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Trio accused of raping girl, 13, to face trial

Trio accused of raping girl, 13, to face trial | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

IPSWICH: Three men accused of raping a 13-year-old girl are due to go on trial in January.


The trio are said to be among four men who allegedly brought the teenager from Chingford in east London to Ipswich in a van on the night of July 6.


At a plea hearing at Ipswich Crown Court on Friday Abdul Hammed, 46, of Wellington Street, Ipswich and Surin Uddin, 28, of Bethnal Green, London, each denied two offences of raping a girl under the age of 16, conspiracy to traffic in the United Kingdom for sexual exploitation and conspiracy to cause a child to engage in sexual activity.


Hamza Ali, 38, of Chingford Road, London, pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to traffic in the United Kingdom for sexual exploitation, conspiracy to cause a child to engage in sexual activity, one offence of rape and one of sexual assault.


The alleged sex assaults are said to have occurred at a house in Chevallier Street, Ipswich.


A fourth man, Mohamed Sheikh, a 31-year-old of Seaton Point, London, did not enter any pleas yesterday and his case was adjourned until a later date.


The defendants are due to go on trial at Norwich Crown Court on January 14.

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Horrific 'sexual predator' jailed for only four years

Horrific 'sexual predator' jailed for only four years | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A sexual predator who lured two teenage girls back to his Rochdale flat and raped one of them was jailed for four and half years today.

Babar Ali, also known as Zakir Mir, 43, of Rathbone Street, pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing at Minshull Street Crown Court to raping the 16-year-old girl.

The man plied the girls with alcohol after enticing them back to his home from a night out in Oldham town centre, he then forced one into the bedroom where he subjected her to a vicious sexual attack.

Detective Constable Michael Berger, of Rochdale CID, said: "This young victim was subjected to horrific and prolonged ordeal at the hands of Ali.

"The victim and her friend were persuaded to come to the flat, but once there, Ali demonstrated truly predatory behaviour.

"The victim was quite rightly left deeply traumatised, but she had the courage to contact the police the next day and she put her trust in us to investigate this.

"Without the victim there would not have been a case against Ali so we must pay tribute to her bravery."

The pair caught a taxi into Rochdale and were dropped off on Oldham Road, near a takeaway called Big Chef.

They were met by two men and were taken up to a flat at the back of the takeaway where they were given alcohol.

A short time later the victim was taken to an adjacent room where she was raped by Ali.

The victim and her friend later left the flat and she called the police the following day.

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Sick Muslim housemaid caught on camera raping one-year-old boy

Sick Muslim housemaid caught on camera raping one-year-old boy | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

She sat on top of baby and stifled his cries with pillow.


An Asian housemaid in Abu Dhabi waited for her Arab employer and his wife to go out before laying their one-year-old boy naked on the bed, took her clothes off and raped him, unaware of the hidden cameras installed in the house.

The film showed the maid and the baby both naked as she sat on top of him, ignoring his cries because of pain.

Annoyed by his non-stop cries, the maid then beat the baby and placed a pillow on his face to stifle his noise as she continued abusing him.

She was arrested in the capital.

The prosecutor accused the maid of raping the baby and endangering his life. When she was shown the film, she confessed to her crime.

Quoted by the semi-official daily Alittihad, a prosecution source said the maid faces up to 15 years in jail in line with the federal law meting out such punishment against crimes involving rape of people under 14 years.

“The UAE deals firmly with any thing that endangers children and harms them physically and psychologically..…under the law, the parents bear the responsibility to protect their children against such dangers,” the source said.

“The prosecution office is very much worried about the growing phenomenon of families relying heavily on maids to look after their children…the UAE law considers that parents leaving their child alone with a maid amounts to an act of endangering others’ life…this crime is punishable under law.”

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Illegal immigrant stalked and twice raped woman after authorities failed to deport him

Illegal immigrant stalked and twice raped woman after authorities failed to deport him | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
An illegal immigrant went on to rape a woman twice after the authorities failed to deport him. Ashraf had applied for asylum in the UK on two occasions but despite being refused both times, he was not deported.


An illegal immigrant was free to carry out two rapes after authorities failed to deport him, a court heard.
Shoaib Ashraf stalked the 24 year-old woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, near Inferno’s nightclub in Clapham, south London.

The Pakistani national, whose age is unknown but claims he is 20, then raped the woman twice in the early hours of April 29 this year, Inner London Crown Court heard.
Wearing a prison sweatshirt and clutching personal possessions, including a copy of the Koran, Ashraf spoke only to confirm his name and guilty pleas to two counts of rape.

The court heard that he had twice applied for asylum in the UK, but had not been deported despite being rejected on both occasions.
Adjourning proceedings, Judge Usha Karu told him: ‘You will next appear in court on October 12 when you will be sentenced.

‘I must warn you that the sentence that any court will pass will be one of custody and the fact that I have adjourned this case for reports is no indication that any other sentence is possible.’
Ashraf, who is also known by the name Atiq Rehman, of no fixed address, admitted two counts of rape.

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Boy raped at Manchester Debenhams after Arndale Centre abduction

Boy raped at Manchester Debenhams after Arndale Centre abduction | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A 14-year-old boy is raped at a department store in Manchester after being taken from a lift in the Arndale Centre by two men.


The 14-year-old had been going to toilets in the Arndale Centre, near the entrance of Aldi and Subway, when he was approached by the men.

After threatening the boy, they led him to a nearby Debenhams, where one of them assaulted him in a toilet.

Continue reading the main story

This young victim has been absolutely devastated by what happened to him” Det Sgt Liam Boden


Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has released CCTV of two men they want to trace after the attack, on 2 June.

Police said one of the attackers was Asian and one white.

The victim was told by one of the men: "Come with us, do what we say and if you try to run we'll get you."

GMP said he had been grabbed by the arm, led out of the Arndale Centre and taken to Debenhams at about 17:45 BST.

'Doubly shocking'
He was taken upstairs in the lift and marched to a toilet where he was raped by the Asian man.

GMP said the traumatised victim had contacted police after the assault and had been supported by specially trained officers.

Det Sgt Liam Boden, of North Manchester CID, said: "This young victim has been absolutely devastated by what happened to him.

"What makes this incident doubly shocking is that he was marched across a busy part of the city centre during the late afternoon on Saturday.

"I am confident that shoppers may have seen the offenders either before or after the incident.

"I want people to take a good look at the men in these images and tell me who they are."


Anyone with information is asked to call North Manchester CID or Crimestoppers.

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Swedish rape-jihad: "police reported an average of five rapes a day in Stockholm"

Swedish rape-jihad: "police reported an average of five rapes a day in Stockholm" | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Swedish rape-jihad: "police reported an average of five rapes a day in Stockholm"
The capital of Sweden is probably also the European capital of rape. Since Swedish police, politicians and media do their best to cover the Muhammad-factor, we have to look at neighbouring Scandinavian countries for a reasonable explanation:

Rape jihad in Denmark: More than half of all convicted rapists have immigrant backgrounds. Iraqis, Iranians, Turks and Somalis dramatically overrepresented...

