Facebook’s Graph Search and Google+ for Social: Does One Have to Prevail? - Search Engine Journal | Better know and better use Social Media today (facebook, twitter...) | Scoop.it

Facebook and Google have been seen as separate online necessities for quite some time, but it seems as though both companies are beginning to close that gap. Facebook is becoming more search oriented with the announcement of the Facebook Graph (currently in Beta testing), and Google is becoming more socially oriented as Google+ begins to have more and more of an influence of individual search results.

Although Facebook is coming from the very “social” end of the things and Google is coming from the very “search” end of things, it is clear that both are coming closer and closer together in what looks like one common goal—creating something that dominates both search AND social.

This leads many to wonder: Is this going to be a matter of who gets to the middle first, or will Google and Facebook always remain in their designated realms, unable to truly compete with the other?