moved in on her, another activist, standing next to the cup, stripped off to the waist to display the same slogan.
Activists staged a similar protest in the Ukrainian capital Kiev earlier that month.
In February the protest group clashed with Italian police during Milan Fashion Week after a demonstration against the use of anorexic models.
The topless protesters wore jeans and had handwritten slogans such as 'Fashion = Fascism' and 'Anorexia' scrawled across their chests.
A similar protest was held in January in the Swiss resort of Davos in January, where the World Economic Forum held its annual meeting.

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Father and daughter plead guilty to legal fraud scam

Father and daughter plead guilty to legal fraud scam | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A FATHER and daughter from Brierfield, who ran a £250,000 legal fraud scam, have pleaded guilty at court.
Mohammed Arshid Khatana, 51 and his daughter Mahria Khatana, 24, both of Hawkswood Gardens, Brierfield, Nelson, appeared at Preston Crown Court yesterday (Wednesday 25 July). Mohammed Khatana pleaded guilty to 15 counts of fraud. Mahria Khatana pleaded guilty to four counts of fraud.
They were arrested after a three year investigation by the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit and the Legal Services Commission, during which it was discovered they had committed a large number of legal service frauds amounting to in excess of £250,000.
Enquiries into the Khatana’s two companies - POCA Consulting Ltd and Ultima Consulting - revealed that despite having no legal qualification or accreditation, they would offer legal representation to clients in proceeds of crime and other criminal matters. Mohammed Khatana would visit with the client and arrange to transfer their legal aid to a solicitors firm and would charge up to £500 for the referral.
They were also found guilty of defrauding a 74-year-old man, who was facing confiscation proceedings for money laundering. Mahria Khatana obtained quotes for legal representation from a barristers firm in London. She then doubled the quotes and sent a £43,000 bill to the man – a fee which should have cost less than £10,000.
Mohammed Khatana was found guilty of attempting to enter into a money laundering arrangement following a seven day trial in April. This came after an undercover officer posed as the girlfriend of a drug dealer and met with Khatana where he gave her advice on how to launder drugs money.
Detective Superintendent Jason Hudson from the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit said: “Khatana was a ruthless serial fraudster who was prepared to use his daughter to steal from a wide range of individuals for his own gain. We worked closely with the Legal Services Commission in identifying and stopping Khatana's abuse of the legal aid system."
Chief Executive of the Legal Services Commission Matthew Coats added: “The LSC worked closely with the police on this case and we are pleased that both accused has pleaded guilty. Legal aid funding is public money and we will not tolerate people trying to defraud the taxpayer.
"We are actively engaging with our partners across the public sector to rigorously pursue and combat fraud."
Both Khatana’s will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on 12 September.

“Khatana was a ruthless serial fraudster who was prepared to use his daughter to steal from a wide range of individuals for his own gain." Detective Superintendent Jason Hudson
North West Regional Organised Crime Unit

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Muslim murderers given microwaves to heat food up during Ramadan!

Muslim murderers given microwaves to heat food up during Ramadan! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Muslim murderers have demanded and been given microwaves to heat their food up during Ramadan, leaving other prisoners at Gartree jail in Leicestershire, furious and claiming Muslims are receiving preferential treatment.


Muslim prisoners complained that last year’s food – served was cold when they began to eat it during darkness, the end of the fasting period.
Caterers will now deliver their meals, which they will warm up in ¬the microwaves provided.

Fadi Nasri, 33, who organised the murder of his special constable wife, is just one of the Muslim prisoners at the jail serving life.

One man said: “The ¬Muslim lads kicked up a stink last year over the food they received for Ramadan.

“And guess what? The authorities gave in and gave the green light. It’s a f**king liberty.

“If the non-Muslims asked for this they’d be told where to go.”

He pointed out a severe security risk that prisoners could easily smash the microwaves and use sharp pieces as weapons.

A Prison Service spokesman said: “HMP Gartree is in the process of having its kitchen rebuilt.

“A number of microwaves have been purchased for the kitchen area and for some prisoners observing Ramadan so they can heat up food in their cells.”

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Nowhere to Hide!

Nowhere to Hide! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
An activist reports: After contacting several key activists, Steve, myself and John Phillips from London with Sam Mayhew from Thurrock travelled to rain-soaked Ipswich Magistrates Court, Suffolk in an attempt to highlight the case.


Our arrival there caused quite a stir amongst the Court staff. On leaving the building after using the toilet facilities I noticed that Court employees had gathered up around a window and one of the female staff was telling her colleague excitedly that ‘they’re outside now with a loud-speaker.’

I also noticed that the names of the men and their charges had been omitted from the Court time table.

Outside the colourful ‘Hope for England’ banners were sufficient and soon had motorists acknowledging our presence.

The press were on hand and we were happy to pose for a Daily Mail photographer and give a short interview but when approached by the BBC, we told them that we were not interested in talking to them and they left.