Oslo, Norway: 69 percent increase in rapes (76 rapes in 91 days). Share of non-Westerners among 'attack-rapists': 100 percent.

Stavanger, Norway: Nine out of ten rapists are 'men from minority groups'

Norway: Muslim rapist tells victim that in Islam, women have no rights

Translated by Nicolai Sennels, DN.se, August 14: "Increase in rapes in Stockholm":

In July, police reported an average of five rapes a day in Stockholm. It is the highest figure in five years, Metro writes.
A total of 149 rapes was reported to the police in Stockholm in July. ...

It is unclear whether there is an actual increase in rapes or if it is because more victims go to the police.

"I hope that the reason for the increase is that we manage to uncover some of the rapes that are normally not reported. We work very actively on securing women's rights and we work effectively against hate crime," says Kjell Lindgren, chief information officer of the Stockholm police, to Metro.

The newspaper said that rapes of children under 15 account for the largest increase. These notifications have more than doubled compared to July 2011.

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Police warn of South Manchester 'sex monster'

Police warn of South Manchester 'sex monster' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Police are warning a sex monster may be on the prowl after a fifth attack in the last two weeks on women in south Manchester.


In the latest incident, two teenager girls were molested as they walked through Moss Side at 4.50am today.

They have told police brief details about a serious sexual assault.

They are now due to be video-interviewed by specially-trained officers to establish more detail about the crime.

However, police say the man who carried out this morning's attack – said to be black, aged in his late teens and wearing a grey hooded jacket – may have carried out three previous sex assaults.

In the first incident, a woman in her 40s was on Great Western Street when a man approached her and then walked past her shortly after 8am on July 19.

He then turned around and sexually assaulted her.

She told police her attacker is black, aged between 19 and 23, and about 5ft 6 tall. He wore a blue bubble jacket.

The next attack happened on Princess Road in Hulme at about 10.30pm on July 31 when a teenager was sexually assaulted.

The victim has told officers her attacker is black, aged 18 or 19, skinny and 5ft 8. He wore a blue shirt and blue tie.

A woman in her 20s was sexually assaulted at 11am last Wednesday, August 1, as she entered a house in Moss Side.

Her attacker had followed her along Wilmslow Road and Moss Lane East before molesting her.

The victim has told cops her attacker is in his early 20s, dark-skinned, slim and 5ft 9.

Police say the incidents appear to be increasingly serious.

Detective Inspector Theresa Carter, said: “We are still trying to establish the exact circumstances of this latest incident and are supporting the two victims who are yet to provide a detailed account of what happened.

“But based on an initial account we are treating this matter extremely seriously and believe it could be linked to three similar incidents that have happened in the area over the past few weeks.

“Incidents such as this will understandably cause concern in the local community, in particular among women, and I want to reassure them we are doing all we can to identify whoever is responsible.

“We have good descriptions of this person, who has worn fairly distinctive clothing - particularly the blue bubble jacket one on occasion and the blue shirt and tie on another - and will are making inquiries to try and identify him.

“I would urge anyone that thinks they know who is responsible, recognises the description of the person and clothes worn or has any information about any incident to call us.

“We will also have officers out on patrol in the area to offer reassure and if anyone is concerned they should come and talk to us.”

Anyone with information is asked to call police on 0161 856 4146 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

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Just another week of the failed and forced multicultural nightmare

Just another week of the failed and forced multicultural nightmare | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

On and On it goes

Just another week of the failed and forced multicultural nightmare we are experiencing in what was once a decent, law abiding country; A Third World culture will bring Third World practice with it, Here are just a few examples from the past week.



Abdul Marin, 41, a former imam of Wellingborough mosque has been found unanimously guilty of seven sexual assault charges at Northampton Crown Court after telling a jury that he was the victim of a conspiracy.

Marin, who left last year, was accused of sexually molesting two girls, who cannot be named, kissing them and placing his hands inside their clothing during religious lessons of the Koran.

Rebecca Herbert, prosecuting, said: “The defendant was a tutor in the Koran and from about 2007 to 2010, he visited child A’s home address several times a week to tutor her in the Koran.

“During these times and at various other times, both girls mentioned to one or other of their parents that the defendant was physically affectionate with them.

“They said they did not like it and did not really want to have their lessons with him.

“During the summer of 2010, the lessons came to an end by mutual agreement, but it would seem it was due to their ages, not for reasons concerning the defendant’s behaviour.

“The defendant, being an imam, was respected and highly regarded by all but you, the jury, may feel it would have been hard for these two young Muslim girls to have spelt out what was happening.

Sexual matters are simply not discussed.

“The lessons finished in 2010, but things came to light because during the autumn term at school, child A watched a video about bullying and as she watched, she saw a section which talked about sexual abuse, along the lines that people should not touch you in a certain way and if they did, you were to tell someone.

As a result, she spoke to one of her teachers on November 2, 2010.”

Mrs Herbert added: “Child A accused the defendant of frequently putting his hand down her top and squeezing her breast area. On one occasion, she remembered he forced her to sit on his lap.


“Child B remembered when she was about seven, he touched her by putting his hand down her Burka and ‘bits he should not supposed to touch’.

She recalled it happened twice and said she knew similar things had happened to child A. She said the defendant told them not to tell anyone.”

Matin, of Albert Road, Wellingborough said the allegations were all part of a conspiracy against him by the children’s families.

He said the two girls had stated they would make up concocted sexual allegations against him to stop him telling their parents they were not concentrating on their religious lessons.

He added: “One (of the children) said that if you tell my father then I will say that you did this and that, that you touched us. We will go to the police and to the school.

“Then they said sorry and I thought that was the end of it.

“I was upset I teach children who could say something like that.”

The jury took two-and-a-half hours’ deliberation to unanimously convict him of all charges.

Judge Michael Fowler said: “Given the breach of trust, the age of the children and the period over which it happened, there is the potential for a custodial sentence.

“Indeed, when coming back to court, he should prepare himself for custody.”



A sexual predator, who attacked two women in a nightclub and a young mother, is facing jail.

Rasul Abdullah (31) had sexually assaulted his first two victims on the same night, last November, in Pharaoh’s in Burnley.

He had been bailed and had then struck again, molesting his third target after locking her and her baby in his house in Brierfield, Burnley Crown Court was told.

The defendant, an Iraqi national, is said to have indefinite leave to remain in this country.

The menacing and dangerous sexual predator’ was accused of putting his hand up the skirts of two women in the Burnley nightclub, the court heard.

‘Out of control’ Abdullah then molested a mother only two months later, after locking the woman and her baby in his house.

After being arrested, Abdullah claimed he had done nothing in the club and said the women were lying.


