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"So where do maps fit in the storytelling realm? I recently spoke with Allen Carroll, who left National Geographic about a year ago and is now ArcGIS Online Content Program Manager at Esri, about Story Maps—a new initiative he’s working on with David Asbury, Lee Bock, and Stephen Sylvia to integrate storytelling and maps."


Can you tell stories with maps? Yes you can!


OK -- I love maps. I'm a geographer at heart. I love reading them and finding all the tiniest back roads to travel.


Here is a terrific interview with Exec. VP & Chief Cartographer at National Geographic Maps about their story and map initiative. He explains what they are doing and how storytelling through maps can happen. It is another creative twist on visual storytelling and infographics.


Even better, check out this link for actual examples: ;


Is it classic traditional storytelling?'s kind of borderline. But does it work? Oftentimes yes.


Now what the heck can this do for a business? Well, think about your biz stories and how they could be charted on a map. Add a map to your About Page to visually represent your journey. Add a map to your Founding Story so we can see it visually.


I bet you will come up with several more ideas!


Go read the article and check out the examples and let me know which ones you like best :)


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