New York City, NY 1ST June, 2014 -, a leading and highly rated motivation letter writing firm in the market has confirmed that it will increase the investment towards the expansion of its writing capacity by the end of this year. The firm has said that 2014 has been a defining year for its services and with demand set to continue rising in the future, it is indeed time to ensure that its team has what it needs to serve as many customers as possible. It is not yet clear to what extent this increase will go but insiders within have been taking of a massive rise of up to 40%. has remained one of the very few motivation letter writing experts in the market. The company has had to shoulder a significant percentage of orders on its own but this number has more than doubled in the first six months of 2014. In light of this fact expanding its writing capacity as a leading player in the sector looks absolutely reasonable. notes that it will deliberate on the possibility of putting more money in this endeavor depending on how the remainder of 2014 turns out.

According to many analysts and observers who have been following events closely one of the major concerns for is to expand its professional team of motivation letters writers. The fact that a lot of orders have been reaching its desk has created great pressure on the existing team and the need for more hands is by all means well underscored. In response to this, is expected to commence a massive recruitment drive by the end of this month in a bid to bring on board new and able writers to help steer the provider to the next level of success.

Additionally, is also expected to launch another call center to help deal with customer queries and as it looks, the investment needed towards achieving all these goals is already set. The company has assured its customers that the most important priority for its team at the moment is to deliver high quality help in writing a motivation letter to all its customers.

Although the proposed increase in investments towards the improvement of capacity will be undertaken over a period of six month. Analysts say its impact will be huge. For the best application motivation letters please feel free to get in touch with today.

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