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Rescooped by Traci Selby from iPads, MakerEd and More in Education!

Van Gogh Art Essentials – Virtual Museum App for iPhone and iPad Released

Van Gogh Art Essentials – Virtual Museum App for iPhone and iPad Released | Montessori Preschool Art |

"A new art education app from Mount ICT has been released. The Van Gogh Art Essentials for iPhone and iPad is a virtual museum app that exhibits the work of Vincent van Gogh; it contains hundreds of high quality (HD) art pictures and a concise biography of Vincent van Gogh."

Via John Evans
Traci Selby's insight:

This is a great way to have fun with art education! Nothing beats the hands on and direct eye visual stimulation as the real painting itself, however with technology as it has become prevalent, this is a way to connect the verbage of art, history of artists and art. I am creating an art curriculum for use by preschool aged children that will encompass famous artists from history and  simple verbage for language used in art. This gives me hope to creat an app that will extend the Montessori inspired Art Curriculum for use by preschoolers. 

Martinez Hernandez's curator insight, June 1, 2013 12:24 PM

Una nueva forma de ver al arte de manera mas interactiva.


Jacques Lejeune's curator insight, June 2, 2013 6:07 AM

Van Gogh was truthfully the most prolific master painter of the 2nd.half of the 19th century. He died very young at the age of 37, but managed to paint hundreds of fantastic paintings. In the last three years of his life, his paintings became outstanding while his mental illness was aggravating. Nevertheless, he maintained till the last moment, a painting style full of colors and almost joyful.

Van Gogh Art Essentials's comment, June 2, 2013 6:38 AM
To answer André Manssen:
Van Gogh Art Essentials is inderdaad in het Nederlands beschikbaar! (Nederlands/Spaans/Engels)
(Van Gogh Art Essentials is available in English/Dutch/Spanish)
(Van Gogh Arte Esencial está disponible en Español/Holandés//Inglés)
Scooped by Traci Selby!

“Life’s a Hike” | Charleston Montessori

“Life’s a Hike” | Charleston Montessori | Montessori Preschool Art |
Charleston Montessori celebrates the intellectual curiosity and creativity of children by
encouraging independence and self-motivation, constructive social skills, academic development and thoughtful leadership.
Traci Selby's insight:

Not to mention the wonderful hands on, real life experiences to apply their knowledge!

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