For those that do not know, Mrs Margaret Walker is a 73 year old disabled lady, in Fareham, Hampshire. Margaret has been following the Charlene Downes case very closely and she has been writing letters to councillors and MP's to draw their attention to the circumstances of what has happened to Charlene.

Recently the police visited Margaret's home and told her that she MUST attend Fareham Magistrates Court at 9.30am, on Friday 22nd of June, to face a charge of Anti-Social Behaviour.

Mrs Margaret Walker's crime was to draft, publish and send this leaflet to numerous councils and Members of Parliament across the country. For this act she was summoned to appear in Fareham Magistrate's Court in Hampshire on June 22nd 2012 to determine whether she should be the recipient of the all important ASBO award.


Gavin Miller, Hampshire Sub Region Organiser provides us further details.

73 year old Mrs Walker took it upon herself to create and distribute a campaign leaflet which highlighted the horrendous and tragic events surrounding the Charlene Downes case.

She hand made hundreds of these leaflets and sent them to Councillors and MPs covering almost all of the country.

I’ve read the leaflet and take my hat off to her for her use of imagery, metaphor and quoted statements, which resulted in her leaflet being probably the most hard hitting, no nonsense piece of campaign literature that I have ever had the experience of reading.



The time and effort Mrs Walker must have put into singlehandedly producing the amount of leaflets she did, would leave most activists blushing with embarrassment, but for all the time and effort she has put in to the Justice for Charlene Campaign, now it is time for us to put in some time and effort for her.

As a result of her personal effort to seek Justice for Charlene; some of those to whom she sent her leaflet have decided to take exception to her message, and rather than do what I imagine almost any normal person would do, which is to become most justifiably outraged at every despicable issue surrounding the Charlene Downes case.

They decided instead to shoot the disabled 73 year old messenger, by making official statements to the police.
I for one am sickened when I turn on the news, to learn that yet another British soldier will be returning from the Middle East in a box.

When I read the local newspaper and see that yet another venerable pensioner, has become the victim of some black hearted con man; I’m both appalled and saddened.

When I look in the TV listings and see that yet another brain corroding reality TV show will be pouring its celebrity loaded drivel into the minds of impressionable youth, I could cry a flooding river.

As much as the news of these events disturbs me though, it’s not the messenger I’d want taken to court. It’s those responsible for the crimes.
What happened to Charlene was truly despicable, and any one learning of the crime would rightly feel sickened and disgusted by it.

Shooting the messenger just because one doesn’t like the message, is certainly not the way to deal with such messages.
The way to stop hearing of such inhuman occurrences, is to stop the occurrences, and to do that, those who initiate them must be brought to justice, and made an example of so that others know that paedophilia and murder will not be tolerated in this country.


A clear text rendition of the leaflet is found at: