Moodle and Mahara
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Moodle and Mahara
A collection of resources, helpguides and videos in my role as Director of e-learning at Perins School. Some thoughts can be found on twitter at
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Makebadges - the badge design tool for schools - by Makewaves

A free tool for designing badges, avatars and banners for schools. Provided by Makewaves the safe social learning platform for education
gideonwilliams's insight:

Brilliantly simple site for making badges. I take the basic design and then do some simple editing in Fireworks to make them more relevant to our school.


Here are some examples:

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Badger Block brings Open and Custom Badges to a Moodle near you

Badger Block brings Open and Custom Badges to a Moodle near you | Moodle and Mahara |

A block to manage all your badges!


While this block hasn't yet been released, it is a great preview of what's to come when badges can be pulled directly into Moodle and displayed or can be customized by and displayed on a specific site.


Some great work here by Ian Checkland. Read his other posts somewhere else on this Scoopit

Rob Watts's curator insight, April 21, 2013 8:12 AM

Gamifification in education, rewards for achievement and meeting goals great way to engage learners.

Jasmin Hodge's curator insight, April 22, 2013 5:19 PM

I hope I hear when it is released as it looks like something I would definately use and need in our new Moodle 2 release this summer along with our new badge proposals :)