London Organiser, Steve Squire said ‘I called a flash demo because I was amazed that the case was being kept quiet. It was astonishing to learn that most of the people who came and asked us why we were there had no idea that Muslim paedophiles were appearing in Court on such charges and that’s why people must be made aware of crimes involving Muslim paedophile groomers at every opportunity.’


The four accused are Surrin Uddin, 28 of St. Matthews Row, London charged with two counts of raping a girl under 16 and one of child abduction. Mohamed Shiekh, 31, Seaton Place, London charged with child abduction offence and possessing a controlled drug. Ali Hamza, 38 Chingford Road, London charged with sexual assault and child abduction. Abdul Hammed, 46 of Wellington Street, Ipswich charged with raping a girl under 16 and one child abduction.


This is obviously another racially motivated rape hate crime and we also noticed once again that the McPherson recommendations are being ignored when it involved a member of the indigenous community.

Since the impromptu demo, the case now appears to have become more of a public story.


See the video here:



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Mad Muslim tries to grab Olympic flame from torch bearer's hands

Mad Muslim tries to grab Olympic flame from torch bearer's hands | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A 17-year-old shouted 'Allahu Akbar' - Arabic for 'God is Great' - as he unsuccessfully tried to grab the Olympic torch during a stretch of the flame's route through Maidstone towards Redhill.


Broadcast live on the BBC, the youth lunged from the crowd to try to take the torch from the hands of its bearer Anna Skora, but was swiftly bundled away by officers.
In one video posted to YouTube he can be seen waiting behind a car and as Ms Skora gets closer he lunges towards the torch.

Ms Skora was about to hand over the torch to Graham White, a Surrey charity worker, when the teenager burst out of the crowd and tried to grab it.
He managed to get through the line of police officers escorting the torch as it headed through the town.
One of the officers at the back of the group swiftly grabbed hold of Ms Skora and the torch, guiding them to the opposite side of the road.

Four or five of the other torch guards then bundled the man to the side of the road where he was then arrested.
Ms Skora managed to keep the torch upright throughout the ordeal and she continued to smile as she completed her stretch of the Olympic flame relay.

The incident happened as the torch was being taken into Gravesend on Friday morning.
Ms Skora was able to keep hold of the torch as the youth tried to wrestle it from her grasp, and security and police officers stepped in to protect the torch bearer and bundle away the youth.
The youth, from Gravesend, is currently being held in custody and the torch continued on its way without disruption, Kent Police said.
A Kent Police spokesman said: 'At around 9.55am a man apparently attempted to take the Olympic Flame from a Torchbearer in Rochester Road.
'The man, who is from Gravesend, was arrested within seconds and is now in the custody of Kent Police.
'No one was injured in the incident and the Torch continued on its way without disruption.'


VIDEO: Watch as the man attempts to grab the torch, but is quickly stopped...



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Hijacker could stay in UK after court victory

Hijacker could stay in UK after court victory | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
An Iraqi hijacker who helped take over a plane and held almost 200 terrified passengers at knifepoint is likely to stay in Britain after a court victory.


Mustafa Hussain is expected to be granted indefinite leave to remain – because some of his fellow hijackers have already been allowed to live here, the High Court ruled.
Hussain was among six men who took over a Sudan Airways Airbus and forced it to land at Stansted Airport in August 1996, where they claimed asylum from Saddam Hussein’s regime.
During the hijacking Hussain held a butcher’s knife while the others were also armed with knives and sauce bottles disguised as grenades.
All six were arrested and convicted of their involvement in the hijack, despite claiming they acted under duress, and were handed jail sentences ranging from five to nine years.
However, the Court of Appeal quashed their convictions in 1998 after concluding the judge in the original trial wrongly prevented the jury from considering their defence that they acted "under duress of circumstances".
Since then, two of the hijackers, including the ringleader, have been granted indefinite leave to remain (ILR).
And yesterday, Deputy High Court Judge James Dingemans QC said a decision by the Home Secretary Theresa May last year to refuse Hussain ILR was “flawed”.
He concluded that ministers had ignored "relevant matters" and that other people involved with the hijacking had been given indefinite leave.
He said Mrs May must now reconsider his case.
The plane, which had 197 people on board – was hijacked shortly after it left Sudan and, following a fuel stop in Cyprus, landed at Stansted.
In his judgment, Judge Dingemans QC said it “is obvious that the hijacking would have been terrifying experience for the innocent passengers on board”.
Hussain was a Shiite Muslim from Basra and claimed his family had suffered at the hands of the Saddam regime.
He said he had been accused of refusing to serve in the Iraqi army, detained without trial, tortured and sentenced to death.
The judge said Hussain had escaped from Iraq in 1995 and travelled to Sudan.
Hussain claimed he had been acting under "duress" when he carried out the hijacking because he had been facing execution in Iraq and feared being seized by Sudanese authorities and returned.
Hussain told the judge in a witness statement: " ... We had no choice but attempt to leave the country in the manner that he did by hijacking the Sudanese Airbus."
But in 1997, Hussain – and others – were tried and convicted for their respective roles in the hijacking.
Hussain was given a five-year prison sentence.
A year later, appeal judges had quashed convictions and no retrial was ordered.
In the High Court he was challenging a decision to refuse indefinite leave taken in October 2011.
Hussain complained that others involved in the hijacking had been granted indefinite leave to remain – and argued that he was treated inconsistently.
Home Office ministers had resisted Hussain's claim and denied "any unlawfulness" in their decision-making process.

