The new iPad vs Nook Color vs Kindle Fire: Who has the best family tablet? | The Digital Media Diet | Modern Literacy |

With the new iPad just released, there’s never been a better time to buy a tablet device. But what’s the best tablet for your whole family? We’ve been an iPad family for a couple years now, but we’ve also enjoyed testing out a Nook Color and Kindle Fire recently, getting both tablets over Christmas. For now I will ignore the other Android-based tablets on the market, since these three are the most popular. What follows are my thoughts and some of the highlights of each device. At the end you will find a comprehensive table I’ve created for comparison (grab your reading glasses since the print is small).


Overall, I found that the Kindle Fire and Nook Color tablets were equal as e-readers, but once my family moved away from traditional reading materials into more interactive content ...

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