Tell Stories & You'll Boost Sales (Because of How Human Brains Are Wired) | Mobile Websites vs Mobile Apps |

"Storytelling appeals to how the brain processes information. Here's five ways to make that work for your business. (Business Storytelling: Do you tell stories about your company and products to appeal to customers?"


Hey folks -- while the how-to tips are nothing new, what I do like about this post is the example the author, Geil Browning, shares about her business Founding Story (one of the core stories every business needs to tell). She tells it in an engaging way, you can experience the difference it makes when she's talking with clients about the 'why' behind her business.


Yeah! I always like really good examples to share with you. And I am sure that Geil's sales do increase because she is willing to tell this story.


So try it out! Geil's story should give you some good ideas for how to get started and craft your story.

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