Excellent material on content curation... phhhh.. there's so much I have to learn.. I am sure this will help many like me...  Enjoy and learn..


This is what Robin says:


Robin Good: Here is the official presentation that Beth Kanter delivered yesterday, accompanied by a curated bundle of user contributions (mostly tweets) and relevant resources (stats, some visuals and other resources) outlining the key benefits that content curation can bring.


To do so, she used Storify.com which allowed her to pull in the most relevant and interesting tweets that had been posted during her webinar, as well as other relevant resources on the topics she covered.


My three picks from this Storify bundle:


- Mindless sharing is not content curation (Dara Goldberg)


- RT @ntenorg: Good content curators don't just share or collect links, they explain & make sense of a particular topic for others. (Steve Heye)


- ...@hjarche Seek-Sense-Share (PKM) model, he offers an online workshop bit.ly/HPV07M


Storify curated story: http://storify.com/kanter/the-anticipated-benefits-of-content-curation

Full presentation on Content Curation benefits: http://www.slideshare.net/kanter/the-unanticipated-benefits-of-content-curation



Via Robin Good