Read more from Middlesbrough, Edinburgh, and the latest from Shropshire :



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Media black out as another Muslim gang rape shames Rochdale

Media black out as another Muslim gang rape shames Rochdale | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By David O’Loughlin


Yesterday 3 Muslim men were found guilty at Liverpool Crown Court of raping a 19 year old virgin Abdul Sajid aged 18; Ammar Zahoor aged 18 and Ali Osman aged 19 were all convicted of repeatedly raping a 19 year old student in a house in Rochdale.


The girl was invited back to Zahoor’s house where she was repeatedly raped by all 3 men and threatened with a knife.


The jurors were told that the 3 men even filmed part of the attack, the judge has put back sentencing of these 3 animals to next month and let’s hope they get a long jail term which this horrid attack deserves.


Yet again the name of Rochdale has been dragged through the gutter.


It seems to the many good people of Rochdale that it is not safe to walk the streets alone if you are a young woman.


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Woman, 22, 'trafficked into Britain to work as a prostitute was raped at brothel run from Fred West's old house'

Woman, 22, 'trafficked into Britain to work as a prostitute was raped at brothel run from Fred West's old house' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Eddezider Herak, 36, her alleged pimp, is said to have raped her at the two-storey house in Midland Road, Gloucester (general view pictured).


A young woman was trafficked into the UK to work as a prostitute and raped by her pimp at a brothel run from the former home of serial killers Fred and Rose West, a court heard.
The 22 year-old Czech national was one of many women lured to Britain to be sold for sex at brothels in London and the west country.
Eddezider Herak, 36, her alleged pimp, is said to have raped her at the two-storey house in Midland Road, Gloucester before his mother Ludmila Nistorova, 53, sold her off to a man for £1,000.

Rose West had murdered Fred's stepdaughter Charmaine in 1971, burying her under the kitchen floor at the address.
Her skeleton was not dug up until 23 years later after the Wests were arrested over 11 more murders at their new home nearby - 25 Cromwell Street.

Prosecutor Emma Deacon told jurors at Isleworth Crown Court how the Czech woman was raped by Herak at the brothel.
'While she was trying to sleep Herak came to her and touched her and had sex with her,' she said.
'Three to four days later she was raped again by Herak. She told him she did not want to have sex and he carried on regardless.
'The mother and son controlled her prostitution and instructed her on services she should provide.
'The customers paid Herak and she did not collect any money herself and just took food and cigarettes.

'She was working as a prostitute in Gloucester and most of her clients were of Asian origin.'
Jurors heard the victim was then raped repeatedly by Magezi Clague, 42, who is also accused of sex attacks on a 19-year-old Czech girl.
It is claimed traffickers also forced the women into sham marriages with foreign nationals.
The prosecutor told jurors how vital information on a brothel in Tooting, southwest London, was handed in anonymously to a local police station, prompting a seven month investigation.
'An envelope was received at Tooting police station, and inside it detailed all of the workings at that premises,' she said.
'Information regarding the allegations of prostitution, sham marriages, and credit and bank card fraud were inside.
'It detailed the cars they drove, and that they would pick up young girls who had gone astray in the Czech Republic and brought them here to work.

'When the arrived they would be prostituted in Tooting and Croydon to mainly the Asain community.'
The prosecution claim the information detailed how mother and son Iveta Viragova, 44 and Vojtech Virag, 26, helped traffic the girls into Britain to work at the brothel on Mitcham Road, Tooting.
The gang later set up sham marriages between the girls and their clients, to help them stay in the country.
Two other men, Teodor Hunka, 41, and Zdeno Sarissky, 29, are believed to have helped recruit the women from the Czech Republic, promising them over £2,000 to travel to the UK and participate in a sham marriage, before they were forced into prostitution.
Hunka, Sarissky, and Herak, all of no fixed address, Nistorova, of Gloucester, Viragova, and Virag, both of Tooting deny conspiring to traffic young women into the UK and within the UK for sexual exploitation and conspiring to control prostitution.
Viragova denies perverting the course of justice and Virag has pleaded not guilty to conspiring to assist unlawful immigration.
Co-defendants Hunka, Sarissky, Herak, Nistorova, and Viragova, have admitted sham marriage charges.
Herak denies two counts of rape.
Clague, of Paddington denies four counts of raping the same woman plus two counts of raping a 19 year-old Czech girl.
He also denies trafficking young females within the UK for sexual exploitation and controlling prostitution for gain.
The trial continues.

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Pair who laughed as they raped woman they 'came across' in town centre have sentences CUT because they are not 'dangerous'

Pair who laughed as they raped woman they 'came across' in town centre have sentences CUT because they are not 'dangerous' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Rezgar Nouri, 27, and Mohammed Ibrahim, 24, repeatedly raped the woman, 24, in Preston
But judges rule there was 'insufficient evidence' that they should be defined as 'dangerous'
They allowed the men's appeal against original indeterminate sentence and instead handed each a 12-year term


Two men who laughed during a horrific 'gang rape' of a drunken woman have had their sentences slashed after three senior judges ruled they were not 'dangerous'.
Rezgar Nouri, 27, of Preston, and Mohammed Ibrahim, 24, of London, were jailed indeterminately after being convicted of assaulting the 24-year-old in Preston last June.
Sitting at the Court of Appeal, Lord Justice Hooper, Mr Justice Silber and Mr Justice Hamblen heard how the men 'came across' the woman before taking her to a flat where Ibrahim pinned her down while another man raped her.

After that, Ibrahim raped her before Nouri 'grabbed' her and 'dragged' her into a bedroom where he raped her, judges were told.
But today, despite the evidence, they ruled at the Royal Courts of Justice there was 'insufficient evidence' that Nouri and Ibrahim should be defined as 'dangerous'.

They said Judge Anthony Russell QC had been wrong to decide that 'imprisonment for public protection' was necessary and hand down a jail sentence which gave the men no automatic right of release.
They allowed the men's appeal against the imposition of an indeterminate sentence and instead handed each a 12-year term.
The court earlier heard how the woman had become separated from friends - when she was 'quite drunk' - in the early hours after visiting a number of bars and clubs, the court heard.

The judges were told that she 'came across' Nouri, Ibrahim and a third man in the town centre and went to Nouri's nearby flat with them.
Her next recollection was of waking up naked with the three men nearby before the horrific ordeal began.
When it was over the woman left the flat before realising that she had left her phone behind. She was allowed back in.
Nouri then pinned her down and raped her again before 'pushing' her out of the flat, judges heard.
Judges said the woman was found in a 'very distressed state' shortly after she left the flat and police were called.
Mr Justice Hamblen said that before 'imprisonment for the public protection' could be imposed, courts had to be satisfied that there was a 'significant risk' to the public of serious harm through the 'commission of further specified offences'.
He added: 'There was insufficient evidence to justify the finding of dangerousness made and an imprisonment for public protection should not therefore have been imposed.'
Both men admitted rape at Preston Crown Court in November 2011.

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Jamaican Serial Rapist Chan Wright Raped Again After Avoiding Deportation

Jamaican Serial Rapist Chan Wright Raped Again After Avoiding Deportation | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A serial sex attacker who avoided deportation after judges ruled it was “irrational” to assume he would offend again has a psychopathic personality, a court has heard. 


