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They called us 'Mum and Dad' and wanted to stay with us 'forever'

They called us 'Mum and Dad' and wanted to stay with us 'forever' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
The parents at the centre of the Ukip fostering row have urged council leaders to consider their positions after they failed to apologise for removing three children from their care.


The couple said they felt "slandered and besmirched" after social workers took the ethnic minority children away because they were members of the UK Independence Party.
The husband said: "They should be considering their positions. These are people on incredible salaries who are paid to make responsible decisions but they can't do it.
"It's completely baffling that they just can't put their hands up. They say this is a complex case but we don't agree. It's very simple."
Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, condemned the council's decision as "indefensible" over the weekend after The Daily Telegraph revealed that the children had been taken away.
The Department for Education has mounted its own investigation and officials have demanded answers to a series of questions about the case.

Rotherham metropolitan borough council yesterday failed to apologise to the couple and refused to release the findings of an internal report into the case.
As the row threatens to dominate this week's local election Nigel Farage, the leader of Ukip, said that Joyce Thacker, Rotherham's head of children's services, should lose her job.
Mrs Thacker, who is paid more than £130,000 a year, this weekend defended the decision to remove the children from the foster parents last week because of their "cultural and ethnic needs".
Mr Farage told BBC2's Politics Show: "I want them to be pardoned, I want the children to be returned to them and, yes, heads should roll."
The couple, who are in their fifties and have been described as "exemplary" foster parents, yesterday questioned the council's claim that the children's removal was in their best interests.
The wife said: "How can it be in their best interests to remove them at a moments notice without giving them the time to meet and get to know their new foster parents?
"The council in Rotherham is from the dark ages. It's inconsistent with how the country feels and how this country is run."
She said that one of the girls they were looking after had started calling them "Mum and Dad" and said she wanted to stay with them "forever".
"She bumped into our grandson on the streets and said she missed him and missed us," she said.
"If the social workers or the guardians of this particular girl were to ask her if she wanted to come back we would welcome her with open arms. They had some really happy times here."
The couple were given just 20 minutes notice before the children were taken away from them.
"I was so distressed," she said. "We had to keep it together for the kids but inside we were so angry and upset. I had to go into the kitchen and take a deep breath.
Roger Stone, the council's Labour leader, said: "As we said on Saturday, membership of Ukip should not bar someone from fostering.
"We have been able to establish the facts in this case as far as is possible over the weekend, and I can confirm that the children are safe and in very good care.
"However, this remains a very complex case involving legal advice relating to the decision in question, particular features of the children's background and an external agency responsible for finding and providing the foster carers concerned."
He added: "This is a sensitive child protection case. It involves both vulnerable children and the foster carers, so the information the council is able to release publicly is limited by law.
"At all stages, however, we will seek to be as open and transparent as possible as we co-operate with the Secretary of State."

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Abuse of the Localism Act

Abuse of the Localism Act | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
By Councillor Ian Holt - The Localism Bill was introduced to Parliament on 13 December 2010, and was given Royal Assent on 15 November 2011, becoming an Act.

An Act introduced by the Conservative and LibDem alliance. Its intention is to provide a devolution of services and bureaucracy to local ie Parish Level and to enable local communities to "buy in" to "The Big Society."
Not bad you might be thinking at first glance.

Communities can finally take charge of their own?

However, there's always been a proviso with Governance. You don't get anything for free!

So, why would the government want to devolve governing power to community level?

Well try this as a way of explanation?
We all know that the coalition inherited an economy on the brink of collapse.

That hasn't changed believe me. It has just been staved off for a short period.

Based on the Keynesian model of economic theory (of which Mr. Osborne is a keen adherent) the only way to break out of a no growth, failing economy is by infrastructure building.

Transport Networks including Roads, Train lines and Airport Terminals and Housing.

By 7 May 2015 the next General Election will be called. Sometime up to and including this date the announcement will be made that a grand scheme of works is to be instigated within the UK.

As part of this theory monetary policy dictates a general drop or cut in interest rates. At present this cannot be enacted as rates are already at an all time low and have been for some years.

