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In these tough, depressing economic times, it’s wise to cut costs whether you’re a consumer or in business. Isn’t it? That incorporates seeking cheaper alternatives to some really expensive software. Right? But, inexpensive alternatives don’t need to be low in quality. It’s where Open source software comes in handy.


Keeping that in mind, I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 20 classy open source alternatives (in between one freeware too) for 12 commercial, most wanted software that tends to cost you an arm and a leg… figuratively!


1. Adobe Photoshop Alternatives :

A) Paint.NET  - http://goo.gl/bzLmE

B) GIMP - http://goo.gl/W9Q12


2. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW Alternative :

A) Inkscape - http://goo.gl/dPkDi


3. Microsoft Office Alternative:

A) OpenOffice.org - http://goo.gl/KdwRf


4. Microsoft Windows 7 Alternatives:

A) Fedora - http://goo.gl/kL6gw

B) Debian - http://goo.gl/mecVJ

C) openSUSE - http://goo.gl/nGKkW

D) Ubuntu - http://goo.gl/Md8Hp


5. Adobe Acrobat Standard Alternative:

A) PDFCreator : http://goo.gl/xjoaS


6. Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium Alternative:

A) Simon : http://goo.gl/RRLwT


7. Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web Alternatives:

A) KompoZer - http://goo.gl/GDmdw

B) Bluefish - http://goo.gl/zUyZr

C) SeaMonkey - http://goo.gl/ZARq1


8. Adobe Premier Pro Alternatives:

A) Avidemux - http://goo.gl/gVgvn

B) Cinelerra - http://goo.gl/z2ozY

C) OpenShot Video Editor - http://goo.gl/T3L80

D) Kdenlive - http://goo.gl/hFXtY

E) VirtualDub - http://goo.gl/y0kBp


Read more : http://goo.gl/tSeZt


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