Chan Wright, 40, raped and brutalised three women in a series of attacks over a 15-year period. He is facing a life-sentence for the crimes – and now tests have shown he has personality characteristics similar to a psychopath.

Experts advised that, if he is ever released, he will need to be monitored round the clock by the authorities.

Wright received a high score in a test to see if he suffered from the personality disorder, the High Court in Edinburgh heard yesterday.

The court heard how the Jamaican immigrant is unable to accept his guilt for the sex attacks. He is also unable to understand his victims’ pain and suffering.

Such behaviour is a common feature of psychopathy, a psychological condition which affects the behaviour of some serious criminal offenders. The revelation emerged on the first day of a two-day hearing into whether Wright should receive a life sentence for his September 2011 conviction for raping and brutalising three women. He also indecently assaulted another two women. Wright preyed on the females in a series of assaults in Edinburgh, West Lothian, Angus and Aberdeenshire over a 15-year period. The verdicts in these cases came four years after Court of Session judges stopped him being deported.

Then, an immigration tribunal decided the rapist and cocaine trafficker posed a high risk of committing further sex and drugs offences, but Lord Johnston, sitting with Lord Eassie and Lord Wheatley, said its conclusion was “irrational and not justified”. Wright had already served four years for raping a teenager in Livingston in 1995.

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Deport Rochdale child rapists, demands Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff

Deport Rochdale child rapists, demands Hall Green MP Roger Godsiff | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
AN INNER city Birmingham MP has made an outspoken call for nine men responsible for abusing girls as young as 13 to be deported after serving their sentences – even if they are now British citizens.


Hall Green Labour member Roger Godsiff has written to the Home Secretary demanding tougher action after a judge sentenced the men to a total of 77 years between them.

They targeted vulnerable girls, some of them in the care of social services. He said any of the Asian men who were born overseas should be deported, even if they were now British citizens.

On sentencing at Liverpool Crown Court, Judge Gerald Clifton said the convicted men treated the girls “as though they were worthless and beyond respect”.

Mr Godsiff’s plea goes far beyond existing government policy. Ministers say they support deporting foreign criminals, meaning those that are not UK citizens, although like the last Labour government they have found this is not always easy to do in practice.

The nine men convicted in Rochdale were Muslims of Pakistani ethnic origin. Mr Godsiff said Birmingham Muslims in his constituency had led condemnation of the men.

Mr Godsiff said: “I have received a number of representations from members of the Muslim community living in my constituency who are disgusted and appalled by what these men did to vulnerable young girls and a number of them are strongly of the view that these individuals have no right to be part of British society.

He went on to say: “While I understand that those individuals who were born in this country have a legal entitlement to remain here I note that the ring leader is 59 years old and may not have been born here”.

The MP concluded: “I have sort assurances that those members of the gang who were not born in the UK but who have been allowed to come here, settle, and may have become British citizens will have their entitlement to be here and any citizenship rights removed and that they will be deported at the end of their sentences.”

In other press coverage of the trial proceedings it has been suggested that at least two of the convicted will be deported at the conclusion of their sentences.

Following the convictions, Det Chf Supt Mary Doyle of Greater Manchester Police described the defendants as “pure evil”.


SOURCE: http://www.birminghammail.net/news/top-stories/2012/05/15/deport-rochdale-child-rapists-demands-hall-green-mp-roger-godsiff-97319-30968810/#ixzz1v3ECWin5

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Pakistani asylum seeker raped young clubber

Pakistani asylum seeker raped young clubber | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Pakistan-born Atiq Rehman lured a 22-year-old woman into the back room of a corner shop after she left Infernos in Clapham, south London (pictured).


An illegal immigrant who was twice refused asylum in Britain raped a woman before he could be deported, a court heard yesterday.
Atiq Rehman, 20, spotted his 22-year-old victim leaving a club and tricked her into thinking he was a taxi driver.
He then lured her into the back room of a corner shop and attacked her on a mattress for 45 minutes.
Yesterday the Pakistani national was jailed for six years after he pleaded guilty to two counts of rape.
Sentencing him, Judge Usha Karu said: ‘The fear she must have experienced simply can’t be imagined.’
Rehman had applied for asylum in the UK twice last year.
His initial asylum application and subsequent appeal were rejected by the Home Office.
After his rejection, he dropped under the radar of the authorities and may have used a fake name to avoid detection.
In the hours before the attack, his victim had spent the evening with friends at Infernos nightclub in Clapham, south London.
Within minutes of luring her into the shop, Rehman raped her.
He threatened to tie her up with duct tape if she did not stop crying.
He then raped her again before callously asking her how many children she wanted to have.
After the attack on April 29 he threw her out of the shop. The young woman stumbled to a friend’s house in nearby Balham and called the police.

Describing the attack, prosecutor Jeffrey Israel told Inner London Crown Court the victim met Rehman after becoming separated from her friends outside the club.
‘He approached her and she mistakenly thought he was offering a taxi service,’ Mr Israel said.
‘Mr Rehman had keys to open the metal shutters to the shop, and led her through to the back room.

There were two mattresses on the floor, and the woman began to cry. She was scared because she didn’t want to be in that room alone with the defendant.’
During the attack the woman was ‘shouting and crying’ and ‘physically trying to push him away from her’, he said.
‘Throughout, she was shouting at him to stop and trying to escape from him,’ Mr Israel said. ‘She told him she didn’t want to do this, and was begging him to stop.
Rather than stopping, he pushed her on to her back and pulled her arms. She was struggling to get away.’

The owner of the shop, Bilal Akbar, was initially arrested on suspicion of rape, but told detectives he had lent his keys to Rehman, who had fled to Manchester.
Rehman handed himself in to police on May 26, but initially claimed a friend was responsible and he had been wrongly accused.
Later he changed his story and claimed he had consensual sex with the victim. Eventually he pleaded guilty to two counts of rape. However, even in court yesterday he continued to maintain the sex had been consensual.

Judge Karu said his crimes had been compounded by an ‘element of abduction’, the length of the ordeal, and the fact he took advantage of a woman who had been drinking.
The judge ordered Rehman, of Thornton Heath, South London, to be deported on his release from prison. Outside court, investigating officer Detective Constable Lisa Greedy, said: ‘This was an horrific attack by a man who had no qualms in exploiting a woman who he believed to be intoxicated.
‘The fact that he then threatened his victim with violence only added to her trauma.
‘I would like to pay tribute to the victim who showed strength and determination throughout the investigation.’

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Young woman raped by taxi driver on back seat of car in Hull speaks of her ordeal

Young woman raped by taxi driver on back seat of car in Hull speaks of her ordeal | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A YOUNG woman who was raped by a taxi driver in the back of his car has spoken of her terrifying ordeal.

The 18-year-old victim and a male friend had been picked up illegally by Hadi Mohammed after enjoying a night out in Hull city centre.

