Motivational speakers India
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Motivational speakers India
How to become a Motivational Speaker? When I started my career, I never thought what direction things are going to take. From the corridors of NIFT and the ramp walks to the boardrooms & auditoriums, it has been one hell of an odyssey! No one even anticipated I would be in the list of Top Motivational Speakers in India. At least, I didn't. "So how did this quest of being one of the Top Motivational Speakers of India begin?" "How did you become a speaker / How to become a Motivational Speaker?" Just a few questions I always get asked. At first I used to give a normal answer saying "hone your speaking skills, presentation skills etc". The usual shit. But then someone asked me "How can I be like Akash Gautam?". That hit me! (not for career reasons  ). I have always asked people to be the best of their own selves, not imitate anyone. So, I changed my answer. Now whenever I am asked this question I reply "Be yourself. And try to value add to people whenever you are asked to, by inspiring them to the best of your abilities. It might not always be great funny speeches or a self help book or long boring blog posts. Share stories that inspired you. Not everyone gets to motivate with a mike(I always say I have been more lucky than capable). But, there is a motivator in all of us. Find it within yourself. That's the first step to being a Motivational Speaker. Know more answers & also about Akash at:-
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