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Museums and Digital Media
How museums and heritage centres use new technologies and digital media
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@MarDixon #Askacurator - Trends and Archives

@MarDixon  #Askacurator - Trends and Archives | Museums and Digital Media |

"Top questions (internationally):


- Is Photography allowed?

- Do you have Bears in Museums?

- What makes object/artwork in your collection makes you laugh?

- Favorite/spookiest/oddest piece? (@museumpaige drew favorite objects for those museums that responded)

- Thought process behind display.

- How are collections cleaned/dusted

- How to engage #TeensinMuseums.

- Do curators get social media?

- Do you see digital tools as a positive or negative? (QR, Apps, social media…)"


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The Five S’s of curators and social media

The Five S’s of curators and social media | Museums and Digital Media |

Erika Taylor. Open House blog. Powerhouse Museum. December 15, 2011.

My time of employment here at the Powerhouse is sadly coming to an end. Over the last 5 years I have worked on some wonderful projects, the most exciting coming from the work I do that lies in between the worlds of curators and digital teams. I created and project managed our curatorial blog Inside the Collection, designed ipad games, developed walking tour apps, and endeavoured to explore how curators could best use social media.


I leave you with some thoughts and future predictions about curators and social media based on my experience. They all start with S. I will call them the five S’s of curators and social media.


- Say it

- Say it again

- Spread it

- Stats

- Skills

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