The driver insisted on dropping her friend off in Bransholme before driving to her home in west Hull.

But on the way Mohammed – a bodybuilder in his spare time – pulled over, climbed into the back and carried out the horrifying attack.

After seeing Mohammed jailed for eight years following a trial at Bradford Crown Court, the woman revealed she believes he has attacked other victims and urged them to come forward.

"When he attacked me he was so confident, I don't think I'm the first passenger he has done this to," said the victim, who cannot be identified.

"I think there are other women out there who are victims and I would urge them to come forward. It has really helped me with the healing process."

Mohammed had collected her and her friend in Lowgate, near North Churchside, after a night at Rumours bar.

They were waiting for another private hire vehicle they had booked when Mohammed, of Scott Street, west Hull, pulled up in his VW Passat and told them to get in. Private hire taxi drivers are only allowed to pick up pre-booked fares.

His victim said she wanted her ordeal to act as a warning to other women.

"I want other women and young girls to be aware of the dangers of getting into cabs so they never have to go through what I did," she said.

"There are young girls out there who will just get into any taxi or car but it's just not safe.

"I don't want to label all drivers as being bad but women just need to be a lot more careful.

"The drivers should not be picking up passengers who haven't booked and they shouldn't get in the cars. It just is not safe.

"There needs to be tougher penalties for drivers who don't stick to the rules to make it safer for passengers.

"Since this happened I cannot get taxis alone, I don't feel safe.

"I always make sure I'm with my friends. I only use cab firms I know.

"I just want other women to make sure they learn from this and don't get into cabs alone."

Mohammed, who had worked for taxi firm 60-60-60 since August last year, used a condom during the attack.

He threw it out of the car window and police were able to trace it to him using DNA evidence.

Mohammed, an Iraqi Kurd who came to Hull in 2000, was caught because his DNA had been placed on the police national database following previous convictions for driving without a licence in the city.

Detective Constable Neil Kitching, who led the investigation, said: "He orchestrated it to get her on her own.

"He was in a position of trust as a taxi driver and he abused that trust. It was a calculated attack.

"He is a sexual predator and I believe he has used his position as a taxi driver and his position of trust to prey on this young woman when she was in a vulnerable and intoxicated state.

"It is worrying that, as a taxi driver, he has had access to lots of intoxicated people and he has acted in this way.

"He has made an opportunity for himself by getting rid of her male companion so she was alone in the car with him."

The girl, who bravely gave evidence against Mohammed to secure his conviction, added: "I'm over the moon with the sentence.

"It has been the worst experience of my life but the police have supported me all the way through it and I'm so glad I came to court and gave evidence.

Shabir Hussain, manager at 60-60-60 taxis, said: "This is a very unfortunate incident.

"No driver can work for us without a CRB check by the police. We took all necessary precautions that you can take before employing someone.

"I'm glad he's been jailed. He deserves everything he gets and that's all I can say."

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Another Muslim jailed for sex assault on 8 year old girl

Another Muslim jailed for sex assault on 8 year old girl | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A “VERY religious man” who sexually assaulted an eight-year-old girl while teaching her the Koran has been jailed, four years after going on the run.

Mohammed Rafique came to the UK from Pakistan as an illegal immigrant eight years ago, Oxford Crown Court heard yesterday.

The 55-year-old had been trusted by the girl’s family to teach her to read the Islamic holy book every night at their house in Cowley.

But during the incident in June 2008, he stripped the girl and sexually assaulted her.

He fled after the attack and appeared on Crimestoppers “most wanted” list for of years before he was caught this July.

Rafique pleaded guilty to one count of sexually assaulting a child under the age of 13 at the crown court yesterday.

An alternative charge of attempted rape was dropped.

Judge Hall jailed him for four years and told him it was “disgraceful behaviour and a thorough breach of trust”.

The court heard Rafique left a wife and five children in Pakistan to come to Britain in 2004. Prosecutor Jonathan Stone said he was “considered by the family, and indeed locally, to be a learned religious man”.

He said on June 24, 2008, Rafique grabbed the girl tightly by her arms, pulled down her trousers and underwear and forced her on to a bed. The defendant’s semen was later found in the girl’s underwear.

Mr Stone said the victim ran screaming from the room and immediately told her mother.

Reading from the case notes, Judge Julian Hallsaid: “There was a bit of a ruckus with various members of the community turning up.

“When the policing arrived I think the defendant was bleeding.”

Mr Stone said: “‘Head’ and ‘radiator’ were referred to in the statement.

“Mr Rafique refused to leave and told the parents ‘It’s your children, they don’t respect anyone’.”

The defendant initially told police he had hit the girl for not reading the Koran but denied any sexual contact.

Peter De Feu, defending, said his client is a “very religious man” who paid an agent to smuggle him into Britain.

Rafique, of no fixed address, will automatically be considered for deportation.

Det Sgt Sarah-Jayne Beedall, who led the investigation, said: “The victim has been very brave in speaking to police about her ordeal and I hope that the result today will go some way to giving her some closure.

“Rafique has tried to evade justice for some time since leaving the Oxford area while on bail. We believe he has been in various locations around the country until he was traced in Cardiff earlier this year following an appeal on Crimewatch.

“Rafique portrayed himself as a community leader during his time in Oxford and took advantage of his position of trust to attack a young girl.”




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Men bailed following store rape

Men bailed following store rape | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Two men arrested in connection with the rape on a teenage boy in Manchester city centre have been bailed.


Two men arrested in connection with the rape on a teenage boy in Manchester city centre have been bailed.

Two men, aged 55 and 41-years-old, were arrested on suspicious of rape Friday 24 August 2012, were released on bail until 4 October 2012.

At about 5.45pm on Saturday 2 June 2012, the 14-year-old boy was in the Arndale centre, near the entrance of Aldi and Subway, when he went to the toilets.

While there he was approached by two men who stared at him. One of them said to him "come with us, do what we say and if you try to run we'll get you." He was then led out of the Arndale centre and taken to nearby Debenhams.

He was then taken by the lift upstairs and was marched to a toilet where he was raped.

Superintendent Stuart Ellison said: "The fact we have released these men on bail should not be seen as too significant.

Our inquiries are progressing well and we have been overwhelmed by the response from members of the public.

Quite rightly everyone felt a sense of shock and disgust when we put the details and images out last week. We share those feelings and remain as committed as ever to bringing the offenders to justice.

"We are continuing to act on all the information we have received and should there be any further developments we will keep people informed."
Anyone with information is asked to call North Manchester CID on 0161 856 3240 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Greater Manchester is nationally recognised as a model of good practice in terms of support services available to victims.
- If you or someone you know has been raped or sexually assaulted, we encourage you not to suffer in silence and report it to the police or a support agency so you can get the help and support available.

- You can call Greater Manchester Police on 101, or alternatively people can refer themselves to St Mary⿿s Sexual Assault Referral Centre on 0161 276 6515.

