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Ready to take the plunge and start using iTunes U in the classroom? It's not as scary as you think - and many aren't yet using the tool!


If you would like additional support building your course, please visit our website at we have a wide variety of resources and tutorials that will assist you in the process of building your course. Another great resource you could use would be this awesome iTunes U course developed by our friends at The de Ferrers Academy on how to build an iTunes U course:


Creating iTunes U CoursesThis course is full of video demonstrations covering each step of the process of building a course. Download this course on your iPad and you get the added benefit of seeing what it’s like to learn through an iTunes U course.


With iTunes U, it’s easy to create your own custom courses for the iPad and teach them in your classroom. And the iTunes U app puts all the materials you create for your course— syllabus, videos, apps, iBooks, class assignments, and more—all in one place. Right in the app, your students can play videos or audio lectures, read iBooks, and view presentations. They can also see a list of course assignments, then check them off as they’re completed. One of the best features is that they can take notes within iBooks and on videos and they are all organized in one location within the course. It’s also nice that the course can continue to be changed after it’s been published. Any time you create a new post, students receive a push notification informing them of the change.



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