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Rubio Calls Obama's Immigration Plan 'Dead on Arrival'

Rubio Calls Obama's Immigration Plan 'Dead on Arrival' | National News and Politics |
Senate Republicans are in strong opposition to President Obama's proposed immigration reform, which would allow
Carlos Batara's curator insight, February 17, 2013 8:03 PM

Oh my, what a difference being a national figure makes.  Now, Rubio has forecasting powers.


All joking aside, this is a serious matter.  It clearly shows whatever unity has been claimed to exist on immigration reform issues, it's just an illusion. Party politics still controls how folks will vote on the details, once details are released.


On the other hand, Obama's eight year wait is rather suspicious from an immigrant advocate's perspective.  Does the eight-year wait mean immigrants will need to sign up as part of a national ID registration process?  If so, is the risk worth taking?  Eight years from now, we'll be talking about who will be the next president in 2024.  Even if the president is being forthright, there are no guarantees how the data will be used later.


Moreover, even if the idea is solid with no hidden traps today, does that mean family members must wait eight years to finally file a petition and get in line to start the countdown of the immigration process?  Or does it mean they can file directly for permanent residency?




Scooped by Jennifer Lafferty!

Republicans to Vote on Expanding Visas

Republicans to Vote on Expanding Visas | National News and Politics |
Immediately following the presidential election earlier this month, pundits and GOP leaders began to insist that Republicans had to address immigration...
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