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Breaking: Sheffield taxi driver jailed for sex assaults on women

Breaking: Sheffield taxi driver jailed for sex assaults on women | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A TAXI driver branded a ‘sexual predator’ has been locked up for eight years for sexually assaulting two women he picked up on nights out in Sheffield.

Zahoor Mahmood, aged 40, who worked for City Taxis, targeted both women within the space of three weeks last summer.
He picked his first victim up outside Club Xes, Carlisle Street, Attercliffe, in the early hours of June 19 last year, at about 3.40am and instead of taking her home - which would have taken 12 minutes - he locked her in his cab, climbed into the back with her and tried to get her to snort cocaine to get her ‘in the mood’.
Police spoke to him about the matter when a complaint was made but three weeks later he preyed upon a 17-year-old girl he spotted walking home after a night out.
He said ‘a pretty young girl’ should not be walking alone and when she told him she had no money for the fare he offered to driver her home for free.
But instead of her journey home lasting the five minutes it should have done he locked her in his cab for an hour, tried to get her to snort cocaine and touched her.
The court heard he had wanted to involve the girl in a threesome with another woman, who gave evidence against the taxi driver during his trial, revealing details of what his plan had been.
She managed to send a text message to a friend saying she was ‘scared’ and the police were contacted.
Mahmood, of Balfour Road, Darnall, was jailed for a total of eight years and will have to spend an extended three years on licence at the end of his sentence, meaning he will be monitored by the authorities for a total of 11 years.
Councillor Simon Lawler QC said he posed a ‘significant risk to members of the public of serious harm’.
He also described him as ‘devious’ and ‘dishonest’ and made him the subject of a Sexual Offences Prevention Order, banning him from every working as a public service vehicle driver ever again.


Previous article in JUSNews:


A cab driver sexually assaulted two women and offered them drugs after he picked them up from nights out in Sheffield, a court was told.
Zahoor Mahmood, 40, drove the girls to secluded locations on separate occasions last year before offering them some white powder which he inhaled himself.
A jury at Sheffield Crown Court was told he sexually assaulted both of them in his cab then took them home.
Mahmood, who worked for City Taxis private hire firm, picked up the first woman outside Club Xes on Carlisle Street at 3:40am on June 19.
Deserted location
She had drunk two glasses of wine and 10 half pints of cider by the time she got into Mahmood's cab, Fiona Sway, prosecuting, told the court.
The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, asked Mahmood to take her home but soon asked him to stop as she felt sick.
Mrs Sway said Mahmood then drove the cab to a deserted location. The woman said she had no idea where she was when Mahmood finally stopped the car.
White powder
The court was told he then poured some white powder onto a flattened lager can and offered it to her.
Mahmood told her: "This will chill you out and will get you in the mood."
He then got out of his cab, joined the woman on the back seat and started undoing her jeans, saying: "Let's have these off."
The woman, who was wearing heels, then kicked him in the groin and bit his arm.
Phoned police
She pushed him out of the cab, closed the doors, climbed into the driver's seat and tried to drive off, Mrs Sway told the court.
A 'cat and mouse game' followed with Mahmood trying to get back into his cab only for the woman to keep on locking the doors from the inside.
The woman then phoned the police from the taxi. The call was made at 5.40am.
Mahmood then asked the woman not to tell anyone about what happened as he would lose his licence, the court was told.
He drove her home and told her that he wouldn't charge her for the ride.
Once home the woman called her ex-partner who described her as distraught.
The woman said the whole incident was surreal and that she was "scared, angry, frustrated and terrified".
Mahmood was arrested soon after but later released, Mrs Sway told the court.
Three weeks later, Mahmood picked up a 17 year-old girl who was coming back from a friend's house, at around 1am.
He pulled his cab alongside the girl and said: "You shouldnít be walking home alone, a pretty young girl like you."
The girl said she couldn't afford the fare but Mahmood offered to drive her home for free, Mrs Sway told the court.
He told her to get in the front of the cab, claiming the seatbelts in the back were broken.
Mahmood then drove the girl to a deserted location where he again poured white powder onto a flattened lager can.
He heated it, inhaled the smoke and tried to get the girl to do the same, but she refused.
Mrs Sway said he then stroked her upper thigh.
The terrified girl then texted a friend, saying: "I am scared. He has just smoked some f****d up s**t in front of me and asked me if I wanted any."
The friend alerted the police, who rang the girl's mobile while Mahmood drove her to another secluded location and again tried to get her to smoke the drug.
The police told her to stay on the line and pretend she was speaking to a friend.
'Silly story'
She kept the call running while Mahmood drove her back home. The court was told she then read out his registration number to the police.
Mahmood, 40, of Balfour Road, Sheffield, denies two charges of false imprisonment and two charges of sexual assault.
After the first incident, he allegedly told police: "Basically she's just making this silly story up."
But Mrs Sway told the court: "It's not made up and it's not silly either."
Later the court heard from another woman who said she was phoned by Mahmood in early July, asking if he could take the 17-year-old girl back to her home for sex.
He had formed a brief sexual relationship with the woman in return for supplying her with drugs.
Crack cocaine
The woman told the court the relationship began some weeks earlier when he propositioned her in the street, as he passed her in his cab.
She said she gave Mahmood her phone number and he later brought crack cocaine to her home.
"He put it on a bent can, lit it, and inhaled it," she told the court.
"I didn't smoke crack then but I got back on it when he brought it as I had smoked it before.
"We then had sex as I wasn't going to get it for free," she told the jury.
"Two weeks later he came back. He brought a guy with him, a drug dealer. Both of them pressured me into having sex.
"He brought crack with him again."
She told the court: "Then in early July he rang up and asked to bring a girl."
The witness, who cannot be named said she could hear the girl's voice in the background, pleading with Mahmood to drive her home.

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Hello America !! Muslim gang rape has arrived in Colorado

Hello America !! Muslim gang rape has arrived in Colorado | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The Gazette:

Colorado Springs police arrested five Iraqi men Tuesday in connection with what they called a “rare” and “horrific” sexual assault on a woman early July 22. The arrests included one man who was a central character in an Army’s sergeant’s memoir of an Iraq deployment.


Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Jasim Mohammed Hasin Ramadon were taken into custody on suspicion of sexual assault. Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, Ali Mohammed Hasan Al Juboori and Yasir Jabbar Jasim were arrested on suspicion of accessory to sexual assault. All are in their 20s.


Lt. Howard Black, who heads the Police Department’s special victim’s unit, said the severity of the attack made it rare in the city, adding that the woman’s injuries could have been life-threatening.

“We don’t see these types of assaults typically in Colorado Springs,” he said.


Of the five men arrested, Ramadon has the most extensive court record, including one open and one closed motor vehicle case and two protection orders related to domestic abuse, court records show . Sarmad Mohammed is the only other man with a previous Colorado criminal record, having been convicted of careless driving and driving while ability impaired in May 2011, according to court records.

