Ndar Numérique is a space for young entrepreneurs and technologists to work, receive clients, share ideas and influence each other.

Ndar Numérique : co-working space, community space, event space and hacker space.
Why Saint-Louis?
Though Dakar is more centrally located, we firmly believe that other regions need equal attention and support. There's more to Senegal than Dakar.
Saint-Louis hosts a very good public university (Université Gaston Berger - arguably the best one in Senegal), has a slower pace of life, lower cost of living and is a gateway to the greater Saint-Louis Region, encompassing the Vallée du Fleuve.
Our ambitious goal for the next 5 years is to help make Saint-Louis an attractive place for technologists to live and work, and to retain graduates so they can help economic and technical redevelopment while making a decent living.
Bantalabs has shown that it's possible for a web development company in far away Saint-Louis to grow its revenue and double its development team every year. There's no reason why this should be an isolated case.