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With more than a million iPads in schools, teachers and students are enthusiastic about the technology, but tablet use in classroom brings about new problems.


Problem #1 Not enough dollars to purchase content

Problem #2 Input ( entering responses in to a tablet can be awkward.)

Problem #3 Monitoring use (some educators are worried about how to handle a classroom full of independent learners.)

Other problems expressed buy educators

With more than half of those surveyed selecting “no budget” as their biggest complaint about using tablets in the classroom, educators noted other issues as well, though in much smaller percentages:

17% of respondents answered: Don’t know how to evaluate or guide kids in their tablet use16% answered: Don’t understand how applications integrate into my lesson plans8% answered: Don’t know how to get applications/e-books7% answered: Applications/e-books aren’t educational enough7%: The technology is confusing22% filled in the “other” form with comments, mostly about monitoring tablet use.