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Moodle and Mahara
A collection of resources, helpguides and videos in my role as Director of e-learning at Perins School. Some thoughts can be found on twitter at
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Making a Moodle Glossary for GCSE History

Making a Moodle Glossary for GCSE History | Moodle and Mahara |

Creating a Moodle Glossary for History to look at the most significant events of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

How the Head of History at Perins School worked with the Director of eLearning to create a Moodle Glossary for a task where students evaluated the relevance of images related to the Cuban Missile crisis.

The PowerPoint slide explains the rationale behind the task, how the Glossary was made and what settings were chosen. 

There is an evaluation of the task from the teacher and feedback comments given by students who carried out the task.

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Free QuizMaker by iSpring | Free Quiz Software

Free QuizMaker by iSpring lets you create Flash online quizzes and surveys easily, quickly and for absolutely free.


Limited to 3 question types (True/False, Multiple Choice and Multiple Select) but SCORMs for Moodle and you can add "slides" in between.


You can also add in images, sound and video to the questions

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Free SCORM eLearning Authoring for Diagrams and Picture Dictionary

Free SCORM eLearning Authoring for Diagrams and Picture Dictionary | Moodle and Mahara |

This is amazing AND free. Download the software. Parapal Hotspots allows you to take any jpeg image and add interactive regions so students can learn new terms and then test themselves. 


SCORM compliant so works brilliantly in Moodle for self marking. This is a brilliant tool and so incredibly simple.


How can it be free!

Corinne Owen's curator insight, March 25, 2014 1:03 AM

This program is brilliant in its simplicity. It allows the user to take any jpeg image and add interactive regions for labels and annotations.


From labelling the structure of the Earth to explaining the

water cycle, diagrams make for great learning in the diverse classroom. The use of visuals as a teaching and learning strategy supports both student comprehension, retention and promotes communication.  


Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies Knowledge and Understanding 4.2

khinde's comment, April 29, 2014 6:47 AM
fantastic resource
Corinne Owen's comment, May 13, 2014 3:17 AM
Definitely useable khinde
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PhotoSnack | Free photo slideshow maker

PhotoSnack | Free photo slideshow maker | Moodle and Mahara |
PhotoSnack is an online photo slideshow maker that allows you to create professional photo slideshows and share them on the web. Flash photo slideshow.
gideonwilliams's insight:

From the SnackTools range. This works brilliantly in Mahara if you add in the iframe link to your allowed sites list and embed in a text box: works for me.


Huge choice of slideshows to use with the bonus that you can also add in music

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