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Robin Good's insight:


Kippt is a web app which allows you to easily capture any type of content from the web (images, articles, video clips, etc.) and to organize them into visual collections that can be shared publicly or be set to remain private.


Readers can comments, fave, save, share and report any content they find in your collections.


Kippt can automatically import all of your existing booksmarks from an extended number of services and browsers, including:

Google ChromeFirefoxSafariDeliciousDiigoGoogle bookmarksInstapaperPinboardPocketHistorious

Kippt can be used by as a collaborative visual communication to review project drafts and updates as well as a library in which to save work resources or important reference work. It is also possible to write and post your own notes next to the items you collect.


Kippt can therefore be used as Pinterest-like visual library organizer of all your bookmarks, references, resources, sites and content, in which you can both private, collaborative and public items.


The Pro version, which costs $25/year, offers an ad-free version and a full text search feature across all of your libraries content.


Free to use.


Browser extensions: https://kippt.com/extras/ ; (Chrome, Safari)


Import bookmarks tool: https://kippt.com/import/


Try it out now: https://kippt.com/


Via Robin Good, RPattinson-Daily