So, therefore the fiscal part of the theory will be initiated soon.

Now here is where the devolving powers element comes in.

All Councils from County down to Parish can, under the localism bill, purchase land not already owned by them.

They may maintain the land, as in most cases they will be large areas of greenery maybe parkland.

They can buy this land, just as a community committee can, under the asset transfer scheme. http://mycommunityrights.org.uk/community-asset-transfer/

The "asset" once registered then can be sold. However, it has to be at a reduced purchased price.
So, there lies the con!
Huge swathes of land are now being bought up by Councils up and down the UK by corrupt Coalition Council Leaders.

Why is this a problem? Don't Councils own much of the land within a District, Town or City?
This may be true in part but it is the reason for purchase?

I stated that soon infrastructure building will begin? You will be seeing new Housing Estates springing up where once your children used to play football or play in the park.

As your already crowded estates become even more so who will fill these houses? Can your area sustain more workers? Can your already ill supported services sustain more tenants British or otherwise?
More importantly once these areas are built on they've gone forever !

Take Penrith, Cumbria as an example. The District Council are trying vainly to fill a massive budget shortfall caused by failed projects and future speculation.

They have recently put into force several of these asset purchases.

They have already stated that these areas have already been outlined for further affordable housing.

Why? Penrith has no further requirement for housing. A recent development of such housing has received very little if any interest and all lots remain empty as this is written.

A recent large development including affordable housing and a new shopping development was bulldozed through with the Councils full endorsement even after a Public consultation voted 84% against the development.

How? The financiers were Sainsbury's.
Need I say anymore?Sainsbury’s itself, a colossal complex, is empty on its best retail days. Included within the new complex are a range of retail premises.

There have been no takers which re-enforces the notion that the town cannot sustain further retail space. Sainsbury's has therefore had to delay the opening (which was to be October) to the Spring.

Now the once small market town of Penrith, once a jewel on the edge of the Lake District, faces an uncertain future of building on an unprecedented scale.

Yet another Supermarket is on the cards. Penrith a population of approx 16,000 clearly cannot and does not justify this complete failure of the local planning department.

So in conclusion all I can advise is to keep your eyes and ears to the ground and if any of the Localism Act is being abused by your Council to let the Party know, get a group or protest committee together, notify the local press, leaflet all the local residents ......... and above all
Demonstrate, Demonstrate, Demonstrate!
It'll get you everywhere!



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Cumbrians told "Take down those England flags"

Cumbrians told "Take down those England flags" | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
We ran this report just under a month ago: For those who are unaware, Whitehaven is a small town and port on the coast of Cumbria. A company called HOMEGROUP own the council houses where British National Party Councillor Malcolm Southward lives.


Malcolm reports “They are employing Eastern European workers to do the houses up on Fell View Avenue etc, on the estate where I live, plastering the outside of the houses etc.

I have asked HOMEGROUP what their policy is on employing local firms, as yet I have had no reply!

And now today my friend who lives on Fell View Avenue has had the council taking photos of his England flags on display and they have asked him to take them down in case they upset the foreign workers.
He has politely told the council that he will not take them down.

And in true Cumbrian resolve, we have the following update.
As soon as this issue was brought to our attention Nick Griffin MEP and a team of local volunteers and BNP councillors sprang into action producing and distributing this "straight to point" local newsletter"

As soon as the leaflets hit the doors, the residents of Whitehaven were up in arms and Cllr Southward and his local activist team leafleted the full area and have had a tremendous response from the residents ringing in to get their free St Georges flags and bunting from Cllr Southward and displaying them with pride.

We will continue to defy political correctness and to support and fight for British Jobs for British Workers" Cllr Southward told BNP news.

The pictures show the level of support for this initiative on the Woodhouse estate, an area were we came within 16 votes of winning a county council seat last time around and it is local issues like this one that will turn that close call into a great victory next year, if the support of the residents is any indicator Malcolm will soon be moving up from BNP Town Councillor to BNP County Councillor!

