News that a Romanian immigrant worker has been diagnosed after being rushed to hospital for treatment of the deadly tuberculosis disease has caused great concern amongst the workforce and the local population.

All staff at the large meat processing factory has been tested and injections by doctors have been started.

Members of Scottish BNP in February picketed the factory for employing many staff from abroad. The factory used to be called Marshalls and was a major employer of local people It was purchased by a Dutch company called Vion.

The factory is believed to supply major supermarket chain stores with chicken products.

Local people have described the present situation as shocking and terrifying. A local woman in Broxburn reported today “I used to work at that factory for 5 years. Then most of us local workers lost our jobs, when an agency started employing immigrants from Eastern Europe. These immigrants are not only stealing our jobs but are bringing deadly diseases like TB into our Country”

It would also appear that news of this deadly disease found in the factory, has failed to be considered newsworthy to the British public at the time the report came to us.

Readers may be aware that in the British Isles TB had been eradicated amongst British people. Today in our country British children are no longer vaccinated for T.B. It now seems to be back on the increase with the flood of Eastern Europeans coming to Britain.