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Threatened with death, Afghan woman seeks safety with US Marines

Threatened with death, Afghan woman seeks safety with US Marines | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
Women in Afghanistan have been put to death for a myriad of reasons: failure to wear a burqa; walking solo in public; being raped, etc.


The latest infraction to be added to the litany of executable acts -- talking to a boy on a cell phone.

As reported by WBUR radio, an Afghan woman who appeared to be in her late teens was promised by her brothers with death for having a cell phone conversation with a male.

As reported by the Boston radio station, the young woman who goes by the pseudonym "Lina" stated:

"My older brother took the cellphone from me and beat me very badly.

It was dinnertime. They told me that they would execute me after dinner.

They said to me this would be my last meal."

According to Lina, the threat of being put to death by her own brothers wasn't the only reason she decided to take drastic and immediate action -- she was also being beaten and raped by an in-law on a regular basis.

Being a product of her environment, Lina was horrified at the mere thought of fleeing for her life:

"I was terrified to think of running away from home, but suddenly a voice from inside told me to flee before my brothers killed me.

Maybe the devil made me do it.

I took one of their cloaks and wrapped it around me to look like a man.

Then I slipped out of the house and started walking to the foreigner's base nearby."

Tell It To The Marines...

It was at this time that Lina came under the overall protection of the United States Marine Corps and the specific guardianship of Major Jennifer Larsen, USMC.

According to Major Larsen:

"She approached the gate. When they realized she was in danger, they took her in.

[T]he guards at the gate saw the same car passing again and again.

Each time it drew near, Lina looked petrified.

They took her to a doctor who discovered fresh bruises on her back and knees from the beating."

The Major went on to state:

"She wanted to get away from where she was.

Anytime you asked her a question, her answer was, 'Do I have to go back?'

Our answer at the time was 'no,' and we had to figure out how to keep that promise."

No Place Like Home...

However, Afghan advisors have informed the Marines that in order to retain the sense of honor for both the family and the local community, Lina must immediately be returned home.....


Read more: http://www.examiner.com/article/threatened-with-death-afghan-woman-seeks-safety-with-us-marines ;

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Afghan blast Yorkshire Regiment soldier laid to rest - Top Stories - Yorkshire Evening Post

Afghan blast Yorkshire Regiment soldier laid to rest - Top Stories - Yorkshire Evening Post | Race & Crime UK | Scoop.it
A soldier who died along with five colleagues in a bomb attack in Afghanistan was a “fine soldier and an outstanding leader”, his commanding officer said at his funeral today.
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