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Museums and Digital Media
How museums and heritage centres use new technologies and digital media
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@MarDixon #Askacurator - Trends and Archives

@MarDixon  #Askacurator - Trends and Archives | Museums and Digital Media |

"Top questions (internationally):


- Is Photography allowed?

- Do you have Bears in Museums?

- What makes object/artwork in your collection makes you laugh?

- Favorite/spookiest/oddest piece? (@museumpaige drew favorite objects for those museums that responded)

- Thought process behind display.

- How are collections cleaned/dusted

- How to engage #TeensinMuseums.

- Do curators get social media?

- Do you see digital tools as a positive or negative? (QR, Apps, social media…)"


Via Mar Dixon.

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@MarDixon -- What is Ask A Curator Day? #AskACurator

@MarDixon -- What is Ask A Curator Day? #AskACurator | Museums and Digital Media |

"When is Ask a Curator?

It’s an all day event on September 19th on Twitter.

What is Ask a Curator?

It’s a way to talk to curators and people who work in cultural venues you normally don’t have access to. You can ask anything that you’re curious about or want more information on.

What’s it’ like to be a curator?

How do you decide what to display?

What is the most unique object in your collection?


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