Comprehensive List of Free e-Book Websites for your e-Reader - Good EReader
If you own an e-reader you often can only buy e-books from the bookstore that is bundled on your device. Many of the budget e-readers out there don’t even have a bookstore that is accessible by users and many people are left to fend for themselves to load content on it.

Here is a comprehensive f...
'To Kill a Mockingbird' Author Harper Lee to Publish Second Novel
American author Harper Lee is to publish a second novel, 55 years after the release of her US classic "To Kill a Mockingbird," HarperCollins announced on Tuesday.
Nobel Prize Literature winner 2014: Patrick Modiano - Telegraph
Patrick Modiano, author of Lacombe Lucien, wins the The Swedish Academy award for the Nobel Prize in literature 2014
Face a Book: The Reading Challenge
50 Books; 50 Readers & 50 Days
To Read is to Fly

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Deadline 2037: the making of the next Oxford English Dictionary
New chief editor Michael Proffitt is preparing the third edition of the venerable dictionary, expected in about 23 years’ time. How is the organisation coping with the information overload of the digital age?
Google Tips and Tricks Every Student Should Know
Whether you're a student in college (or earlier) or a
lifelong learner, Google is an essential tool for learning. Here are a few tips for
using Google search and other apps more effectively to further your education.
Library love
Koffler fetes its school connection