Abu Hamza lawyer pockets nearly £1million in 12 months | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
The lawyer acting for the extremist Muslim preacher Abu Hamza earned nearly £1 million in legal aid last year, twice the amount she received from public funds in the previous year.


Disregarding the economic downturn, Mudasser Arani’s firm was paid £946,688 last year as opposed to £496,382 in the previous 12 months.
Approved figures reveal the notorious lawyer, who represents many terror suspects, has received almost £500,000 in costs since 2000 just to act for Hamza, who is struggling against being handed over to the US.

Arani and Co’s customers also consist of Dhiren Barot, who intended to use limousines for radioactive explosions, Muktar Said Ibrahim and Yassin Omar, who conspired in the unsuccessful effort to bomb Central London a fortnight after the July 7 attacks that killed 52 in 2005.

Ms Arani runs her company, which is composed of just three solicitors, from a modest office in Southall, West London.

Her conceited website disgustingly brags of working with anti-terror cases and glorifies Hamza and suicide bomber Asif Hanif, who murdered three people when he killed himself in Israel.

The company’s profits have been increasing steadily over the past ten years, and in January this year Arani billed £356,048 and in December last year she charged £204,501.

Arani remains a highly untrustworthy figure, instructing terror suspects in a sermon at a London mosque in 2003 to remain absolutely silent to police. She said: ‘You do not even have to say your name, you do not even have to give your date of birth.’

In 2007, a judge was furious with Arani and Co, saying the company had made a succession of ‘wholly unjustified’ complaints to Belmarsh Prison where her clients were being held.

Imagine how many nurses, doctors, teachers, members of the armed forces etc that could be employed/have their basic wages increased for the money that this firm is racking in on the back of terrorists.

All funded no doubt by the British taxpayer.