Facebook, Twitter Execs Talk Music Apps at SF MusicTech Summit 2013 | MUSIC:ENTER | Scoop.it

Facebook Strategic Partnerships manager Ime Archibong handed out social networking tips for musicians and music companies, while Twitter #Music's Stephen Phillips pleaded for patience from the industry at the opening of the SF Musictech Summit XIII at San Francisco's Hotel Kabuki on Tuesday.


Archibong started the twice-a-year gathering of more than a thousand technologists, dealmakers and musicians by pointing music app developers to Facebook's new acquisition, Parse, which is a service that runs apps across multiple platforms. Facebook purchased the "mobile-backend-as-a-service" startup in April for a rumored $85 million, Techcrunch reported.


"If you are an early developer I'd actually say go look at the Parse ecosystem and the tools and the services they provide. It gives you a way of looking at the backend and everything you use to scale out across the platform to mobile apps instead of just focusing in on the user experience, the UI, the fun parts," Archibong said.