The sexual assault investigation began on July 22, when police were called to the Wildridge at Cheyenne Mountain Ranch apartments on Woodside Lane to investigate the assault. After finding blood spattered in an apartment, the officer went to Memorial Hospital to see the victim.

According to police, the victim, a woman who works nights, said she went to check her mail outside the apartment building about 1:30 a.m. and noticed two groups of men about to fight. She tried to intervene and calm the men down.

Afterward, one of the men invited her to his apartment where there were three other men about 20 years old, police said.

The woman told police she talked with the group and drank “what she believed to be lemonade.” She said she didn’t remember anything after that.

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Nowhere to Hide!

Nowhere to Hide! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
An activist reports: After contacting several key activists, Steve, myself and John Phillips from London with Sam Mayhew from Thurrock travelled to rain-soaked Ipswich Magistrates Court, Suffolk in an attempt to highlight the case.


Our arrival there caused quite a stir amongst the Court staff. On leaving the building after using the toilet facilities I noticed that Court employees had gathered up around a window and one of the female staff was telling her colleague excitedly that ‘they’re outside now with a loud-speaker.’

I also noticed that the names of the men and their charges had been omitted from the Court time table.

Outside the colourful ‘Hope for England’ banners were sufficient and soon had motorists acknowledging our presence.

The press were on hand and we were happy to pose for a Daily Mail photographer and give a short interview but when approached by the BBC, we told them that we were not interested in talking to them and they left.

London Organiser, Steve Squire said ‘I called a flash demo because I was amazed that the case was being kept quiet. It was astonishing to learn that most of the people who came and asked us why we were there had no idea that Muslim paedophiles were appearing in Court on such charges and that’s why people must be made aware of crimes involving Muslim paedophile groomers at every opportunity.’


The four accused are Surrin Uddin, 28 of St. Matthews Row, London charged with two counts of raping a girl under 16 and one of child abduction. Mohamed Shiekh, 31, Seaton Place, London charged with child abduction offence and possessing a controlled drug. Ali Hamza, 38 Chingford Road, London charged with sexual assault and child abduction. Abdul Hammed, 46 of Wellington Street, Ipswich charged with raping a girl under 16 and one child abduction.


This is obviously another racially motivated rape hate crime and we also noticed once again that the McPherson recommendations are being ignored when it involved a member of the indigenous community.

Since the impromptu demo, the case now appears to have become more of a public story.


See the video here:



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LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Four men have been charged with a series of offences relating to the alleged abduction of a 13-year-old girl, Suffolk Police have said. Police have confirmed the arrests.


They said Surin Uddin, 28, of St Matthews Row in London, has been charged with two counts of rape against a girl under the age of 16 and one child abduction offence.

Mohamed Sheikh, 31, of Seaton Point in London, has been charged with a child abduction offence and with possession of a controlled drug.

Ali Hamza, 38 of Chingford Road in London, has been charged with sexual assault and a child abduction offence.

Abdul Hammed, 46 of Wellington Street in Ipswich, has also been charged with two counts of rape against a girl under the age of 16 and one child abduction offence.

The men are due to face Ipswich Magistrates' Court on Monday.
Meanwhile, ten men have been apprehended by police on suspicion of committing serious sexual offences after raids across Bradford and district.

The arrests were made as part of an inquiry by police in West Yorkshire, which is thought to be linked to sexual grooming.
The men, who were arrested when police acted on Wednesday, have incredibly, and not surprisingly, been released on bail pending further inquiries.

The investigation is thought to be associated to alleged offences against a 14-year old girl from nearby Keighley .
A spokesman for the police said: “There were ten arrests made across Bradford district on suspicion of serious sexual offences. All ten have been bailed.

Because it is an ongoing investigation the force cannot disclose further information at this time.”
Eight of those arrested are believed to be from Keighley and two from Bradford.
Abid Hussain, Keighley Central Labour Councillor, confirmed he had been told of the raids by the town’s police.

He said: “The police have done what they should be doing in arresting these people. It is disappointing. However, I fully support the police and will work with them.”
His associate Khadim Hussain said: “I have heard that the police are carrying out an operation.

I am aware there is an operation into sexual exploitation. The police have taken action but, at this stage, we need to wait and see what will happen.”

Keighley MP Kris Hopkins acknowledged he had been enlightened on the operation.

He said: “I was made aware that it was a serious operation and I was grateful for that information. I want the police to be able to carry out their investigation fully and to make sure that a fair process is put in place to let justice prevail.”

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Two Muslim men were sentenced to the most weakest sentence for the rape of a 13 year old child at Swansea crown court

Two Muslim men were sentenced to the most weakest sentence for the rape of a 13 year old child at Swansea crown court | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Nationalists can confirm today the most weakest , most inconsiderate sentence for two Muslim men that together attacked and raped a young 13 year old child ( the young girl can’t be named for legal reasons and to protect her identity ).


Both Muslims were in this country illegally and have been living here for the last 12 years or so. The vicious attack took place in Llanelli in December 2011.

Today at Swansea crown court Hassim Saadi age 21 and Abraheim Khudur age 26 , were both sentenced for this horrific crime against a young and innocent child.


Hassim was already in Stoke prison for affray for fighting Kurds on another sentence , he received 1 year and 3 months to run concurrent with his previous sentence , basically he got off with it as no extra punishment was put upon him.

The 26 year old Abraheim got 1 year and 4 months . During the hearing both were giggling and joking in the court room and were even told to “shut up” .They will both be let out with “good behaviour” when they have completed half of the sentence !

Is this the best protection our legal system has for our children? A young child has had her life ruined , her innocence has been taken from her , not to mention the injuries and the mental scars this will leave on her for the rest of her life, the stress the family has been put through i cant bare to imagine how sickened they must be at this sentence.

The case will be reported in tomorrow’s evening post ,and will probably be such a small write up you may even miss it if you don’t look hard enough for it (if its even posted at all )

So lets look at this and see it for what it really is , these two animals obviously with violent history , are here in our country , living here illegally have ruined a young British child’s life and are now sitting in a warm cosy prison cell , with 3 meals a day , visits , free healthcare (doctor /dentist), security from anyone else harming them (rule 43) , television , and endless other comforts.

This child could be your child , a family member or a friend , its really about time people started to see the reality of immigration and opened your eyes to it , its real and its happening right here on our doorstep !

Say NO to immigration and say YES to protecting your loved ones. Please share this article to make others aware of the dangers of immigration , thank you .

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More Muslim enrichment in Scotland

More Muslim enrichment in Scotland | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A Muslim man has been found guilty of raping a woman in a hotel room and knocking out another victim's teeth in a separate street assault months earlier in the Scottish town of Fife.

Mohamed Ben El Hassan, 35, attacked and raped the lady after meeting her and her sister in a nightclub in Dunfermline.

El Hassan, from Dunfermline, pleaded not guilty to assaulting and raping her on 1 January 2011 at the Travel Lodge.

He had also denied causing horrendous injuries and disfigurement to Katherine Shade on 8 August 2010 in Dunfermline.