See more pictures here:


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Stoke-on-Trent's International Council House Allocation Programme

Stoke-on-Trent's International Council House Allocation Programme | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Michael Coleman-Please study the table of Stoke-on-Trent City Council house lets displayed.


The data seems to confirm that around 16% of the council houses in the city are being allocated to persons describing themselves as 'black African' or 'Asian' or some other non-British description!

It's important to remember that although the figures in the table may seem modest, each one of the lettings will actually refer to a family - and, as I have observed, the foreigners coming into my city have very large families!

Of course the Red Socialists down at the council love giving the prized assets of the British People away to foreigners....to do so is in keeping with their Marxist philosophy that dictates that 'property is theft' and that 'we are all equal, all the same' (that the people of the world are all equal - have equal entitlement to any of the property of the British People)!

We see this insidious programme in every facet of the controlled state - Britain famously has it's (international) National Health Service that gives free health care to hundreds of thousands of foreign 'health tourists' each year - pushing needy Britons to the back of the queue.

Also, our much abused Social Security Service (perhaps the most abused and corrupting organisation in the history of the world) now costs £90billion per year - vast sums of which is lavished upon foreigners who have barged their way into my country, who in turn send very large amounts of the British People's money to Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Poland!

This Marxist philosophy and its capitalist bed partner 'Globalism' are the anti-pole of Nationalism and patriotism and have led Britain (and every other nation that has fallen into its hands) into a spiral of decline, cultural destruction, racial destruction, and destruction of Independence and sovereignty.

The data provided here does not give an accurate indication of the 'inflow' of foreigners into my city as this data only refers to council properties, each year there are thousands of properties going to foreigners through the private rented sector - also of note is the way that housing associations are allocating properties to foreigners under the same 'shared protocols' as Stoke-on-Trent City Council uses.
And so, if we calculate the movement of population within the City of Stoke-on-Trent then clearly, horribly, the truths of future developments are becoming clear.

The headlong rush by the old Stokies to get out of this city and to find a better, more palatable future in other towns and cities will play an even greater role in our cruel new masters 'Stoke-on-Trent population replacement programme' than even the influx of foreigners will play.

You see, Stoke-on-Trent will become a Muslim city - within 60 years! The Stokies are aware of this and, as we have seen from every English, city population that have been confronted with a similar circumstance (from Cockneys to Brummies) since the 1950's, they are upping sticks and moving away from the dark invaders!

Each year 1500 Stokies leave this city, they are being replaced by foreigners, this process will inevitably (forcibly, by design, by the enemies of Stoke-on-Trent) convert this city from being a proud, English, industrial city - to being a Muslim city where the Muslim religion reigns, Muslim values reign and where, I predict, Muslim law (Sharia) will reign!

And there ladies and gentlemen is the political battleground that I and my fellow members of the British National Party will be fighting. Our principle opponents will be the foreign, inserted regime that sits in all key positions of power and control in our country, our secondary opponents will be the quisling traitor class (Lab/Con/Lib) that has lent itself to the ' British Holocaust Programmes' of our enemy masters.

There are other opponents that we must fight against to preserve our future, a future for our children, they are many and varied. To all Stokies reading this, I would appeal to you to put aside any thoughts of running (away to the hills) away from this city in search of a better life - better to stay here and fight on this ground (our ground) against those responsible for your betrayal and suffering - to all Stokies I say "join the BNP and fight for the future of your children and grandchildren"!

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Council handed names of residents who complained about anti-social behaviour to trouble-makers - Telegraph

Council handed names of residents who complained about anti-social behaviour to trouble-makers - Telegraph | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Witnesses who complained about anti-social behaviour on a crime-hit estate were given police protection after a council error led to their personal details handed to troublemakers.
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WARNING: Rotherham's Labour council is actively harmful to children !

WARNING: Rotherham's Labour council is actively harmful to children ! | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
AN under fire Yorkshire council has sparked outrage by removing three children from the care of foster parents because they are members of the Ukip political party.


Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council removed the children because the couple’s political affiliation was seen as being at odds with the youngsters’ European backgrounds.