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Two Muslim illegal alien paedo scum get a slap on the wrist for raping a 13-year-old girl

Two Muslim illegal alien paedo scum get a slap on the wrist for raping a 13-year-old girl | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Over thirty of the South Wales National Front and supporters took to the streets of Swansea to make the public aware of the Muslim rapists’ case that happened this week in Swansea Crown Court that was hidden from them.


Two Muslim men who had both been living in this country illegally were sentenced on Monday to the weakest sentence imaginable for the rape of a 13 year old child. There has been no media coverage of this case at all.

The Judge was very concerned about the welfare of the child rapists because they had travelled so far to go to court to be sentenced, in fact only from Stoke, just up the motorway. One had been serving time in HMP Stoke for another crime committed. He was outraged at why they were treated like this and the case resulted in a disgusting 14 months sentence to run concurrent with the previous sentence ~ he basically got off with it as no extra time was imposed.

The crowds continued to grow as onlookers eagerly watched and support was given by a lot of the passers by and we were able to get the news out to the public with ease for over 45 mines before the police turned up. Two police officers came first followed by another eight. They then brought in other officers who were armed with tasers. There was one arrest and police tried to confiscate the banners and posters but we got to keep most of them which will be used again at a later date.

The outcome of the day was a great result. The message was put across to the public that the South Wales National front will not tolerate paedophiles in our country, ever, and where the media will hide these cases not to cause a public stir we will expose them as we find out about them. There are many Muslim rapists cases that the public are not told about, and we can be expected to be out again sometime very soon, exposing every one of them.

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Burnley man jailed for sexual activity with child

Burnley man jailed for sexual activity with child | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A BURNLEY man who preyed on and groomed a vulnerable young girl has been jailed for four years.
Ajad Miah, 26, of Brougham Street, Burnley, appeared at Burnley Crown Court todaywhere he was also given a ten year Sexual Offences Prevention Order and was banned from working with children for life. He was found guilty of two counts of sexual activity with a child on Friday 8 June after a three day trial at Burnley Crown Court.
Miah picked the girl up in his Vauxhall Vectra as she walked along the street in Dunnockshaw, Burnley last September 2011. He gave her cans of lager and cannabis before engaging in sexual activity with her on two occasions.
He was arrested after an investigation by officers from Operation Freedom – a dedicated team set up to tackle sexual exploitation in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale.
DC Nikki Corbett from Operation Freedom said: “Miah deliberately targeted and preyed on a vulnerable young girl.
“We have worked with the victim and made sure she has been supported throughout what has been a difficult time. She has shown a great deal of bravery and courage throughout the case.
“This type of predatory crime will not be tolerated and through the work of Operation Freedom, we will continue to target, warn and prosecute those responsible. This type of behaviour is not just unacceptable, it is criminal, and we will pursue those people involved and bring them to justice.”

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Burka-wearing thief steals jewels

Burka-wearing thief steals jewels | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A thief in Manchester steals a "large quantity of jewellery" from a shop while disguised in a burka.


The person dressed in the full body cloak and walking with a pushchair stood outside Choice Jewellers on Wilmslow Road at 11:35 BST on Sunday.

A police spokesman said staff had opened the locked door because they thought the person was a customer.

The person then blocked the door open with the pushchair, allowing armed accomplices to enter and steal "a large quantity of jewellery" before escaping.

The spokesman said all four offenders had been armed with axes, which were used to threaten staff and smash jewellery cabinets.

After staff deployed a device which filled the store with thick smoke, the four were forced out of the Rusholme shop.

They then smashed the shop window to try to get more jewellery before escaping in a car down Walmer Street.

Det Con Ian Wrench said anyone offered jewellery by "anyone other than a licensed dealer" should contact police, as the four "who carried out this frightening robbery need to be caught".

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MEP Sajjad Karim practicing "Taquia"

MEP Sajjad Karim practicing "Taquia" | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The truth about the Blackburn EDL non violent visit to MEP Sajjad Karim's House.

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Five Reasons To Ban the Burqa

Five Reasons To Ban the Burqa | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Belgium and France have banned the Burqa and the new Dutch government is considering doing the same. Critics have charged that the ban is religiously intolerant, some even claim that it's intolerant of women, but the truth is that the Burqa is dangerous to women. Both those who wear it--and those who don't.


Five Reasons To Ban the Burqa here:


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