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Natures Neurons: Do Early Experiences in the Natural World Help Shape Children’s Brain Architecture?

Natures Neurons: Do Early Experiences in the Natural World Help Shape Children’s Brain Architecture? | Mom Ed |

What role do early childhood experiences in nearby nature play in the formation of brain architecture? It’s time for science to ask that question.


In January, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof reported on the American Academy of Pediatrics’ “landmark warning that toxic stress can harm children for life.” This was, he wrote, a “’policy statement’ from the premier association of pediatricians, based on two decades of scientific research,” and he added that the statement “has revolutionary implications for medicine and for how we can more effectively chip away at poverty and crime.”


From conception through early childhood, brain architecture is particularly malleable and influenced by environment and relationships with primary caregivers, including toxic stress caused by abuse or chronic neglect. By interfering with healthy brain development, such stress can undermine the cognitive skills and health of a child, leading to learning difficulty and behavior problems, as well as psychological and behavior problems, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other physical ailments later in life.

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Why People Do Bad Things : NPR

We talk to a guy who started out as an upstanding businessman, and went on to commit bank fraud involving millions of dollars.


A great piece illustrating the disparity between how we think we think and how we actually think . . .

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The Neuroscience of Effort

The Neuroscience of Effort | Mom Ed |

Given the importance of this mental tug of war, I’ve always been deeply curious about how it unfolds inside my head. A fascinating new paper in the Journal of Neuroscience led by Michael Treadway at Vanderbilt University begins to unpack the mystery. It’s a first draft of what happens in the brain as we choose between effort and indulgence, work and distraction.

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