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Authentic Avatar – inspiring trust with your virtual identity

Your avatar is a visual representation of you and your professional reputation. Your avatar must communicate your enthusiasm, openness, and mission to tap those
Dr. Doris Molero's insight:

I found this presentation... wonderful! so... you have an avatar--- now go and think about what it says about you both in real or virtual life... I found Rennne in the VWBPE 2013---- her poster there is just wonderful... You still have time to go see it... but not finishes today... ;

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Scooped by Dr. Doris Molero!

Avatars for Peace: An EFL Language Project in Virtual worlds

Avatars for Peace: An EFL Language Project in Virtual worlds | Mundos Virtuales, Educacion Conectada y Aprendizaje de Lenguas |
Dr. Doris Molero's insight:

Announcing the Avatar for Peace Project.... Have you got an avatar?.. Well, show your face for peace.. Avatars of the world ...Unite and show your face for Pace!!!!

All avatars are invited.. please.... Get a picture of your avatar,design a little poster with it... write a message promoting peace and tag your poster to me... they will be part of our school project..avies from the world... contributing to the learning of a second language.. you can include English and your language in your message... think peace!

We also have a Pinterest group:

you can go to or ;  and get it done.. next tag it to me.. thanks for participating.

Our facebook group: My Avatar for Peace

You can upload your avatar photo and message in our Facebook group...

Follow us in twitter: #facesandavatarsforpeace


Feel free to join us and invite others to join in spreading peaceful messages..

Dr. Doris Molero's comment, March 31, 2013 8:08 AM
All you need is to get a photo of your avatar and edit it write a message.. then tag it to us... Join also the My face for Peace dream