By the council’s own admission the youngsters were happy and there was no question mark over the foster parents’ provision of care.

Tonight, council leader Roger Stone announced the Labour-run authority would investigate what had happened after mounting condemnation from political leaders including Education Secretary Michael Gove and Labour leader Ed Miliband.

Mr Stone said: “We are going to investigate to make sure everything has been done professionally.

“If the professionals give advice, we take it.

“We are going to investigate - we always would if somebody complains.

“We are looking to make sure all the correct procedures were carried out before the decision was made.

“There is no policy, as has been implied, that if you are a British National Party member you can’t foster children.”

Mr Gove said social workers had made “the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons” and that he would be personally investigating and exploring steps to “deal with” the situation.

The politician, who heads the Government department responsible for children’s services and who was himself adopted as a child, accused Rotherham of sending out a “dreadful signal”.

He said: “Rotherham council have made the wrong decision in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.

“Rotherham’s reasons for denying this family the chance to foster are indefensible.

“The ideology behind their decision is actively harmful to children. We should not allow considerations of ethnic or cultural background to prevent children being placed with loving and stable families.

“We need more parents to foster, and many more to adopt.

“Any council which decides that supporting a mainstream UK political party disbars an individual from looking after children in care is sending a dreadful signal that will only decrease the number of loving homes available to children in need.

“I will be investigating just how this decision came to be made and what steps we need to take to deal with this situation.”

The children, a baby girl, a boy and an older girl, were removed by social workers after the council reportedly received an anonymous tip-off about the foster parents’ membership of the right-wing party which wants withdrawal from the European Union and immigration curbs.

Social workers said they were concerned about the children’s “cultural and ethnic needs”.

The South Yorkshire couple claimed a social worker told them Ukip was “racist”.

Mr Miliband said: “Being a member of Ukip should not be a bar to adopting or fostering children.

“We need an urgent investigation by Rotherham Council into the circumstances of this case.

“I don’t know all the facts of this case but I am clear, what matters is children in Rotherham and elsewhere, and being a member of a political party like Ukip should not be a bar to fostering children.

“We need to find out the facts and the council urgently needs to get to the bottom of exactly what happened.

“The couple concerned are making extremely serious claims, very disturbing claims.

“Right-thinking people across the country will think there are thousands of children who need to be looked after, who need fostering, we shouldn’t have the situation where membership of a party like Ukip excludes you from doing that.

“We need loving homes for children across the country.

“That can come in different forms, it’s not about what political party you are a member of.”

Ukip leader Nigel Farage called for resignations over what he said was an “appalling” decision.

Accusing the council of bigotry, he said he felt: “Very upset and very angry, particularly for the couple involved, who have been fostering for many years and are very decent people, and the awful shock to them of having these children removed, not to mention the upset to the children themselves.

“Politically, I’m afraid not surprised at all.

“This is typical of the kind of bigotry we get from the Labour Party and from Labour controlled councils.

“It was the Labour government that opened the doors to uncontrolled mass immigration into this country on a scale that we have never seen in the history of the island.

“And then anybody who tries to discuss or debate the issue is written off as being racist.”

Joyce Thacker, the council’s strategic director of children and young people’s services, said the decision to remove the children was taken after consultation with lawyers.

Asked what the specific problem was with the couple being Ukip members, Mrs Thacker told BBC Breakfast: “We have to think about the clear statements on ending multi-culturalism for example.

“These children are from EU migrant backgrounds and Ukip has very clear statements on ending multiculturalism, not having that going forward, and I have to think about how sensitive I am being to those children.”

She added that there was no issue about the quality of care the couple provided and said she would co-operate with any investigation.

The children, who stayed with the couple for eight weeks, were encouraged to speak their language which their foster parents were trying to learn, the foster mother said.

She denied that there had been any discussion between the family and Rotherham Council before the children were removed.

The woman said the council feared the couple could not meet the children’s cultural needs in the long term - a claim the family denied.

The woman added: “We were actively encouraging these children to speak their own language and to teach us their language.

