Native apps vs. web apps: The martial epic has found its end | MobileWeb |

The burning debate between native apps and web apps that became the present-day martial epic – seemingly neverending – has finally found its end.

Fred Cavazza said “it’s complicated“. Matthew Baxter-Reynolds said that HTML5 might replace native apps. Brad Frost said “native vs web is total bullshit” and that we should “embrace the advantages of both native and web to create more holistic mobile experiences”. Cavazza added to the heat of the debate and provided an inspirational mobile strategy. Reynolds made it a little HTML5 oriented. Frost averred that this shouldn’t be a debate at all and perhaps suggested that we should move towards hybrid apps – which encompass the features of both web and native apps. All of them have solid points, I enjoyed reading them and you must go through them once as well.

This post is not about taking you a decade ahead and predicting the winner, but it’s designed to give you a good overview of native apps and web apps so that you can write your own ending to this martial epic and call off this (apparently age-old) debate – right here, right now!

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