Streaming Music Apps - "‘PLAY GUETTA shows the potential of what streaming music apps can achieve" | MUSIC:ENTER |
Meanwhile on Spotify’s app platform comes the launch of David Guetta’s ‘PLAY GUETTA’ app. Back when Spotify launched artist apps back in June I said that they were a great start on the rod to relevance for streaming music services and music discovery but that there was a long distance to go (which was a polite way of saying that the first wave of apps weren’t very good). The David Guetta app is a different kettle of fish altogether. Whereas the first wave of apps had an air of unfulfilled promised ‘PLAY GUETTA’ is a rich, immersive and – crucially – massively social app. As a testament to the importance of Spotify’s app ecosystem, ‘PLAY GUETTA’ is built using the Soundrop SDK, itself a Spotify app.