“We enjoyed singing one of their folk songs in their native language, and having been told of the religious denomination of these children we took steps to ensure that a school of their denomination was found.”

The foster mother claimed the children have been placed with families who are also white British, and she questioned how the council thought these couples could fulfil the children’s cultural needs.

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Gavin Boby Before the Planning Council in Newcastle

Gavin Boby Before the Planning Council in Newcastle | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

Gavin Boby of the Law and Freedom Foundation makes it his business to oppose applications for new mosques before local planning councils in England.

Mr. Boby’s most recent effort was to oppose a mosque in Newcastle yesterday. He didn’t succeed — the plan was approved — but you’ll notice the spontaneous round of applause from the spectators at the end of his presentation. This is not typical public behavior in England.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this hidden camera video: Click pic

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County Durham piggies: Council executives cut front-line services but not their own pay cheques

County Durham piggies: Council executives cut front-line services but not their own pay cheques | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

By Stephen Palmer

They’re cutting buses, road maintenance, street lighting, disability benefits, child benefits, museums, libraries and leisure centres – but there’s one thing the County Durham Council ‘chief executives’ are firmly safeguarding, their own fat pay cheques.

As you can see from the below picture from the Council’s website, the salaries for all of those earning over £100,000 a year have been frozen for 2012/2013 by the Labour-run council.

The Chief Executive of the Council, George Garlick, is the highest-paid staff member in the whole of the north of England,with a £200,000 salary.

In addition, he receives £42,900 per annum in pension contributions and £823 in expenses allowances, making his total yearly payment an incredible £243,748.

There are a further 19 department heads at the Council who are paid between £76,000 and £110,000 a year,including such vital posts as Head of Social Inclusion.

According to reports in March,one of the £140,000 earners is allegedly to be fired in a cost-cutting exercise (or token sacrifice), but – surprise, surprise – that doesn’t seem to have happened yet.

The British National Party’s local council manifesto states that the Party would cap council salaries at £100,000 and cut councillors’ expenses and remuneration.

Applying this policy to County Durham Council alone would save nearly £700,000 a year, including reductions to expenses and pension contributions.

A further revision of the other excessive salaries at councils would save even more (ditching the employees in the pointless ‘Equalities and Diversity’ department would spare £210,000 a year in wages for a start).

But by all means keep voting LibLabCon if you want to carry on feeding these County Durham piggies.

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Rochdale News: Outrage at Hussain 'promotion'

Rochdale News: Outrage at Hussain 'promotion' | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it

The news that Labour councillor Aftab Hussain has been 'promoted' to Chairman of the Pennines Township Committee has been unpopular amongst the people of Rochdale.

Hussain gave a positive character reference for Abdul Qayyum, who was later convicted of conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child.

Both Hussain and former mayor Zulfiquar Ali, who stepped down, appeared as character witnesses for Qayyum.

Ali has since called his decision as a “silly mistake”. Hussain, however, remains in his role as a Labour councillor in the Firgrove and Smallbridge ward, and is now chariman of a Township committee.

When asked their thoughts on Hussain’s position, the people of Rochdale were unanimous. A Harris, who works in the town centre, said: “It’s just Rochdale all over, it’s an absolute joke. He should have been sacked, never mind standing down. It infuriates me.”

Richard Brockley said: “I don’t think he should have kept his job, and I don’t think he should be earning any more either. I think it’d be the same though in any other town.”

A resident who did not want to be named said: “He should have been out of the job the moment he wrote the letter. This town only protects certain people, and we can’t do anything about it. Have the police just turned a blind eye?”

One of the integral roles of a councillor is that of a corporate parent, a role that gives responsibility to all councillors for the welfare of the town’s children.

Jean Ashworth is an ex-councillor. She said: “Corporate parenting is one of the most important roles a councillor undertakes. It involves protecting, supporting and being there for all vulnerable children.

“Councillor Hussain should have known better than to support a suspect. Is an apology enough? At the end of the day the man was convicted – Hussain has gone against this poor girl.”

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