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The Contemplative Teaching and Learning (CTL) Initiative of the Garrison

Institute has launched a searchable database of peer-reviewed

articles on K-12 contemplative education. A free, publicly accessible resource made possible by a generous grant from the 1440 Foundation, the database currently contains over 200 research articles, literature reviews, and construct validity studies. Initiative staff will continue to add new articles to maintain it as an up-to-date source of research in the field.


Users can search the database by several criteria that help identify the

studies that are most relevant to their work: author, journal, article

title and research focus (research on children and adolescents in schools,

research on children and adolescents in clinical settings, studies

involving teachers and research with parents).


Each article entry contains a complete APA citation, abstract and link to

the journal in which it was published. Whenever possible, a link to the

full text of the articles is also available.


The goal is to make the rapidly growing body of research on contemplative

education easier to find and access, and to give students and researchers a comprehensive yet focused collection of articles to promote further study and dialogue.


[Announcement from the MLRN Digest #52]


Via Eileen Cardillo