My resutls
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My resutls
my results for trainning
Curated by Chris Beal
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Scooped by Chris Beal!

the fitt principles

how these are related to my sport

Chris Beal's insight:


Frequency : “the number of times a day/week or month you exercise” so and example of this is if you train 3 times a week and do that for 4 months.

Intensity : “how hard you train” so go 80-90% of your maximum heart rate.

Time : “how long you train for” so you should aim ofr about 15-60 minutes of and activity depending on intensity.

Type : “how you train” so if you train aerobically then your aerobic fitness will get better.

Over Training : “is where the person trains too much” so if the person trains every day at a high level they will get injured soon enough.


taku hwehwe's comment, January 29, 2013 4:18 AM
Scooped by Chris Beal!

my results for my trainning

these are my results

Chris Beal's insight:

Data collection:

Body mass index – biceps r 17 l15 Triceps r12 l14 suprailiac 12 sub-scapula 9 chest 12

Fat 16.5% 

fat mass 12.9kg

Weight – 78kg

Height – 175m

Blood pressure – 135 sistolic/68 diastolic   

high normal Resting hheart rate – 80

Maximum heart rate - 203

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