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Rescooped by Tony Hall from iGeneration - 21st Century Education (Pedagogy & Digital Innovation)!

The Busy Person's Guide To Social Media - Edudemic

The Busy Person's Guide To Social Media - Edudemic | Mr Tony's Geography Stuff |
None of us have enough time to spend all day on social media. Lucky for you, there's this busy person's guide to social media that will help you out.

Via Tom D'Amico (@TDOttawa)
Tony Hall's insight:

Some good information here that I think is relevant to teachers considering using the likes of tumbler, twitter, facebook etc. with their classes.

Rescooped by Tony Hall from Geography Education!

Smartphones as geospatial tools

The disastrous earthquake in Haiti taught humanitarian groups an unexpected lesson: the power of mobile devices to coordinate, inform, and guide relief efforts.


Tags: technology, disasters, Haiti, TED.

Via Seth Dixon
Tony Hall's insight:

This is why ICT is important. No. Vital! Our students need to see things like this so that they understand the positive aspects of technology. They need to see that SMS, Facebook & Twitter are so much more than just a way sharing silly photos of themselves. This technology has the power to affect real, positive change. 

Seth Dixon's curator insight, February 17, 2013 9:02 PM

We are only beginning to see the applications of smart phones to improve peoples lives.  In this TED talk, Paul Conneally explores some of the possibilities (citizen mapping, crowd-sourced disaster recovery, etc.) that is just sitting in the palm of our collective hands. 

techsavvygirl's curator insight, February 18, 2013 8:21 AM

Augmenting human potential with smartphones

Lorraine Chaffer's curator insight, April 23, 2016 4:11 AM
Responding to disasters and preparedness using technology