The woman who was raped said that El Hassan had leapt on top of her. She told the court she wanted to scream but commented: "I couldn't breathe."

"He was licking my face then he tried to bite my mouth open. He bit my lip. I couldn't push him off, I just couldn't," she said. She added: "I just felt pain."

The woman informed the High Court in Edinburgh: "He just forced himself on me."

She said she envisaged the attack lasted several minutes before her sister came in and apprehended El Hassan.

An English teacher, Ms Shade, 24, was studying for a Masters degree and living in Edinburgh at the time she was assaulted five months earlier.

She had gone back to Dunfermline to go on an evening out with friends when she was attacked while walking alone.

Ms Shade told the court: "As soon as I was on the ground I got this blow to the face. I got a kick in the face."

She said she realised her teeth had been kicked out by the monster.

A judge rejected a bid to continue El Hassan's bail and remanded him in custody ahead of sentencing next month.

Lord Brailsford called for a pre-sentencing report to be prepared and instructed that he should be put on the sex offenders register.

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Girl, 14, 'groomed and raped at drugs den by gang of Pakistani men

Girl, 14, 'groomed and raped at drugs den by gang of Pakistani men | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

A 14-year-old girl was repeatedly raped at a drug den by a gang of men who treated her with 'indignity and contempt', a jury has heard.
The teenager, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was taken to the house in Brierfield, Lancashire, and allegedly passed around for their sexual gratification.
The 'principal defendant', Mohammed Imran Amjad, 25, bore the 'greatest responsibility for the corruption and abuse of the victim in this case', said the Crown Prosecution Service.

He befriended the girl when she was 12 or 13 and frequently took her for drives in his cars, it is alleged.
Prosecutor Alaric Bassano told Burnley Crown Court: 'It was him who took her on many occasions to the house and him who assisted, encouraged and incited others to rape and sexually assault this girl.
'On one occasion, he raped the girl himself. Over a period of time he subdued her will and coerced her into submission.'

He said three other men raped her and one man subjected her to a sexual assault.
The alleged victim was about 12, the prosecutor said, when her general behaviour deteriorated.
She could be aggressive, disobedient towards her mother, refusing to go to school and staying out late at night, he added.
The girl told police that her mobile telephone number was given to Imran Amjad, known to her as 'Immy', by another, and he called to ask to meet up.

She first met up with him when she was aged 13 and was driven around the streets of Burnley in his car every few days, she said.
Her mother became concerned she spent so much time in his company and confronted him.
Mr Bassano said the defendant’s response typified his 'arrogance', which he said would emerge in the trial.

He said: 'When she told him about her age, and when she advanced her accusation that he was involved in an inappropriate relationship with her, he simply shrugged his shoulders and walked away.
'It is to be noted that he did not deny the allegation.'
Her mother contacted the police in December 2009 to report her concerns about her daughter’s welfare at the hands of 'Immy', he said.
Mr Bassano said the girl made no complaint at the time and continued to mix with Immy who, undeterred, went on to commit the numerous offences against her in 2010.
All six defendants are from Brierfield.
Imran Amjad denies abducting a child, rape, engaging in sexual activity with a child, aiding and abetting rape, and witness intimidation.
He is also accused of intentionally encouraging or assisting the rape of the girl by a man known as 'Saj'.

Haroon Mahmood, 22, denies rape and engaging in sexual activity with a child.
Mohammed Zishan Amjad, 24, also denies rape and engaging in sexual activity with a child.
Mohammed Suleman Farooq, 22, denies sexual assault, engaging in sexual activity with a child and witness intimidation.
Shiraz Afzal, 25, and Omar Mazafar, 21, both deny aiding and abetting rape.
All the sexual offences are said to have been committed between April and October 2010.
In summary, Mr Bassano said: 'This case concerns the sexual exploitation and abuse of a 14-year-old girl. A number of men were involved in this abuse which involved planning and, on occasions, offenders acting together.
'The girl was groomed over a period of time and on many occasions she was taken to a house in Brierfield.
'That house was used as a den at which young men attended and brought or invited girls and young women in order to drink alcohol, take drugs and engage in sex.
'It was to this house that the girl was taken and at this house where she was sexually assaulted and raped by several adult males.
'During these times the girl was being passed between the men to be used for their own sexual gratification. The Crown contends that this girl was treated with indignity and contempt by them.
'All six defendants were involved, to a greater or lesser extent, in this sexual abuse.'
The trial, expected to last six weeks, continues.

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Rapist taxi driver deported to Pakistan

Rapist taxi driver deported to Pakistan | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A FORMER taxi driver jailed for raping a young woman in a gym car park has been deported back to Pakistan.


A FORMER taxi driver jailed for raping a young woman in a gym car park has been deported back to Pakistan.

Abid Mehmood, 30, formerly of Elmhurst Road, Quarrendon, was put behind bars in 2009 after attacking the woman in the back of his taxi on the car park of Nuffield Health Centre in Fairford Leys.

He was jailed for seven and a half years, and having served less than three years, has been sent back to Pakistan by the UK Border Agency, as is normal for any foreign national sentenced to more than 12 months in prison.

Mehmood has left behind a wife and two young children in Aylesbury, one of whom was born on the day he was convicted.

Former equalities officer at the Aylesbury Equality and Human Rights Council, Ranjula Takodra MBE, has been working with Mehmood’s wife throughout the case in an attempt to support her through this difficult time.

“Mehmood’s wife is just devastated,” said Mrs Takodra.

“It has been an incredibly difficult time for her, and her children will now have to be without a father.

“I believe that while the couple remain together, Mehmood’s wife will stay here, as she and the children were born and brought up in this country.

“Since the incident, the wife has been left to pick up the pieces – and I respect her a great deal for doing everything she could in these awful circumstances.”

Meanwhile, the Aylesbury Vale Rape Crisis group has praised the judicial system for convicting, jailing and deporting Mehmood for his crime.

A spokesman for the organisation said: “This has been a great result – the people involved in the organisation of his conviction and deportation have done very well indeed.

“It must be such a relief to the person which it happened to, as well as to her family and friends.

“It may also be a relief for the people of Aylesbury, knowing that he is no longer around.

“The results of this case send out signals that rape is taken very seriously, which is a big result.

“Rape can have effects that last for many, many years; such as flashbacks, nightmares, intrusive thoughts and difficulties in relationships.”

The police officer who dealt with the case at the time, Det Sgt Bob Ducker, has described the incident as having had a ‘deep effect on the victim’.

“This was a horrific attack on a vulnerable woman who had caught a taxi with the hope of getting home.

“The offender used his position to take advantage of this woman and raped her in a car park.

“The incident had a deep effect on the victim and she was offered the support of specially trained officers.

“While Mehmood was responsible for this attack there was no evidence to suggest that he was a predatory sex offender.”

If you have been affected by a sexual attack or have been a victim of rape, the Aylesbury Vale Rape Crisis group may be able to offer support.

Contact the organisation on 01296 392468.

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