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NASA: Human activity-not solar activity-drives global warming. Energy budget is out of balance.


1. Global warming and enery budget.

2. That global warming is caused by solar activity but is caused by human activity, and that our enery budget is not balanced as it used to be.

3. The writers opinion about the subject is that he does not believe that global warming is happening because of solar activity but by uman activity, and that or energy budget is way out of balance.

 4.yes."A new study underscores the fact that green house gases generated by human activity-not change in solar activity-are the primary force driving global warming".

6. That he believes that we are the reason for global warming and not the change in global activity.

7.College reader.

8. Yes the aurthor does have enough evidance for me to agree with him. he goes into detail of why we are the reason of global warming and has evidence to back it up with.

2 BACK. The writer uses evidene to back up his opinion about global warming,"The study offers an updated calculation of the Earth's energy imbalance, the difference between the amount of solar energy absorbed by Earth's surface and the amount returned to space as heat. the researchers' calculations show that, despite unusually low solar activity between 2005 and 2010, the planet continued to absorb more energy than it returned to space"