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Moodle and Mahara
A collection of resources, helpguides and videos in my role as Director of e-learning at Perins School. Some thoughts can be found on twitter at
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Embedding & Linking SkyDrive files on Moodle

How to embed and link a PowerPoint on Moodle via SkyDrive and how it updates automatically. Can't imaging why anyone would want to listen to me for 14 minutes but here it is.


Did this in a school TeachEat and demonstrate how to embed and link a PowerPoint from Skydrive on to a Moodle course.  


There is a nice bit at the end that shows the power of the cloud as I update the PowerPoint and the changes are instant...


The  added bonus is that it is all free!

michel verstrepen's curator insight, December 2, 2013 2:05 PM

pour info ...  #moodle

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Linking SkyDrive and Moodle together - Microsoft UK Schools blog

Linking SkyDrive and Moodle together - Microsoft UK Schools blog | Moodle and Mahara |
The Microsoft UK Blog for schools, featuring news for schools from Microsoft, case studies within education, and education ICT advice
gideonwilliams's insight:

Blog post written last July (July 2012) and plugin suitable for 2.3 and 2.4


Some confusion as to what this can and cannot do which is discussed in a number of forum entries. Three key questions asked:


1. Can users save files from within Moodle into SkyDrive?

2. Can users access files from Skydrive within Moodle?

3. Given multiple users in our Moodle site, can they each access individual Skydrives to pull files into Moodle)?


The current answers to these questions appear to be:

1. No (this would need to be a portfolio plugin), it is only bringing files from Skydrive to Moodle.

2. Yes

3. The link to skydrive is a user one (each users skydrive repository is accessed by themselves)


Have asked for it to be installed on our development site

gideonwilliams's comment, April 2, 2013 11:35 AM
SkyDrive now installed on our development site. All relatively pain free. Can now upload from SkyDrive Public and Personal (Documents) folder but not tested multiple users at same time.