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Written by Green Arrow -  

Well this article is kind of topical I guess, considering all the flak that Jim Dowson and Britain First are getting lately. Landlords are lucky, they just ban all talk of religion and politics in their pubs, this site, unfortunately, does not have that option and is currently caught between a rock and a hard place or rather the Corsham Crusader, who has to moderate the comments is. I do not give a flying fid about religion either way, so feel free to rip each other to bits if that's what turns you on.

The Church of England's national assembly, the General Synod (that is packed with enrichers and perverts) is at it again and once more demanding that political parties and organisations that THEY deem incompatible with Christian teachings be banned from becoming clergymen/perverts in the Church of England. One imagines, that this will also apply to the diminishing members of the C of E also eventually.

And look who is behind this latest attempt to dictate to the Church of England's shrinking congregations. Our old enemy, the Indian immigrant Vasanatha Gnanadoss, a Metropolitan Police civilian worker and Synod member who first tried this on, back in 2009, which I reported in this article here. My doesn't time fly. I had hoped she would have dropped dead by now but sadly not and so she is still at it.

Now I really do recommend that you read that article I wrote way back then (God only knows how many thousands I have written since I started in 2007), as it links to the perverts in the General Synod and also contains a rather interesting example of just how the BBC misrepresents the news when reporting on statements made by the British National Party and other patriotic parties, that this immigrant and her homosexual cronies want out of the C of E so they can practise their pink perversions.